Media Silent, Antifa Attack Trump Supporters in San Diego

For the last week, you have basically heard two stories. You have heard about right-wing violence on Capitol Hill, and you have heard about how the left is trying to pin it all on President Trump. The House has impeached him again. The circus is playing through its routine.

Meanwhile, the real stories are all buried. While you hear about how terrifying the right is, Antifa continues to attack innocent people around the country. There are still regular riots in Portland, Oregon. Police are still under constant attack around the country. More than ever, it is not safe to be a patriot or a conservative in this country.

You need look no further than San Diego, California. There was a protest on January 9. As you can imagine, Antifa and BLM showed up in force. People who were just out for a cruise on the boardwalk were chased out of the city, some were beaten in the streets. Anyone wearing an American flag or sporting pro-Trump paraphernalia was pepper sprayed and assaulted in the open. The police stood still and watched it all happen.


The media also ignored the violent event completely. Not one media outlet reported on this violent rampage by Antifa. They instead chose to keep 24/7 coverage on what happened in Washington D.C.

In this video, you’ll see endless raw footage. Anyone with a phone can go to any of these events and record countless incidents of violence. And still, they will try to blame it all on President Trump. This video is disturbing. It will bother you to the core of your being, but the mainstream media and big tech will do everything they can to keep you from seeing it. They don’t want you to know the truth.

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102 thoughts on “Media Silent, Antifa Attack Trump Supporters in San Diego”

    1. Were any arrest made by the standing by police? If not then they are complicit in the attackers assaults and batteries. If the police will not do there jobs willfully then may be guilty of malfeasance. I don’t care if there bosses are giving them unlawful orders to ignore the attacks. Of they don’t want to do their jobs then get out of the way and let someone in who will.

      1. Agree as per the Nuremburg tribunals ironically also against fascists and spreaders of fascist propaganda like manic and CNN.

        1. CNN is right up there with those bitches on then View. l bet those libs are happy like pigs in shit. l can’t wait for karma to bite all libs in the butt. l have never
          despised a bunch of hypocrites in my life.

          1. The View……. between that Piece of Feces Behar, and Ragtop Whoopi, there is one show that is about as biased as Obama entertaining BLM in the White House on what was it?….. eight different occasions.
            These “people”, and I use the term as loosely as it can be referenced…..are literally confused, their brains working as well as a bowl of rancid oatmeal on overtime. When the lovely Joy opens her usually stuffed facial orifice, the shit that oozes out of that reprehensible pie hole is usually so tainted with bias, filth and hate that I’m confused as to why she doesn’t have a perpetual roll of toilet paper there to catch all of the brownish chunks of shitty spittle spewing out of that ( needs a good toothbrushing ) mouth of hers. WHAT A C NT!!
            And inasmuch as our dear friend Whoopi is concerned….. this is the ONLY forum left in Hollywood that will accept this scumbag piece of shits opinion any longer….. she went from Hollywood Squares to “the VIEW”. Surprised they’d even let her “grace their presence “ with this moronic lowlife interpretation she adds to an unbelievably shitty show!! Hey Whoopi………. SHUT UP STUPID!!!! You really have NOTHING to say that any normal thinking, free, liberty loving American wants to hear.

            WHOOPI….. May I suggest……. suicide, it’d be a win-win for all involved. Think about it please

          2. I can only hope someone in the crowd opens up on these lowlife scumbags and takes them all out,Antifa are nothing but pieces of shit

          3. definition of racist is antif, BLM, democratssuch as Waters, Pelosi where were they hiding?

          1. Antifa are a bunch of chicken shit cowards. There’s not one of them that would approach anyone by themselves. They should be followed and when alone get the crap beat out of them. They’d cry like little girls. BLM is the true domestic terrorist group, but god forbid they get called out. They think they have the god given right to destroy this country because they are so oppressed. Someone needs to clean house and end this crap. Hollywood supports this crap because they are scared shit that they will become a target. Kind of like our coward ass politicians.

