Nancy Pelosi CAUGHT Buying Microsoft Stock BEFORE Giant Military Contract

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently added to her enormous $120 million in wealth by making suspicious stock maneuvers. It seems the California liberal may be putting the vast knowledge of emerging government contracts to work for personal gain. This non-partisan report shows Speaker Pelosi and other politicians make millions on the stock market and avoid taking losses based on possible insider information.

Pelosi recently exercised $10 million in Microsoft shares out of nowhere. Low and behold, the big tech corporation miraculously received a $22 billion military contract. Not surprisingly, Nancy Pelosi sits on the relevant House committees that would know well in advance if Microsoft or another organization would be showered with taxpayer money.


Political journalists Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti from The Hill take Pelosi to task over her profiteering on possible insider information. Ball, a hardened liberal journalist, raises the question of why members of Congress can openly defy insider-trading rules and be allowed to line their pockets while serving.

Pulling no punches, the pair scold Republicans who also leveraged their position to make money when others unwittingly lost their shirts. Ironically, former President Donald Trump put his businesses in a blind trust for his children to run while he served in the White House.

Honest, hard-working Americans should no longer be tired of the D.C. Swamp’s backdoor dealings. Citizens have every right to be angry about Washington, D.C., corruption, and demand change. This video lays out the problem and advocates for strong solutions.

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133 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi CAUGHT Buying Microsoft Stock BEFORE Giant Military Contract”

      1. YES! ABSOLUTELY!!!!! This witch is so corrupt it is disgusting! Why is she allowed to do this???
        Also, why are we giving big ontracts to huge companies like Microsoft instead of a smaller company who could actually use some funding to stay in business!

      2. WE WISH…… It will never happen…SHE is a Democrat…. They never pay for the sins…At least not in THIS LIFE…

    1. You are so right. Something needs to be done about this but it will be swept under the table like their other crimes. Bring Trump back.

    2. The mark of the beast is starting to appear on more and more of these feckless thieves.
      Pelosi is covered in the three numbers.

    3. My thoughts, exactly. However, this is one of the many times a dem has been guilty, and gotten away with “murder!” No doubt in my mind it was insider trading.

      1. What a dishonest bunch of democrats. What else do they have up their sleeve besides insider trading and stealing elections? They actually even did try murder, but were foiled, thank goodness! Why are they never held accountable? I will never understand what has happened to our country to enable all these crooks constantly! Either we have law and order, or we don’t? Which will it be! No wonder the democrats want to get rid of all the police departments! They’re out there breaking laws every effen day!

    4. Pelosi prosecuted? Never will happen, Pelosi is a charter member of the Communist Association of Political Criminals, aka the Democrats. If members of the CACP do something within the law, it is strictly by accident,

    5. the Democrats passed legislation exempting them from insider trading regulations….they are special people, and not subject to the laws affecting little people…just like their special heathcare programs that the tax payers fund….don;t you realize why they need a wall and National Guard troops to protect them

      1. In other words, Pelosi & Shumer have a “One-Sided Casino” with National Guard “taxpayer paid protection” where they continue to bump up their stock portfolios, “guaranteed”, win,win,win! Their @sses need to be in Leavenworth with most of the lying swampdwellers!


    7. Definitely!!!!! She has plenty to spend on such things and I’d bet a mortgage on my home that many others do also. Why do you think Trump slid all of his assets to his kids?

      He knew this would be watched and wanted to prove just HOW MUCH the others do it!

    8. I agree with Joseph that she should be jailed. That will only happen if conservatives band together and shout ands protest loud enough to see that justice is done. The problem is conservatives, while being silent, only stand back and complain.

    9. I heard that nasty wench has been caught 8 times insider trading she is trying to kill America! She is worse than china joe

    10. Dems do ‘double standards’ along with ‘double dealings’!! Martha Stewart was taken to the ‘wood-shed’ on charges of ‘inside trading’. It ruined her life!! On the other hand, it seems, that Pelosi and co. can do whatever they darn well please an no one says anything about it! OK, I want to hear the ‘strong solutions’. Then I want to hear that they are being implemented!

      1. Absolutely! I think all us “commoners” are really sick and tired of these thieves getting away with all their crimes! Get Wray out of the FBI, and maybe we can have some agents who are actually honest working there, who will do their jobs properly, and put all the crooks and murderers in jail! And then, maybe democrats will stop bribing judges so they actually STAY in jail instead of getting right back out on the street! I know, I know! I’m talking about Fantasyland, but I can dream, can’t I? There doesn’t seem to be much else left to do!

    11. Nasty Nancy is a crook who should should be arrested, tried, and sentenced to prison plus be fined millions of dollars. But the biden crime cartel will never allow it of course.

