Joe Biden Goes After Elon Musk for Only Hiring American Citizens

Elon Musk has been making some moves recently that look sort of increasingly anti-establishment, don’t you think? He moved his company from Texas last year, in order to get away from the tax hell known as “California.” Musk was incredibly vocal and supportive of the Reddit day-traders who crushed the Wall Street hedge fund managers a couple of weeks ago.

And the next big Elon Musk announcement? He’s bought $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin.

That’s not how the establishment expects a gazillionaire to behave! The establishment wonders, “Why isn’t Elon Musk acting more like a supervillain from a James Bond movie?!”

Instead of making your life miserable, Musk just seems content to do his own thing while building electric cars and his own personal space program. But that’s not good enough for the rest of the establishment elites, so… Steps Must Be Taken.


The Biden regime has now taken one of the most bizarre, anti-American stances toward an American business owner that we’ve ever seen. Remember how President Trump was always finding ways to make it more attractive for expatriate American companies to come back to America? Well, the Biden regime looks like it’s actually going to be trying to antagonizing Elon Musk into leaving the USA.

Musk got a letter from the Biden DOJ that he’s in big trouble, because he showed hiring preferences for American workers in his American space program, which is located in the American region of, you know, America! *Gasp!*

Check out Dinesh D’Souza as he describes this psychotic move from the Biden regime against Elon Musk…

77 thoughts on “Joe Biden Goes After Elon Musk for Only Hiring American Citizens”

  1. Hey he has the money and it is his business he can hire whom ever he wants and everyone should do the same. hire American. Tell Biden to kiss your ass. Biden is a criminal and he is in no way our President. I would love to wipe that ugly smirk off bidens face and tell him just what i think of the no good scumbag. He wasn’t elected He rigged the election and stole all the votes from Trump the best President this country ever knew. We need more people to stand up against him, instead of hiding in the corner.

        1. I don’t think that Biden has enough smarts to do anything. Obama is still working the strings on this puppet. Hopefully that we can survive this ugly group until 2020l and we take control of both houses so we will have a little control over what this thug tries to do.

      1. What the power grabbing totalitarian democrat/socialist/communist/fascist Traitor Joe and his party fail to honor once again is the Constitution. It is clear that the primary responsibility of government is the safety of our citizens. In simple terms, as the head of the administrative branch of our government it is imperative that he puts America and American Citizens FIRST!! The same holds for all branches of our government. As President Donald Trump so rightly said… it is imperative that all governments of all countries put the welfare of their citizens first. That does not in any way preclude agreed upon compromise between nations. So when Traitor Joe emphasizes foriegn nationals over our citizens he is in fact being in violation of his oath of office and must be impeached.

        1. Let’s start impeachment proceedings now. He has and is exceeding his authorities by not allowing all parties an opportunity to have input into his Executive Orders. That’s why we have a House and a Senate and not a dictator. It’s called “Dereliction of duty”. If we don’t have republican risk takers in either body of government, get out of the way because we do.

        2. Yes Biden/Harris commie team needs to go! Biden has been in bed with China far too long! He even groomed Helter Skelter Hunter for the job and we’re all aware how that turned out! But mainstream media won’t report on it! Biden is too corrupt to be president of anything! He should be in a freaking cage next to PRINCESS PELOSI!

        3. I agree ?? with the position taken by the prior individual “Donald “.

          We have begun to loose sense of our identity as Americans. We fought f or our freedoms and as Americans we must protect our nation from being over run by foreign entities. Also , now with the coronavirus and Mexico and other countries south of the border being struck hard by Covid 19 we need to keep our border closed except for those that have work permits etc from entering . We have more than we can handle with unemployment and adding people to that list is just plane wrong. Let’s protect our jobs from foreign influence.

          Let’s protect our families , and the financial welfare of the country.

          It’s time to stand up for our country and ? stop being rolled over by the elites who only care about themselves and their money. We are losing this country to the radical left.

        4. Why is the DOJ defending someone who is not a US Citizen?! Let’s be clear that this is the US DOJ. Donald, you’re right on target, but it’s important that we question what country the US DOJ is representing. Why smack down a US company for a non-US citizen when the USA is who you represent? Impeach away.

      2. Agreed, along with the rest of the left. Pelosi, AOC and Chuck Schumer. Any senator that, in fact, not supporting our Constitution. As we saw this past weekend.

    1. You know where he got the SMIRK. Off of his ILLEGAL whom he served under.
      I also agree with all you have to say.

