Oops! CNN Reporter Accidentally Proves Trump was Right about BLM Protesters

In September 2020 then-President Trump warned that Antifa and BLM were throwing cans of soup and tuna at police during their alleged peaceful protests. The media mocked Trump for his “baseless claims.”

Everyone thought it was funny until CNN reported last night with a video of a rioter in Minneapolis. One protestor was interviewed with “soup for his family,” complete with a wink at the camera.

The protestor had been rioting and damaging property for the four days since protests began following the shooting death of Daunte Wright, a black man shot by an officer during a traffic stop in suburban Minneapolis.

While CNN, who admitted in the sting Project Veritas video they are trying to help BLM, might find the humor in the interview, many Americans do not. Any protest resulting in vandalism, attacks on police, and looting stores is not helping the nation. It’s criminal activity, plain and simple.


The liberal leftist media doesn’t seem to mind the occasional break-in or arson, so long as it’s not by a Trump supporter. But much of what happens under the BLM banner has nothing to do with justice. Just ask the organization’s leader who recently took a luxury home shopping spree. Seems like systemic racism is treating her just fine.

Racism is wrong, but throwing soup cans or looting stores doesn’t make it right. It makes it worse. Check out the video and see for yourself today.

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These content links are provided by Content.ad. Both Content.ad and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

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49 thoughts on “Oops! CNN Reporter Accidentally Proves Trump was Right about BLM Protesters”

    1. BLM and antifa are both terriorest, why loot, riot, burn , even business that are not white owned.

    2. Actually, BLM is a COMMUNIST ORG, That has Become a Terrorist, Communist Org, But the Founder are all admitted Communist’s !!

  1. BLM = Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany, Black Shirts storm troopers; KGB of Russia. These are the people MSM, Democrats admire!!!??

  2. CNN NEED TO GET OUT OF ATLANTA, GEORGIA! These liberals can move to Minnesota. All before that building get burn down! Their lying is putting the staff working there in harm way. P.S. got to go home at night! No sense in trying to destroy the FREE COUNTRY! CAN’T REPORT THE TRUTH NO SENSE THEY BEING ON THE AIR! COMMUNISTS NEWS NETWORK! HELPING THE ENEMY OF AMERICA.

      1. Between BLM and Antifa and the dickcraks they all should be put up against a wall and soup them to death and if that don’t work we 2 amendment there dumb assssss, TRUMP 2024

    1. I doubt Maxine Waters would call this an insurrection, she and her demoshits buddies call it a peaceful protest

  3. Trump was right about so many things. Dems want to take away our guns, but really need to ban assault soup cans and BLM protesters.

    1. Throw a can of soup get a bullet, seems fair to me. Then the parents can tell me how good their little child was. SEMPER FI MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA those words upset you? Then these tell you how i feel for hurting your MICKEY feelings, KISS MY WHITE AMERICAN ASSW!!!!!!!!!

  4. I personally think the demoshits BLM antifa media and social media are jealous of president Trump. He knows the facts and wants to get rid of these people.

  5. Proving ONCE AGAIN, we need a “Truth in REPORTING ” LAW and I would MAKE it RETROACTIVE to the LAST SIX YEARS.. Hello Gitmo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Agree with all posts! Blm( aka black lies matter) and antifa ( aka Nazi storm trooper) all need to be arrested and executed. Throw a can of soup, catch a bullet! That is the only language those a-holes understand!

  7. BLM and ANTIFA are serious terrorists group that should be wiped out! You cannot allow them to vandalize, damage and destroy at random, what is wrong with America today? What a scam and shame, a fraudulent election with a non working fake president, worthless VP and even worse Senate and House politicians who do nothing for American citizens and legal aliens!

    1. You are correct, Roy! This has become a lawless society and I never thought I’d see the day when criminals are treated as heroes and police are treated as criminals. BLM and ANTIFA are definitely terrorist groups. And the language they use proves they need schooling in appropriate English and intelligent speech, in addition to some history lessons! Shame on them!

  8. What the fascist groups ANTIFA, what a joke, and BLM are, is exactly what the black shirts were in Nazi Germany. They burned, looted, beat people up, for no reason at all, other than to install fear in them. This is the way trash can win. The followers of the BLM don’t even have brains. Look at the black female thug who beat the living daylights out of a Latin American old lady. This grotesque lump of black garbage couldn’t even tell the difference between a Mexican, and Chinese, and who beats an old lady half to death for no reason? No doubt jelly brain Biden will instruct the court to give her a slap on the wrists, thus encouraging her to do it again. Members of the BLM, and ANTiFA. These people are lowlife trash, and it’s the army that should be out there, not the police, and they should be given live rounds, and told they can shoot to kill.