    12. But Martha wasn’t a communist politician, politicians operate under different rules the rest of us, CRIME IS A PERK OF THEIR JOBS…

    13. I agree! But will go farther and suggest we tack on treasonous actions due to her position in the government.

    14. Martha Stuart did not go to jail for insider trading. She should have. She went to jail for lying under oath. To be truthful they both should be in jail for insider trading.

    15. Martha Stewart heard it at a cocktail party. Pelosi is on the committee that decides who gets the contracts….

    16. Martha Stewart is a Republican. Does that tell you anything? When it comes to the Dems, there is a double standard.The laws don’t apply.

    17. Could not agree more. This is not the first time she was caught using her position to gain wealth. It was just a few months ago her husband made a big stock purchase or sale, I forget which, based on her knowledge. Don’t worry though she said she doe not monitor what her husband does and it was just a coincidence that it happened and I have ocean front property for sale South Dakota.

    18. The Law ONLY APPLIES to those who APPOSE them . All the democraps EVER cared about is making money for THEMSELVES . They START a RACE WAR , and OPEN the BORDER to take the FOCUS off what they are doing BEHIND the scenes .

    19. Thank you for saving me the trouble of posting the very same thing.
      Martha Stewart was probably a Republican/Conservative.
      Dems have immunity from everything. Hillary and Cuomo still walking free.

  1. She should be impeached but nothing will be done about it because she is a Democrat and they are not charged when they do wrong.

    1. Not only is Nancy a ‘Dem’ but, it seems she ‘carries a very big stick’ there in Washington! I’d like to know ‘what’ that ‘stick’ is made of!! It has everyone ‘scared silly’ of her!! The only one who could push back on her successfully was Donald Trump!! Boy, I miss that guy!!

    2. TOO TRUE!!!!!! Aren’t we getting very tired of this “Double-Standard”???? One set of laws for the DEMONCRATS and another set for everyone else !!!!!!!

  2. All that were in on insider trading should be charged in the swamp! Stewart for insider trading and Leona Helmsley (SP) for tax evasion (only little people pay taxes) can go so can’t the rest of the swamp! Pelosi should be expelled along with the rest of them. I bet if you looked into the Ukraine deal there is more than Biden,Kerry’s kids that got lucrative deals for being who they are. #Stop spending our money #drain the swamp!

    1. Look at Billary! She committed treason, selling out her own country. We also know that Bill is a pervert chasing skirts all over the White House. They are both guilty of murder, it’s a fact. Where are they? Running free and making money, they are billionaires. Now Pelosi the wicked witch of the west gets away with insider trading.
      “Nothing new under the sun”.

      1. She bought all kinds of tesla stock to before they announced they were going electric!!! That piece of trash needs to go. TO JAIL!!

    2. Under 15 U.S. Code Section 78, anyone found guilty of insider can receive a Civil penalty of no more than $1,000,000 dollars or 3 times the amount received from the insider trading. Now do you see why corrupt Nancy was bold enough to commit insider trading. She is worth millions and that is pocket change to her. She doesn’t care to pay one million when she received multi-millions.

  3. Then she needs to go to jail for insider trading just like Martha Stewart did, but to be honest she needs to go to jail for a lot more but take what we can get

    1. You’re right! Grab this ‘straw’ and, while she’s defending herself in court–an investigation into the rest of her nefarious dealings!! Sidney Powell would have another ‘book’, just on her!! Never happen, though. The ‘true sheeple’ are all ‘representing’ us in Washington!!

    2. Why not try !!! The stopped All Capone with jail time for Tax Evasion!!! America was lucky with him…HE DIED IN JAIL…MAYBE WE COULD GET LUCKY WITH HER, ALSO!!!

  4. When businessmen and Wall Street brokers buy and sell stocks based on information not available to the general public, it’s called insider trading. When Congress does it, based on information not available to others, it is not called insider trading. Perhaps the best way to handle this is to pass legislation, or have the Supreme Court make a ruling, that every stock transaction made by an elected official or government appointee is to be immediately posted publicly. That way, regular Americans can either buy or sell more of the same. or make another informed decision.

  5. As long as prominent Dems can do what they want, nothing will ever happen to them. Pelops I should be indicted, impeached, fined and put in prison! She is not any better than Bernie madoff and Martha Stewart and should receive the same treatment! This is not the first time news of insider trading by her has occurred and it should be the last. If it were me, there would be no doubt by nightfall, I would be in prison orange! This is outrageous!