    2. Absolutely agree with you! That is the best describtion of Biden I have heard! You are correct Biden was not elected, he was put in office so that the Democrates Politicions could use him to do whatever they want! The election was rigged and Biden and his son are both criminals and belong in prison! Also the Democrate Politicions are actually working for China! I would like to join you to go in Biden’s face and tell him exactly what I think of him, but the problem is Biden is senile and probably won’t know what we are talking about, he is just doing what he is told to do! Just like how he was told to sign the executive orders!

      1. Biden was CCP choice They also selected Harris and their next favourite would have been Pete Buttigieg! Mr. Bean I call him. Apparently all 3 are groomed by China And of course most of Washington are under China too

        1. They’re groomed because they’re so easily manipulated. Democrats are just too stupid to make an honest living. They have no worthwhile talents. If you don’t have marketable worth, you’re a perfect puppet for evil forces who will pay you handsomely to do their bidding. China has certainly thrown a lot of money into their “overthrow America project” and so far it looks like it has been a worthwhile investment for them.

    3. Yes I agree with all of these peoples answers. These Democrat’s are all SCUM Bags!!! Please don.t worry because GOD’s GOT THIS!!!! Just remember that GOD created everything and he will give the final answer! These people and all of the Biden family will burn in hell! They don’t don’t even know anything about being a good person, they are all EVIL!!

    4. Donna:
      What I can not believe what Biden did on his first day in office. He went around and preached he was going to help American workers. Now the unions have a thing called PAC and it collects money from each person and it goes into a fund to elect Democrats. They are to be for the American worker make more money and have better medical. So all the coal workers and the people on the pipeline which is 70,000, which he dumped on the 1st day, Stopped the wall and its workers. They voted for Biden and he turns around and give them a reward for voting for him. They all got dimped! My kid was one of them, now he get to collect unemployment for 30 weeks and sub pay after that zero. Wonderfull President. Next is the UAW they will get dumped and replace by the 125,000 immigrants that he going to let into the country. All these people were duped into a system that is going to wipe the American people out of a job. We will suffer the gas is going sky high food will go sky high cause the American farmer will not exist because they will be replaced. Meat will come from Argentina which has there own cowboys. The armed forces will be replaced by China and Russia. Just think of all the wonderful things that you will have with the people in Washington and all the union people who voted for him just got the biggest screwen they ever got and the $2,000 we were suppose to get will end up in the immigrates pocket.

    5. Ugly smirk? Ya mean the turd chewin’ opossum smirk?
      Looks like fiden taught that one to his crack head phuque up kid too.
      Also, on the twit rigging the election, sorry to say but that was obuma. Yes, ol’ bath house is still wasting air.
      I doubt fiden could find his own ass with either hand in a closet with the light on.
      Soooo, buck fiden and the two hump kamal he rode in on.
      Have a nice day.

    6. I agree with all your thoughts Donna, but poor Uncle Joe and aunt camel hairs are very upset because they just found out the title they wanted to use as the trademark for their ideology has already been used in the past, so they are looking into getting a copyright on it for themselves now “National Socialism” they think it’s pretty catchy! and any day now they will institute social credit, where the lending institutions will check your social media posts in addition to your FICO score, so be prepared and remember the thought police have agents everywhere Big Brother is always watching and listening. I’m sure this post will be tagged, so good luck and be careful

    7. You are right Donna. I am a few years younger than Biden but I would love to take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. He is not running this country his VP, Camel Harris is. Give things a few more weeks and he will be put in a restroom where he should be. Biden is not my president and never will be. Changes have to be made in our voting or we will never return from this shit.

    8. Agreed….Did anyone think it may be a need for national security? He is a true Patriot for doing so. It is an American company…therefore may choose to hire American citizens. If they are not citizens, they cannot complain.

    9. Your Right as rain, the real re-elected President is Donald Trump and we will never forget this…
      The Occupier and Fake can suck rotten eggs….
      “Go Elon, You Rock Dude”

  2. I hope the Biden and his gang of non American group is proud of their anti American stand what the he’ll is wrong with these people it just disgusts me I hope the people that voted for him are pleased with their choice

  3. That Joe Biden is slamming Elon Musk for hiring American workers is something that one would definitely role one’s eyes over! But the fact that it’s Joe Biden making this more than ridiculous statement is totally what one can expect from him! Who does he think that Elon Musk should hire? No doubt illegals from Mexico! That seems to be Biden’s favourite choice for hiring!

    1. Exactly Frances, that is why the fuss. illegals with no paperwork are exactly who the libtards are trying to get here and support as a base for their elections since mail in voting is key for them and ids at the polling places are a big no-no for the libtardsit’s a few million votes they can count on at each election!

    1. Yes they are and I would put a paycheck on it that this complaint came from a chinese…this is the new worldnorder and biden the puppets is carrying out Obama plan

  4. Biden is anti-American and wants thus country to go completely bankrupt so he and his democrats can rebuild this country into a communist nation…hey sleep Joe you better build that wall stronger around your rat cage…we Americans will never surrender are constitutional rights or allow our country to be taken away from us by you scumbags.

