Man Denied Covid Treatment Because He’s White

Mark Dice reports that a man named Harrison Smith tested positive for COVID-19 and went to a local health center in Texas hoping to get the monoclonal antibody treatment for a speedy recovery.

Smith turned on his camera after he was denied treatment because he’s white. But Smith recorded the scene and has shared it for the world to see.

He asked the medical worker, “What if I like smoke and vape, I heard that was…?”

Smith was told no.

“But if I were black and Hispanic then I’d be able to qualify?”

“Yeah,” she was answered.

“Okay, I’m being denied medical services because of my race?”

“That’s the criteria,” he was told.


When she finished the details, the medical worker cooly asked, “Any questions?”

Texas Health and Human Services was called. “Criteria” was mentioned that included race that would give some people priority and confirmed an otherwise healthy white person would be denied the treatment.

This is not a prank. This is reality. And it’s one you have to see to believe.

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71 thoughts on “Man Denied Covid Treatment Because He’s White”

  1. This hospital should be shutdown. Medical facilities are there to help people recover from whatever they may be suffering from and this is plain out prejudice. I am a Latino man but consider myself white so would I be denied? My birth certificate says I’m white.
    Prejudice work in more ways than one and at this point it is just plain EVIL.

    1. Yes, shutdown this racist hospital and don´t allow their employees to work in hospitals or any health care institution.
      Jail them or send them back to their countries that is South America and Africa

      1. These racist people need to have their hospital shut down and not be allowed to work in the health care industry ever again. If it had been the other way around, and a black or hispanic person had been denied care because of their race, we would be seeing all kinds of action taken against them. In America, it is obviously ok to be racist against whites but no one else. Once again the woke leftist are letting their racism and hatred show for all to see.

      2. I agree they want racism they got it. Send all niggers and wetbacks to there own country . And never let them bsck period

        1. Now your making this worse now people with hate like should be denied I’m Mexican American and you speaking like that starts hate in this country if your going to talk bad about somebody talk bad about your white brothers that are running this country all this Hispanic people crossing the border only taking advantage of Bidens policys it not there fault it your white brothers fault his name is Joe Biden he is the bad guy hear not Mexicans or blacks so enough of your hate ful comments idiot were all in it together if we want to make this country great again if we get devided this country will be destroyed. Dont make the problem worse for your self with your comments.

          1. I agree, race shouldn’t be a factor at all.
            My wife is Mexican and here in Minnesota the hospitals won’t treat anyone unless they can’t breath. She was sent home to suffer without treatment. Which of course caused the whole family to get covid.

          2. You are quite right, Sir! There’s enough hate and discontent in this country already You can thank the administration for it!

    2. As a Latino that identifies by ethnicity and my dad was Irish, so I appear more white, and I do not go with this 1/2 stuff as what makes me Hispanic is far more than appearances, it is important to make it clear not to be classified as “WHITES” but as Latino as this criteria is hurting us greatly as other more sinister forces are involved in hurting and marginalizing politically incorrect groups especially anything related to Trump.

      1. As a white of non English ancestry I would greatly appreciate Hispanics not calling me an Anglo. I am Slavic (Polish) and Germanic (Prussian) not Celtic or Anglo. And I am definitely not Protestant.

        1. Simply “Caucasian” would be just fine thanks. But the guy who says it’s about President Trump though is probably correct. They think the white middle class person that’s military or senior are very likely Trump supporters. I believe they’re trying to cull us before the elections in 2022. Fewer Republican voters means fewer Republican wins, and they need to cheat or they can’t win. And yeah murdering us counts as cheating. The monsters!

    3. It just wont stop one bad thing after another with this President this man is turning out to be a nightmare why is this old senile old man still president I dont no. The sad part is that we have another person much worse then Biden to be president. Harris wont do better then Biden this people in charge are actually the enemy and should be arrested and sent to gitmo for betraying there country and back stabbing the American people Biden is trying to start a civil war this is one of the worst presidents in history of this country. All this demorats are only getting them selfs rich and screwing every body over with higher tax and higher gas prices that must impeach all this Democrats before they destroy this country. Start with speaker piglosi then Harris and then rotten Biden the man is a failure and never been a good politic enough is enough and I’m Mexican and I do not sopport racism or them to treat are white brothers in that manner and rejecting medical service do to there skin color. This politics have gone to far they need to close that border this politics dont make any sence they want to control this virus but it’s not going to happen if they have open borders. And to those who could stop this mad man but dont should be found accountable also for breaking there oath to serve and protect the American people they are dividing this country and making this country weak and were allowing this man to destroy this country we need to walk by the millions to the White House and demand a impeachment asap God bless America and God bless freedom of speech God will take care of this administration nobody leaves with out paying for there wrong doing to humans in general

      1. I agree with everything you have said brother, if they would just call us Americans! We all want the same thing and we should accept each other as who we are and forget making a big deal of color or race! We should all work together to defeat these evil people in office by voting in people that truly care about freedom of speech and religion and justice! Let’s vote them out of office of and prosecute them, they are not even Democrats, they just want to control us and take away our rights! We need to work together to make America great again! May God Bless us all! Thank you President Trump for fighting for America!


