Leaked Video Shows Biden Scold Black Civil Rights Leader With Anger Common to Dementia Patients

In a leaked video, presidential candidate Joe Biden chided the NAACP president in front of other Black civil rights leaders for expressing concerns about Biden losing Black support. Biden’s aggression points to disunity among Democrats, bad health, or both.

A private meeting on the Zoom video app between Biden, Kamala Harris, and several Black civil rights leaders was never supposed to be viewed by the public. That might partially explain Biden’s hostile tone and demeanor in response to some light criticism, but the bizarre overreaction looks like the sort of frustration exhibited by some dementia or Alzheimer’s patients.

Last week, NAACP President Derrick Johnson urged Biden not to upset Black voters in Georgia before the January 5 run-off Senate election. His concern was over the likely selection of Tom Vilsack to be Biden’s secretary of agriculture. Vilsack upset Blacks in Georgia when he fired Shirley Sherrod, a Black woman, who was serving as the state’s director under the US Department of Agriculture in 2010.

“Let’s get something straight, you shouldn’t be disappointed,” Biden admonished. “What I’ve done so far is more than anybody else has done so far.”

Biden kept on, unrelenting with his ire. What made this exchange newsworthy was Biden’s inability to keep his cool. Biden’s mental health has long been an issue for voters, and Biden has thrust himself into the upcoming Senate election in Georgia.

The Alzheimer’s Association notes that among dementia patients, “aggressive behaviors may be verbal or physical” and that they may “occur suddenly, with no apparent reason, or result from a frustrating situation.” Contributing factors may include “inadequate rest or sleep,” being “hungry or thirsty,” or a side effect of medication.

85 thoughts on “Leaked Video Shows Biden Scold Black Civil Rights Leader With Anger Common to Dementia Patients”

  1. We all know that he is goofy, that’s why the left chose him to run! they will claim him unfit to get him out & put Harris in for the left & screw the entire country!

    1. Cracks me up how much he lies about going with the constitution. he is a dreamer and he needs to be
      told to shut up. everything he blames Trump for HE is doing it !!!! Good grief……GOD help us !!!!!!

      1. I listened horribly to how he conducts his meeting . There’s no thought processing , no engaging , repetitive , baseless with no resolution to at least one goal ! Multiple goals without resolutions … it’s like a salad meeting ! ????? Sad part is , these black leaders sat down and had to swallow it . They looked like slaves to Biden ! ???????????

          1. Black people were never talked down to or disrespected by Trump…Black Americans seem so sensitive when any body but Biden talks down to them. The Dem Party thinks are they are so incompetent that they can’t even get their own voter ID cards. .Dems can count on the Black Vote every 4 years, while their cities are shit, education, housing ,employment, race relations, drugs, crime, are in the gutter…What do have to lose said Trump ????

        1. Not even sure How Black Leaders can really believe Biden will do anything for them or the Black Community at all- Biden has NEVER DONE one thing for anyone but himself and his Family and close friends- NO ONE ELSE- What is wrong with American Black Leaders that they swallow this and move on with this team- And Biden Never spoke up about all the violence during this past year- He has BLM and Antifa on his back now for Payback for the votes they gave him- Sad to say But Biden will Not do anything for them and Neither will Kamala. Especially Kamala – Nothing- she is just sitting back waiting for her time to Rule.

        2. He is one of the scariest speakers non-stop saying NOTHING but LIES. Sounds like he wants all of us whites to go to another planet and all will be well. Unbelievable that this man is at a microphone ever!

      2. He always sound so angry ,that’s not reasonable behavior.Plus , he can’t get his words together.Nothing he says makes sense .He just rambles on .And he thinks he can be president!??????

        1. It’s obvious why Biden is always angry. He knows he couldn’t beat Trump fairly and would have been the victim of the largest landside defeat in history if his party didn’t cheat on such a massive scale!

          1. The sad part of all this is the people involved to look at the facts of fraud in this election has turned a blind eye knowing the true facts but wont do their duty to even hear from the lawyers that have put their heart,sole in this fake election cant even get one judge to hear them.these judges ,supreme courts are ,have not held up the oath ,constitution as they swore on the bible to up hold.its sad that they along with Republicans that turned on their own party has put this country in the hell hold it’s in. And just sitting by to let china take over.they will all regret their choices sooner or later by sitting on the side line and letting the Democrats destroy this country.then it’s too late cant turn back and no one stands accountable at this point.this is call haters of the country and not standing by to protect it from the evil satan with in.