    1. So true. They all think they are above the law but the rest of us would be crucified immediately

  6. There it is again good for me not for thee that double standard those demercrat do it again and no conserquince a pat on shoulder not on hand

  7. Isn’t that considered “Insider Trading”? That’s the same thing Martha Stewart was thrown in jail for! Wait? Was Martha Stewart, Conservative?

  8. that’s why everyone wants to run for political office or govt jobs…. PAY SUCKS. B U T YOU GET PLENTY OPPORTUNITIES for bribes on insider GOVT contract bidding…..

    1. You hit the nail on the head. A president has 4 to 8 years to do it and get away with it and all the others have endless amount of years to pile up their wealth, as did Pelosi, Clintons, Biden, Obama and others. As for President Trump let’s not forget he did not keep his salary for 4 years and the wealth he had was made as a private businessman. All the others made theirs on the backs of the taxpayer of this country.

  9. How does a woman who has been in politics her “HOLE” life end up with a cool 120 million in worth
    Talk about being in bed with lobbyists
    This woman is the worst and her personality speaks for itself

    1. I think it is called a family tradition. Seems she teethed on her father’s politics. Just heard a story recently about her brother who was involved in a scandal years ago, but I’m sure the father helped him out with that one. She grew up in the world she lives in today, not a stretch to understand why she is an elitist, they believe they are better than we, deplorables (Crooked Hillary’s name for us). They are so bold now they make no attempt to hide their corruption. I think they all hate America and definitely with the “power grab” they are attempting it will keep them in power for decades. We are in a lot of trouble as a nation.

  10. I want her arrested for her crimes. Sick and tired of these criminals getting away with breaking the law.

    1. That what happened when the voters, still voted for her even though
      knowing how crooked she is.

  11. She is and has always been nothing but a crook!!! How she remains in power in the House of Reps. Is beyond me. Nothing will happen to her for insider trading. Just wait and see. She is the Teflon Nancy!!! All the remainder of us would go to prison!!!

  12. Perhaps we should demand her tax returns. How does a public servant make that much money? We “little people” have to follow the rules or go to jail.the GOP leadership should demand answers.

    1. Don’t waste your breath.
      The Democrats are Run by Pelosi.
      She also controls the DOJ, NSA,
      The FBI, CIA and coming soon THE SUPREME COURT, which is now leaning more left than ever.
      The only cure at this point a revolution to overthrow the entire current corrupt government.
      Get out the CONSTITUTION and start from scratch again and build a GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE.
      Create amendments to jail any and all officials when stepping one word from the CONSTITUTION AND ITS AMENDMENTS.
      Reduce the ability of attorneys creating other interpretations. Attempting to do so will result in swift disbarment with no appeals.

  13. The American people are now starting to see the
    Consequences for believing democratic lies and abandoning president Trump. Everyone wants to cry a river about what the democrats are doing to our country but fail to look in a mirror and see
    The real cause of the problem. Even a blind man should have seen this coming. We the people have
    Allowed a once great nation to now be the laughing
    Stock of the world. If you think things are bad now,
    Give it a few more months and you will see everything we caused to happen to honest people,
    Either hittler, Chinese, Iran , or even worse the Democratic Party, will make our country unlivable
    Remember hittler and the Jews. May be to late.


  15. Charge Nance with insider trading and follow through with the very thing (jail time) that the average citizen would get!. I believe Visa made her and husband a bit richer from a “tip” as reported and now this (Microsoft). How many before?
    CAPITALISM is America but this is not CAPITALISM.
    Martha Stuart is a graceful example of what dear ole Nance should do!

  16. AH!!! Just showing that her becoming richer by using her position for just such opportunities. Damn the citizens of this country, they are beneath her. She was ready to fight us hand to hand in order to save her scrawny neck. But the truth is she never came close to being in any danger, her security that carries guns would protect her. Time to clean democrats out of politics!!!

  17. This story confirms what most Americans know, these Democrats are liars, thieves, hypocrites and crooks. That’s why I call them pigs. They wallow in filth.

  18. She has done this so many times and gotten by with it that it is time to hold her accountable. Fine he heavily and send her packing. She has also fed the information on to her husband who has made millions off of the info. How do you think these politicians have gotten so much wealth. Republicans have been made to resign for doing the same thing. Let’s see some honest accountability here.

  19. It was Nancy Pelosi that was yelling the loudest about no one being above the law, not to long ago. I think it is time that Nancy is shown that she also is not above the law.

