It’s Happening! Door-to-Door Vaccine Push has Begun, Here’s What It Looks Like

A new video shows the door-to-door push for vaccines is already happening. The video notes a Western Journal report that details the efforts in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. The door to door volunteers not only stop by to encourage residents to take the vaccine, but if they have not, can offer the shot in their own home!

The effort is currently targeting zip codes that have low percentages of vaccinated residents. It began Monday at a Charlotte apartment complex called Southside Homes. Four people in the Charlotte neighborhood chose to take the jab following the visits.

But the video says it’s safe to say that by now, most people who wanted to get the vaccine have already done so. The rest of Americans want to be left alone to go about their lives without being reminded of the vaccine at every turn.


Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon. Biden’s buddies may continue their knock-knock program for some time. If you don’t like it, better get your jab before someone comes by to offer it to you in your own living room.

Check it out and see what may be in store for your neighborhood now in the late from The Next News Network.

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These content links are provided by Both and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

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40 thoughts on “It’s Happening! Door-to-Door Vaccine Push has Begun, Here’s What It Looks Like”

    1. all the dummies get the shot and now their being the effects and its not over yet, different shots will come up, these shots do nothing but create havoc……

  1. Tell them that the BS virus has shown the same side effects as Desert Storm Syndrome which was caused by shots the soldiers were given and not toxic gasses breathed in at Iraq! Then tell them they are trespassing and if they come back they will receive a shot in the gunpowder form! Pander their POISON elsewhere!

  2. Biden and his administration are out of control. We need to stop this madman from continuing his reign of terror and destruction of our country and way of life. How it’s done does not matter as long as he is stopped!

  3. Only fool would do the work for a DICTATOR! Making themselves SLAVE to government rule! There no freedom or liberty in these people! Just a dog leash and a SOCIALIST democrats who bark out the signals. No you are not a GOD FEARING PERSON, BUT A SATAN WORSHIPPING PERSON! Sorry, believe what you want! But your action speaks louder!

    1. If President Trump or still in office I wonder how many Democrats would take the shot and remember Harris said she wouldn’t take it if Trump were still on office. This virus will never end with open borders and I imagine more viruses will be brought into this country by the illegals.

    2. You might consider these useful idiots a threat…but, really, I think they will at most be an annoyance!

  4. The FDA warnd their own ppl NOT TO TK THE JAB!!!


    Spanish Drs got a sample of 1 of the vaxs, and anallyzd what is n it…

    99% graphene oxide…poison…that’s why ppl r dyin’ and horribly njurd….

    The vax does NOT prevent covid nor prevent passin’ it 2 othrs…y’all r bein’ scammd…and the fully vaxd r gettin’ covid…

    Do y’alls homewrk and research Dr Sherry Tennpenny, Dr Carrie Madej, Dr. Simone Gold…they’re all tellin’ y’all the kill shot is dsignd 2 dstroy y’all immune system….and y’all gonna c more deaths n the fall and wintr, when the flu hits…

    THE VAXD WILL NOT B ABLE 2 FIGHT OFF ANYTHIN’…If y’all hav tkn the jab get ahold of HCQ and ivermectin…2 cntr the poisons…

    A recent study by drs n Serbia discoverd that ivermectin dissolvs the hydrogel n the vax…



    1. Irisheyes you are so right!! I wouldn’t go near the jab with a 10 ft pole. In addition to what you said, the vaxd people go around shedding their vax cooties, making everyone around them get sick. I make my own Hydroxychloroquine at home and take it every day to keep my immune system strong. 5 grapefruit + 4 or 5 lemons. Use only the rinds. Place them in a big pot and cover with water, cook 4-5 hours on low with the lid on. When it cools, just pour the liquid into a sealed container and keep in the fridge. Ad 2 Tbs to a glass of water or fruit juice once/day or more if you like. It also keeps away mosquitoes! I got this recipe from one of Charlie Ward’s videos. He’s terrific!

  5. I will NOT comply.
    The Biden Communists will keep us taking their Fake Vaccines until the population numbers drop to where the Communists want them to be.
    So far this year, MORE Americans have died from the damned experimental Vaccines than COVID!!!

  6. I will handle it the same as I do Jehovah’s Wittnesses and Mormons at my door.Thank you, but no thank you and shut the door. I am 66, I have had Covid, and have read many doctors opinions about now having immunity. I will not be forced, coerced, or bullied by any of Biden’s puppets.

  7. If they knock on my door after passing several signs that are clearly posted saying “no trespassing” then they will be considered a threat to my family.

  8. If the democrats can go door to door to have people vaccinated why can’t they drive people to vote?

  9. You need to have Joe Biden removed from office immediately if not sooner because when he comes knocking on my door or anybody comes knocking on my door it’s going to get real ugly I guarantee you it’s going to be able to talk to me people in the Army have died from this shot everybody has died from this damn shot and everybody has died from the disease that Joe Biden himself brought over here now he’s forcing us to get the shot we don’t know if it’s going to make us there or we can have kids come on give us a break Joe Biden you are the most idiot dumbest dementia guy I ever met in my life and I wish you wouldn’t in our office now you lied stolen cheated to get in there

    1. we can’t remove biden. we dont control house or senate, yet. when we do, you can bet he and his calif. ho will be impeached. or, if the audits in the swing states change the electoral votes, and we know they will, that is our other option to rid this nation of the scourge of Joe Biden. meanwhile, there is no reason to b— and moan about his removal. our hands are tied, legally speaking. but we can protest and defy to a certain level. I for one, have taken to wearing message patriotic clothing everywhere. people walk up and say I love that shirt, or where did you get that? I always tell them the site, and I know I have furthered this passive/aggressive push to denounce JOEY BABY!!!!! where on earth did he come up with that weirdo saying and pinch his face????? a movie????? maybe he thinks he is The Godfather?????? too funny!!!! we desperately need the best president in history back where he should have been to begin with!!!!!