      3. There are reports that the U.S. dollar is poised to collapse in the near future. I hope not, but if it does, you can bet that Biden will blame Trump “who left the country in a mess.” The fact is, there are a lot of culprits, including the fed, Democrats, and to some extent, Republicans who have created the problem during the last 100 years beginning with Woodrow Wilson creating the fed and precious metals currency being phased out in favor of fiat money during Richard Nixon’s presidency. The dollar today is worth a fraction of its value in the past in, say, 1980 after the inflation years under Jimmy Carter. And so it goes.

    2. Biden is crooked from the day he was born. Everyone knows he & his family is “For Sale” but how is he different from the other politicians that got rich from politics? We all know how that works don’t we.

      Maybe it’s time for TERM LIMITS?

      1. George Washington – term limits should have been specified in the constitution. I think MIOST politicians go
        in thinking they can/will fix all the country’s ills – but MOST just join the club and become corrupt like the
        ones before. There are exceptions, of course, but what is the cry of a few, in a swamp of many.

        1. Donella Wood, that’s what the amendment process is designed to do. The framers had no idea that anybody would make elected office into a career. The whole idea was for ordinary citizens to serve for a short period and then return to their regular occupations. It would not have occurred to them to incorporate term limits within the body of the constitution. But they did incorporate an article, Article V, to allow for future amendments as deemed appropriate. There are a number of amendments that need to be created, modified, or undone, including one on term limits. That’s what the Convention of States organization is all about. I highly recommend that you (and everyone else) obtain a copy of Mark Levin’s book, “The Liberty Amendments”. He outlines a number of well conceived suggestions for ways the constitution could be improved. A number of states have signed on to the concept. We need a total of 38 state legislatures to sign on in order to get the process rolling. Any proposed amendments will then require ratification by at least 3/4 of the states. It can, and must, be done. Contact your legislators.


      1. The sad part of Biden is the leftist bought their way to put biden in so joe and ur crooked son is are worst then the mafia biden and his leftist and judges etc have destroyed the constitutional law sad they all sold their souls to the DEVIL

        1. Amen to the point.and all the crimes that the Democrats Clintons,Obamas,Bidens,and so many more have gotten away with is beyond criminal and know one has stepped up to hold these CRIMINALS responsible for selling out this country and basically giving it away for free.i can just imagine the world looking at this country as a cheap ,criminal failure. Nothing to be proud of any more it has become a disgrace to the world what these Democrats have been giving free wheel to destory this country and still taking more to change everything we have ever built to make our country the best.they have taken everything even the judges,law to their advantages. Sick you can only fight back fair so long then it becomes personal and this is where it’s at just watch it’s going to get bad really bad.people are sick ,tired of this one side crap.

      1. I have been saying this for the last few years. It’s past time the people took our country back from the politicians, they have destroyed it to the point it might be gone but I sure hope not

      2. Lea, you’re right. That’s why Biden didn’t have to do more than token campaigning. They knew they could create enough votes to cover whatever lead Trump had on election day. It worked! The election was over months before November 3rd.

        1. Yes and the Democrats have no sole they dont even at knowledge the constitution ,laws in this country.i believe this country has been curst by the Democrats and this is why the country is in this shape. God has got to step in soon I cant believe this has all happen and nothing has stopped them .makes you wonder what’s coming.these Democrats are satan’s slaves.working over time.

    4. Yeap, and that is not what this Country Needs or Wants a woman Pres. Dems are devious and will do what ever it takes to get Trump out. Not right we all know the winner and it is Trump

    5. The useful idiots made billions for him and Kamala. He does the usual, lie and show the middle finger. What did they expect?

    6. Yes, but Harris will be taking all her orders from non American born Obama. So, effectively they are attempting to resurrect the cheating, lying, stealing Obama administration.

    7. He is so full of shit that he ain’t even funny. I hope these black brothers and sisters see up front and personal now what a lying sack of ship this man is. President Trump is NOT racist he loves America and the people in America and he is trying to right the wrong that was done to the African American people that the democrats done and continue to mistreat them. May God have mercy on Joe Biden’s soul.

    8. If you are our only hope, we’re fucked!! You did not win this election old sick man, you and your party stole it and you ALL know it…shame on you….lie lie lie, and Kamala…
      Your worse….now it’s our turn to make your life a living hell….

      1. Where does the Constitution say that anchor babies are ineligible to be president? She was born here, and raised as an American. Obama was the son of an American, regardless of where he might have been born.

    9. It’s curious that Biden’s statement, “If you don’t vote for me then you ain’t Black” instructs Blacks that to escape the Racism they believe they are mired in they should not vote for him. In so doing, according to Biden, they would no longer be black. Biden, usually a liar, made an apparent prophetic utterance.

