Liberal Media’s Hypocrisy over Pro-Trump Protests Yesterday Exposed

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last three days, you’ve undoubtedly heard and likely saw what was going on at the United States Capitol building. However, what was on full display yet again was the liberal media’s hypocrisy over not only President Donald Trump but also the protestors. Most of the media outlets, such as CNN and MSNBC, instantly decried the protests as treason and went into the need to impeach Trump and make sure he’s never allowed to hold public office again.

And yet all of this is in direct contrast to how the media handled other protests, like the ones against Donald Trump or Brett Kavanaugh and the BLM riots this past summer. Democrats and the left protested those instances all the same, only there was more fire, burning buildings, and riot like situations.


Yes, several individuals did break a door and glass at the Capitol building, which will likely lead to charges (breaking damaging property in a federal building isn’t a great idea.). It’s yet to be seen what happens to the individuals who entered the building, but in regards to biased news coverage, it has all once again been exposed.

If you’re interested in watching more and uncover the liberal bias even further when it comes to how “major” news organizations handle reporting the news to the American people, watch the video below.

122 thoughts on “Liberal Media’s Hypocrisy over Pro-Trump Protests Yesterday Exposed”

  1. I think that any TRUE American would see how the media and the Govt turned a blind eye to the truth. My question is how do we rectify this miscarriage of justice ? It frightens me that the Democrats are out of control. My brother fought and died for this countries Constitutional rights and protections now what can be done to fix this awful mess

        1. Thanks to the demoRATS we can’t say Amen we have to say Amen Awoman!!!

          This is so sad.

          The old lady in the house has also said that the words mother, father, sister, brother, and so on can’t be used in the House of Representatives, but someone showed she was using these words in a media post.

      1. They can’t take it , we are not giving up our freedom to please anyone. Just because you guys want this , no. The people that are for this are rich could give a damn less about the rest of us. As far as they are concerned we don’t count, we are peions.

      2. Me, too, Mary. The level of evil of the communist left and the ignorance of those supporting them is beyond the pale. In my opinion, though, what we’re experiencing is attributable to apathy of citizens throughout our country. This didn’t happen over night. It has been coming for a very long time and has been without interference, and the price we’re paying for our apathy is very, very high, i.e., loss of our country.

      3. The Democrats love for BLM and ANTIFI has divided and split our great country apart, and what those 2 organizations done to the Capitol is a real Shame! For 4 years – Dems have not accepted President Trump as our President – and used every source Big Tech and the Fake News today so – they remind me of the brown shirts pushing propaganda for the Nazi’s! If Trump did win this election fairly, then explain how Pennsylvania had 220,000 more votes then actual Registered Voters – and all the Swing States putting ballots through the shredder – thought votes needed to be kept for a certain amount of years – isn’t that the law?

        1. Don’t forget the state and supreme courts just closing their eyes and dismissing the lawsuits. They have not upheld their constitutional duties. They are a disgrace to the USA.

          1. My dad served in the US Navy during WW II and Korea. He would be absolutely ASHAMED, HORRIFIED and REPELLED by what the country has become and is becoming under the guise of the Democrats. I am proud of being a Patriot and of what Donald Trump accomplished, especially since he is NOT A POLITICIAN, he is a businessman. He says what he thinks and attempts to make our country better!!! Maybe the Democrats need to shut up, listen to the PEOPLE and HEAR WE ARE SAYING to make our country better!


      5. Did you learn anything in history class as a youth? Even RONALD REAGAN SAID BIG GOVERNMENT WAS DANGER TO ANY COUNTRY! Due to fact they are POWER HUNGRY AND MONEY HUNGRY! These POLITICAN don’t care about the country or the people! Just that their bank account is loans with $$$$$! Our Founding fathers didn’t know what to do about BRITISH GOVERNMENT WHO WERE TRYING TO CONTROL THE COUNTRY! SO THEY TOOK IT UPON THEMSELVES TO MEET AND DECIDE TO FORM OUR OWN GOVERNMENT! That when they started the REVOLUTION WAR! ONLY FOOL SUPPORT BIG GOVERNMENT! And these are the people who DIDN’T LEARN ANYTHING IN SCHOOL! Was pass on to the next grade Even when they were NOT READY TO MOVE UP! That your type of liberal SOCIALISM CONTROL. Most kids can’t read on the right grade level or tell time on an old fashion wall clock!

