Michigan Ammo Business Says They Won’t Sell to Biden Voters

Most of us on the political right would love to go back to the old system that we lived under. You remember that system, right? The one where we had a social contract with each other?

Back in the good old days, you used to be able to buy a pair of shoes or hire a plumber without first having to check a bunch of ideological boxes on a form. Store owners didn’t have to worry about their customers burning their store down if they didn’t visibly and earnestly support Black Lives Matter. Customers didn’t have to worry about being able to participate in the economy if they supported a Republican president.

But those days are over. The Democrats have now fully shattered that old social contract, in which most of us were allowed to keep our politics to ourselves and not bother or harass others.

Nowadays, Chase bank is canceling the personal bank accounts of Trump supporters. US Bank is turning over the transactions and travel movements of its customers to the FBI. If you want to participate in the marketplace of ideas on the internet, you had better not hold an opinion that the bridge hobo running Twitter disagrees with.


How are we supposed to get out of this mess and restore the old social contract that actually worked? We have to punish liberals with their own tactics until they finally learn the lesson. That won’t be easy — but one ammunition store in Michigan has shown us exactly how to do it.

Watch this video of a company that’s giving Joe Biden voters a taste of their own medicine!

81 thoughts on “Michigan Ammo Business Says They Won’t Sell to Biden Voters”

      1. Anyone who voted for CRACKHEAD DADDY, shouldnt be owning a gun anyway,but I think its great you wont sell them bullets. Youre a true patiot! Wake up America,our rights are being removed every day.

    1. Every U.S. Patriotic Citizen has to eliminate all dem leaders attack’s on U.S. Constitutional Freedom, Rights and Liberty, then demand impeachment of every dem appointed crony trying to build a dictator regime ! The biden wannabe dictator regime has proven with 40 asinine E.O.’s in 2 weeks they’ve blatantl violated their sworn U.S. Constitutional oath with dereliction of duty to U.S. National Security by letting illegal foreigners enter the U.S.A.

      1. You are so right. They don’t love this great Country, they want to destroy ALL of our freedoms, one by one. Do away with our history, our flag, our national anthem. Everything good and wonderful that President Donald Trump did, they want to erase. They will all BURN IN HELL for their evil deeds. It is a very sad time for Us

        1. They are all Demon Possessed. Donald Trump is God’s anointed for such a time as this and will be back in leadership very soon.

      1. wish you were on the gulf coast of fl. I could use help with my Harley. keep up the good work!!!! can’t see a demon rat on a Harley.. would be screaming like a girl!!!! hehehehe

    2. Good I totally support this Biden owners should not on guns they should not be able to get ammo this is the same shit they keep saying about Trump supporters fine turnabout is fair play one of these days we will get a communist out of Washington and we will get back to the normal Democrat and Republican parties and we will take control of America once again until then so no ammunition to anybody who supports this communist takeover of America

      1. Yes Biden and Harris need to go immediately they are both out to destroy our Republic. The only thing they are interested in is money and Power and rule over the citizens. Why hasn’t Biden been investigated for his Chinese connections. The Chinese donated around 70 million dollars to the Biden presidential Museum. You think they did that out of the goodness of their heart?

        1. I can’t help but wonder, if during his several trips to China, Biden didn’t negotiate for the release of the Covid to spread in time for the mail-in election, which we know was a disaster.

    3. We have to do something before
      Dems completely sell us out to Communism. They want to let drug and human traffickers into the US and keep Americans without guns to protect themselves. Make us desperate for protection. Americans will be dependent on government for everything. We have to fight back every way we can.

    4. I agree. We can stand up and fight this crazy ideological nonsense or we can be used like the sheep to many conservatives have become . We either want are country back or we can surecome to living under communist style rule. It is time to fight fire with fire .

  1. Great move by businesses. If companies don’t respect citizens due to differences in political views I say don’t patronize that business or use those services. Imagine the economic impact if 75 million Americans decided to boycott say Marriott, Bed Bath and Beyond for 30 days because they dropped funding of Republican businesses. What other companies would you add to the list?

    1. B,B, and beyond filed a chapter 13 and are in the tank. We need to NOT go to or watch movies on television. We need to boycott watching ALL sports on TV. They can tell who is watching. I haven’t watched ONE football game, since Colin took the knee. I don’t buy ANY NIKE. I try very hard to buy American. We are 45 million strong. We need to increase our numbers, and make a plan

      1. Love your comments I too stop watching any sports due to taking a knee during the national anthem kill their million dollar contracts their not worth Shit their supposed to be athletes not political commutators

        1. Glad to see so many people boycotting pro sports….. between Colin’s knees and “Me, Me,Me.”.Lebrons big mouth that never seems to rest, they killed it for me. I’m not watching baseball either. I’m an avid golf fan as well, but after the PGA decided to diss Trump, I could very well be done with those primadonnas too

  2. With what’s going on this store beat the woke crowd. Instead of them calling for a boycott he reversed it so they won’t have to waste their time. Also conservatives are being threatened by the woke crowd, the defunding of police and the liberal media therefore we need to be prepared to defend ourselves while democrats are reasonably safe from their agenda.