      I thank God, who created all skin colors, that many blacks did not vote for Biden who unquestionably, based on his history, is a Racist. If more non-whites would have caught what was uttered as prophetic and voted for conservatives more would have escaped the Liberal enslavement they have allowed themselves to be chained in.

      Democrats continue to believe in and promote the Plantation system. Republicans and Conservatism are the ON THE GROUND RAILROAD SYSTEM to escape the Democrat Plantation.

    1. I listened horribly to how he conducts his meeting . There’s no thought processing , no engaging , repetitive , baseless with no resolution to at least one goal ! Multiple goals without resolutions … it’s like a salad meeting ! ????? Sad part is , these black leaders sat down and had to swallow it . They looked like slaves to Biden ! ???????????

    2. Yes it was. I was a democrat for 50 yrs and couldn’t vote for this Corrupt scumbag. The democrats have become so disgusting, hateful and destructive. There is No way this fool got more votes let’s alone 15 million more than Obama.

      1. I to was a Democrat for 50 yrs and changed four yrs ago to independent couldn’t stand all their crap and after seeing what they done to Trump I am very disgusted with them and when they put old snake eyes in to run for potus that was the last straw that man has done nothing in 47 yrs of being in politics.

    3. not worthy to be a boy scout leader unable to lead them out of the woods, I blame the supreme court especially the 3 picks Trump busted his behind to get picked and they turn against him, you too Barret

  2. Biden is what he is, that’s undeniable. The true root cause for major concern is all those ignorant fools who voted him into office. They’re hoping to use Biden as a pawn to gain the White House. Then they’ll declare him unfit, remove him and we’ll be left with radical left-wing socialist, Harris, running the show. God help us.

  3. Did this Surprise you? Why? For 47 years Biden has done NOTHING FOR all race except the RICH PEOPLE! NAACP is part of the problem in the black race! But they are good at twisted things around to BLAME white people! Has anyone in the black race notice the type of CAR OR HOME THESE NAACP LEADER DRIVE OR LIVE IN? Can say the same about Southern PROVERTY! But you fool keep right on VOTING FOR YOUR ENEMY! Which is the DEMOCRAT PARTY! Just read those laws they pass. One they claim to help you! Even in 1968 it was JOHNSON WHO MADE A REMARK ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE! THAT SHOULD HAD STICK IN YOUR MIND! But didn’t! Thank to NAACP twisted the TRUTH! God made all men EQUAL! But it those who know how to USE YOU AND KNOW HOW MUCH YOU UNDERSTAND THAT HURT YOU! We know TRUMP IS THE ONLY PRESIDENT THAT STOOD UP FOR THINGS THEY DEMONCRAT HAS DONE TO HURT THE BLACK COMMUNITY. AND IT WAS TRUMP WHO CHANGE OR REMOVE THE DUMB LAWS! SO WHY ARE THERE BLACK LEADER SUPPORT FOR BIDEN? THESE LEADER ARE ONLY AFTER ONE THING AND YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS$$$$$$

  4. Yea he really took on the issues during the debates after Trump had repeatedly put White Supremecy down. He just kept repeating the same talking points every time. I would bet $100 he cant even spell President. If Trump doesnt declare marshall law and throw every one of them in jail its going to be the biggest travesty of justice ever seen.

  5. I’m not the only one rolling my eyes as he continues to blab on about how great he is.
    He’s a fake President of the people who stole the election ….. cheated ,lied and is now being exposed for who & what he is. God help us.

    1. My sentiments exactly. I can’t even look at that ugly, old face. He’s a joke on this country, too bad it’s not funny.

  6. By now it is getting ridiculous to believe Biden has the capacity to serve as President. He has either Alzheimers or Dementia it will not be known without an autopsy. The Myth that he can serve as President is irresponsible, dangerous and ridiculous. He can not even be prosecuted for his crimes in his diminished capacity. He has been used by democrats as a shell. The democrats knew what they were doing as he will be forced to resign soon after taking office. This is the most heinous crime the democrats have perpetrated on this country and needs to be addressed immediately. This man cannot handle the rigors of normal life let alone the Presidency.It was obvious that he was unable to campaign as a normal candidate. It is obvious the his speech is slurred, his mind is feeble and he is in a constent state of confusion and he can’t clearly express himself. His agitation at people asking questions he can’t answer is typical of the diminished capacity. When will our representatives call this bluff. Biden needs to be tested by impartial medical people. As a layperson who had a father with one of these diseases it is obvious that he is in at least the middle stages. Anyone close to him already knows his condition and is lying about it. His infatuation with the past and feeble attempt to fill in blanks in his memory are cruel and should be stopped, so he can be treated for his disease. it is hard for me to believe that the democrats are this conniving to continue this myth. This must be stopped immediately before it goes any farther.