        1. I’ve been praying and I’m trying to stay positive but it keeps getting worse And now our ability to communicate is being destroyed

      6. I agree. I can’t believe what has happened to the demonRATic party. Other than they have denounced GOD. I am 85 years old and don’t know if I will live to see normalcy come back to this country. Our gutless republican “officials” are unfortunately just going to ignor the fraudulent voting in the November election AND (now I’m beginning to see and hear of) the voting fraud in the Georgia election. HOW SAD for what used to be the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    1. By physically removing all of the Communist out of Congress and the news media and either ship them to a Island with nothin or just plainly start Shooting these TRAITORS for HIGH TREASON against this Nation starting with the Harris/Biden so-called Admin and every one of the Communists squatting in Congress TODAY!!!!!!!!!

      1. Amen! I kind of BELIEVE we will have another civil war! But who going to stand up for the FREEDOM AND LIBERTY OF AMERICA??? You see we communicate with our cellphone or computer. But BIG TECH CAN SHUT DOWN YOUR WEBSITE! Keeping other people from hearing or knowing what to do! That WHY THESE POLITICAN GIVE THEM MILLION OF DOLLARS EVERYTIME THEY PASS OUT A STIMULUS CHECK! IN another way BLOCK THE TRUTH FROM BEING TOLD!

    2. I totally agree and am just sick that this country is headed for Socialism and eventually Communism. We don’t have two real parties because many Republicans are traitors to their party. If I was Trump, I would create a brand new party that only true conservative politicians could join. Let all of the spineless, backstabbing, Republicans have their own weak pathetic party.

      1. Marilyn, You are so right… the republican party became a joke… I changed my association because they have forgotten what the party is about…

      2. There already IS a new party waiting in the wings, all certified and legal. It has the new name of REPUBLICK, yes, spelled with a k.

    3. The democrats are all corrupt, lets face it. They have their hands into every illegal thing that you can think of. They started a conspiracy against President Trump for the day he said that he would run for the presidency and it just got worse as the days went by. Did you ever think about why they didn’t want Trump in office? I think that the democrats were afraid of being exposed of the illegal things that they have done and were doing. I think that Trump had a lot that he could uncover and whey he didn’t do this prior to the election I’ll never know. This awful mess, I am afraid, will only bet worse with the democrats having the power over all now. They are ruthless, corrupt, evil people lead by the most ruthless, corrupt, evil woman Pelosi! The people tried to speak but we spoke to deaf ears. Will the conservatives ever be heard? I doubt it. Why were the courts not allowing the evidence???? Are those judges corrupt too, have they been bought??? This country is doomed for failure under the democratic rule, trust me, well all will pay the price. God bless America!

      1. Sadly you are so right. Hopefully the good conservative Rep. can ban together and get this country back up right again sooner rather than later,

      2. I believe that the things that happened in Congress had to be completed in order for evidence to reveal itself completely. President Trump does not give up. He always has a plan and a back-up plan. The Democrats feel safe now and in their haughty way are giving more evidence to how and what and who are behind the election fraud. I believe that we just have to endure the next several days for garnering of more evidence and discovery of all guilty parties (including some in the President’s cabinet) unfolds. Then the gates will open and there will be a plethora of corrupt people indicted and thrown to the gallows. Remember more than anything, God chose Trump for this time because many, many Christians have been praying for the salvation of this nation. President Trump is a Christian and is a warrior. And God always wins.