  9. BLM and antifa or a fucking joke if the Patriots about our country the ones that love America and defend it without rioting without protesting like a bunch of fucking cry babies antifa and BLM would be in big trouble if the Patriots attack this will happen and it will happen soon keep it up black lives matter you bunch of fucking assholes and a Tifa you’re all dick sucking ass fucking bunch of creeps that need your asses pick and your mother and your father never done it

  10. I want to know why Maxine Waters can say if that cop isn’t found guilty they should amp up the protests? Why isn’t she being charged you can’t interfere with a jury. This old disgusting pig needs to go.

    1. I have asked many people that same question. Believe me, if you or I, American citizens, said that we would be sitting in the DC jail like the Jan 6th protesters. I find it incomprehensible that the Jan 6th protesters are still to this day sitting in the DC jail without due process only being charged with trespassing, yet the BLM, has destroyed billions of dollars throughout America, they have physically harmed and murdered several people including an eight year old black girl yet Pelosi stated she will not punish them, she in fact, said they should be forgiven. I don’t understand why the American people, who most are sick and tired of Biden and Pelosi are not calling for their impeachment or at least a recall. If I knew how to do it, I would be doing it. The top three leaders of this country all need to be impeached, recalled or something. If Americans, that includes all races of this country need to exercise their right to get rid of the garbage in the white house.

  11. Throw a soup can, catch a bullet. It seems like a fair trade to me. Soup cans can kill if it hits you in the head, so it can be called “a deadly weapon”.

  12. BLM and Antifa are both terrorist organizations. Too bad the traitors in Congress won’t allow us to protect ourselves, our families, and businesses with “the Castle Rule”, but rather are coddling these criminals while they sell stolen merchandise on OfferUp. Instead, Congress affords their rich friends and themselves armed security paid for by our tax dollars. It occurs to me that most of Congress are the actual “Tyrannical Government” that our forefathers warned us about–proof is in the fact they all are enriching themselves and receiving premium healthcare and pensions while taxing our Social Security and cutting our Medicaid.

    1. Time for the American people to stand up and take back our country by calling for a recall of top three, Pelosi, Biden and Harris. We the people can change things in a peaceful legal manner with recalls of the top three while sending a message to congress, we the people of the United States of America will put people in office that will protect our rights, defend our country and listen to the voice of the American people. BLM is a terrorist group proven by all the riots, murders, destruction of private property, etc. Americans need to take action to protect our country by recalling all the top three. Don;’t know who comes to top after Pelosi but they have to be better than what we have now. BLM needs to understand if the top three in their pocket go, they protection will also be gone and hopefully they will be held accountable for their actions of destruction.

  13. Funny democrates fought a war to keep them slave’s and there still are doing the masters bidding ! Same with antifa and b l m . Stupidity at its finest . Your dreaming of you think democrates give a shit about you . It’s about them .

  14. They have let these losers get away with it for too long. Its a game to them and a way to loot and burn. Only way to get them to stop is to arrest every single one . Let them sit in jail for a few months and watch just how fast the others go back to their basements.

  15. We have been set back a long ways. There have been and continue to see leaders in the African American community that have done so much and am very proud to say. Women scientists, doctors, nurses, social workers, lawyers and more have not succumbed to the messaging of Democrats like Biden, Pelosi, Nadler, AOC, Omar, Tlaib and others like BLM and Marxist Anarchists. They have studied for years, worked hard to be credentialed to work throughout America & the world in their areas of expertise. Not all of us have done our time properly, I for one wished I would have done more work and studying. We are people, humans who have been given gifts but we determined how we use them. I understand our previous history but it was abolished. We don’t continue in that same world. Prejudices go the other way as well. ALL of it needs to stop as we are humans. There has been a lie perpetrated by an invisible enemy that will continue to impose on us all unless we see the reality of what is called a spiritual battle. GOD created us in His image therefore none of us know what HIS color is and its evident that HE did not place an importance on color but on HUMANS. Everyone wants to claim superiority to the other, when in reality all have gifts that another could benefit from. Life is a journey where growth in areas of expertise is needed to help one another in this life. Life is a struggle. The LORD did not promise us a rose garden.

  16. I think these dimwits need to be-gifted some cans of soup for their family?? Maybe then? The message will be clear? It was not about which kind they like? Draw them a picture!

  17. Democrates have bullshitted there way through , but we knew government officials will lie to get there gratuities from lobbyist . I can’t imagine how much kerry and aoc are getting kick backs from all our tax money they gave to france for global warming ! Something they’ve have done nothing to show for it .