    1. Joe is simply an idiot. He hasn’t the brainpower to make ANY kind of decisions. He has no clue about the damage he’s doing and he really doesn’t care either. All he is capable of is being a well-paid puppet and he’s been happy with that for 47+ years. Who reading this has a net worth comparable to O’Biden’s $16 MILLION??

  5. Mr Musk tell this fake president and his Ho. Stick there stupidly up there ass. All Democrats showing just how stupid they are. They need their head checked for sign’s of intelligence. Very little to find if any.

  6. I think that “Beijing Joe” Biden needs to SHUT HIS UGLY MOUTH and CELEBRATE the wonderful TAX REVENUE that ELON MUSK is bringing in! . . . FELONS like JOE need to be LOCKED up and “reeducated” in the REAL American way (oh, and DON’T forget to LOCK UP this Communist for SEDITION and TREASON). One Enlightened And HOPEFUL Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  7. Biden is not running anything. You really think that evil demented psycho could run anything? POS Obama is running the country and Biden is his frontman. He stated that on an interview he did. This is his 3 rd term.

    1. Obozo was a puppet controlled by the Chinese as well. He’s just a bit brighter than O’Biden. Well, most ANYONE is brighter than O’Biden with a few borderline exceptions: Maxine Waters, etc. Obozo’s actions were consistent with O’Biden’s…the destruction of America and the uplifting of America’s enemies…Iran, ISIS, etc.

  8. He is quite right, we put America and AMerican’s first since biden thinks its great to cancel jobs for Americans. He’s already closed down thousands of jobs with the wall being stopped and the pipeline being shut down. That’s really unAmerican and we don’t need him or any of the idiotic democrats in there that want to put illegals first, criminals first, China first over America.

  9. I wonder when the scumbags from Twitter and Facebook will attack Elon Musk and stop his accounts the way they did President Trump. We all know they’re in bed with Biden and the Chinese commies. As for Biden, he’s despicable and just as much an enemy of this country as Hitler, Tojo and Mussolini were during WWII and Stalin, Mao, and Castro were during the cold war.

  10. The democrats say they can’t stop Facebook and Twitter from censoring comments on their websites because they are privately owned companies,if that’s the case then you don’t have the right to tell them who they can hire,Joke Biden you are a disgrace to this nation.Just remember that karma is a bitch and any bad luck that comes to you and your family is deserved.

  11. This is outrageous, talk about supporting the American economy. Musk has worked hard and has created an incredible future for the globe. As long as he pays his taxes and does not act recklessly who is anyone to tell him not to support the American workers, who so desperately need employment. Why would Biden position himself against supporting jobs for the American people. This is not Biden it is the progressive left that want to wipe out what America stands for. The vision and future for this planet has been helped by Musk’s determination and thinking. He is not afraid of these one sided anti Americans. A very sad day for America.

    1. Joe Biden is a weak man who is afraid of anyone who is a visionary and loves our country. I support Elon Mush for hiring Americans first because we are the one paying the taxes and working our buts off to Make America Great. Rather than Joe order the Doj looking into the hiring practices of Elon he should be look at the terrible cabinet he is putting together by being sensitive to everyone except to whites.I hope Biden fails so that America can prosper!!!

  12. Biden’s a crook, plain and simple. To all those “Americans” who voted for him, better watch your back. You’ll be part of the destruction of this country and our economy by Biden and his cronies – they want the U.S. to become the next Venezuela or Cuba. Does make you wonder how these Liberals sleep at night in their well-feathered nests . . .

  13. it’s about time more people are “seeing the light” and realizing what’s going on with the Communistic, treasonous, lying, corrupt bottomless swamp Democratic party. All those workers losing their jobs, and the huge “trickle down” of lobs and businesses lost have none other than their own unions and fellow workers who voted for the Demorats. The unions representing different aspects of the pipe-line workers donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Biden campaign. WTF did they think was going to happen, when that beady-eyed, crooked, treason Biden actually TOLD them what he was going to do!!?? Maybe it was a good thing the pipe-line was stopped, because if those fools that voted for Biden are working on something so dangerous as the pipe-line, I’d be skeptical of their quality of work because their union reps are obviously “on the take” from the Democrats! Being a veteran, I am totally heart-broken watching the U.S.A. turning into a Communist Dictatorship. The Dems preach non-violence, because they realize it is more & more focused on them, but it was okay to burn, destroy, loot and assault citizens of cities around the country and bail out of jail the terrorists doing the damage! Unfortunately the rest of us true patriots now have to go along for the ride down into “the swamp abyss”. What the idiotic foolhardy Dems are failing to realize is “When you back people (or any creature) into a corner, they will ALWAYS “come out fighting”, and when words don’t stop or have any effect on reason, the ONLY alternative IS VIOLENCE! I don’t encourage violence at all, but when left with no alternative, it is the only result when any other means of rationale fall on deaf ears. Why do you think the Nat’l guard and fencing are around the Capitol? I personally think the Dems are “shitting their pants” and having to look over their shoulders because they know that their IDIOTIC antics will lead to the “breaking points” of many people who have nothing left to lose!