        1. You are so right. Your post is the most true post I have ever seen on any of these sites except for mine. Trump is using genius methodology to allow the deep state, Democrats, Rino’s, other treasonous actors to hang themselves and it is the greatest show on earth. It will be just a matter of days and all will be exposed and we will be breathing easy. BUT, there may be a civil war coming no matter what side wins so we all must prepare for an uneasy, unstable time coming before all is made right again. I know there are hundreds that have already been arrested and are in Gitmo or other Black sites and many have been taken aboard special planes and given the wrath of God or go to prison and there is estimated 1,200 more that WILL be arrested and probably even more. I get info from sources at the Pentagon so believe me, I am correct.

        2. Amen , Amen , and all WE THE PEOPLE SAY AMEN ,
          I believe that very much and yes God it is in control , We can not let this great country be a Socialist Communist country , many years a go I escape from the communist country of Romania and many millions of
          people around the world did the same , people had a place to escape to America , America give us another chance to life and be free , if we let America go THERE IS NO PLACE IN THE WORLD TO ESCAPE TO .


        2. i can answer that in no uncertain terms … the judges are fearful for their lives if they go against the corruptness of the democratic demons!!!we should know by now that killing anything or anyone that gets in their way is very acceptable !!! these dems are pure demons !!!!!

      3. It was said judge Roberts wouldn’t help Trump and he didn’t want the rest of them helping him either he was overheard saying this as in hollering I personally think he needs to be fired he has no respect for this country and the right thing to do

        1. I believe that President Bush thought Chief Justice Judge Roberts would be a Conservative; however, that is far from the truth. Roberts has shown his true colors – he is a swing voter, gave us OBAMA CARE, and sides with the LIBERALS most of the time. We know that GOD is in charge and every THING is in HIS timing and I pray that HE has something better for AMERICA.

      4. you are correct, the only answer is to BOYCOT, BOYCOT, BOYCOT, and that includes not only social media but Amazon and the IRS, stop paying their taxes, defund the illegitimate regime.

    4. Why can’t they still fight the dems they stole the election we shouldn’t let them get away with it. We should still go after them.

    5. President Trump should hold his head high in his fight against the powers of darkness. He battled for religious freedom, for the rights of the unborn, for conservative justices and for lower taxes for business and individuals… and for JOBS and the ECONOMY prior to COVID and then for effective vaccines… Yet President Elect Biden will be warming himself by the fires lit by President Trump, after claiming President Trump had no COVID plan. Rubbish … the plan is underway with millions of doses of vaccines.

      Lastly, Just imagine a voting system where citizens did not have to prove their residence, provide their photo id, comply with voting regulations, even confirm signatures.

      Some democrats call that voter suppression. The evidence is there of many irregularities and more will be discovered.

      God Bless You President Trump and for the blessing you have been to this country. You have accomplished much!!

    6. it’s really sad, a great country, great peoples and groups with criminals feeling are destroying the country and taking life . We need to pray, and ask for our right!

    7. Its time we the People Vote it into Law that no one is allowed to serve in Office more than 8 Years . That being said there won’t be any Retirement nor Life long Benefit’s . Their Salary shouldn’t ever go above $80,000.00 a Year and their Benefit’s be the same as ours during their time in Office .
      If caught taking any kind of bribe it should be a minimum of 10 Years in a State Prison . Not a Federal Prison where they can be babies .

    8. Get every one of your voting machine thrown out if they are dominon and have everyone in your state to call their rep to insist this be don to safe guard our elections

    9. Can you post the video on Rumble? Screwyoutube has already deleted it for violating their terms of service. Not sure which one, but it’s either the one that says you can’t post a video of the truth on their platform, or you can’t post a video that exonerates Trump. They didn’t specify. Further proof of censorship at it’s worse.

    10. I totally understand your concern Mary. My father also fought in W.W. II to keep America safe! Yet certain arrogant democrats decided to manipulate our election to remove our sitting President AND AMERICAN PATRIOTS ARE VERY ANGRY.
      The Dems may think this is over, but it is NOT. They are the most clueless arrogant people on this earth and think they are the only ones “smart” enough to make decisions. That’s why they are trying to push Socialism on us, but Smart Americans do not want it.