      2. That’s a good question Trump supported the fact that we wanted police we didn’t need to get rid of Police for any reason it was the Democrats that didn’t want them on the payroll anymore after their black lives matter movement it wasn’t Trump supporters it was Biden supporter so why are you standing there doing nothing nothing don’t you want your jobs

      3. CA citizens need to recall any & all officials that allow this kind of attack to happen. The governor has no balls so the next in line needs to step up & do the job. Perhaps there is someone in the leadership line up with moral standards . A pissed off mother of someone being attacked could do the job the officers would like to be able to do. I do not believe the officers were standing down by their choice. Don’t shoot to kill or crack a head with a club but taking out a knee will make it easier to zip tie while they are down.

    2. Need 2 take action now.get all real Americans 2 march.our dead service people r turning over in their graves

      1. This is horrific. Police we need you to stop these antiAmerican groups such as Antifa and BLM Org. I’m a Black female and seeing how evil and destructive they are makes me angry. They need to be taken down by the police or be able to defend themselves without penalty of punishment. The leftist media are reprehensible in not reporting the facts of what’s happening. They should be penalized for their abhorrent behavior and fanning the flames of lies and deceptions and protecting violent and destructive behavior by these lawless groups. The Dems need to be penalized also for their two faced behavior and supporting VIOLENCE!

        1. I agree the Democrats or should I say swamp is really pushing for a civil war it’s disgusting how they can burn down and destroy property in the name of their cause and so far it’s turned into a bunch of out of control thugs making people that want to demonstrat look as bad as them. When is enough enough. The Democrats say Trump was racist I’ve never seen such prejudice by the Democrats against Trump. They are so hell bent on destroying Trump they’ll destroy our country in doing so absolutely disgusting

        2. The police standing down is NOT the problem, the problem is the liberal District Attorneys and prosecutors that DO NOTHING to these individuals even after the police arrest them . The libtards need to be eliminated from ALL aspects of govt ……. period!

        3. Yes we do have to bear arms its the 2 Amendment, and any “Laws” against that, those who voted them is are
          guilty of a federal crime by breaching there oath of office under Title 5 USC section 7311 &1333.
          There taking tax payers money under false pretenses. that’s committing fraud, which is a felony.
          Don’t obey unconstitutional laws. And “Police” are NOT bound to enforce them either, who do “They” work
          for we the people or the New 4th Reich and New World Order ?

    3. Richard, I am a Christian and do not believe in murder but there comes a time when a person has to defend themselves against unlawful gangs like those who roam the streets treating
      people like dogs. I believe it is time to put a stop to this outright disregard of the citizens.
      as long as the people let these gangs control them it will just get worse. They should be given a choice
      get out or be taken out, remember we the people are greater than them, there is power in numbers.

    4. i totally agree; once you did not nip this in the bud you are in deep doodoo……start shooting, have video backup that you tried less extreme measures; i’d wager that when bullets start flying, they will have to re-think this activity.

    5. Wish I could say I am sorry to sy this but I can’t because I am actually overjoyed that the MSM are choosing to refuse to report the actual truth because when the dust starts to settle every single news network that falsely reported on the actual events and covered up truth will be permanently banned from the airways and no longer a allowed to broadcast over American airways so yes by all means keep up the shoddy work big tech

      1. I wish that would happen. Joe-k won’t do a damb
        Thing to help America. he sits at the Chinese table.
        Hes just Obama’s front man. After all BLM. Who
        Said you can’t lead from behind for ever……….
        Tell me why people are blaming Trump supporters for
        Being BLM bad guys…my son said its only white supremacist doing all that stuff. ?
        Whf I think he get his new from some blogger…or as I call
        It cartoon net.workfornothing.kiss my aaaaaa

    6. Why are the police just standing around and not stopping Antifa’s “Harassing” the Trump supporters? Don’t they see that by doing that THE COPS ARE JUST ADDING TO THE SEPARATISTS AGGITATION THAT IS DIVIDING OUR NATION? WHAT ARE THEY THINKING???????


      Someone is doing this to America and her people and THIS MUST STOP NOW! NO MORE ANTI-AMERICAN FACTIONS. If these degenerate groups don’t like the way our Country is run, GET OUT OF AMERICA — GO NOW! WE DO NOT WANT YOUR STUPID BUTTS HERE. GO!

