Leaked George Floyd Arrest Footage Changes Narrative, Media Silent

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has dragged his feet for more than two months while attempting to build a murder case against the four police officers involved in the overdose death of George Floyd back on Memorial Day.

If you want to know why Americans haven’t seen that bodycam footage yet, AG Keith Ellison is the reason. But now the footage is out, and Americans can finally judge the matter for themselves.

Ellison hid the police bodycam footage from the public because it tells a very different story than the one he is concocting for the Fake News Media and a future jury.

The leaked footage shows George Floyd never complied with the police at any point during the bodycam footage. When an officer first confronts Floyd in his vehicle, George Floyd keeps one of his hands out of the officer’s view. The officer has to draw his gun and tell George Floyd to “Show me your other hand” nine times before Floyd complies.

The cop later asks two people who were with George Floyd why he’s “acting so squirrely.” The woman twirls a finger next to her head in the universal sign for “crazy” and replies, “He got somethin’ goin’ on.”


Even though the cops just took George Floyd out of a vehicle, he suddenly claims he has claustrophobia and can’t go inside a vehicle when they try to arrest him. Floyd is wailing in pain while he is still standing and starts chanting that he cannot breathe – long before he ends up restrained on the ground. The reason he was on the ground? Because he kicked his way out of the back of the police SUV when he didn’t want to be arrested.

This wasn’t a murder. This wasn’t an example of race-based police brutality. The police officers on the video are remarkably calm and professional through the entire ordeal. George Floyd’s death was really sad. Every one of the 20,000 annual American deaths due to Chinese-produced Fentanyl is sad. But a Fentanyl overdose (Floyd had three times the fatal amount of Fentanyl in his system, along with meth) is not useful to the communists who have taken over the Democrat Party and who hope to take over America in November.

Here’s the video that Keith Ellison and the Democrats had hoped to hide from Americans, at least until after the election:

14 thoughts on “Leaked George Floyd Arrest Footage Changes Narrative, Media Silent”

  1. The mainstream media has constantly promoted unrest , rioting and panic when dealing with everything from the non-existent racism problem and the lies behind the scamdemic. They aren’t responsibly reporting facts , they are pushing propaganda for the powers that shouldn’t be…

  2. Mary, not only was he given a golden funeral he was presented the American flag reserved for Honorable Veterans who served our country in the military, the flag is not for criminals who served in prison!! shame on Nazi Pelosi, the hag needs to burn in hell. These riots are not over Geo. Floyds death either , it is an outside organization paying these morons to destroy their own home the greatest nation in the world The USA!! Our children have been brainwashed into thinking our country is no good and needs to go Socialized!! Remember Nikita Kruchev dictator of Russia saying “America we will bury you and destroy you from with in” and they are doing it by brainwashing our children right under our noses.!!!! God Bless America.

  3. All started with rodney king. The public never saw his shenanigans BEFORE the footage that was shown. Exactly why the 4 American hero L.A.P.D. Officers were acquitted. Wait til the Minneapolis Police are acquitted, the Atlanta Police and all the others falsely charged at appease the looney left. And Nov 4 should be a real treat folks, the day after President Trump wins ANOTHER landslide victory. Better join MIllions of other patriotic Americans and buy a firearm.

  4. How was it that he was claustrophobic in the police car with the windows rolled down but not claustrophobic in his own car with the windows rolled up?

  5. Typical the Very Fake and Corrupt Drive by Media witch is largely at fault for all the destruction of peoples Business and livelihood, All this Burning, Looting and Killings cud have been avoided if we had an honest and unbiased Media, but instead at this point they are most definitely the peoples enemies, and a part of the destruction of America This Floid case made them help the DemocRat partners a step further in their Desperate effort to create and other Coup against our Duly elected and Loved President. This might give you an idea what kinda people (animals) will Vote for the DemonRatPack. Hope everyone, that was hurt because the MM misrepresented them self got the ability to sue for their losses. I’ rest my case.!

  6. All these blm & antifa COWARDS should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!!! The POS sorass & odumbo should be arrested, have all assets confiscated. They should be used to pay for all damages incurred & they should be prosecuted for the attempted coup of a standing President, along with crummy, piglosi, scammer, shithead, fat jerry, mad max, the four whores, all involved w/mueller investigation, like crapper, bee hen, McCabe, strok, Paige & all others. This whole thing has been a disgrace. Oh yeh don’t forget sleezy joe, his coke head son & heels up harris. All these mayors & governors who have allowed all the looting/rioting in Chicago, Minnesota, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Washington, kenosha, & others should all be removed from office fully disgraced!!!

    1. Mike you have summed it up well. ‘Heels up Harris’ with Brown Willy! Ha ha! I hope you have seen the hair sniffing videos of Uncle joe with little girls and older ladies.

  7. This would never had gone this far in Singapore. I spent two years there and you can walk down the street an midnight without any worry.

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