      I also think that several other countries have helped steal this election and now they are in trouble for doing so. Yes, this is a mess, but it is not over yet and biddyboy biden may never become President. And if they still push him into the presidency, well, all hell is going to break loose.

      Mary, just be careful if you have to go out. Until this disaster is over, there is a craziness, like electricity, in the air. Just be careful. Pray that God intervenes and stops this inauguration before it ever begins…lots of prayers! He is watching and listening and will hear our prayers!

    11. Mary dont worry. this time its Check mate for the demonic rats they went too far with their cheating this time . DOJ, FBI, CIA, Legislators and Scotus failed the Country, so now its up to the Military and their will declare or rather invoke the Insurrection act. Gitmo is already choc a bloc and 2 Prison ships are filling up fast with traitors and pedophiles (most are pedophiles) The children and little babies must be saved . These Luciferans are all Psychopaths with zero conscience or concern for the Citizens who put them there in the first place. God will prevail and President trump will be there for another 4 years

    12. The fascist organization YouTube removed the video so who are the real fascist in the US it would appear to be the msm, big tek and their masters the democratic party whom appear to be in bed with our enemies China, Iran. The same ones we seen getting their back sides where the sun doesn’t shine kissed lovingly by Biden and his family.

    1. I think it’s not about political party I think is about the media destroying everyone and everything, I know people that they don’t know anything, and they watch fake news, and they believe what they watch. We need to do something about Media , Dot use, don’t buy their products.

  2. I am terrified the USA is becoming China. Censorship lies in the media beyond belief. We are losing our freedom of speech. God help the USA!!!

    1. I am too and with bidin in the White House, America will be sold to China. China is celebrating that thse demonrats stole our government by cheating.

  3. I am watching my country crumble from Within. I know the thousands of people that went to Washington wanted congress to know, we see and know what you are doing. We wanted to be heard. I know the people that broke into the capital did wrong, but they made a point. This is our country not the Democrats and liberal lying media. They are pushing the American people to an even bigger uprising.

    1. If they don’t leave President Trump alone and stop trying to get him out of office or impeach whatever you want to call it they’re liable to be bought off more than they can chew it would not surprise me the least if they had another uprising

    1. I would also like to know. Seems mighty convenient prior to talk of another impeachment – really? with only 11 days to go,. How childish and hypocritical. This is why I am re-reading George Orwell’s 1984.

    2. Yes it was…where were Antifucks and BLM protesters? They where at every other peaceful protest and now crickets from them! Lol no one believes that they where in Pro-Trump swag and American flags! They did this they put their plan on FB and was the last damning ploy against America! All dems will not believe any of this but that is why it is getting investigated! Do your research get mad America is done! So sad and scary.

    3. Yes they were. Someone had a lot of money from China and in most cases money talks. Trump did not have to buy his audience he knew what needed to be done long live king Trump and we should all still back him. Nancy old woman needs for someone to buy all the elegies and tell them Old Nancy says come to my compound and pitch your tent on my 20+ acres and I will take care of you ????? tear the fence down and come on in. ??? Escha. S.

    4. Some people are convinced they are Trump supporters just because they have Trump gear. Guess it never occurred that Antifa can get Trump gear too!

    5. Possibly some, but most of them were Antifi, told to dress like Trump supporters, let into the capital by fake police and probably paid by demonrats in Congress… Pisslosi, Schitt, and Scummer would be a good guess.

    6. Some were antifa supporters one has been arrested. Anderson pupper of cnn interviewed him and put his lies on the air. cnn ran it on their website but deleted it when FBI arrested him. Leave it to good old cnn communist national news to run a story with out fact checking it. He was arrested last summer in Utah for rioting and property damage.

  4. We have become a third world country where people get to vote but the vote doesn’t mean anything they put in power whoever they want. We have become like Communists where ever thing said in media is nothing but propaganda. In Jamaica the police have rifles and they can shoot out your tires and if you don’t have the right political party card you can not get a job. This is true I was there and a lady showed me her card. I asked if she supported her government she she no but if she didn’t agree to get the card she could not get a job. Nothing you see or hear is truth.

