Newsmax Anchor Walks Off Set in Middle of Interview with Mike Lindell

Newsmax invited MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell to talk about being banned from Twitter—then shut him down during his response. Why? He continued to question the results of Dominion voting software.

Dominion Software is what Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani and others have been advocating to audit since the 2020 election. Dominion is actually suing them and media outlets like Fox News over their stories about interfering in the election. In the wake of this lawsuit news, even Newsmax is covering its butt by reading a prepared statement in the middle of Lindell’s interview to discredit his voting fraud claims.

Lindell would have nothing of it. He kept talking. Newsmax producers muted his microphone so viewers couldn’t hear his election fraud claims. At one point, the Newsmax reporter walked off set because he couldn’t control Lindell or make him stop talking about Dominion software. No need to go down with Mike, he thought.


When even your most conservative outlets won’t let you express your free speech views, what’s next? Maybe MyPillow needs its own social network for people who like quality pillows and free speech.

Or maybe Newsmax just needs to let their guests talk. Seriously, what did they think was going to happen when they invited him on to talk about the reasons why he got kicked off Twitter? Which is exactly what Steven Crowder thought when he saw this video. He has a lot of great insight into the election and Newsmax’s handling of Lindell in the video below.

58 thoughts on “Newsmax Anchor Walks Off Set in Middle of Interview with Mike Lindell”

  1. Steven, excellent clip. There is no question that if there was no question about the veracity of the election, we would not be looking at all these claims of fraud. Truth embeds itself in both hard rock and soft tissue. It is the mining of this truth when its lode is secured in impervious material— compliments of a “cabal”—that that such truth is denied. And that is what we have right now. If everything was legit, there would be a race to get such truth—and proof of it—out as fast and as big as is possible. That no one wants to take a deeper look at the claims is your proof that they are hiding the proof of fraund.

    1. CARL:


      1. Bob Sellers should be FIRED !!! To invite someone onto the show…to lower his mic & THEN to walk out on him ? I can’t think of anything more UNPROFESSIONAL. Newsmax should KNOW…the SAME thing could happen to you, as has happened to Fox. Why invite the man on if you don’t want to hear what he has to say. In this instance, you have acted NO BETTER than any of the other news outlets that are censoring.

        1. Thought Newsmax was supposed to be on the side of truth??? Just another gambit to try to indoctrinate Americans??

        2. Bob Sellers is a coward! Sellers invited Mike Lindell to express his opinion and viewpoint and then shut him off like a frightened rabbit! Much more of this will destroy bipartisanship by certain people who claim to be Republican but run away with their tails tucked between their legs when said opinions and viewpoints are actually shouted out to the world! Shame on you , you’re a traitor to your party! ?

      2. Rita, thank you. You are so correct. The fact that no one in the media is courageous enough to stop this blind race forward and begin searching the ruins of November for “the truth.” I aver that we are now “without a president,” because the one sworn is not the one who won the election. Biden is the choice not of the people but of the shadow forces that now use him to advance their agenda.

      3. If the democrats actually believe that the voting was counted fairly then it would behoove them to let the audits begin so that there is no debate and we could get unity. But with them knowing that the truth is against them they are blocking every possibility of an audit while belittling anyone for questioning the results. Otherwise, they would be happy to have everything verified. It would solve the issue completely. I find no other reasonable explanation for their attitude and actions.

      4. I quit watching Fox and was down to Newsmax and OAN. Now I only have OAN to watch, unless they get threatened by the deep state also.

  2. The membership of what is known as the Democratic Party are more closely linked to the Party that is in POWER
    in Mainland China than to the Democrat Party of the 1960’s. I grew up during the 1950’s and under the Last
    Democrat President, John F. Kennedy.
    I know the difference between the two Political Parties; Democrat vs Democratic.
    I will vote for the first, never for the second.