    7. If you notice in the video – the police are there to protect the terrorist from reprisal by victims – you don’t see any victims getting help from the police

      1. Yes sad the police rolled over to the New World Order, and to OBEY them, they need to start ” thinking for themselves, and acting on it”

    8. Believe me if I am ever in that situation they will be picking up the bodies off of the street. I carry everywhere I go and am 82 years old and handicapped and cannot run, so I have no other choice than to shoot the trash. Damn shame the way the leaders and police are letting them get away with this shit and it will be even worse under Pedo Joe and his HO.

    9. This is the #1 reason why I conceal carry. Few more people decide to do that, they mess with the wrong few eventually.

    10. my thoughts to that guy stabbed him with a flag pole he should have been shot right then. the pepper spray in the face he should have been shot too.


    12. We are truly sickened to see how our streets are being taken over by yhis vermin, gangsters, thugs, low-life CRIMINALS, and the very minal non-action taken by law ENFORCEMENT. If they can not protct and preserve, then turn in your papers. I am a strong supporter of the police, but aghast as in cases like San Diego, Portand, etc. with the inaction of the police. If it is from politcial pressure then a) quit, b) no show c) the hell with the politicians and do what you took your oath, pay, benefits to carry out. How dare this SCUM run our communities

    13. They wouldn’t survive one minute in Texas….WE ALL HAVE GUNS!! I’m sure there are some here, but they keep their heads down because they know they’ll be shot on site!

    14. Send in the troops and start arresting these people. If we are being attacked that means we could be killed so what does the fight or flight say? Fight back so we are not killed. That is human nature and this Antifa is so sick that the innocent are attacked. What have these communists done to us? Newsom will be blamed for every evil act. I hope he is ready.

    15. That is the only way you can stop terrorists.! Even blanks are dangerous if you are close. One guy blew his brains out with a blank to his head.

  1. How come the media is silent against the people? Is the media controled by antifa? They are terrorists plan and simple and how come they were not arrested for assulting people so arrest them on the spot??????????????????

    1. “Is the media controled by antifa?” Finally figured that out did ya? If not controlled by, then at the least on Antifa’s side!!

    2. The Media is probably bought Off by Sorro’s !! He has bought everyone off , except President Trump & VP Pence and a few other’s.
      I sincerely believe that a lot of the Republicans are bought off also.
      One thing the Demonutz have going for them is , They back each other No Matter what. The Republicans don’t because a lot of them are 2-faced Cowards !!

      I’m amazed that the Law Enforcement won’t help the innocent people . Hell we are the ones supporting them !
      Antifa and the BLM want Law enforcement gone completely .

      1. Bullets need to come flying the way of Antifa. Take off those black costumes, and you’ve got a bunch of liberal, white, scared-ass college “students” who think they know better what’s right for this nation than you or I do. Bullshit,……. they’re bought and paid for, and these stupid, indoctrinated young fools know NOTHING about freedom, liberty, or truth.
        This is the entity the left has been propagating for decades now. Pretty fucked up isn’t it. If my kid was involved with these facist numbskulled fucks… I’d wring his neck, probably to the point of I could be in trouble.
        To watch the MSM response to the Capitol “riot” as opposed to ANY of the multitude of “peaceful protests” that went on for months……. billions of $ in vandalism, looting, murders etc. is insidious. WHY DID A CAPITOL POICEMAN KILL ASHLI BABBIT?!!! What made him pull the trigger on her?!! And why don’t we know his name and address. I’ll tell you why…. he was ordered to shoot someone.. anyone so they could drive home their point to Trump supporters. This “policeman” needs to answer for what he did to this poor, innocent VETERAN.

        GODDAMIT the left is disgusting!
        I guess the rioting that the left perpetuates is ok no matter how the demonstration is pulled off. Kill and innocent woman and then of course, blame it on Trump.
        The left is INSANE. And brain damaged Pelosi leads the charge. This madness must be stopped. She supposedly received 79% of votes in her district in the election….4 of 5 voters to get her back on board?!!! Even in SF that seems like a daunting task, regardless if we’re talking the Toilet District or not. Gimme a break, one thing never talked about here is the rampant cheating CA voters have had to endure in every election that exists. It’s worse in CA than all those cheating, lying, swing states rolled into one.
        Getting rid of the tyrannical dick-tater there would be a perfect move…. perhaps those poor souls out there could once again prosper with their businesses that are STILL shut down. That Cock is worse than his Auntie…..FUCK!!

      2. I only hope those people that have been bought off can figure out a way to take all their money to hell with them when they go. ???