  5. It has been proven that BLM & Antifa members were at the uprising and inside the Capitol dressed as Trump supporters. There is supposedly a video out there showing buses being escorted by police that were full of BLM & Antifa members so even the police are in on the Demoratic effort to totally destroy the Trump administration. This country is no longer going to be “the land of the free” as “the swamp” is at a level of corruption that will be very hard to stop and i’m afraid will only be getting deeper. I believe the people of this once great country are experiencing just a taste of what Communism is like, and it’s only going to get worse! The repercussions of the demise of Democracy is going to be felt world wide very quickly as the U.S. was the “shining star” of Democracy, defending it world-wide. Countries around the world that are Democratic will one by one fall into Socialist/Communism governments. I do hope all the F’n fools that voted Democrat and all those involved in the demise of the election system through fraud, enjoy their “ride down into Communism”. Unfortunately, the rest of us, who are true Americans, are going to be going along for the ride down into the abyss. I’m afraid the only way out of this mess is going to be a civil war & violence because those in power will not listen to anything that is not on their agendas and that will threaten power/control over people. It is truly a dark time for The Untied States of America and Democracy! I am totally heart broken and my dear late Mother’s words come to mind when she said “I’m glad I’m the age I am, because this country is going to hell in a hand-basket and I don’t want to be here to see it”. She was very perceptive as she passed just over 5yrs ago.

    1. I agree with every word that you said. The proof is out there on voter fraud and no one will even look into it!

    2. I saw the videos you described. There is also two photos of the guy with the horns at the rally and one of him at an antifa riot.

  6. The country has been usurped by the socialists & as we are seeing removing our voice from us. Where is freedom when YouTube bans legitimate discussion & all MSM is only reporting left wing propaganda. God help us!

    1. He’s waiting for all of us to repent of the sins- our own and the nations- THEN He has
      Promised to hear us, and to heal our land.
      II Chronicles 7:14.

      1. We are an illegitimate Nation now . No one has a president. DEM O RATS HAD A PLAN TO BURN OUR COUNTRY AND THEY PAID TO DO IT GOD BLESS AMERICA

  7. We are to blame ourselves! We have become blind and deaf to the DEMONcrat party! These liberal are coward who will do anything or say anything to make the truth look like a LIES. If you way to solve this , then you are going have to start in your own family! Because who else is part of the problem in this country? Do you know what or who your young teenager are hanging out with? Or what is being talk about! It all about SOCIALIST CONTROL! Their school system had destory AMERICA and it HISTORY! By removing history book on the country since it started! Media is a disease for all of the REAL AMERICANS CITIZEN! ARE you going to punch one in the mouth if they lies to you or your family? You should! That is what been going on with the TV AND RADIO STATION. They are CONTROL BY THESE POLITICAN AND MEDIA NARRATIVE! YOU don’t hear about a white guy getting kill by BLACK PEOPLE or beaten by a group of them! It due to WHITE PEOPLE DON’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! JUST MINE THEIR OWN BUSINESS! BUT TO A BLACK PERSON IT AN ATTACK ON ALL OF THEM!

  8. It seems our sense of values are all upside down. What’s right is now wrong, what’s wrong, is now right, (and it could be that Revelations is in play.) However, we sit around on these phones and computers reading what the media wants you to know, shaking our heads, and yet. allowing them to control our lives. All the while, our beautiful US cities are being destroyed by violence, homelessness, and drug use. Our Christian values and families are being torn apart right in front of our eyes. Unborn babies are being murdered, our liberties are being threatened, our tax dollars wasted in so many ways. People all over the world use to look up to America, land of the free. Now, the left and its Media wants to control our very existence, throw away the freedom’s that our soldiers fought and sacrificed their lives for. We must get on our knees, ask God for guidance and boldness to speak up and fight this left agenda, not with violence, but with truth. Parents need to get back to teaching their children values, respect , taking those commitments seriously. Don’t give up on our nation. The one thing we know about Donald Trump, he loves this country, and has worked hard to preserve its values. He showed us to not just talk about it, but take action and get involved.

