Joe Biden REFUSES to Visit Kenosha Wisconsin, but President Trump Does

Have you been following the insanity in Kenosha, Wisconsin? It was a literal war zone. There were so many shots fired over the weekend that no one has been able to count them all. People died. Buildings burned. It was the definition of madness.

Note the emphasis on the word “was.” The National Guard was deployed after people started dying in the streets. Have you heard anything new from the area since?

The reason everything is quiet in Kenosha is that President Trump was right all along. The governor of Wisconsin finally accepted federal aid and stopped interfering. The riots were stopped immediately.


All of this makes a clear point. President Trump knows how to handle the riots. The Democrats don’t. So, when politicians in Wisconsin tell President Trump not to come, you know who is right and who is wrong.

When Joe Biden refuses to visit Kenosha under any circumstances, it can confirm your suspicions. One of these men is a real leader, and he has made real change while in office. The other should probably be resting in a nice retirement home somewhere, eating soft foods.

This is the simplified version of what’s happening. The reality is frustrating, enraging and frightening. The slowest red pill in the history of YouTube is here in this video to capture all of that. Tim Pool was once a self-identified leftist. It is specifically because of these riots and Democratic failure that he is now a gun-owning, Trump-supporting avowed Republican. Hear it straight from the source.

47 thoughts on “Joe Biden REFUSES to Visit Kenosha Wisconsin, but President Trump Does”

  1. “When Joe Biden refuses to visit Kenosha under any circumstances, it can confirm your suspicions. One of these men is a real leader, and he has made real change while in office. The other should probably be resting in a nice retirement home somewhere, eating soft foods.” On top of everything else, Biden is a fool!


      1. First, Thank you for your service! I totally agree, that if Biden wins we will see a new country so unrecognizable ,
        it will soon look like a 3rd world country. Keep our Bill of Rights, listen to our forefathers when they wrote the Declaration of Independence. Listen up people. We could be losing everything we have worked and fought for!
        God Bless our America!

      2. I also believe this to be true, thank you for your comment. More so of many THANK YOU’S for your service as my brother was also there.

      3. You are absolutely right, the only thing wrong is, you will NEVER CONVINCE THOSE BRAIN DEAD DEMOCRATS OF THESE FACTS!!!!!!!

  2. How ignorant you are; do not forget that President Trump is still the President and Joe Biden is only the President -elect. President Trump enjoys the privilege of being protected by the National Guard , but Joe Biden not. Trump is rather the coward because he went to Kenosha with the National Guard. Why did he not Bravely go without them? If you have a brain in your head you will simply understand why Trump went to Kenosha with protection and Joe Biden did not go to Kenosha without protection.

      1. Victor Amoah-Kyei, you’re off on your facts. The Natl. Guard doesn’t protect the president. The Secret Service does. And thank goodness, Biden is NOT the president-elect. He’s the Democrat candidate. The election hasn’t happened.

    1. The national guard is already there, they aren’t shadowing trump. Both have ss agents with them at all times. Biden doesn’t want to be close to the people hurting that know hes part of team apporoval of the destruction to blame trump as a political ploy, bestvto stay away from sights..

    2. Such stoopidity. Trump is protected by the Secret Service and the Marines. The National Guard is deployed for federal actions. BIden as a Presidential CANDIDATE – not President elect (you demo POS !) already has a protection guard around all Presidential Candidates upon entering the race. You only prove that you know nothing, are nothing, and need to shut up and start listening to events.

    3. So stupid of an answer. Trump is in the public away from his security a lot. Biden has protection & he certainly can hire more detail if he needs it. Besides he has Antifa and Black Lives Matter by his side remember?

    4. Umm, correction. Biden is a tit rubbing, groin grabbing, demented president wanna-be, who is scared of his own shadow! Trump however called IN the National Guard to ‘clean up’ the Dem Gov.’s MESS you ass wipe. Then he followed up. They WEREN’T his body guards. HE took action to protect the citizens of Kenosha unlike Biden. You’re drinking too much of the demon koolaid buddy…get help and FAST.

    5. Hey stupid, do you remover when slimy joe had the military support when he was so called VP? What did he do then? I mean seriously what did he accomplish then. See what you and Joe need to do is pull up your panties real tight and since either one of you has a set of balls you’ll be able to get them pulled in really tight and go back in the closet. As much as I hate to say this, I believe Hillary had a bigger set of balls than ol Joe does.

    6. You excuses for biden is sad…. hes not going cause he’s afraid… and if he brings security he knows it will piss his voters off… so plz

    7. It is the Biden voters that is causing the riots and destruction. Biden will go there and say good job, I am proud of you guys, Death to America! President Trump went there to thank the local police and arrest all the criminals!

    8. Ah, Vic, I think you’re getting ahead of yourself here. Biden is definitely not the “President-elect”, he’s just a candidate, and a really bad one at that.

  3. Just to give a comment, What is happening Today in America is more than a Horror. A lot of people die daily from Covid 19 just because of lack of Medical Care . And above all, a President who discourage the people from saving themselves and their neighbors by simply wearing Face Mask. Just look at the death Toll in the states. Even the Developing Countries who do not have the ability to protect themselves do not die so much because they protect themselves by commonly wearing Face Masks. How ignorant can it be that such a Civilized Country like America will follow the Instructions of a liar. To be specific , I refer to a President who , when he opens his mouth, tell lies. Since he came to Power , he has only been telling LIES to the Nation and the World in General, but still people listen and follow him just because he is the President.How Naive; I can`t understand these types of people. Over 400 times did he lie to his people and Notoriously use his power to oppress his people but still, there are a lot of fools who still follow and admit him as a Hero. Oh my God , come down NOW.