  3. I watched Mike Lindell’s video “Absolute Proof”. It’s 2 hours long and he shows how the voting machines were compromised. There is no doubt in my mind that the election was stolen, there is plenty of evidence.

    1. I agree! So why didn’t our judges do something about this. I’m so angry that this has been passed over and the best President we’ve had in a long long time was so abused and thrown by the wayside. I’m absolutely digusted by the Democrats and all the stupidity that apparently is rampant in America. I want DONALD TRUMP BACK NOW!!!!

      1. Hey Deb, I aver that we are now “without a president,” because the one sworn is not the one who won the election. Biden is the choice not of the people but of the shadow forces that now use him to advance their agenda.

  4. How and why is this happening? Everyone, I mean everyone, knows this election was fraudulent! Any sane person knows this to be true. It doesn’t matter what political persuasion you are, it’s simple common-sense! It’s like the elephant in the room! No matter how hard the media, the Democrats, and the Department of Justice try to hide this, it’s just not possible! How do we take our country back from these evil people, when voices are shut down, and our votes are destroyed? The greatest president possibly in the history of our country, Donald J Trump, wins this election in a landslide, yet a shuffling, dementia riddled buffoon, Joe Biden, is sitting in our White House!

    1. That is exactly why the troops were there they feared ALL of the American citizens in the US that did vote were going to storm in and get them out and maybe that should have happened!

      1. Ya he his an terrorist if there ever was one! Th Clinton’s,pellosi Kammela the AOC which said she thought they were going to murder her!!! She wasn’t even in th building! Such a liar ! Kamala donated money to get the BLM rioters out of jail ? and still wants to impeach the only president in history who ever did what he said he would do! With no help I might add! It’s up to the people to take our country back and get those money grubbing devils out of office and all the republicans traitor who turned there back on our president!

      2. Mike Lindell shows without any doubt that “Election Day” was an absolute hoax. There WAS NOT an election….there was Democratic fraud….WORLD WIDE ! This WAS the NEW WORLD ORDER ushering in their big move, with America & China as the fore-runner’s. IF Patriot’s do not speak up NOW & get this under control, and get our LEGAL PRESIDENT IN OFFICE, then the USA will be NO MORE ! I URGE EVERY PERSON TO WATCH Mike’s video & SEE THE TRUTH AND PROOF for yourself !! PLEASE DO NOT BURY YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND !! EVERY person’s actions WILL determine IF we will continue to live in a FREE COUNTRY OR IF WE LIVE UNDER A DICTATORSHIP, WITH ALL FREEDOM”S TAKEN FROM US !! PLEASE DO NOT allow this to be swept under the rug!!!

      3. Exactly. This is what oBozo wanted. He is so narcissistic and has planned this takeover for the past 5 years, and what better person to make a fool if, then his demented ‘partner in crime’, his ex cohort, Joe sleepy, demented, puppet who likely can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.
        “Hey Joey, I’ll buy you an ice cream if you do as I tell you!”

    2. I have to tell you when I read your post “yet a shuffling, dementia riddled buffoon, Joe Biden is sitting in our White House!” I laughed so hard. That is the most perfect description of this crap that has been shoved down our throats. I haven’t laughed in a long time, but I can’t stop laughing! Thank you so very much! Yea Donald Trump!!, he will be coming back in some fashion, and the GOP will take back the senate and the house in 2022. Look at all his horrible executive orders, He’s even pissing off his dear sweet derelict Dems! What goes around comes around and he will get what’s coming to him! God Bless our America!

      1. If this election was stolen, how do you propose we retake the Senate,& House? Ya think theyll play fair next time…it was only to get rid of Trump? I dont know if the fix was in-much circumstantial evidence sure seems to be there. But if it was, it really is a lost cause…GOP never win as another national election, or hold the Presidency/either side of Congress again.