    1. I agree. Only Trump was bold and bullish enough to take on the “beasts” of the swamp. God can do His miracles in the face of devils and false prophets, etc. We need His Upper hand these days to bring the people to our knees and proclaim the LORD of all heaven and earth is still ruling on the throne. Let us speak His truth into being for ourselves and this country. I’ve traveled up and down the Eastern Bloc in October 1990 when we celebrated the opening of the walls for those who lived years in captivity. I was warmly welcomed, heard their stories and spent days in their homes. I was given the keys to dictator’s “white house” and also invited into another communist country’s white house and given gifts by the leader’s body guard. “What broke us is meant to make us.” The pressure is on and we are now going through the winepress and the tread mill to get the impurities out of us . . . because Christ is coming back to receive His pure bride. . . for such a time as this.

  9. America has got to be prepared now. With the voter fraud and corruption in the swamp, the Demon poseesed crats have just evicted God out of this once great country. God is packing his chest of “Mercies” deserving areas and individuals may need that could be still passed out , providing America repents. But over the last 4 years, the Demon possessed politicians have done everything corrupt and immoral. They stand and say, I’m a Christian, but lie, cheat, steal, push abortion and line their pockets with filthy lucre. Get ready for the greatest depression, food shortages, homelessness, zombies breaking into your home to eat your dog, cat and then you. And BTW, you won’t have anything to defend yourself with, they’re coming for anything that they, demon possessed crats, feel threatened by. And Pelosi will still have her $14 half pints of ice cream in her $30 thousand fridge spoon feeding her Chinese spies and Schumer.

  10. Too, keep your feelings in tack just remember two things. Number 1, is “Lying is the Democrats Truth” the other one is, “When the Main Street Media all say the same thing you are being lied to”.

  11. I am very concerned for the freedom of the People! I have been in Communist Countries! We are in dangerous territory!!! This is extremely serious! A plan needs to be addressed by the Republicans! The media has more Power than the President of this Country! Wake up America! You have been had by the the TECH COMPANIES as the Democrats have been bought! They have sold their souls for POWER!!!

  12. Our country and Democracy are in serious trouble with Biden, Harris and Pelosi taking charge. Biden is a puppet with Harris and Pelosi pulling the strings. They have their own agenda and it’s NOT what their telling us. To all the fools who voted for them, you’ve been duped by liars and cheaters that have nothing more than their own self interests. The results of their actions will tear down many of the freedoms and protections our forefathers wrote into the CONSTITUTION they are sworn to DEFEND. Instead they will do what they always do, ignore it. GOD HELP US ALL. Remember, the grass always looks greener on the other side until you get there and find it was not.

  13. The Chinese empire is expanding! They can’t go to war on a battlefield like a “normal war”. This is modern day war. $ is their weapon of choice. In order for China to take over nowadays, they need people on the inside. First spies, then government officials. Perfect timing. Biden sold out this country for only a billion dollars and change. He and Obama have had this scheme going before, but trump fucked up their plan. To get back on track, they conjured up this 2020 pandemic with China, and created BLM & ANTIFA, and the election. They had the media in their pocket with the top 1% billionaires footing the bill. That way they could not have a paper trail tied to them. You get some celebrities and athletes to get on board, and it’s a well orchestrated plan, for complete domination and communism. They fueled the fires at the perfect times, basing their plans on the oldest problem of this country, racism! Perfect! Get a black guy in the white house and there’s no stopping them. Hell, they even bought some Republicans to help their cause. That sorry ass sore loser Romney, that pussy should go suck a big communist one! There is, @ this point, a fix. We can only hunker down, and wait for the trouble to come our way. Now that Biden and Harris are in control now, and even the BLM and ANTIFA, but now they have OUR MILITARY to fight against. We are screwed. How are our loved ones in the military going to feel, if they have to take down their own family, because their government tells them to. Turn on their own people! How’s that going to work!