  20. ISN’T this INSIDER TRADING? . . . Why isn’t The OLD HAG Pelosi in FEDERAL PRISON, like they did to Martha Stewart?!? – Just ASKING. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  21. Congress voted into law that it was illegal for senators, representatives and their staff to engage in insider trading. So the vile, greedy old b*tch Pelosi gets caught with her hand in the cookie jar. So what? Better people than her have been in jail for the same thing. But Nasty Nancy, despite her statements that “no one is above the law,” IS above the law. Only people out of touch with reality believe anything of a legal nature will happen to interfere with the old b*tch’s greed.

  22. Martha Stewart went to jail for doing exactly what Piglosi just did. It’s time Piglosi was in jail

  23. Trump almost had them all! Then evil Nancy waved her wand and the witch
    caused his impeachment to cover the asses of all the insiders trading and
    shenanigans that politicians get away with NO CONSEQUENCES AT ALL!!
    IT’S TIME TO REALLY CLEAN THE SWAMP , Pelosi is the main swamp water Hattie and really SHOULD GO TO JAIL!! Maybe those people that broke into
    the CAPITOL missed a chance to FIX our country by running them all out on
    rails with tar and feathers. COME BACK TRUMP WHILE SOME OF OUR COUNTRY IS STILL LEFT!!

  24. forget about pelosi all of you know no one is going to do anything about her abuse of power,she has the crooked media behind her. concentrate on boycotting companies like coke,microsoft,kroger,target,and delta air lines to not buy there product or refuse to use their services. liberal always want to boycott anything conservative so lets fight back and hit liberal leaning companies in their pocket book and watch their investors pull out of their stock purchases.

  25. Pelosi prosecuted? Never will happen, Pelosi is a charter member of the Communist Association of Political Criminals, aka the Democrats. If members of the CAPC do something within the law, it is strictly by accident,

  26. If Martha Stewart had to go to jail for insider trading, then so should this corrupt Piglosi. Nothing will happen to her. Her and her husband have been doing this for years. The rich get richer, and we go under. Stinks

  27. Is this a surprise ? Pelosi and Nadler and all the den suits are the real elitists and follow the greatest of all Obama !

  28. She and others like the Waters woman have always profited from Insider Trading, why do you think they stayed in congress for hundreds of years?

  29. Why do you people waste our time with stories about crimes committed by Democrats. Nothing ever happens to them since they are above the law. Until you have video of one of them stabbing or shooting someone, don’t waste my time and getting me frustrated if nothing is going to hold them accountable.

  30. One law for all. All who break it must be broken by it.
    Force all of her ill-gotten gains to be used to push agendas she disagrees with such as ending all illegal immigrant amnesty and sanctuary status

  31. Good Morning well this is why they went after our President Donald J Trump because he was trying to stop ?the swamp feeders of all the Tax Payers Money ?this has been going on for Years just think for a moment now 175,000 yearly and look what congress and senator’s own all the millions of dollars it’s the Tax Payers Money ??we’ve been getting Screwed for years that’s why they paid for the 2020 election wake up Americans stop ??these dems from Ripping Off the American People I assure you nothing will change unless We The People Stop ?this Bullshit

  32. Just imagine Donald Trump in this situation. The press and network news would roast him alive and Naughty Nancy would be wrapping the flag around herself and scream impeach! Impeach! Impeach! Of course Chucky boy would stand behind her nodding his head like a wize old man who knows everything. Little short fat man Jerry slimeball will come rolling down the hall to agree with anything anti-American. These want-to-be commies are giving honest thieves a bad reputation. I mean that, too. How can a hard working dishonest conman or thief compete with these politicians who blatantly abuse the trust placed in their offices by the voters. I know a certain amount of abuse of the system is inevitable but this crop of criminals do not even care if they are discovered. They know nobody will attempt to bring them to justice. They are sure that even caught red handed in not enough to worry about. Sad thing is, they are right. Very few people in Washington,D.C., have the nerve to even talk about it publicly. Even fewer people would attempt to push for enforcing the law if it means opposing the democrats. The Republican Party talks and shouts about 2 sets of laws, 2 justice systems, but that is all they do, talk so they can ask for donations to war chest.
    I don’t know what this country will be like in 50 or 100 years, but I do not think it will still be the land of the free, the home of the brave. The road we are traveling now is a one-way road to Communism and the longer we wait to get off this road and back on the freedom highway, the more expensive it will be to change directions. The currency is blood and the price is going higher every day we wait. Freedom is not free and if we want freedom for our children and their children the price is going up every day we wait for somebody to do something.

    1. You’re so right Charles. I wish America would wake up and realize what the Democrats are doing to the country. I find it hard to believe that poor sleepy Joe beat Donald J. Trump in the 2020 election, never happened. If we don’t wake up and get behind our elected representatives to represent us and America, we will wake up one morning and say, “how did this happen?” We are swinging on a slender thread.