  5. The election was stolen and is being silenced… Obiden couldn’t run a kindergarten class… the world as we once knew it is now just money hungry, power grabbing people all looking out for themselves and tanking America without any regard to the American people

  6. It’s; not fair to us to have a man in the white house that is destroying our country and he didn’t even win. Why can’t we just tell him to leave, and put Trump in there? Sydney Powell has more evidence, S She has 300 affidavits from workers who swore they saw fraud. They spoke under penalty of pergury and jail if they were lying. Workers were putting the same vote in over and over again into the machines. Workers sitting there and filing out ballot after ballot.. We can’t let Joe keep destroying our country. He was never qualified to run a country. Trump had one a state on election night, then in the middle of the night, they brought in boxes and boxes of ballots, every vote for Biden….enough to overtake Trump votes, and Biden won.

  7. Good for Mike for not backing down. The reporter that walked off the set just proves he is afraid of the truth and just like most reporters he can’t stand when he doesn’t have the last word. We all know the election was stolen and we’ll be paying for it for the next four years. Republicans need to get behind President Trump and get our country back on track. Drain the swamp. Corruption in our nation is out of control. Time for Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, and the rest of the enemies of the state need to be gone.

  8. Amateurs!!!
    Those HOSTS WERE EVIDENT OF KGB in media …attacking free speech!!
    Newsmax is under Biden and Democrats arm!!! Tsk s tsk

    1. There all under Doris arm , the Clinton regime , Obama , Pelosi the snake! AOC! Kamela slept her way to the he top, fought Biden called him a pedo and a racist then kisses his ass to be his running mate! Ugh!!! They are all thieves and criminal who don’t live in the real America! I honk we should deport them all to China!

  9. Mike L is a grown man that rose for ashes to become a ledgend. President Biden is so in name only, he even acts as if he was placed in power not elected. Anyone one actually winning gets a certain grow and exctment about them. His only concern is erasing all of truly elected president Donald J. Trump accomplishments regardless of the effects. Don,t become FOX News or we will dump you also.

  10. Here’s all the proof you need… supposedly 80 million Americans voted for a man who never campaigned, never had a platform as to why he was running, and when he did speak couldn’t even get through one sentence that made any sense. I don’t need 100% proof from Lindell or Trump that Dominion defrauded myself and the American people out of their Constitutional right to vote for the man of their choice. 80 million votes for Biden? Come on man, you know the thing….

  11. If this is what Newsmax is going to be doing they will loose viewers just like FOX. Mike is correct and just because no judge wanted to hear the cases doesn’t make the issue untrue. When videos are played and we see things happening that are wrong we do have the right to question. The GA problems as well as PA and the other states have not been answered. Legal votes were canceled. There was no reason to stop the counting except to bring in ballots from other places or to make up some. Now all I can say is welcome to communist USA.

  12. The problem of saying “there is no widespread evidence of voter fraud” is magnified by the courts and, more specifically, the Supreme Court, for not allowing the evidence to be presented in a courtroom. Let the facts and evidence speak for itself in a court of law and litigate the case on the merits, not by the MSM etal. When you have liberal judges appointed by Obama make decisions that are politicized and throwing out all the cases without being adjudicated, there is no justice. Even those REPs who thwarted these efforts indicate that fraud and corruption is rampant through local as well as state and federal bureaucracies. Worse, the average voter knows there is something to hide. Its no excuse to hide behind the banner of potential rioting or violence.

  13. I have only one thing to say. If we still have a country in 4 years, which I doubt, throw these idiots out and put Trump back in. I hope and pray that he will want to come back, because if this country ever needed his leadership, it’s now. He will have an almost impossible job this time of straightening out the mess that Biden and the Democrats have made of this country. You can already see some of the results and they have just started.

