Mail In Ballot Madness: Multiple Horror Stories of Mail In Balloting

Here’s a little secret that all of the election experts don’t want you to know: As long as an incumbent president’s approval rating is consistently over 40%, that president gets reelected. The last time that an incumbent president lost reelection with an approval rating of more than 40% was in 1912. All of the cards are stacked in President Trump’s favor.

The Democrat Party and the Trump-hating establishment knows that they don’t stand a chance of unseating Donald Trump in a fair-and-square election fight. But if they can cheat their way in… well, that’s another ball game.

This is the reason why there has been a sudden shift to mail-in voting in many states this year. There is such a wide variety of ways that mail-in ballots can be altered or tampered with that it gives the Democrats a shot at unseating Donald Trump.


Project Veritas has already exposed the fact that Ilhan Omar’s campaign is paying Somali voters $200 for their signed main-in ballots in her district. Just sign the ballot and hand it over, and they give the Somali voters $200. No need to fill the ballot in — the ballot harvesters will take care of the rest.

Meanwhile, the lying fake news media continues to claim that there is “no evidence” of mail-in voting fraud. Do you believe this? If you do, then you definitely need to check out this excellent video compilation from the Daily Caller. Mail-in ballot fraud is happening all over the country, often at the hands of postal workers. Check it out!

29 thoughts on “Mail In Ballot Madness: Multiple Horror Stories of Mail In Balloting”

  1. WE all need to pray to the God we are still ONE NATION UNDER—He will be there for all of us who want Him to stay in out lives as Americans

  2. “Dead Souls”

    “Dead Souls” is the title of a book by Nikolay Gogol, criticizing the Russian system of rural ‘bondage’ where persons were ‘in bond’ of the big land-owners who owned the village – a kind of slavery that lasted until 1863.

    In Gogol’s novel, a clever not so rich city trader has the splendid idea of raising his Credit-Line by appearing richer than he is: He buys off some land-owners, to their surprise, but with good ‘roubles’, the old counts-lists of deceased bond-people. Nobody knows what for – BUT: At the banking centres in St. Peterburg, he shows, officially documented, how many “souls” (i.e. people) he owns – which guarantees him all the Credit he needs.

    Now, what have “dead souls” to do with US Presidential Elections? Ask Judicial Watch!
    Judicial Watch is the national leader in enforcing federal law which requires states to take reasonable steps to clean their voting rolls.

    And there are lots of “dead souls” – mainly kept in Democrat states and counties:

    “Pennsylvania’s voting rolls are such a mess that even Pennsylvania can’t tell a court the details of how dirty or clean they are:
    Pittsburgh, Allegheny County (2020): 69,000 “dead souls” (inactive voters).
    Bucks County, 457,000 registrations: ONLY 8 (inactive voters) REMOVED;
    Chester County, 357,000 registrations: ONLY 5 (inactive voters) REMOVED
    Delaware County, 403,000 registrations: ONLY 4 (inactive voters) REMOVED
    18 other counties – ¼ o Pennsylvania: ONLY 15 (inactive voters) REMOVED

    Ergo: Go to Pennsylvania – YOU’LL NEVER DIE THERE!
    Judicial Watch found in Pennsylvania: 800,000 “dead souls” (inactive voters)

    Californica, L.A. county (2018): 1.5 million “dead souls” (inactive voters), and
    Kentucky: 250,000 “dead souls” (inactive voters)

    PS: in New York City as many as 140,000 residents were mailed absentee ballots with either wrong name and address — or another person’s ballot altogether.

    Now, think of 52 states: What an “Election Graveyard”: Millions of non-existing voters
    – Who will get ballots (which someone can sign) and, thus, will vote,
    – And a whole union of ballot deliverers sworn to serve ONE party.
    I can only say: R.I.P., Democracy!

    1. And on the Envelopes it even says in the Scew
      Rep. Or. Dem
      That tells the mailman just who to throw out .
      When The President Wins in November.
      He needs to Mandate Photo Voter I.D
      And Please Term Limits for all Seniors and all Congress as well.
      I believe there should be a law that No
      Socialist, Communist, Marxist. Should Ever be allowed to run for any American Public Office.