  14. Dear Sir or Ms,
    I am a disabled army Veteran I fought in Vietnam and while there I was sprayed with Agent orange which gave me cancer, and I know if Biden gets into office I can see that he will cut spending for all those who fought to keep this Country free. I can’t imagine or even think that Biden even knows what he is doing. If he would look into what socialism will lead into it will lead into full blown communism. And what about all that gave there all in all the wars that fought against communism. I am a Christian and I believe that we all will give an account for what we have done here on Earth.
    R. W. Moyar

  15. I am comforted to know that God is in control. We must pray continually for our great country. And wait for God’s perfect timing. As we all absorb and get our small minds (at least for me, for I am not worthy)… around these events, we should never support CNN, NBC, FOX, etc ever again. I saw it. Perhaps you saw it in full view of Americans with their misleading rhetoric on 6 JAN 2021 regarding first “mob,” then “riot,” etc. That was misrepresentation of a rally of peaceful protesters that was sparked by insurrectionists, not our Pres.
    We, as Christians, must be ready for persecution. By the time I got to this article with its stream of Replies, the video posted by the above author had been taken down by those same people that are wrecking our country. But I know what it says. The entire world who pays attention will know. I urge any of you who may read this: remain CALM. PRAY. Receive and digest the international news that won’t be able to be fully blocked. We must root out the evil, the fraud, the lies. The main country standing, up to now, to stop the globalist economy/control is US.

  16. the media can’t tell the truth if it had too. I have never seen such BullCrap that the media puts out as being fact, and they know it’s a lie,but sticks too it. we nmeed to condem all the one sided media people. Can’t believe any thing they say!!

  17. Within minutes of Schumer and Pelosi’s Capitol Police letting Antifa and Burn Loot Murder infiltrators into the capital building to foment violence, the narrative about the stolen election was obliterated. The focus then became first the political and then the personal and eventually the physical destruction of the President who had just told his supporters to be peaceful and then to go home. The legislators who were preparing to reveal the lurid election fraud are now under pressure to resign or to be expelled from congress, and the blue checks who now completely own Twitter are pushing for the banning of the Republican Party and constitution of the party of Biteme, Bernie and Bolshevism as our sole legal political party, which is the usual drill in the Third World. Within the month, expression of nonconformist opinion on social media will be difficult if not impossible, business and professional organizations are preparing to censure and repress those who do not mouth the progressive line and we are now going to see the enactment of the Communist Manifesto in a series of 51-50 votes. Legislation is being prepared to hunt down “right-wing extremists”, and our incoming puppet leader has rapidly abandoned his calls for “unity” and is now pursuing wreckers and traitors. This was as planned and coordinated as the 1933 Reichstag Fire and subsequent enabling legislation for dictatorship, and if we do not continue to fight it by whatever means necessary is going to have the same effect.

  18. So what happens to the libs if socialism comes to USA?
    Will they have to endure the same as the rest of the country? I believe the people will realize they made many BIG mistakes voting for the wrong side! Who really owns America! What a shame that pres. Trump didn’t get his way with this country and was so badly treated!
    I wish people would believe him! Now they will suffer for their mistake,,,,trump never ever did any thing he was blamed for! Why can’t this country get along…who cares about power….what about love…..the one who laughs last lasts best!

  19. Apparently, it didn’t matter who you voted for. The fix was in — for the election and the runoff — as well as the rally in DC! There will never be another true election in this country because the dem/socialist/communist party will rule. They will be opening the borders to let in everyone and anyone — all dem voters. The devil has us by the throat. Thank God there are sensible people on this site who see and understand what’s happened to America!