  10. Another form of control by the Biden Administration. If I am asked, I will say none of your business. Even though I did get the vaccine, by my choice through the VA.

  11. people with compromised immune systems such as SLE, Raynauds, Sjogrens, etc should NEVER get the shot. this shot changes your Mrna. causes misshapen blood cells which clot very easily. it has been shown to cause ED in men, and abnormal menstrual cycles in women. not to mention spontaneous miscarriage in pregnant women. why on earth would you want to ALTER your body to fight this man-made bio warfare germ? any one who offers you money, drugs, food, and childcare for it knows it is harmful, and want to entice your greedy nature to get it. why in cali. are they offering you pot for it? this is a way to thin the population, ala faucci and gates eugenics plan. people are dropping dead like flies, last count, a minimum of 9000+ have died. since it is a self-reporting incidence, that figure probbly is closer to double that or triple that. scary right? don’t vaccinate your kids. please. you are sentencing them to a possible lifetime of health issues. check out the cdc VAERS report if the government will still let you. it tells how many of each incidence occurred in a one week period. the deaths doubled from 6-4-2021 to 7-2021. it is not a matter of political party loyalty, it is a life and death situation. use your best judjment, and ask your doctors……

  12. Gen Thomas McInerney said he tk 1 shot, foolishly b4 he found out what was n it….

    He then went 2 his own dr who put him on ivermecten and z-pack [zinc?] 2 countr the poisons [ aluminum, 4maldehyde, mercury] …

    Gen McInerney iz n his 80’s, I think and he’s regularly testd and doin’ fine…

    Both he and Gen Mike Flynn r warnin’ every1, DON’T TAKE THE VAX!!!

    If the vax nazis come 2 y’alls dr, jus tell them the FDA won’t evn let their own mployees tk it….hahahaha….

    I jus read a post by a dr who said, she knows many pharmacists who refuse 2 giv the vax and r subbin’ it with saline njections…or y’all wud c more ppl dyin’…

    This dr also said, many drs she knows r givin’ their patients saline njections……

    I bleve this is what our military r gettin’….harmless saline…

    That’s what the Trump warpspeed is….harmless saline….



  13. my brother; girlfriend and my mother all got the 2 immunizations ma went to the hospital last night for stomach pains, while at the hospital North Atlanta Ga. she advised she was vaccinated for covi. yet the hospital tested her and advised my brother that took her, she does have covi. i believe i read Obama stated no one needs to live past 60 well he is my age why is he still alive food for thought, i still have not got the vacination, i am a old Berett, my land is posted, if trespassed they have bought the wrong tool they will stand with their needles while i stand with my arms the FARA GOVERNMENT already have been stealing children through corrupt courts Fraudulent Abusive documents; and malicious prosecution i been fighting about 10 years still fighting i support Hudok 2020 Bill of peace while senators and congressmen still keep it off the floor of congress return our stolen children and shove the C-vacs up your azz sgt rock

  14. Communism!!! The shots have been proven to be dangerous…all the experts, even docs who worked at Pfizer – say DO NOT GET THE JAB!!! There is a very, VERY sinister plot to de-populate the world. This is a bio-weapon designed to trigger deadly reactions and the spike protein will destroy organs eventually, The retired Pfizer scientist/doc said that those who take the shot will likely be dead within a few years. But there will be a smaller percentage dying within the first few weeks of getting it. Why take a risk in getting the shot, when HydroxyQ cures us?? And there are also other very good remedies which cancel out the need for these unnecessary death shots. Not to mention the risk of permanent side effects to a body that we take a chance at having. Looks at the stats before you decide. And natural immunity is the BEST remedy of all! So…get the Covid, treat the Covid…get OVER the Covid and get on with living. Many docs also say this is nothing more than Influenza A & B folks!! It is a Big Pharma scheme to make $ – along with those such as Fauci who have stock in these vaxes. And at the same time they are doing what the Deep State wants….destroy our way of life in USA and create a socialist “power over the people” nation at the delight of China!!

  15. I hope that they will not do this where I live. Unfortunately I live in a blue state.
    This is unconstitutional! It should be by choice.

  16. The dems are pestering people and not letting them forget about the Covid 19, and they are not going to let up. Just like the Black lives matter campaign to keep reminding use about racism that may be out there that needs to be stopped when they are the ones that are racist against every one. LEAVE US ALONE!

  17. I will not take the jab EvereTt has been proven to be fake.If it where a vaccine why are they now saying you may have to get a booster shot.Why are they saying you still need to wear a mask.This whole Covid pandemic was a scare tactic created by the demorats and Media. It
    never was about health but about control and to see who would be sheep and do what they were told.Drs and nurses are refusing to take it.Wake up people and smell what Biden and his administration and the media are feeding you.Total BULLSHIT.

  18. Nuremberg Code-read it post it stay safe!! The prick is an experimental drug, not a vaccination. They are pushing genocide nothing more.

  19. There is no legal precedent for someone to knock on my door and harangue me into getting their shot. It’s like this, you trespass on my property and harass me, you are going to jail. I am under absolutely NO legal obligation to have an experimental genetic drug put into my body. Take you Hitler’s Stalinism somewhere else and screw your “vaccine”

  20. I told my friends I was not going to take the shot. I said it at first that it isn’t nothing but a cover up to get a true count of Biden memes. The mixture of this concoction is enough to kill off as many as possible, I will not take the shot said SAM I AM.,…..

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