  14. Consider the following statistic and explain how there was no widespread voter fraud: Biden did not exceed the votes cast for Barack Obama in any county outside the so-called swing states of MI, WI, PA, GA, NV, NC or AZ…..not ONE. Yet, he did exceed the votes cast for Obama in every metropolitan County in those same swing states! Statistically, that’s virtually impossible. Yes, those same states that stopped the vote counting election night but found time to rig the votes cast in the wee hours of the morning and subsequently to give Biden the needed margins to reverse the votes cast for Trump. In fact, the rigging had to be delayed because the Dominion software couldn’t keep up with the votes cast for Trumo and had to be shut down, recallibrated to attain a margin of victory for Biden. That explains why there was more votes cast than registered voters. There certainly was fraud but courts will not permit the evidence to be heard. Dominion’s law suit is just another example of the Deep State operatives to double down like beating the dead horse of “Russian Collusion”! People aren’t stupid, they just don’t have the resources to overcome the corruption.

  15. I used to watch Fox News until they repeatedly stated the LIE that “ there was no evidence” showing fraud in the Nov. 3 presidential election. I then switched to NEWSMAX expecting them to be TRUTHFUL. SELLERS would not let Mike Lindell tell his story without stating that “we have not verified what you are saying” and talking over Lindell to keep Lindell from showing evidence. Sellers was so ANGRY that he left the set. SELLERS and EVERYONE knows there is a mountain of EVIDENCE of a CHEATED, FRAUDULENT Presidential election. Now I’ll get my news elsewhere.

  16. What I witnessed on Newsmax this past week made me want to puke! Cutting Lindell off like that & shutting down an interview smacks of commiecrat tactics, & I lost a lot of respect for them as a news organization. If they don’t get their heads out immediately, they’ll become just another lamestream media outlet run by graduates of the Joseph Goebbels School of Broadcasting!

  17. Anyone who says that there’s no evidence of election fraud is either horribly stupid, beyond belief, or lying through their teeth. Most are the latter. There not only is evidence, but overwhelming, “smoking gun” evidence.

    Joe Biden was not elected, he was installed, and Hardline communism is very clearly now at the doorstep of the USA.

  18. This country is in so much trouble. Biden is no leader. It’s obvious that he is a puppet and that he was put in there to possibly step down and allow Harris to be President. What a crooked party. This is all about carrying out Obama’s agenda. People wake up.

  19. I live in a state that voted for Trump, so we are not a swing state, so my circle of friends, I know 3 that voted for Biden, the rest for Trump, three out of several hundred, I can’t believe the rest of the nation is that stupid, I saw a poll that said only 26 percent of the Biden voters had ever heard of the Hunter Biden story, gee I wonder why?

  20. Did they not invite Mike on? They also knew what he would talk about too. The guy who walked off made an ass of himself. Newsmax your starting to show some colors that make your show ugly. Think about what
    C ommunist
    N ews
    N etwork has done.
    How about:
    N othing
    B ut
    C ommunism and their misgivings.
    Or another:
    .A always
    B ad
    C communists and their disgusting antics
    C communists
    B est







  22. What the hell is going on now news max why can’t you tell the real truth to people you are afraid that they will come for you.I guess you want American people to stop with your program. I’am am done with Sellers get him off the air he is a pussy .

  23. Sellers is the only anchor on Newsmax channel that from the first time I watched him , I had a bad feeling about.
    I’ll even bet that most people’s Dog
    wouldn’t approach him. Trust your 1st instincts, they’re usually right.

  24. Only truth can stand the sunshine and fresh air of freedom. Only an open and truthful audit of the entire American election will save this stain from expanding from the “rumor” stage to the “absolute truth ” position with all the possible results that can come from that. Truth to the American people has to be told, and appropriate action to set the government on the right path. The sooner, the better. That is the American way.

  25. Free Speech and Free Elections NewsMax! Dropped you immediately when you chose FAKE NEWS as your future! Will HAPPILY stay with Lou, Maria, Tucker, Hannity, Laura, Gutfield, Judge Pierro (wherever they work) and OAN!!! God Bless America and Her Patriots. And, We The People thank God for the MOST Patriotic President to ever SERVE in Our Whitehouse, the legally elected 45th and 46th President Donald J Trump. News entities need to report the Truth, the whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth on the OCCUPATION of our Capital and Peoples House by an illegitimate and illegal communist regime!