      1. I totally agree. Plus, I believe that unless you are truly physically unable, everyone should have to vote in person and all people who work at voting places should have to have a background check. Anyone who handles anything to do with the casting of ballots should be thoroughly investigated before being put in any position, e.g. voting registrars, postal workers at all levels. Voter IDs should be mandatory.

      2. Very good Tiki Dave! – but term limits for anyone, senior or not, that’s how these seniors have gotten to be seniors in the House and Senate. Also did you read that one of the Republican Senators is pushing a new amendment so no one can elect more than 9 SCOTUS justices. It takes a majority in the House and Senate AND 38 states to approve it – but you can always pray it gets started.

  3. Mail in voting has been brought to us by covid19. A plan to let the virus out so ppl will be forced to mail in a vote. They don’t care who hurts or dies. That’s what you will have if they win. An elites objective to control ppl population money power etc… civil war is on the verge and the first to go will be the ones creating havoc… ppl are tired and never in history has or gov let ppl lie on t.v. And not be called out for it… or ppl of positions lieing to sway the vote. Ppl are tired of it and don’t understand why is this happening?

    1. It’s as simple as this – All Democrats are heartless, selfish devil worshippers and if Biden wins, say hello to socialism/communism!!!

    2. Isn’t it ironic that COVID-19 hit the day after the impeachment failed? If the impeachment was sucessful and President Trump was forced to leave office, the third person in sucession to the Presidency is the speaker of the house of representaitves. The dishonoralble demoncratic speakers attempt to steal the vice presidency failed and she immediately went to the mail in vote. It has never been pushed before because EVERYONE knew it was wrought with corruption. Noone is going to accept the results of a mail in election, there will be hundreds if not thousands of lawsuits filed. If all of those lawsuits can’t be resolved and the clear winner is still in question on January 20th, 2021 at 11:59 am, then at 12:00 pm Nancy Pelosi will assume the responsibility of President of the United States until such time as a clear winner is established, which has been her plan all along. The enemy of man has an agenda: to steal, destroy and kill, he is the accuser of the brethren. Wake up and realize that this entire country is under a spiritual attack by Satan. Look at the stealing, the destruction, the senseless loss of life and 3000 + aborted babies every day. This is the agenda of Satan. The democratic party is missing an “n” , its a lie, its true name should be the demoncratic party. And If they take control on January 20th at noon, it will trigger judgement from God, and if you don’t know that looks like read your Old Testament with the Assyrian take over of the northern kingdom of Israel, and the Babylonian captivity. Please get on your knees and pray for deliverances in the congress, pray to break off the appointments of the demons that are assigned to destroy this country, and use your God given authority to pray to bind the enemy and free up those that are blood bought Christians from deception of the demons. That God’s will be done in the country and thwart all designs of the enemy to circumvent the will of God.

  4. And with all this illegal voting going on with the Democrats, we Americans are supposed to accept the results of this election?.
    With the actual vote scheduled on Vovember 3rd, why not call the votes so far invalid, and postpone the election date until voter ID Cards with voters pictures on them can be issued to all legal voters.
    This would allow accurate votes, while eliminating much of the fraud. Just a thought

  5. I believe that Trump will be reelected, however, there will be a great number of fraud voting and the left will try to unseat him again just as they have done over and over again and again. After all, Trump has done a lot for America and I believe he can do more and more if reelected, especially if he gets the House and the Senate with him too. Anyone who votes for Biden is stupid! All the Democrats want is too turn our Great America into a
    socialist/communist country. Anyone who thinks they are going to get free stuff without it being somehow paid for is nuts. It may be that way for short while, but eventually it will fall apart and everything you have will be taken from you….even your rights and the left will be in control of your entire life. We can’t let this happen!!

