Newspaper Runs “Whiteness is a Pandemic” Article that Blames All Problems on White People

A writer for The Root, Damon Young, pictured here, who is also a columnist for The New York Times, argued the killing of eight people in Atlanta this week, including six Asians, was due to the pandemic of whiteness, calling whiteness “a pandemic.”

Imagine if the races were turned and a writer for The New York Times called blackness a pandemic. People would have a meltdown. But reverse discrimination against people based on the color of their skin apparently doesn’t seem to matter to the left.

But how can skin color be a pandemic? Isn’t a pandemic something people catch, like the current COVID-19 virus? If you’re a progressive, you apparently get to make your own rules.

It doesn’t even seem to matter that the 21-year-old shooter specifically stated his motives for the shooting were not race-based but sexual in nature. Though horrific, skin color wasn’t the problem.


The solution to racism is not labeling one another’s skin tones a pandemic, either. To make progress, maybe we can begin by at least not referring to an ethnic group’s external characteristics with the same term used to describe the coronavirus.

If you haven’t watched a Ben Shapiro video before, you’re in for a treat. He’s one of the smartest conservative voices out there right now and he RIPS this article and author apart from head to toe.

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43 thoughts on “Newspaper Runs “Whiteness is a Pandemic” Article that Blames All Problems on White People”

  1. Its remarks by people like Young that keeps racism alive, it also creates more violence. Some people need to take responsibility for their actions and words instead of blaming others for their problems. Reporting false information is one of the reasons causing the violence in this country. If media like CNN, msnbc, nyt, WaPo and others would report the truth instead of making up things and using biased opinions calling it reporting without any facts this country would have less violence and rhetoric, youngs column is one that promotes violence against whites, isn’t that considered racist.

    1. Very well said. However I just read an article today, written by a federal judge that says that the dems are very close to contolling EVERY news outlet in this country. I quit watching televised news at leadt a year ago, because NONE of them are even remotely believable. Stick to the online news outlets that don’t use you tubeor twitter, as they are constantly being censored. Outlers like Epoc Times, OANN, and others.

    2. Perhaps the media outlets should deter from hiring racists journalists. The root of continued racism stems from the media.
      The average human being doesn’t sit around thinking of ways to hate a race, but the medis does.
      Good job Young, perhaps a different career would help you with your prejudist thoughts, might I suggest DHS. THAT would be an eye opener to reality!

    3. Damn sure is as if blacks and other minorities don’t commit crimes, but are we considered “racists” to bring this fact up????? White man

    4. Willie my friend, that Damon Young and his friends BLM are nothing but “ dyed in the wool racists”. I personally am of mixed blood. I just need to say that race relations in this country have gone to hell.
      Thanks Obama
      And thanks too to the media. I believe BLM is nothing but a black KKK. They are a Marxist group who will stop at nothing to make their agenda known. Being half black, they’re an embarrassment to myself and my family. CNN’s Don Lemon is in my eyes, nothing more than a bigoted racist who didn’t deserve his job. Stacy Abraham’s, Maxine Waters, each time these people open their mouths I get embarrassed. Now we have Damon Young who is going to call whiteness a “ pandemic”. Grow up Mr Young, you’re a cancer on the blacks of this nation. White folks don’t owe you nothing. Get off of your lazy, contradictory ass and do something purposeful with your so far , wasted existence. I get along with blacks and whites just fine, I always have, this racism that the whites are supposed to inherently have has not shown itself with me. Morgan Freeman said it best when asked about racism

      He said to stop it is easy, stop talking about it and it goes away. It does. There is your advice for life Mr Young. Use it wisely.

  2. This screed and others like it should dispel any doubt that the real goal of the black supremacists who torched our cities in “peaceful protests” last summer intend the genocidal extermination of European-Americans. These ravings rank with any of the vicious, violent and pornographic antisemitism that made Julius Streicher and “Der Stuermer” infamous. Regular Americans must arm and organize so that Young and those like him end up the same way that Streicher did at Nuremberg. Down with the dictatorship! Biden (and Burn Loot Murder ) delenda est!

    1. I find it repugnant to even hear such a thing. Now if I would have heard that coming out of Michelle Obama’s mouth it would have more clout to the American people, remember when she said For the first time in my life I am proud of America. For the FIRST TIME, the rest of the time not so much but they ( not me ) elected he/she’s husband. He did more to racially divide this country than any President I ever knew in my lifetime, he also funded the creation of the Wuhan Virus! Never let a good crisis go to waste, those were his administrations words! I’m so sick of today”s POLITICS that I want to vomit at all the blame games. People of color had it best when Trump was in office because he genuinely cared about them. Today their used as tools to divide us even more. I have black friends and their great people, there are good and bad in all races but to single out whites as being the problem is so very wrong. We struggle just like they do, life isn’t a bowl of cherries for whites either. If I remember correctly NO ONE ASKED ME WHAT COLOR I WANTED TO BE! Did they ASK YOU? We are all of the same race, we are human! We bleed the same Blood! We SUFFER at the hands of a Government that wants to divide us!! I REFUSE TO PLAY THEIR GAME!!