  7. Yeah!!!! I’m so glad to see so many people making comments that are right on the money about Sleepy Joe and Demotwits in general. I like to call them DemocRATS, as well. How in Heaven’s name did somebody who didn’t campaign until a few weeks before the election possibly win? Trump did 3-5 rallies per day, some with 50,000 in attendance. How in God’s name could someone who actually said “if you don’t vote for me, you aint Black”? More Blacks and Hispanics (and even Gays) voted for DJT than at any other time in history! How preposterous is it, that a man who actually eulagized with praise Robert “Sheets” Byrd, a well known KKK Grand Klegal (recruiter), receive any Black votes at all? Donald Trump denounced White supremacy over 200 times! Yet, it wasn’t enough to satisfy the MSM and other critics. How did someone hiding in his basement for months on end vanquish a very popular President? It’s called cheat, cheat, and cheat ’til you can’t cheat no mo!!!!!!! Come on, man!!! WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!! Thank you!

  8. Wow – Biden sounds like he has done everything by himself. I hope these people and their supporters have listened to this closely. He hasn’t offered any solutions other than what he states he has done previously in office.
    Biden is pretty good at flying off the handle and spouting lots of garbage. Remember that BS baffles brains and this is exactly what Biden does each and every time he has a chance to speak. Obama and Joe by default, have been the biggest race mongers in the last 40 years. Now he back peddles and all should believe him??????

    1. Typical Democrat call someone else racist rather than own up to the whole Democratic party being racist. President Donald J Trump has helped our black, and all Americans regardless of their color race or where they came from more than Joe Biden and Obama every has! Get real my all Americans we should see what happens in he next 4 years of nothing.

  9. Ahh the shades of truth being revealed. You wanted him… now you can look forward to 4 more years of scrapping to get by if your lucky enough to have a job a year from now. What the hell have they done for you in the past 40 years???? Besides throw our country under the bus for their comrades of course… can anybody tell me one positive thing the Democrats have instituted in the past 40 years?????

  10. My husband and I are 78 and 81, these are supposed to be our “Golden Years”. I’m afraid they will be the worst years of our lives if these crazy insane people ruin our Country and our lives, what we have left. We have worked hard all our lives, like most people have, and don’t deserve this by greedy people that aren’t satisfied with all the wealth they have and will do anything for more. These are all EVIL people and should be destroyed and put away!!!! Not put in charge of our great Country!!!!

    1. Jan – move over for two more seniors in the same boat as you are. My husband will be 91 in Jan. and I will be 86 in Feb. We have worked all our lives, being frugal (some say stingy), planning an independent retirement. We now live in a nice retirement community, not elaborate, but nice. With Biden (rather Obama/Harris) pulling the strings, we should be choosing the color of our tent for living in the Salvation Army’s parking lot. Last year, under President Trump, we actually got a refund on our taxes – first time ever. Yet, the ignorant liberals say he only helped the people at the top.

  11. I wonder what it is that he’s done so far President Trump is the one who lowered the unemployment in the black community,he has come up with a plan called the Platinum Plus designed to help the black community and when Ice Cube had a great plan the Biden campaign said that they’ll talk to him about it after the election but the Trump campaign called him in to the White House to talk about his plan with Trump who implemented some of his ideas into the Platinum Plan!

  12. If this wasn’t so serious I would laugh myself silly. Biden has no respect for anyone but himself and his family. He never respond in a calm manner he yells. The black vote makes no sense. How many times do they have to be hit over the head. Democrats, Obama and Biden have been doing this for years. As long as they continue to support the Democrats they will never gain a equal status that they deserve. It’s their own fault believing fairytales from all Democrats. It’s starts at the city levels and goes right to the highest office. 50 years and counting.

  13. Biden’s election should be overturned by the Supreme Court due to pervasive fraud in this election on all fronts. The military should be put on alert to quell the resulting revolution and kill all armed protesters. Who cares what the rest of the world thinks? Commies have done it everywhere before to cement their fraudulent governments. We need to do it to cement our freedom. Kill, don’t imprison, all violent protesters, including ALL BLM’s first!

    1. Not worthy or not sentient?
      The Supreme Court seems to be ignoring all the fraud that I saw in a video about the 2020 election process.

      The court said why did you not act sooner?
      Has the fraud stopped?????
      I doubt it.

  14. I don’t believe Biden scolded black leaders; black “leaders” voted for President Trump because he delivered for their advancement. The people Biden scolded were more likely Democrat “followers” who are content to remain on the Democrat plantation.