    1. All legal efforts have failed since the Chinese successfully have bought off so many judges and have so many of their stooges in the FBI, CIA and DOJ on their payroll. That will only leave violent means to end this communist takeover. Hopefully the military will step in before O’Biden does too much damage but if they don’t act it’ll be up to us freedom-loving citizens.

  14. Democrats are just closet cock suckers what did people expect…that he would do for us? Its all about China and central and South AMERICA. DID ANYONE ELSE Hear Biden say he didn’t even know what he was signing as executive orders were being laid in front of him? This is so pathetic…the world laughs at us and China is just waiting to come take over.

  15. Elon Musk MUST hire quality people, not LOW WAGE flunkies, because peoples’ lives are at stake EVERY TIME someone uses his products, like TESLA automobiles and ROCKETS. THIS is NOT a SOCIAL experiment where we can put peoples’ lives at RISK. And, the LAST thing he needs in business is government INTERFERENCE. Laws protecting the lives of others, YES. POLITICAL THEATRE, NO! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  16. Yes, biden is a @&$&&&@$&@$&&$
    but he is old school, and a crook.
    The person that sent the letter to musk is
    no other than camoda the dragon.
    This is when the biden administration discovers musk knows a lot of wealthy unknowns that want to get to orbit without the United States gov. Holding hands with them. The administration is amateurs learning the ropes.

  17. With biden bringing in all these illegal people into the country, we need to only hire Americans. I will not support any one who comes into this country illegally whether biden thinks he has blessed it or not. American’s First policy.




  19. Was the completion of the I-9 been eliminated? You know a government form where you must prove that your in this country legally to work? E verify?
    Businesses were fined for not complying.
    I didn’t always agree with Trump and how he handled things; the tweets & disrespectful comments & firings of those who disagreed but he helped this country stand up again. He does not play political games. He does however, must realize
    the US is not his personal business to run.
    But Biden; so obvious that he is a sell out. How can anyone see good coming out of him & his administration???

  20. The problem I see is that the government needs to stay out of the private sector’s business, as screwed-up as the government run businesses are run today, they have enough work to do to clean-up their own house. DOJ needs to concentrate on much larger issues like Big Tech, Hunter Biden’s laptop, Beijing Biden’s family collecting all these millions and billions of dollars from foreign countries, foreign interference into our 2020 election as well as other elections and of course the toughest job that the DOJ has to do it is; prove to the American taxpayers they are legitimate and trustworthy!! They will not do this by going after American companies with threats and bullying tactics!!

    1. This is the mission statement of the DOJ:
      To enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law; to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic; to provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; to seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior; and to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.
      What a joke! They can’t even uphold their own mission statement!!
      Where did the United States go? Too many foreigners have come into our country and felt it their right to change our ways and our laws. Too many of our own country men listened, now look where we are? Choas, loss of freedom, total idiots running our country and so much destrution. We were once a great Nation. In fact, President Trump was getting this country back on track again but evil traitors/low lifes (Clinton’s, Obama’s, Biden’s, Pelosi, Schumer, Soros…so many more) have taken over. Welcome Communism. War is knocking on our door!!!

  21. Musk is a good business model, he is not only only creating jobs, paying taxes, he is developing the space program. He should be applauded and encouraged for increasing American employment. For years if you were not an American citizen you could not gain employment. Now the illegal immigrants have taken the jobs and money from American citizens. To think that the President would order the DOJ to do this is unacceptable.

  22. I pray that Republicans take over the House and Senate in 2022 and immediately impeach both Biden and Harris for all their illegal and unconstitutional actions. Then the Republican House Speaker becomes president and sets us back on the road to prosperity Trump placed us on. This is the most unamerican administration in history already, even worse than Obama and he had 8 years! Biden had had less than a month and has yet to fo a single thing favorable to America!

  23. Biden had better be careful. If he wants all government vehicles to be electric. Musk could tell him to go suck a rotten egg. Musk’s vehicles are far more advanced than anything that China has. Imagine a police chase between a Chinese vehicle and a Musk vehicle. It would be like an armadillo chasing after a cheetah!

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