      1. Well said. Take a look at his name – he’s a Muslim, Leftist and Socialist Commie. Another one of them living our country and should be deported along with Ilhan Omar who should be sent back to Somalia. Why the hell is she still in Congress along with Rashida Talib and AOC. All are Socialists who should go live in the Socialist countries of their choice, and should get the hell out of the United States of America.

        1. Amen. We need to bring back law & order & make it harder to become a citizen of America. I can not believe what is in our government. This is why the growing push for a socialist country. Look at the squad. They want America to look like the Middle East. Like Trump said go back with your ideas & fix your country first. Let’s see how that works out for you.

    1. Tape your comment & replay. You sound like CNN.
      Start watching Fox channels & see the facts not the false narratives that are being spewed 24/7 by the corrupt media. I guess you still believe Trump is a Russian spy??

    2. Governors control their own states,not the Federal Government.Blame the deaths and all of the destruction on the people whom are leaders in those states.

    3. Victor Amoah-Kyei, if you live in the U.S.A., you must be foreign or of foreign decent. America was founded by Rebels. What do you think the Revolutionary War was about? Who do you think they were? How about the American Civil War? The Confederates were called Rebels, okay? I think you need to back off of President Trump. The President and his medical advisors stated in the beginning that Coronavirus (CoVid-19) was a new virus and most people in the world were not familiar with the new strain. It was “touch and go”, a pandemic that no one was totally familiar with. Since you like your home country so much and not our President, go “back home”. We don’t give a damn. Perhaps you can’t stand another four more years, but it’s going to happen. You fellow Patriots out there, say something! I Take No Prisoners

  4. “Just to give a comment, What is happening Today in America is more than a Horror. A lot of people die daily from Covid 19 just because of lack of Medical Care .”

    This statement is absolutely false and the poster is lying. Hey Victor have you not seen the the CDC has come out and said only 9000 of the 181,000 deaths attributed c19 were from c19. 9000. You believed the CDC when they said 2 million Americans would die from c19 but now you won’t believe them when they post these numbers. The reason you don’t believe them is because it’s proof that the fear mongering from the government was all about shutting America down and destroying the economy to get Trump out of office.

    Your whole post is a sewer of lies. You can’t back any of your statements up. You just throw out lies that you think people want to hear. Do us all a favor and move to Iran or Syria where people have no rights or freedom. You be more comfortable there. Warning: You and all your Commie friends Stop trying to take Americans rights away or you’ll regret it.

  5. Gerard , thank you for your Comments. I enjoyed reading them. I don`t want to go to Iran or Syria. I am living in a Democratic Land where everyone tells his mind. I feel it is better than living in Iran or Syria where the people are unable to say their minds. So do me a favour and do not deprive me of that.

    1. You take our freedoms, in this case “Freedom of Speech” and you use it against us. We, the citizens, who were born in the United States, resent your socialist/communist rhetoric and views which you voice constantly under the guise of “Freedom of Speech”. Again, if you think you can change the United States of America, you’re mistaken and should leave this country. Go back to your Muslim country and try to change it into another United States of America.

  6. People this man is not fit to be President, but the dems have a plan to steal the election, it calls for the dismantling of the electoral college contest every state that appears to be in play and try to drag it out until Jan 20th where they can install Nancy as a temporary President and then turn it over to whoever the hell they want after the sweat dies down. It was found online on John Podesta’s think tank called Transition Integrity project to role play war games to think out different scenarios in case things didn’t go Joeys way. That is why you have the mouth of the North going around telling Joey not to concede the election for any reason. It is 22 pages long, and it really gives you an insight as to how corrupt the democrats really are, The print is by the way from the letter so there was zero interference by any Republican to change the context of the summary.

    1. You’re a stupid “rabbit”. This is crap that has Hillary Clinton written all over it. Look who you talk about – John Podesta, another Clinton lapdog. Hillary is still kicking and screaming because she lost in an election that picked President Trump. She’s now telling “joey, the fool” to never concede no matter what. My question is doesn’t it seem to you (that is if you’re not deaf, dumb and blind) that Hillary is at it again calling out all her corrupt rhetoric, cheating and lies. Hillary Clinton still has not learned to shut her big lying mouth and go away. The people of the United States are sick of her.

  7. Hi Rani ,Let us hope that President Trump becomes a life President for us all , maybe then will you feel how it is to have a Dictator as our President.The Wealth of Great America will then be shared among Family Members and Friends. The Do before Complain will be instituted , he will be raised above the Laws of the States and you will also have a portion of it namely, Poor and Sick.,

    1. How you can call Trump a Dictator is beyond my comprehension!!! Obama is the very one who saw himself as becoming the supreme dictator. Another four years of that fool under Hillary’s disguise would have wrecked this nation. Can’t you get it through your thick head that we, the people, are sick and tired of your politicians? You should have gotten that message loud and clear when Trump won!!!! Go back to the hole you crawled out of.

  8. Take what Victor says in it’s ignorant context, folks… he probably came to the U.S. under the Obama/Biden regime, and feels some sort of twisted, misguided allegiance to the Antichrist and his fartcatcher. Learn what it means to LOVE your country, Vic.

  9. People ,open your eyes,clean your eyes so that you can see clearly what is going on. There is nothing we can do than to wait for the results of the impending Elections, i can tell you now what will happen after the Elections but I rather keep my mouth shut. We have dangerous moments ahead . May God Bless America AMEN!!!

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