  26. True, they are STUPID. I watched Mike’s “Absolute Proof” video last night for 2 hours – the title couldn’t be more on spot – he actually showed all the numbers, the IP Servers, Sources and China was the #1 intruder. Iran had a big part in it as well. I saw it actually with my own eyes – Mike speaks the truth and I will always support this man. I just hope his life isn’t in danger with all these crazys out there.

  27. We need to have the freedom to fix our elections or we will lose this Country. Now the true American companies have to stand behind the people for the truth. If not, China will own us all. These elite mega corporations trying to take America down are so arrogant that they think they are as powerful as China. They are complete fools. In their process to break us, China will take it all. Wake up people we are Christians, where does China imprison the religious – slave labor camps. Freedom is the only answer- freedom to speak, question, investigate, expose, prosecute and believe without fear, and justice must be for all to secure that freedom.

  28. People say that newsmax is great and they want me to get there magazine again but to be honest I think that they are a part of the democratic machine pretending to be a good part of the republican party. I may be wrong and if I am wrong then prove it and quit your be and inspect the voting machines you lying democats claim that the machines are e the cause of the election fraud.

  29. I have just stopped watching Fox News due to the fact that they have now cancelled Lou Dobbs, who was a stanch supporter of President Trump. They had been going down in the ratings since election day and now since they got rid of Dobbs, who is next? I figured that I would contact my TV service and switch to NewsMax, but when you have a host walk out on a guest, was he insinuating that the guest was lying or does he happen to have liberal leanings. Don’t advertise yourself as a conservative news network if you are going to be just like the rest. I keep feeling that before too long there will be nothing left for conservatives. We need to figure out something and soon or as Nicole Wallace on MSNBC had hinted at that conservatives be treated as domestic terrorists and maybe do a drone strike. And the fact that they are comparing Trump and his supporters to Al Qaeda and the drone strike that killed an alleged American member of Al Qaeda named Al-Awlaki. To actually hint at using drone strikes on American citizens that don’t agree with them and happen to support Trump is disgusting. That however, is not the first time such things have been said about how to handle conservatives and Trump supporters. They have talked about deprograming, something similar to concentration camps, It’s scary any more. They are fond of calling conservatives and Trump supporters Nazis, but, they need to look in the mirror and then they would see the true Nazis. They are even mistreating the troops and vetting them( to see basically who voted for Trump)they say to rut out those with extremist ideas or who could possibly be a white supremist. Now here I am worrying whether or not I will be able to find truth in media with News Max after this stunt.

  30. In my last post you a.. ho… Changed the letter that should have been B’s to be that’s ok we know you want to cover up for the lying corrupt untrustworthy kkk supramist democratic party and the reason I chose to put the kkk and the supramist in the last part is because the democats are the creator of the kkk and the supramist it’s okay you can cover for the lying democratic party..

  31. My main thought on fraud, fixing or cheating on ANYTHING, not just this voting dilemma. If you know in your heart that you did NOT defraud, cheat or fix, whatever you are being accused of, I would think the accused person or group, would want everyone to look at it with a fine tooth comb. That way there is NO question of the process being honest, and PROVE that every thing was on the up and up ! Only a crooked person or group would fight tooth and nail and claim the accusers are crazy, to keep others from looking close at the problem in question. Because they know in their heart, they will get caught and have to pay the price. When President Trump said he was going to drain the swamp, he never said how or how long it would take to do it. Since he said that, every swamp creature in a U.S. city, state or national Gov position. has raised their heads and put their voice out for all to see and hear. It’s now our job, as U.S. citizens, to bait and hook them and pull them out of the swamp, making it into a clean, safe swimming hole, for the future of honest Gov. Reps of and for the people.

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