    3. The local democratic government has ordered the law enforcement officers to stand down and not arrest any amfifa or BLM activist the only people that can be arrested are anyone who would stand up for themselves in self defence against the violent attacks if you stand your ground and actually successful defend yourself and family you will be the one arrested and charged with assault

  2. People stop calling these ANTIFA and BLM Peaceful protesting! Media has done it Job for the DEMONcrat! It up to you to start protecting Yourself! Stop counting on the police! Once you start doing the fight back, stand your ground. Then these media will tell you it time!

  3. Shoot them in the face. Beat them to a pulp. People start carrying and use your weapons. Fuck these pukes. They are a waste of air.

    1. If the cops don’t want to do there job, then there’s no sense in them being there. And if the governor is telling them to stand down, then he needs to be relieved from his duty’s. Those cops standing is just like giving ANTIFA permission to attack these people.

      1. Law Enforcement apprehended the terriors and BLM,gangs and Harris released them, if illegal they are hid under Obama Sanctuary laws.
        Brown did a exclusive order, Law Enforcement and Border patrol can’t back each other up. Democrats appointed judges by Clinton’s, Bush, Obama Biden Harris are elected not making criminals responsible. They are vf released and pardoned.
        God Bless America
        Trump 2020

    2. We patriots need to fight back and hold our ground we can’t be peaceful in the face of terrorists they will gladly walk all over us ,its time for our militias to confront this war head on and stop the socialist take over of America I might be too old to fight but I can and will help I need any way I xan

      1. Millions of people were murdered because they thought peace was the answer . There was not one thing done to protect them by their govmt or law enforcement we can’t let this happen again . Learn from history.

  4. clearly these are hired mercenaries going from city to city to incite riots. why are the police not arresting the violence is a mystery, maybe someone could ask the new democrat career politician mayor.

  5. Things are going to get worse. They will never be brought to justice. They need to be shot!!!! Get your guns ready because they will be coming for us. They move from city to city to cause havoc. We can thank Soros, Obama, Nancy ( the devil), Chuck, Roberts, Bush and the crooked media for all of rioting, etc.
    God bless President Trump?? They hate him because he was draining the swamp.
    The FBI and CIA, the justice department are just puppets for the left. What a disgrace they are.. I’m sick of all the corruption . wake up America!!!!

    1. Absolutely agree Dorothy!
      Wake up America, get your head out of the sand.
      These liberal Democrats will do anything to maintain control and get rich off of your labors while giving your tax dollars to illegal immigrants

      1. America has allowed Maduro Biden to be elected by election theft – it happened in Venezuela and it had now happened in America
        Obections to the theft were rejected by the SCOTUS, CONGRESS and the SENATE
        And get this – Now Ted Cruz and Hawley are going to Biden’s inauguration !!!???
        So like in Venezuela the next step is to silence the conservatives for good
        Is Biden going to order that all GOP get Vaccinated?
        Gates would approve in reducing the conservative population by vaccination as a lesson to other conservative peoples.

  6. The DOJ must grow spines and do its job! Have they been paid to rule against our patriot sand all those who love this country and want to keep it free? Have our other elected officials been threatened or paid off. The media hasn’t been bias-free and objective since at least the 1960’s. Laws are being broken and the Constitution stomped on to push the Communist agenda. People who remain silent and do nothing allow this agenda to go unchallenged. Violence is the wrong way to deal with anything. Speak out, write, use the Internet, anyway to be heard. Put aside pettiness and work together. Obviously some senators and representatives have decided to leave us behind and run over us to achieve their greedy goals, not for the good of our citizens or our freedoms.

    1. What do you mean grow spines – this is what the DOJ and the anti-trumpers want – notice none is bothering them it’s only them doing whatever to you. Fascist Brown shirts bullied the German people into giving Hitler whatever he wanted. Once Hitler got what he wanted he massacred the Brown shirts.
      People Saying the DOJ must grow spines after what we have seen over 4 years
      Those people need to be rebuked as RINO’s and willfully blind and doomed.
      Unfortunately the 2020 street fighting of the building Civil war has convinced the Globalist America will fall easily.
      Antifa and BLM can riot kill and vandalize – and Patriots will not oppose them because they have to social distance and wear masks to avoid by-law fines.
      Trump is walking away because no one will stop the enemy even after 60 Judges denied Trump due process and would not let him enter evidence of election theft – all kinds of noise but no impeachment of any judges.
      If unelected big tech can cancel the Presdients 1st amendment rights and “We the People” nor their Military sworn to uphold the Constitution won’t do anything – better believe the worst is coming. All there houses of Goverement have gone leftist Fascist and the SCOTUS that would not give a president due process is certainly not going to help you.