  3. Young! Really? Are you that STUPID? Have you fail every thing in life? Why don’t you try moving to Africa? I will promise you won’t see two months there! Let get down to the RACIST AND HATE YOU BLACK PEOPLE PUSH! Want to try me? We can go back to Rodney King in LA. We witness BLACK PEOPLE ATTACK ON ASIA PEOPLE AND THEIR BUSINESS! Care to keep going? Please explain why YOU ARE A LIAR? OR A TRUE RACIST? HOW about putting in your paper the attack on ASIA PEOPLE BY BLACK PEOPLE JUST A FEW WEEKS AGO? OR THOSE LEFTIST CALLING THEM OUT! Only a COWARD is afraid to tell the TRUTH! So I leave it here! Because once you stand in front of JESUS CHRIST YOU WILL BE JUDGE FOR YOUR LIES AND RACIST TOWARD OTHER PEOPLE! Think you going to PARADISE? I TRULY DOUBTED IT! Because IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED ALL RACE! MEN TRUE THEM EVIL!

  4. Jesus said that we will be judged by our WORKS. Jesus never said that we will be judged by the color of our skin. Damon Young is advocating a war against people who have white skin. That is evil! It is obvious that he is trying to start a civil war in order to eliminate people just because they have white skin. White skin people aren’t agitating people who have white skin to kill people who are not white. Perhaps Damon would like our country to be like South Africa where there is a genocide against people who have white skin. What needs to be done is to never purchase another New York Times paper and perhaps Damon could find a different job where he wouldn’t be so dangerous to innocent people who just happen to be born with white skin.

  5. This gut is just another in a line of reprehensible race racketeers. It’s the only way he can make money.

  6. How bout you stop blaming white people for all the problems that you yourselves cause or imagine? START WITH THAT!

  7. Another person who wants something given to them for doing anything.
    Thank goodness for hard working people of color or even white that will work and pay taxes to hold the country together until these people grow up.

  8. There is good n bad in every races. It like when you are stealing you blame other people. Now you the racist people are blacks like this one. Blame it on whites and real racist will not be seen.

  9. Damon Young is a member of the NAACP AND BLM! A bunch of RACIST AND HATER! If these young people haven’t slept in their history class they would have learn how to deal with these type of people! People like Young is pushing his own idea on the other BLACK PEOPLE! Trying to get something started to benefit his dumb dream! I wonder if he was a member of Jermaine Wright Satan church? If these people knew the truth they would act like they have common sense! But the NAACP like to keep pushing HATE TOWARD OTHER PEOPLE! BECAUSE OF THE MILLION DOLLARS THEY RECEIVED FROM THE DEMOCRAT PARTY! But just remember people I don’t care about your color. Martin Luther King wanted you to be know for your CHARACTER NOT SKIN COLOR LIKE LOT OF RICH POLITICAN OR PRO ATHLETIC TELLING YOU! Take a look around you, there are WHITE PEOPLE WHO ARE HELPING YOU REACH YOUR DREAM of playing professional sport! Is there many black doing that for you?

  10. Sounds just like the rhetoric the Nazi’s used to justify the “Final Solution”. The overwhelming cause of crime and murder for the black community IS the black community!

  11. Black folks cant be racist! One of the biggest lies perpetrated on the American people in my lifetime!! Wrong for one? wrong for all! Get over it.

  12. What an ass, a psychopathic pervert that was being kicked out of his church gets angry at massage parlors that wouldn’t break the law and give him a happy ending. You got to call a psychopath what they really are.

  13. Mr. Brown, all your doing is feeding these racist people food to continue their own racism. People that blame others for their problems through racism! Are racist themselves! And the biggest racist of all person of all! Is the “DEVIL” himself. But then again! He not racist. He believes in destroying and dividing everyone. So he can destroy “GODS” work. Therefore, your comment is concerned “RACIST”.

  14. I’ve been saying for years that blacks and white left wing radicals are the most bigoted racists on the planet. They want genocide committed against all whites. As for the white left wing radicals, they’re just imbeciles who deserve what black racists do to them.

  15. As Yamato said you are fooling with a sleeping giant and it will be better for you to leave it sleep beings I am an American Indian as we are called I know and the democants will do nothing they want this race war and you will lose and they will win

  16. Whiteness a pandemic? It can’t be a pandemic when confined within one country affecting only a small part of American blacks. Blacks in other parts of our world do not have problems with who they are. The problem is within the black community in this country who for some reason, hard to comprehend, allow themselves to be manipulated by the likes of Obama, Oprah, the left. Wake up! ignore the left and be part of the civilized world. Enjoy who you are…… you’ll like it.