  21. I am with you brother! Shoot all the Democrats and pence and Barr and the Bidens and the Obama’s and the clinton’s and the FB I

  22. The Main Libtarded Democraps Get Together Quite Often To Discuss Plans On Destroying Our Great President Mr. Trump & America & When They Do., There Needs To Be A Very Powerful Bomb Planted Underneath The Building They Are In That When It Explodes., It Will Take Out All Of Them At The Same Time ! When That Happens., The Rest Of The Communists Will Back Down Quietly Out Of Fear That They Might Be “Next” (Problem Solved !)

  23. Very interesting comments! My take is to turn to the Bible and recall the account of Jehu who rode to the tower on his horse and commanded the people in the tower to throw down Jezebel(Pelosi). They threw her down and the dogs came and ate her flesh leaving only the skull, feet, and palms of her hands. II Kings 8 in the KIng James version of the Bible. Jezebel Pelosi’s time is coming!!!!!

  24. The problem began when we let everyone over 18 to vote! “The End of demacracy is dectatorship!” Due to the Abuse of the FREEDOM of our Demacrocy, thus, the power hunger controling minds find a way by which to gain power for to take – over of the “Peaceful and trusting citizenrys”! It is too late! Our UNLIMITED FREDOM OF SPEACH and EXPRESSION of EMOTION are the Enablers of this GAME! How many of those RIOTORS PAY INCOME TAX?
    Voting Rights should be limited onlto those WHO PAY TAX! Those who never paid TAX have. NO RIGHT to VOTE! The depended are children in a family! Childre have no right to make decision for theFAMILY! They may shasre their opinions, but they have NO POWER to make decisios for the FAMILY!

  25. We are now a country without a leader and we need to let it be known that is how we see things. I personally have emailed Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to commend them for having the bravery to reject the electoral vote. We need to support those who continue to fight, especially while they are under pressure to resign or being called Nazis by Pretend Elect Biden. I have also cheered on Senator Lindsey Graham who is trying to strip the big tech companies of their legal protections, which is why Facebook, Twitter and the like have been able to rob people of their Free Speech rights under the Constitution.

    It is great to commiserate among ourselves knowing we have sympathetic ears but taking action like our dear President Trump suggested will take us further. Contact those who have shown they are allies so they don’t knuckle under to pressure whether they are from your state or not. We are all Americans. By the same token, give the Demoncrats an earful that we will not tolerate Communism. I am ashamed that Biden claims to hail from my home state of Delaware. Naturally, both our Senators are Democrats and both get a regular dressing down from me.

    Politicians have to cave to the majority consensus of their public. Let them know in no uncertain terms that we do not buy into their agendas and will fight it tooth and nail.

    This reminds me of the American Revolution where patriots rose up against tyranny. We are today’s patriots and must fight today’s tyranny. This is our American Revolution. We have no leader. Our fealty is to God and country.

  26. Its time for all Trump Supporters to do there part and help Drain The Swamp. California is doing there part by RECALLING THERE GOVERNOR . LET TRUMP SUPPORTERS RECALL NANCY PELOSI, ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ, JOE BIDEN, THE NEW SENATORS FROM GEORGIA, AS A START.

  27. How do they get away with the corrupt crimes they blatantly commit. How do they lie right to America on TV, saying the degenerate slime blm and antifa are peaceful while burning businesses and violently attacking innocent decent people. How does corrupt nutbag nancy change laws like she’s changing her denture adhesive. How does corrupt pedophile joe become president when he has committed crimes and colluded with china and ukraine for money, lies daily and loves little kids to sit on his lap and can’t keep his hands to himself and stop rubbing any woman within reach. He is a sick degenerate. Then you have the lying piece of trash cackling kamalalala who cant stop laughing like an idiotic buffoon. Who said that the violent scum protesters should not stop and set up a fund to bail them out. those two MEN michelle and maxine saying that the lowlife thug protesters should get in our faces, harrass us at restaurants, they should be in prison with the rest of the animals.

  28. It is time to start praying for the rights of our country and justice by the hand of God. Many people thought the world have been praying for our country that was founded under God. We as a people have tried everything . Now it is God’s turn to expose all the liars, cheaters, criminals and to bring us justice for all. Keep praying.

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