  7. This WAS MOST DISTURBING to me. The event Seems to be dated January 9th a full week ago. Look how long it took to become news and reach us. Satan, his army and his political machine have full immediate control of our news, our police force, the FBI, the court system, the Supreme Court, our justice system, our federal government, our free speech, THE INTERNET, and our very lives. He and his machine have used the fear of a virus to control us. Wake up people! I put myself in the victim’s place as I viewed this attack. I am very good with guns and shoot extremely well. If I had my weapons in this situation, would I have shot these evil men in black? I read the comments on this story BUT will I or anyone really shoot these bullies? This is the question all of us need to answer deep within ourselves. If we were to defend with weapons we would have to shoot dead many more than one as they would eventually surround the defender / victim and they they would finish by beating you to death. I’m not sure I can do this. I am a superior marksman, but can I kill or blow off an arm, shoulder, legs, on put in a wheelchair any person? I don’t know. Damn them for putting us in this position. This is your dem party people. They agree with this and now it is too late. We will never get them out of office. They will cheat from now on. You know this … all who read this posting. If I were to jump in and confront these horrible people , I would have to face a horrible trial, a long prison sentence, financial ruin for my family, poverty for my survivors, and live with the fact that I sent one or more of these individuals to hell. No one who has Jesus Christ wants to do this. So what do we do? I am pleading and petitioning our God for guidance. I am praying and joining numerous national and international prayer calls (there are literally 100’s going on these days). I am fasting. I am loving my wife more. I am doing as much as I can for my elderly alone mother. I am closer to my brother who is also more than capable of using multiple weapons. Please join me in petitioning our God and our Lord Jesus Christ for how we are to behave in this mess. I love you all. A-MEN

    1. Thank you Kenny for your post and I completely agree with you. “Damn them for putting us in this position” is absolutely right. And you are right that prayer seems to be the only answer to the “mess” we find ourselves in!

    2. Tried to reply to you but it would not let my reply go through and I guess because of what my comment was. These idiots must be stopped. So I had to tone it down to this. No longer Freedom of Speech or rights anymore.

  8. These thugs are only brave and hostile when there are a large number of them against one or two people. Get them alone or come back at them with equal or greater numbers and they cower and whimper like the chicken shit little babies they are. Hit them with clubs or pepper spray and they cry foul with MSM supporting them. As far as the San Diego police are concerned, I always heard they were a great police force but it sure seemed like they were afraid to intervene. Don’t go into any location where Antifa/BLM are without being armed with some kind of protection and go in numbers, they hate that!!!

  9. The more we are told that the perpetrators of last week’s violence were Trump supporters, the more proof there appears of an organized Antifa and Burn Loot Murder campaign in cahoots with the party of Marx, Mohammed and Malcolm X. There are now 25,000 troops in Washington five days before a virtual inauguration that no one will be at, and Obammunist gauleiters across the country are eagerly preparing to suppress “right-wing extremist” violence. This is clearly a set-up: there will be more attacks like these by bands of satanists, socialists and sodomites and the newly-installed illegitimate Chinese puppet regime will establish martial law, suspend the Constitution (which it intends to dismantle in any case) and begin the roundups.

  10. I’m a Veteran,
    I’ve been to War for my Country. I took an Oath to Protect from Foreign and Domestic. I’m also a Christian and I know in my Heart that if it came to protecting me or my family if I had to take another one’s life My Lord and Saviour would Forgive Me. Yes this will get worse. The Democrats are fighting to stop my beliefs and what I found for tell me I have to change my way of life. But I have to except their way. It’s come to the point of Stand Your Ground they’re standing there ground. And if I have to Protect Myself and My family from them then I will. If it means my life to save their lives or Prison the so be it. Because the one’s we Elected to Office are not the Republican Party they’re cowering to the Democrats with no spin at all or maybe they are Democrats running on a Republican Ticket it’s time to show them we the People want stand for it and the next Election show them by voting them out and vote Republican in that will do what the Constitution says for them to do. What gets to me more than anything is I’m not Democrat I’m a Racist. Let’s get one thing straight I’m not Racist, I was raised in a Christian Home and was raised to treat people the way I wanted to be treated. My Lord comes First and then My Family and Yes I will Stand My Ground and Protect My Family and all Costs. Amen and God Bless You All.