  2. THAT IS A CRIME! What if he was biracial. White/black or white hispanic.
    This is absurd and those health care workers should be ashamed.


    1. Oh no dont come to florida…..WE dont want UI!!! We have enough assholes that Crackhead daddy,s let in. One of these illegals killed a father of 4

      1. Your comment shows how racist you are and your language needs to go in the garbage pail along with your comment.Everyone is made by God and we are to live our lives in his honor and Glory. You seem to have to go along way to get to repent and not judge everyone…treat others as God treated you. Would Jesus deny you care if you were sick with covid?
        Time to sue the hospital nd name the Doctor as he is not honoring his hippocratic oath as a Doctor. and this doctor should be reported to the Administrator and also find out WHO is funding this racist Hospital. TIME TO REMAIN STRONG AND STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT AND HONOR ALL RACES. jesus is the way.

        1. I understand what you’re saying but the whole system is corrupt from Biden and his whole Administration so the people are the doctor in this case so we need to cut out the cancer and get rid of them all for America’s sake. America for all Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. agree but jesus didnt want us to be strupid either- you have to realize theres a problem before you can fix it and while its true that most are good,there are some rotten apples in the group, and what do stores do when some fruit or veggies are contaminated? they throw all of it away. sometimes you have to cut off a finger to save a hand.

      2. Hospitals are told not to take care of whites or they will pull their license and close them down. Believe it or not it’s true…
        They want 90% of us gone but whites go first. That’s racist but we don’t count… all ppl are created equal and we are supposed to help and love everyone. This administration is bizarre and Satan has taken over. It’s Satan against God this is the truth. Take away all the money and it all will go away

        1. they are trying to eradicate the White race,they are racists,if we are so racist as a country then why do millions risk life to come here and none want to leave?????? know why??? because its a scam and pure BS from thye plantation party of the leftists communist party of amerika. dont believe any of the fake news lying media. it was White colonials that created america by having had the idea to do so,we now owe them all a debt of gratitude.

    2. Shamed, of course, and further, they ought to be removed from the cadr of human services of any sort — there is a shortage of public bathrooms personnel needing devoted cleaners that is a fitting occupation for such devoted racists!

    3. I thought they had solved that problem in Texas after during a discussion of English only movements I told the state senator from Caneron County that I was not in favor of English only but would appreciate state offices being English also. As I had gone to one where not one person in charge gave any directions in English.

  3. thats how it always goes everyone can just be racist against white people but being racist against black hispanic or others is a big no no and thats really fncked up

  4. Human beings being what we are, this sort of Racial Garbage can only ultimately result in a flashback that will/can result in the virtual destruction of the FAR smaller population of Blacks/non-Whites. Are these ‘Monsters’ trying to start a Race War they will most certainly LOSE? (Can their REAL aim be to get the Overtly ANTI-WHITE, Racist United Nations involved in our National Sovereignty? That’s a WAR they do NOT want to start, The Marxists, Barrack Obama and Eric Holder tried, when they threatened us with the UN so-called “Peacekeepers”. Who are better known for RAPE AND MURDER, than keeping the Peace. They would last about four hours against American Forces….Bring it!

  5. Being denied because you are white has been going on for a long time. Covid and today’s phone bring it to the public.

  6. Again Doctors are sworn to a hypocritical oath to not deny any human being medical help. If they pulled their license to practice for about five years, than they have to retake final exams and pass to get medical license back. A second time violation for the same reason license is removed permanently.

  7. god what a country, unbelievable i mean where only here once not for ever just live our lifes be happy help each other,get help if u need it if ur sick get help covid or no covid money or no money,where all going t ge old and die. CRAZY !

  8. I just read an article this morning that the Federal government is paying hospitals not to treat patients and / or if they do need to be admitted to put them on a ventilator and let them die. They get money for this. Also if they mark deaths that are not Covid related as Covid deaths they get money for this too. Our medical profession is gone now. So yes I can see this happening and honestly I am not even surprised anymore!