  3. Again it look like the video was removed. GOOD for them I am all for it, and agree with what goes around. Keep up the good work, because it is YOUR store.

  4. Yes boycott everything bed bath and beyond Wayfair Facebook Twitter Google NFL in the NBA and Let’s get alist find out of all these corporate owners that go along with Black Lives Matter and boycott them hurt them in the pocketbook

    1. Remember 8 years of bo’s treasonous 74 U.S. law violations & defied U.S Constitutional Amendments 10 x’s, was the start of this dem dictator assault to destroy U.S. Citizens Freedom & Rights ! Now bo & rice a biden’s shadow stench of past deceitful attempts to destroy U.S government with bo’s marxist, islam, NWO enslavement regime ! A 4 year coup by hilary after 2016 loss is high treason demands execution for all dem leaders involved ! When will all the dem leaders treasonous crimes be prosecuted with justice served for all the destruction to U.S. Freedom ? P.S. now the bo treason to cover up 10 muslim terrorists murders is released 2/16/21& still no indictments ! This is U.S.A.’s new government for & by dem, commie supporting stench of high treason crimes to be NWO dictators !

  5. No one should have the right to destroy what people work for because you disagree with their ideology! So make a list of leftists businesses and all patriotic Americans totally stop doing any transactions with them period! I guarantee once their bottom line begins to fall they will open their eyes. We as patriots need to stand up and make sure that the world knows that we are DONE With being intimidated by a bunch of half raised hair brained lunatics period!!! Remember money talks and bull #### walks !!! Stand up for for what is right not for what the left thinks is right!!!

    1. “No one”, does have the right to destroy Human Freedom & Rights but dem leader’s wannabe dictators for past 12 years of support for bo, hilary treason to dictate & enslave is now the U.S.A.’s #1 enemy to eliminate ! “Stupid is as stupid does” when dem voters and vote fraud took the crown jewel for STUPID & U.S. Freedom destruction !

    2. I couldn’t agree more. I am done being threatened by “The Woke Joke” crowd. They need to know we are all fed up and will no longer backdown!!!

  6. Awesome we do have some backbone left in our country !!! A lot more need to follow pursuit and maybe we will get results from all that has been stolen and robbed of Sunny Days ahead

    1. The dem leaders stench of treason with a dictator regime has been “scary” for past 12 years & now dem terror created by stupid dem voters and very obvious vote fraud treason with no justice served by DOJ or SCOTUS !!

  7. All 75+ million should not support the businesses that do not support us. We should start to commit all of resources to band against these companies, big tech, and most of all the FAKE NEWS. True journalism is DEAD in this country. We should stand firmly on this issue and boycott them until they start reporting correctly. I believe right now our biggest problem in the US, within the local, state, federal governments and all segments of society is that they are fearful of the rioters and have acted poorly to them and their hateful and terrorists’ ways.
    BOTTOM LINE: Since when do we give in to terrorists????? What a terrible position!!!

  8. The problem is not just stores and such! It’s also our schools. Many have become a indoctrinated institutions. I’ve known children who can’t even name the last four Presidents! Or even do simple math! They done know nothing of the ” Constitution”, “The BILL OF RIGHTS” or the “ARTICLE’S OF CONFEDERATION”! These are the foundation of our country. But NO! They teach radical lefties ideology. This has been going on in colleges and grade schools for yeras. It’s time we take back this country.

    1. Face reality for past 12 years dem leader wannabe dictators are destroying U.S. Business economy and U.S.A.’s Constitutional Freedom & Rights using green crap climate as excuse to steal tax &’s that make far left dictators rich & enslave honest humanity ! There is only one answer for dictators; eliminate them before they kill you !

  9. Democrats are no more than socialist/communist…do it their way or hit the highway. .Power hungry suckers!! Most have been bought by foreign powers and own the democrat party outright….They have been blinded by greed and a lack of morals ..When they pass they better dress light for the hot climate they are headed for…

  10. While I commend the actions of this store owner, I feel much more radical efforts are needed and they begin when the Civil War starts. It’s time for PATRIOTS to roll out and put an end to this communistic POS administration in Washington DC.

