Maskless Nancy Pelosi Caught Red Handed Getting Her Hair Done During Lockdowns

Rules for Thee, But Not for Me…this is apparently Nancy Pelosi’s mantra.

Earlier this week it was revealed that California Congresswoman and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi went to a hair salon in San Francisco during lockdown—when every business was supposed to be closed—to get her hair done.

 Pelosi is facing major backlash after the salon owner published the video and condemned Madam Speaker for using her power and privilege to get a service that she said every other American was not allowed to get during lockdown. Pelosi told Americans back in March that the country needed to shutter every business in America to keep us all safe from the spread of COVID-19. If that was true why then did she think it was ok to go out to this salon and get a haircut?

Further showing her hypocrisy and disdain for the rules you can in the video Nancy Pelosi enjoying herself in the salon, she’s talking to the stylists and walking around all without a mask on. Just days ago, Pelosi went on TV to condemn President Trump and Republicans for not wearing masks during the RNC. Someone forgot to tell her that the RNC was conducted outside and everyone at the White House is tested daily for COVID. But again this is another example of Nancy Pelosi’s rules for thee, except for me mantra.

Watch the whole display for yourself of Nancy Pelosi’s hypocrisy in the video below. You’ll get to hear her feeble rebuttal attempt in which she doesn’t apologize but rather condemns those in the country who are mad at her for partaking of this double standard. You’ve got to see this for yourself!

19 thoughts on “Maskless Nancy Pelosi Caught Red Handed Getting Her Hair Done During Lockdowns”

  1. Of course the rules are not for her, because she is the high almightly Nancy and nothing stands in her way. You weren’t set up either as you tried to claim. I believe the people who does your hair rent off of the owner who has been and still is shut down, so REALLY NANCY HOW DO YOU EXPECT THE OWNERS TO ACT. If the law is good for all in California, then as a house and government member you should also respect and set an example for the people. God did I just say that out loud? By the way Nancy you are starting to walk like an 80 year old.

    1. She continues her lies, but got caught with her pants down! Her hypocrisy is disgusting. She also claims to be Catholic, Catholics don’t support Planned Parmp, pleaenthood, allow the killing of thousands and thousands of babies, one of the Commandments of the Catholic Church. There must be something wrong with her that thinks that we that have no clue and don’t see what actually goes on with these Democrats. Thank you President Trump, please, clean up the Swamp.

  2. That horrible vicious Nancy Pelosi is a slime bag, what a piece of crap. She has always taken advantage of her
    position. That I Hope will end soon, Nov 3, 2020. She has to go and I pray every day she will be gone.

    1. Nancy has no regard for the American People, remember the ice cream while People do not have enough to eat. She has never had a thought about anyone but Nancy.. Please Do Not Reelect her November.. Its time for her to retire.

  3. Question, If everyone in California, dislikes her so much ,WHY did they keep voting her in office? What does that say about the Voters in California’s Mentality? No offence to my friends in California!

    1. I sure want to get rid of her but there aren’t enough conservatives. California is very liberal which I’m sure you know. We’ve been trying to oust her nephew as well but have been unsuccessful. Pelosi and the Democratic party go around acting like they’re behind the African American and Hispanic American when it’s all a ploy to get themselves reelected. It’s unfortunate as well that you have a select few within ourselves that seem to think they know what the consensus is to speak for us. We have to care about the needs of our citizens to get them working to provide for their families. We can’t take care of everyone, that is the reason for applying for working VISAs and citizenship. Attaching families to people living illegally here, then expecting DACA. That is absurd and irresponsible. Americans can not go to whatever country they want and be allowed in because they say so or demand it. They cannot have children and expect those countries to provide for them. The criteria is if they have assets that will be used to provide for these family members. Fairy tale logic and entitlement is fueling this logic. Democrats continually wanting to “take care” of us. We don’t need to be taken care of. Faith, work and education instills growth, integrity and pride in ourselves, something that can be passed on to our children. God gives us our value as we are created in His image (every single one of us). If we don’t work, we can’t eat. Democrats need to stop feeling needed. They need to do the work they were elected to do. Get this country to work so the country can work for the people.

  4. You can’t fool me she had fresh color plus highlights, she is an egotistical old bag, no mask because her teeth will fall out, has happened several times. Think her time is up and she should be voted out of office and give the American People a break, enough is enough.

  5. It started to come out, Pelosi is evil toward other people! Just like her comment about the CORONAVIRUS IN JANUARY! SHE knew about the coronavirus back during the IMPEACHED! Just didn’t say anything about it! What people are forgetting is the SWINE FLU IN 2009 was WORST! But SINCE it was during OBAMA terms DEMOCRAT didn’t DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! DIDN’T EVEN SHUTDOWN THE COUNTRY OR SCHOOL SYSTEM! DO we see a POLITICAL game being played by these POLITICAN and other DEMOCRAT SUPPORTER?

    1. I do pray for Nancy Pelosi. When one reads the bible we know of Saul who killed the Christians. However God struck Saul blind and God changed his name to Paul, a man of God. My prayer is for Nancy to repent and change her ways. However it probably be very cold day in hell before that happens.

  6. Nancy Pelosi is a corrupt piece of shit just like her father. Her father destroyed Baltimore and was owned by the mob!!!
    That’s a fact. Instead of her and the rest of the useless democrats doing their job, they spent the last four years going after a president that did more for this county in his first six months in office than Pelosi, Biden, both Clintons and Obama combined.
    Hopefully she’ll drop dead real soon.

  7. Set up or not, it doesn’t matter. She knew exactly what she was doing and now the whole world knows. She got BUSTED and she can’t lie her way out of it. She has lost any respect anyone may have had for her. That’s a lot of folks. It is beyond me how this great country could allow Nancy to continue as speaker or serve in any compacity. She is phony as a 3 dollar bill.

  8. Nancy The Ripper bitch! You think your own exception to rules with NOT WEARING a MASK. Your ARE so ignorant to make bullshit rules, and now you say you will demand Congress to wear masks. Why are you “EXEMPT” from everything? You are so despicable, I cannot imagine anyone voting for you. You have lost many many many positive things. Maybe you should get some more ice cream to make your ass even bigger!

    Your plastic surgery has not improved your face either. I hope the salons sue your ass for taking away their income.

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