  9. Once again, the servants of the Great Reset and the Great Replacement are saying the quiet part very loudly. The plandemic was started in order to implement the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, which involves replacement of representative government with oligarchic technocratic dictatorship, imposition of communist economics, elimination of racial and ethnic tensions by getting rid of white people and populating the world with a homogeneous brown proletariat and removal of the baleful influence of Christianity and substitution of mohammedanism, a religion that knows what it wants and how to use force and violence to get it. The original iteration proposed that Jews, the “spiritual aristocracy of Europe” in Count Coudenhove’s words, would run the new world state, but hatred and jealousy directed at free and prosperous Israel and the need to be socially au courant will mean that a priestly caste of homosexuals and transgenders free of the traditional sexual hangups and impediments will run things in the new New World Order. It is crucial to the plan that as many caucasians as possible die from forcible administration of the often-lethal jab, and that the rest are dealt with by famine and riots, which is why this poor man and others like him have been sentenced to death.

    1. god IS IN CONTROL AND WHEN SOMEONE PLANS ON EXTERMINATING ANY OF gods CREATIONS,THEY THEMESELVES WILL BE EXTERMINATED. worst thing in the world is a person who hates his own race,whichever that would be. the usa is being indoctrinated to hate Whites,you have repented whites,not worth the air they consume.

  10. I’m 79, white, and was denied the booster because I didn’t meet the criteria. On one hand I was miffed, but on the other hand, I’m glad. I’ve decided the so-called vax is little more than a DNA changer, and they did me a favor. No more inoculations for me. I’m done. Let those who live in fear have it, and if mandated, I will not comply. There’s far too much speculation about Covid and we’ve been manipulated into believing it’s worse than it is. I cannot deny that there have been many deaths attributed to Covid, but there are also many deaths that occur annually due to the common flu. Natural immunity is that upon which I rely. Our bodies are amazingly great at adapting to our environment. My body; my choice.

    1. I agree with you Fran! I am 78 and I was on a ventilator for10 days! I almost died but the Drs. were amazed that I did not die! I had a huge amount of people and family praying for me! That pulled me through! I have diabetes, sleep apnea and several other health issues! I think the vaccine is dangerous! I will never get it and my daughter is in the medical field and did studies on the vaccine. She also got Covid almost as bad as me and knows what vitamins and supplements to take to stay healthy! I know people who have had the Covid shot and still died from it! I also know many people who have had terrible reactions. I just talked to a healthcare person who had Covid twice and was forced to take the vaccine! She said the side effects of the vaccine were terrible and worse than Covid. She had a huge lump on her leg, difficulty swallowing, a rash and other things. This vaccine should be a choice, not mandatory! It is all about controlling us!

  11. First do no harm! If u get sick DO NOT go to the hospital! I am ashamed of the medical profession. I am glad to be retired Because i could not work in this environment. Go organic, take proper supplements and dont believe the hype about the vaccines. Do the research. Folks. Protect yourselves.. In 17 minutes of wearing a mask mold will begin to form. How often do u wash your mask? U r breathing in co2 not oxygen. And u put them on children? Thats child abuse ! Thanks for listening.

  12. Noone should be turned down for any medical reason because of any race,but there’s a scary trend going on around the country and it’s anti white and we can thank this administration for this divide that is taking place

  13. That is in Texas?
    Call in the Governor!


  14. Is that the big plan to change America globalists? Refuse needed medical care to whites and let the chips fall where they may? Knowing that death could be likely with no treatment it sure looks nefarious! Reducing the number of the largest race group the bottom line?

  15. I would really hope that the medical worker wasn’t white because I would be fixing to put the asshole in the hospital. I don’t put up with this racist shit and there isn’t a racist bone in my body, I hate everyone equally.

  16. So, they are admitting that blacks and hispanics are sub-humans that ‘need out help’. BTW, Epstein didn’t kill himself and Brandon didn’t win that election. Oh, and Curtis Dunn didn’t cause that woman to run the stop sign and suffer the resulting death of her and her daughter (who was mercifully spared taking showers with her dad). Who helped Brandon spread THAT set of lies?

  17. I would really hope that the medical worker wasn’t white because I would be fixing to put the asshole in the hospital. I don’t put up with this racist shit and there isn’t a racist bone in my body, I hate everyone equally.

    The medical worker in that video is black.

  18. CRT has taught us that muslims, blacks, illegal aliens, commie democrats/politicians and gay transgenders are evil and dangerous freaks and should be avoided at all cost. They destroy everything they are involved with, and every country they live in. The big thing they bring to any country is crime and disorder. Remain clear of these freaks anytime they are near.

  19. It’s been obvious for a long time now that the left hates white people, especially straight white males who are conservative. They make up lies about “white supremacists” around every corner while they themselves want the Caucasian race destroyed. When are whites going to wake up and realize that they, from Biden on down, are the enemy.

  20. I sure miss the Sane Lane Era of our country before those like George Soros i.e. came around and infiltrated society with their communism pollution.


  22. Just how long are we supposed to put up with this N preferential treatment crap? If this is true, he should sue that clinic for everything it has and ever will have.


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