  11. When I was in the eighth grade, one of my classmates bullied me for the entire school year. Finally, one day in April when I was walking home from school, the bully followed and begged me to fight him. I kept walking. As a last resort, he said, “Your mother is a …..!” I abruptly stopped, turned around, pointed my index finger at him and said, “No one call my mother a ……. and gets by with that!” After beating the the living hell out of him, I ended the fight with a kick to his groin. After that, he never called me any problems. During my adult years, I’ve been bullied by two coworkers that I finally had to stand up to in order to get them to stop. My point is this: If the right continues to take and take and take, the left will continue to bully and bully and bully.

  12. All of us REAL Conservatives need to stick together and teach our on kids what the truth is in our country not the bull there teaching in our schools and do as much shopping in patriotic businesses as we can to help them

  13. I wonder how many people who say they support BLM, or have the sign in their yard,
    actually have READ what BLM stands for?
    If you haven’t read it, try to find it now. Might have your eyes opened.
    Maybe someone could copy it and paste in a comment.
    While every decent person should agree that black lives matter,
    remember that BLM goes after the police, to break down American defenses,
    but why does BLM ignore gang violence on blacks, and those deaths of young black people?
    That should tell you something.

  14. Only problem with a civil war is being exactly what commies, china and other world tyranny dictators want, is to divide the nation totally & attack the U.S.A without any defense to stop them ! All dem socialist, commie leaders think they will get totalitarian power but endup like hitler’s generals in WW2 ; DEAD ! All dem leaders have to be eliminated using their own asinine crimes against them & in a month dem’s have plenty of abused power crimes !

  15. now if we would boycott those business’s who are demon rat owned, we would be doing something. hit them in the pocketbook. sure wish I had an account at Chase Bank!! maybe they would cancel my loan??? since they are getting rid of Republican customers, I think it would be a great idea!!! I support all business’s who will do this. the only thing more valuable than money to a demon rat, is cheating, or lying. wonder what all the green new deal morons are thinking now that the wind power foolishness isn’t working during blizzards???? would love to see AOC freeze her a– off!! that’s why we use gas and oil, so we can keep warm in situations like this. I do feel terribly sorry for those people who are in dire straits due to someone else’s stupidity. we need FEMA to get in there and help now. the pipeline people are getting the last laugh now. can’t say as I blame them. GOD bless everyone who is suffering and give them strength to endure.

    1. It really easy to see how stupid the entire Democratic party is compared to Trump, they had the same problem with Ragen he was not a carrier crook either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. AOC needs to be removed from office along with The rest of the swamp! The green deal is BS, and what happened in Texas proves it! Kudos to that business owner! Hit the dems where it hurts! In their pockets!

  16. Everybody posting these comments understand what is happening now in the U.S. centers of power in D.C. & the left coast where there is little care or concern for middle America ( fly-over country as they call it ). But what goes around comes around naturally. Keep your faith, beliefs, & do what is right. Even pray for those that despise you. You will prevail.

  17. That’s awesome!! We need to turn the tables on these WOKE IDIOTS! Everyone that voted for that @*%# has to be feeling buyers remorse already that is if they have at least a partial brain.

  18. Does anyone know what retail stores sell only USA products, I am having a difficult time finding USA products to buy…..

    1. Rene..there are no stores that CAN sell on made in the U.S.A. products thanks to the Obama/Biden administration! I have found a company that does sell masks that are made in the U.S.A. Guardestmask .com

  19. Hussien and Obiden already have the media in their pocket. They now want control of the military by getting rid of what they call supremist and racist active service personnel and police . . Once they do that it is curtains for this country….First the media ,then the military, then its the banking industry and we are in big trouble the ChiCp will move right in without much resistance.I am a Vietnam war veteran i served with many different people ,i never had any issues with all these racist that Obiden claims are in the military…we were all brothers watching each others backs…

  20. I think it’s a great idea! Take ammo from the Dems so they won’t be able to defend themselves, when their “frearless leader” Biden is trying to take away EVERYONES right to defend themselves! I really do think it’s great, because it will be like open season on the idiotic Dems if they even TRY to take/confiscate peoples weapons! Sue gun manufacturers???? OK, after opening that “can of worms”, I guess we’ll be able to sue all car manufacturers when someone gets killed in an accident, & electric companies when someone gets electrocuted, & knife makers if you get stabbed, & the list goes on & on. What a DUMB “F” Biden is, and anyone that goes along with his stupid idiotic plans.

  21. I loved reading these comments because being at home, not talking to other like- minded people, one can begin thinking all is lost (cancelled). After reading every word here I feel the power in those Americans who know truth when they see it and are not fooled by streaming ignorance, thank goodness!!!

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