  11. And Yes My President is President Trump, he has tried during his term to Make Our Country Great again. He didn’t have enough back him the way the Democrats do. They’re like Super Glue they will stick together. Not the Republican Party they cowering. Come next Election I hope Someone will run Republican so there will have to vote for either them or the one running against them as Republican and we vote the Cowards out I’d rather take a chance with someone new that believes in the Constitution and their to Represent the People.

  12. Now, you know why the Democrats want to take our guns, More control and let BLM and Antifa do their thing(s). They know that a Civil War could be right around the corner, take the guns, and they won’t be hurt. Sorry, folks, but look at the cabinet that Biden has selected. Some are racists, most are liars or corrupt. None of the selected few give a damn about anyone, but themselves. Just like the House and Senate Leaders, everything is about them.

  13. These people are cowards. They only attack when they outnumber and attack the outliers and women. This is the same tactics used by hyenas in the wild. Someone needs to put a major butt whooping on these people but then the police would protect them.

  14. I agree with Kenny and “A Vet”. This has been ignored by the CNN (Criminal News Network for a long time. The “left” demoncrats have had control longer than we think. Once again………”follow the money”

  15. If you see them, follow them home one by one and take them out. Dont kill them just break their neck so they can not walk,

  16. From this point on, when ever I see a media person in public. Well let’s just say they might want to find another line of work. It won’t be nice. About as nice as they were to the President. Acosta is going to be one of the first. We are coming Jim. Nowhere to hide either.

    1. My sentiments as well. These media talking heads are just as dumb as AOC and Pelosi, yet they bring down huge salaries for agreeing to speak the lies shown on their teleprompters. Without them, the corruptocrats wouldn’t be able to get away with all their crimes. The list is long: Cuomo, Holt, Mitchell, Todd, Stelter, Craig Melvin, Olbermann, Don Lemon, Stephanopolous, Chris Matthew, Lawrence O’Donnell, Kurt Eichenwald, Jake Tapper, Steve Scully, Nora O’Donnell, Michael Beschloff, Richard Engel, etc. They all should think twice about showing their faces in public.


  18. you don’t see these hired mercenaries, these criminals in Texas or Florida or states where they have “stand your ground” laws. What is their purpose? Why do the Soros’, the money people, support creating this violence and these ultra liberal law officials like K. Harris that fail to bail out and release these criminals?
    I’ll bet that the Jews in Nazi Germany were looking for a peaceful solution. We don’t know what is going on, what is their end game, but we do know that this is bad, and it is wrong. If the authorities refuse to stop it then we must stop it, their “army” can’t be that large.
    Now that they know how to “win” every election the future looks very grim.

  19. I agree. The very things that they are accusing conservatives of doing, they themselves are doing dozens of times more. They are forcing communism upon us and destroying the constitution. Their hatred for Trump and his supporters is far more important to them than anything or anyone else and they are more than willing to destroy America for it.

    1. They hate Trump because he’s attempted to drain the swamp. There’s just so much corruption that greedy politicians have relied on that someone like Trump is a grave threat to them. Kind of reminds me of that movie “Serpico” where one good cop tries to do right while all his fellow officers are okay with the corruption.

  20. Wondering when war will actually break out in this country. People are getting madder and madder at what’s going on with the govt. establishment making excuses for and taking up for and glorifying these Antifa/BLM criminals. At this rate, it’s just a matter of time unless this scum is decimated…..which I don’t see happening.

    1. People are just waiting for the last gasp of justice and we’re hoping that happens soon. If Biden gets into the Oval Office we know that our legal system has been completely corrupted and there will be no other course of action besides “extralegal” means if we want to remain free people.