  33. Excuse me how do we get someone to do something…? I read these E-mails every day and I could just VOMIT..!!! are the RED GUYS to afraid to do anything because they also are guilty of the same thing…FIGHT like the DEMOS do…I change the channel on T.V .when that UGLY TIT Hanging Pigs face comes on…..

  34. Insider trading puts anyone in those businesses dealings at risk for prison sentences and disgrace except for congress who has permitted their own to take advantage of these trades. Does anyone see a problem with this? If you do not you are certainly stupid! Why should we allow our elected officials who know all about these shifts in our economy to personally benefit from their actions like this when everyone else can go to jail for it?

    The dim wits make laws and shift commerce to benefit them and their donors in more ways than this. We are talking pure unadulterated fraudulent actions and apparently old Nanc is in on it all with the Biden clan. What a joke our last election was and if these criminals can make it continue the rest of this country is S.C.R.E.W.E.D.!!!!

  35. 1. Martha Stewart went to prison for lying to the FBI.
    2. We rave about stopping the politicians from getting rich on us, but who is going to do that? Pelosi and her henchmen are in control of the DOJ. We no longer have a Supreme Court to count on.

    1. That is TRUE and it needs to come to a STOP ! The DEPLORABLE Democratic Socialist Party needs to be BANISHED and Never Ever Heard from Again. This is what has KILLED this Great Country as We The People know it.

  36. Pelosi is and always has been, an old corrupted hag who would steal the pennies out of her dead mother’s eyes. She and her entire family are known thieves, and being extremely corrupt is their family trait. She should have been imprisoned years ago, but Federal prison officials did not want to have her as an inmate or visitor because she would drive the rats and roaches from the prison and into the nearby cities. Her extreme quest for more power and money at the expense of destroying our democracy is unequaled in the history of the USA. The bitch should simply stick to her daily bottle of alcohol, occasionally put her false teeth back inside her gapping mouth, and try to do something useful before she departs this world. I can see now what her gravestone will read: “Here Lies An Old Corrupt Hag Like The World Has Never Known.”


  38. If Martha Stuart went to jail for insider trading so should Nancy Pelosi. Sink the SWAMP. HER RESIGNATION AND INDICTMENT SHOULD BE FORTHWITH!

  39. You People come on here with good comments. But don’t forget it just hot air to these democrats! Remember in 1990 when these politicians pass the laws putting IMMUNITY next to their name? This was a big mistake for the people of this country. THEY CAN’T BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANY FAILURE! Only way you are going to hold them accountable is to FIGHT BACK IN A CIVIL WAR!

  40. Freeze all of the democratic assists including Pelosi and Fire these traitors and Anti-American communists and jail the all at Hard Labor no matter their age, sex, color, or religions.
    They are TERRORISTS squatting in the halls of Congress and should be removed by any means by the free people since federal law is so Failed up under these Communist demo.

  41. Inside Trading is Illegal, to the American Citizen, except to the Democrats. She needs to be in Prison, Treason, is the main reason.

  42. This woman is a Cancer to our government. This is not the only project she and her husband have profitted of of the government on. Isn’t he a primary stockholder in the voting machines that help oust the President? Real estate deals in California, a lot of them pretty shady. What about her part in getting the most recent Covid bill pasted? 9% of it was Covid related, the rest went for all of the democrats pet projects and special interest groups, that is about 1,8 trillion spent outside of what it was intended for. Didn’t Martha Stewart spend time in the pokey for insider trading. This can’t be considered anything but that, PERIOD. If we got rid of all the Cancer in both houses then we would about a hand full of people to start over with and then this country would start to heal

  43. These fascist traitors to the American people need to be put against the wall x shot, all their stolen wealth distributed to help the homeless, poor, and inferstructure. All you brain dead demonic take note. You voted for these parasites, who you going to blame when it comes back and bites you in the arse?

  44. Were we to have true Justice in Gov this should put her crooked butt out the door and a ticket to GITMO.

  45. I agree totally with every comment which has been made. It’s hard to add anything, because it has already been said. My concern is the lack of action from the Republican Politicians, They should be taking the appropriate action against Piglosi and nail her to the cross. Her unlawful activities would be very easy to prove. The Republican Politicians could very easily put her out of office and then take further action to see that she is in jail. We should all contact our Representatives and demand they take action to get the ball rolling.

  46. The only way I would agree with reparations is if it had a condition: Every person receiving the reparations would take the money and move to Liberia.

  47. Seems like she broke the law with insider tradeing just like Martha Stewart did ,I suggest a miminun fine of 1000million. cash fine. then 10years in jail. Why do people think they are above the law.

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