  18. It really proves that the democrats don’t give a shit about anything else but their own money. Crime makes the newspapers money. My family has known that since 1930. Grandmother was a photographer took all her pictures to make into pain not the happy it was.. They told her that happiness doesn’t make money. War and crimes will make money for everyone. That’s what they believed in 1930. Fucked up democrats early in life. Just kept hidden for so long. Time to wake up and tell them we have power. NOT the liars and thieves they are in government.


  20. We KNOW their activities are criminal and so are the lack of activities of local, county, and state governments in allowing it all to happen. They need arrested as well.

  21. I didn’t choose to be born black, white, brown or yellow, did you?
    I had no choice in who my parents were, did you? Life is a gift, what you do with it is your gift back. You are put where you can do the most good or bad for the human race. That choice is up to you. Choices have consequences, equal to that choice, we and our families, now and in the future, will either reap or pay for those choices. Life doesn’t promise to be easy, it just gives you choices. What are you doing with yours? Will future generations be able to step forward with honor and say “my family was a part of that” or will they have to work to correct what you’ve done, to bring honor to their name. That choice is up to each of us. What are you leaving for your future generations?

    1. That is the true truth about the next generation. It is really important to see that they are seriously teaching crime and fraud to get what they want or are jealous about others in the USA. They need to seriously step back and think of next generations to come. Did their grandparents tell them to enjoy what you have in life or be jealous of others.?

  22. I actually don’t care what they throw at the police. What is wrong is that they are throwing things! We put the police in some of the most awful situations because they are the police. We don’t need to defund them we need more of them so we can get rid of BLM, ANTIFA and the stupid people who are funding them by listening to hyena Harris who solicits money for bail. Let them all rot in jail including her.

  23. If the state media just reported the truth, then what Trump said or says would make sense and be the truth. The problem is they try to make him look like a fool and then “boom” just days later they are the biggest fools ever because they reported the errors. It should be called FUN media because it is FU News.

  24. The monkeys of Black TRASH matters always gets a free pass from the democratic SOCIALIST party and the FAKE opinion networks [ cnn and msnbc ] !!! However , anything to do with President Trump , they have a meltdown and act like the world is coming to an end !! A 24 hour PLURGE of black TRASH matters would do wonders !!!

  25. All Americans need to stop complaining about all the horrible things happening in America and start a recall election of the top three, Biden, Harris and Pelosi. Believe me, I will be one of the first Americans to stand up and sign it. They want to have all their illegal immigrants granted the right to vote in the next election, they have kept the Jan 6 protesters incarcerated for months without due process while the murdering BLM continues to plague America. Gas prices have skyrocketed, food prices skyrocketed, energy costs skyrocketed, but does our income increase? No, retirees are paying the most right now because their income doesn’t account for inflation. I keep seeing and hearing how Biden and his croonies are changing how we even get our income. I am very afraid of what is happening in America. They keep saying American students aren’t taught about how slaves were treated in America hundreds of years ago but I remember being taught about them. I felt sorry for the way they were treated and very ashamed of the government back then. I don’t understand why they act like American students never learned this in school because I did. I was also taught by my teachers as well as adult family members to not judge anyone, we don’t know what has happened in their life, so do not judge, lest you be judged. I am 70 now so learning to respect all people was taught way back when I was in school. All people no matter their religion, their skin color, their political view, deserves respect. All Americans need to understand not all decisions are right even if made by the people in charge. WE, the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, must stand up for what is right, we must support our families in earnest, we must protect the rights of all people regardless of color, religion or circumstance. WE, the people must show by peaceful lawful actions which means recalls, that WE, the people will not continue to tolerate politicians or radical groups that work to destroy our freedoms and our way of life. You all have the power to fix America with a huge, peaceful, recall election of the top three and believe me, the Senators and House members will get the message, serve and protect our country or you will be next to be recalled. Use our rights to recall all bad politicians who out to help themselves and not the people that they are supposed to represent. We currently have elected officials that have gone on vacation to avoid voting on a certain bill they are against. How is that supporting the people you are elected to represent? RECALL, RECALL, RECALL…IT IS THE ONLY WAY WE CAN SAVE AMERICA!

  26. Hey Asshole,
    BLM is a bunch of GODDAM BLK FOLKS trying to suck off my hard earned salary to support their drug habits and their “live in whores”… Tell me why any self respecting black person has to be a goddam looter, arsonist, rapist etc and then tell me how Charles Payne of FOX became a respected millionaire you goddam azzholes! Think folks “THINK”

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