  21. ATTENTION all Veterans, present Military, Police Officers, Sheriff’s, Elected Officials, and Anyone who has taken a Federal or State Oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against any Foreign and/or Domestic Threats:
    The time has come to stand together and live up to our oath.
    The Supreme Court in many states has violated the Constitution by changing the rules of the election regarding the state voting laws. The Constitution clearly indicates that the State Legislature is the only body allowed to make changes to the voting laws. What has happened in the 2020 Presidential election is tantamount to Domestic Terrorism, and has caused the Presidential election to be wrongfully decided.
    This is not about President Trump or former VP Biden. This is about a clear disregard for the law of the land. There is no provision allowing for this Domestic Terrorism attack anywhere within the Constitution of the USA.
    This egregious violation of the Constitution is the first of many to befall us in the next few years. In addition, any person or persons who have given their oath to protect and defend the constitution and has any hand in this Domestic Terrorism activity is guilty of treason.
    If we do not take a stand NOW, all of the sacrifices made by the Veterans throughout our history will have been in vain.

    John, a disabled Vietnam Veteran

  22. Pretty Bad when one can’t go to a Public Beach or other spot! If the people who reside there don’t get together & march down there & put those PUNKS in the hospital I cant understand why they tolerate it if the police won’t do their jobs. LOL call us Red Necks but no Antifa or BLM around here acting the fool!

  23. Who to BLAME? Better look in a MIRROR! YOU ARE! Think about it! Is any of these ANTIFA your children? Why are you letting them sleep in your house? You need to search their room. If you find they are part of ANTIFA put them OUT! Or you could be their next victim! Cut off their money or credit card! Don’t be the FOOL! Just do it! And be prepared for what coming next!

  24. everyone should read ALEKSANDR SOLZHENENITSYN great literary book THE GULAG ARCHIPELAGO. START WITH VOLYME 2 AND 3 THEN should be required reading for all college students but of course it isnt because it exposes joseph STALIN AND COMMUNISM AS PURE EVIL. DOS NOT FIT THR PRESENT DAY NARRITIVE.

  25. When are the police going to get the ok to do their job and take these terrorists out? This is America and it’s disgusting we are allowing this to continue. Law abiding citizens should be able to walk down a street without getting attacked. Come on now!

  26. I’ve never posted a comment anywhere on any form my entire life but I can no longer stand what I see. I would welcome the opportunity to put some of these scum face down in the street like the rabid filth that they are. Individually they are cowards and only find courage in a mob when they outnumber someone ten to one. As a Christian I am suppose to love my enemies and pray for their lost souls but I find it to be extremely difficult and I pray for forgiveness for feeling that way but I’ve seen enough. These people are a danger to my family and our way of life. We have witnessed the theft of an election by the communist left that intends to put a hair sniffing pervert in the oval office. Fifty plus years ago when I enlisted in the Marines I took an oath to defend this nation and the constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic and as far as I’m concerned there is no expiration date on that oath. Unlike most of our congressmen/women and many in the justice system I meant what I said when I took that oath. Even though I would like to sit back and enjoy my family and grandchildren and our freedoms I will most likely be unable to do that. I will never accept communism as a way of life nor accept sniffing Joe as my president. We need to pray for this nation and stand together for our freedom and be ready to our defend families from those who would harm them. The communist left will give us no other option but to bow down to them or to fight. I would rather die on my feet then to live on my knees.

  27. Fuhrer Biden’s Antifa and BLM troops are roaming the streets beating on middle aged white men identified as being to white to be part of this democracy by Frau Pelosi while the polizei stand idly by to insure our new order of Diversity Inclusion is being followed. Its good to now that extreme racism is still alive and kicking under the political banner of DSPOR (Democratic Socialist Party Of Racist). And I thought our forefathers who fought and died to squelch this evil in WWII had done a great job. Heil Biden and Frau Pelosi! A new national identity is surfacing with a new crusade, “Crush the the evil white male Trump supporters.” Next week we begin gathering them up and send them to re-education camps along with their children and wives.

    1. You are witnessing the same human depredation of a specific group of people that was last seen in Nazi Germany pre WWII and endorsed by the newly elected leader Biden with his Diversity Inclusion plan and his lieutenant Pelosi who deems Trump supporters to white to be part of her Democracy. The new national crusade is to crush the white male supporters of Trump and send them long with their families to re-education camps. Get use to addressing Biden as Sieg Heil Mein Fuhrer.


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