  6. Heres what I dont get,with social media,mainstream media and the constant manipulation we see through editing,altering or censoring taking place of facts exposing people time and time again for a variety of federal crimes and yet with all this evidence nothing is being done and no one is being brought to justice.if ilhan omar has been caught paying people 200 for there signatures why is she not in really makes no sense, if americans and america itself are protected by laws and the constitution and those in public office are elected by the people to ensure the very foundation in which this country was built on isnt destroyed how can they blatantly in public view commit what they have and get away with it over and over again.from inciting violence and riots to hate speech toward americans,america,its culture and it’s great constitution.threats being made,lists of demands from known marxists and US public officials.communism and socialism being forced upon americans in Democrat run states and cities with policies put in place which the citizens of that state are just forced to accept.collusion and treason committed by Democrats then and now and the oppression of americans from their can they not serve one day in can we believe in our laws and justice system,how can we believe in our can we believe that post office workers will stay unbias and do the right thing in the most sacred act of our nation thats left in the hands of a third party source.its bad enough when voting in person those votes are handled by the hosts,then handled multiple times thereafter.this will have a domino affect of bias nature turning for example 100 initial votes for trump down to 5 by the time it goes through every bias hand to its final count.trump needs to win by the greatest gap in american history or democratic criminals who have been plotting since trump got elected to take him out will take this election,and mail in ballots will be the cause.if these laws arent being followed then why should american citizens follow them.why should we keep our buisnesses closed,why should we listen to them dictate how we are gonna live now because washing our hands and staying home when ill is to hard for americans to follow that laws they determine are best for us are put in place and we must abide by it,but not them? Last I checked that’s facsim.but yet no one is brought to justice.I ask can we believe in our laws,how can we believe in our justice system if they dont abide or answer for their crimes when theres hundreds of hours of video evidence on each individual that proves multiple laws were broken that are circulating all over the internet…biden has a history of actual racsim.every Democrat demonstrates that constantly when they pander to non white americans like their stupid.AOC changes her tone and vocabulary when she speaks to black and spanish americans,that action in itself is racist and those shes preaching to should find that very disrespectful and insulting but then AOC wants to preach that we should be morally right instead of factually correct.She cant be consistent on either.these people literally are breaking laws,lying,manipulating and hurting this country in public view and worst of all it’s on our tax payer outraged as an American that our elected public leaders believe they hold more power over the people then the people who pay them as they laugh in our faces daily.
    I hope one day they will all answer for their crimes against america and its citizens.A president down to the poorest individual should always be held accountable for their actions and face the same consequences that come from those actions.when one takes responsibility for their actions whether right or wrong,thats integrity,when they can admit when they were wrong,that’s integrity and once they are brought to justice they can lay their head down with some dignity. under no circumstances should the dnc be considered a friend to america or its citizens until those within the dnc that are being protected are brought to justice..the initiative to push mail in voting was the first domino toward a democratic win,mail in voting is the distraction,the real deciet will come after the votes are in.dont be surprised if pelosi ends up as president or worst case she initiates the 25th against biden giving harris the presidency. If trump does not win by a sizable gap,so please vote,this country as we know it will be gone forever and the truth will die and those who should be in jail,the true facsist,racists and authoritarian dictators will be in power.

    1. Its very simple. Years ago, congress voted to give themselves immunity. Except for a crime such as murder, they can do what they want. Perjury, insider trading, all legal for them but illegal for the masses.

    2. Steve—what a great presentation–you said it all–it could not be more clear—you should send it out to all networks–God Bless You—

  7. Postal workers and anyone else tampering with or attempting to destroy ballots that apparently are for Trump should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. That will stop a few others for doing it but some will do it anyway.

  8. Where in the hell is our Attorney General? He has crawled into a hole somewhere. I didn’t believe he could be bought off, but that has changed in the last month. There are so many millionaires out buying off what used to be honest people its not even funny any more. Who checks these mail in ballots, that only the demowits want? These people are sure a bunch of jackasses, they have destroyed our country and it all started with Bill & Hillary Clinton. Two. of the biggests crooks to ever walk on this earth. Someone please wake up the attorney General. Isn’t he the one that is suppose to protect the citizens of this country?

  9. Term limits would be a start to getting rid of the rot in government. Then other inequalities could be addressed. COUNTRY FIRST or all is lost.
    President Trump is trying to clean it up and meeting resistance from the slime.


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