  17. I may be white, but I can get along with anyone!! I enjoy talking to people from other backgrounds, religions, etc. We are all created by the same God!! We all have different stories, we just need to listen to each other, learn from each other, be willing to love each other as equals, regardless of where I come from.
    I grew up in Detroit, Michigan, went to a Junior High School that was over 98% Black. I was a victim of discrimination there. I was often a victim of violent, hateful behaviors while I attended there.
    Children were taught to hate me, the only way I knew to truly disprove their deep rooted beliefs and hatred, was to not react, not fight back. As I did not hate them, no matter what!! Eventually, after months and months of scratching, biting, slapping punching, kicking, spitting, ugly words, etc, they left me alone. I wouldn’t give them what they wanted!! I wouldn’t, it would serve no purpose. Only taking it, not fighting back, could possibly win them over, in the end, they did speak to me, and treat me better. I just had to show them I was noone to be afraid of, there was no reason to hate me!!
    I might of had hard experiences there, but it helped shape me into the woman I am today. I would help anyone in need, even if it means I give my last dollar away. I took in kids, friends of my children, when they had nowhere to go, their Parents didnt want them. They needed someone in their life that could love them unconditionally, all Children need that, or they will think they are undeserving, and will sabotage any relationship they have. I had 4 children, my youngest was Autistic. If I could have had more I would have, or even adopted.
    I love children, they are our wealth of the future. There is no future without them. It is a tragedy that so many young people perish before their time due to homicide, suicide. We need to find a way to stop violence, hate, suicide for our youth!!
    I cannot fathom losing a child, I hope I never experience losing one of my children in my lifetime. Only God knows what the future holds for me, or for you.
    May all children learn what talents they possess, be able to work at a job they love, where their talents can shine, and their lights glow from within. May they not lose themself to gangs, drugs, or violence of any kind, inviting darkness into their soul, extinguishing their inner light, and their hope for their future.
    I am not entitled, I worked hard for many years, was even a single parent for several years, working full time, attending college full time, caring for 2 young boys. It was hard, but it gave my boys something to remember.
    I am a Christian, but I was sent a Kuran by a lovely Muslim woman that was travelling to visit her family in the Middle East. She was travelling with her children alone. We became friends on that flight. 🙂
    I hate how the Democrats work so very hard to divide us. That way we have no power, no voice, no strength!! If we unite together, against their biases, self-serving agenda, against having our first amendment rights, voting rights taken away, then we can do anything together!!
    The Democrats are afraid of Trump, they did anything possible, to try to discredit him, impeached him twice, now there is absolute proof of voter fraud!! Shame on them!! They have made problems at the Southern Border so much worse!! And releasing illegal immigrants into the US without really much screening, etc, no testing for Covid, is an absolute nightmare for US Citizens!!
    Would have been better to provide aid to them in their countries then to have them risk their lives, safety travelling many, many miles to get here!!
    Immigrants now coming in, will cause so many problems for the US Citizens, which the Democrats care nothing about!! They just want to try to insure ways of winning elections in the future, that is all they care about!! Their own self interests, their thirst for power, their hatred of anyone who doesnt believe as they do, is becoming clear to us all!! The President has been acting as a Dictator, Nancy Pelosi isnt far off that mark, now removing a Republican that legally won an election, replacing her with a Democrat, on her own, is overstepping her authority!! She needs to be sued, removed from office immediately!! She has seemed to be off her rocker for quite some time!! She needs to be replaced with someone that can be fair to both Republicans and Democrats, and can look out for our rights, for the benefit of our country. May God Help Us Now and in the future, may He Bless those in office, help guide them in their decisions. May God Bless America!! May God Bless Families, and especially Our Children!!

  18. And what is the black guy who murdered his black girfriend, their 7 year old daughter, the parents of the girlfriend because he wanted half of the stimulas check the girlfriend received?

  19. They have to blame the whites for the problem in our country, but its not all whites,its all race that has the problem. Not everybody is perfect he who never sin may cast the first stone l for one can not cast the first stone can you,Stop playing the blame game and look at yourself what comes around goes around 10 times worst

  20. The human soul is like a bowl. If you daily fill it with truth, support, concern, hard work, good works, and faith, when that bowl spills over to others what you give off is exactly that: truth, support, concern, hard work, good works, and faith.

    If, however, you fill your bowl with fear, distrust, anger, self-hatred, self-centered affections, lust or self-pity, when that bowl spills over to the others you meet what you give off is fear, distrust, anger, self-hatred, self-centered affections, lust or self-pity.

    It’s an ironic yet simple equation. You cannot give what you don’t already have. And you can’t get what you don’t give.

  21. Well I’m no longer white. I am red with rage over this most absurd story. God made all people. No one chose the color of their skin. This guy needs a lesson in genetics.

  22. If all the crime this country has suffered this last year was by the white people, what was that dark color of skin rioting, burning, killing, looting, hating & massive destruction. I guess our white eyes deceived us into thinking it was the blacks doing all that crime.

    This kid is an idiot of first degree dumbness. Of course, he is like all blacks, they deceive all people & blame all their crimes on white folks, then go to church Sunday morning & shout & scream God’s name. They, then, take a brake & go have sex with the pastors wife, the deacons wife or any other person who will give them sex, all the name of God. That, my friend is the total truth if there ever was any truth.

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