  15. I fear for the future of America with the likes of Joe Biden in the white house. I really don’t think he has the mental capacity to hold this office. maybe the needle went too deep when he was having his hair implants. But the U.S. has weathered catastrophes before. But for now, “God bless America please” we’re going to need all the help we can get!

  16. Biden having more women around him so he can molest them just like he did to Tara Reade and then claim he didn’t do it. This is why he should answer to the crime he already committed to TARA READE the one that he keeps trying to avoid so be a man and face this woman and show all of us that you are not a pedophile molesting women around you, and tell the truth about what you did to Tara Reade so you can be heard as we don’t want a liar and a pedophile as a president and by the way President Donald TRUMP WILL BE OUR PRESIDENT FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS.?????????????????

  17. WHY accept this obvious FRAUD of an election.if we do.we will never have an honest vote again.
    and every vote VERIFIED and counted.nothing is impossible to change the dates,when results have to be in place ,
    THE RESULTS HAVE TO BE HONEST> and then throw all the people who did this TRAVESTY IN JAIL.

  18. Let me enlighten you this was all a plan.now they will get rid of him Harris will take over and she will pick Clinton as her mate and then Clinton will run the country and finish what she started

  19. Joe Biden hates niggers, he has shown that time, and time again. So of course your typical black plantation nigger must listen to his white masters. yes’um maser.

  20. This son of a Beetch Biden ran for Office for his Own personal financial Gain.
    He has been in public office for half a century and has NOT done anything productive in all that time. Trump accomplished more in 3 years than Hussein Obambam/O’Biden did in 8 years, in spite of all the fraudulent accusations, investigations, false impeachments, and corrupt Media coverage!

  21. In the 1970’s, Donald J. Trump was Donald J. Trump.
    In the 1970’s, Barrack Hussein Obama was “Barry Sotero”
    Trump has always been an American, a True Patriot.
    Obama has always been a Tyrant, Traitor, UnAmerican, Socialist.
    Please be informed. Watch documentaries “Trump Card”, and “Plot against the President”, “Clinton Cash”.

  22. More lies from Joe to the Black leadership, Charlottsville Lies AGAIN……The most help to the black community came from President Trump and the Black community knows it and showed it by their vote. We are all in trouble with this liar!!

  23. From the sound of conversation, there is a clear disconnect for inclusion for the 74 million that voted for Trump, Biden says give them “nothing”, but somehow make them feel included as excluded. Those were his words. Harris even went off on 4 years of Trump as not only losing that time, but losing ground they had gained ? Odd, my neighborhood has become more & more diverse over the last 4 years of Trump. Tome this was about the Special Interest Groups lining up to cash in their chips for electing Biden-Harris. The reality is that it can’t happen fast enough on a grand enough scale, and they are discussing announcements of appointments & hires at this stage that the game is on. The agenda is more Blacks, not equality. It’s not an inclusive/inclusionist agenda, it’s discriminatory as exclusive/exclusionist, they will pick the winners & losers based upon the color of skin as usual and nepotism is going to happen first. None of these folks is going to tell you that wealthier blacks are ahead of poorer blacks even. I think they need to disclose who they are related too. There just isn’t enough of a pot of wealth to go around for everyone to flourish, not that these folks are in it for that. They’re there to get their Black person into that position. That’s been going on since civil rights/affirmative action and even before in the black communities themselves. Don’t believe me, just watch a pickup game of basketball. The N-word flows as trash talk, the one’s trash talking aren’t there for equality, they’re there to win and they aren’t building up the confidence of their opponents one bit. There’s one kid that every sentence he utters he’s calling someone the N-word. It’s really about the only time this diverse neighborhood that the N-word is ever even heard.

  24. There he goes again….”I’m the guy, I’m the guy”. Do blacks really believe his BS? Don’t be sheep people!!!

  25. Joek (is) Buyin (the election) mental problems is caused by his dishonesty, his corruption, and his sleeping with Satan. His name and anybody associated with him will go down in our history books as MUD !


  26. Joe is deep state just like the republicans that are kissing his ass. Time to ban both parties and replace our whole government.

  27. Father God,..Help The USA,…& Bring Justice to Our Voting System,…We ALL Know President Trump REALLY Won This Election,..and is for `WE THE PEOPLE!’

  28. All the top Democrats come from Slave Owning Families. Biden`s Family in Maryland his ancestors owned Slaves. Commiela Harris`s Family owned three plantations of Slaves amounting to over 300. Beto O`Rouke`s Family owned Slaves and he has stated his wealth came from Slave Labor. If they ask for Reparations , out of their guilty hearts then the Democrats Slave Owning Party they should pay all the Reparation not the American Tax Payers!

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