Is It Time We Put An Upper Age Limit on the Presidency?

Given the fact that senile Joe Biden has become an international embarrassment who falls down from wind gusts and can’t remember the names of his cabinet members, among many other brain-freezes, this insightful video poses the question: Is It Time We Put An Upper Age Limit on the Presidency?

It’s essential to understand the idea of changing the U.S. Constitution to protect the American people from someone who lacks the cognitive powers to run the country is not a partisan political attack. Highlights from Biden’s first, and only, press conference show an obedient White House Press Corps lacing questions with compliments about him being a nice guy. We didn’t see that supplication during the Trump Administration and it’s clearly a symptom of the dishonest media.

But even when Sleepy Joe gets tossed softball questions, he doesn’t make sense. During one portion Biden mumbles about the use of the filibuster in the U.S. Senate as a check and balance he no longer likes. Then he makes the stunning statement that we should go back to the way it was used when he first entered the Senate “120 years ago.” This was no joke.


That’s not the most disturbing mental miscue Biden makes during a press conference of hand-selected Democrats asking questions many believe were submitted in advance. Watch Biden lose complete sense of what he’s saying or what he’s talking about and you decide whether we need to put an upper age limit on the most important political office in the land.

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70 thoughts on “Is It Time We Put An Upper Age Limit on the Presidency?”

    1. Age limits depends upon each individual. People are living much longer and are taking care of themselves. Maybe future Presidents could be tested for any abnormalities. Biden should never been elected as President — but then again, the DemoRats had their plan. It won’t be long now until Ms. Harris takes over. She will cause utter chaos and will bring America and the rest of the world down the tubes. Wake Up America !!! May God Bless Us All !!!

    2. how about we put an IQ test requirement on presidents that requires them to have an IQ of 130 or higher. . I am certain neither obama or biden could get above a 90.

    1. In harris’ case the only test she can pass is a sucks per minute test. they don;t call her heels up harris for nothing you know.

  1. Yes, age limits. Not just the presidency but all federal elected and appointed positions. Congress and judges. Also term limits. These positions were never meant to be forever.

    1. public office was a means to serve your country-for a term or two-then go back and earn your own way. No position should be forever and age retirements should be instituted. Some think they are capable, but we have too many really old people who are mentally or physically incapable of doing their job. Some are really sharp, and a valuable asset, then you have Biden, so where do we draw the line? Maybe a required dementia testing yearly after a certain age.

        1. Yes there should be age and term limits. Biden should of never been allowed to run ! He’s a corrupt Senile Demented Man. We have to many very old in our government. Should have retired 20 years ago. Especially Piglosi she needs to go!! Nothing but trouble. She don’t care about the Americans

    2. Age limits on ALL politicians & Federal judges, POTUS, & VPOTUS 65 years old & their DONE whether their term is up or not!

      1. No more pensions. Agree! And no special health benefits. And, TERM LIMITS!!! If a “representative” can’t accomplish the goals of his/her constituents in two terms, he/she never will. What has Biden accomplished in 47 years??? We the people need to rise up and take back our government from the life long career politicians who get rich on our dime! Too many of them do little for the American people. And we should also get rid of party politics. Too divisive! They spend more time trying to outdo one another than dealing with issues that affect us. Eliminating party designations will force people to pay more attention to who the candidate is and what he/she offers. It would eliminate someone just voting for a party without thought. It would also make it easier for independents to compete.

        1. The age is not the problem, the problem is health. And Biden fell into the leftist ‘s plans to destroy America and the voters and far to many Americans just didn’t pay enough attention to realize they were electing a mouthpiece instead a president. I pray that we can survive the mess that is coming.

    3. You’re right! We once tried to get term limits for Congress, but there weren’t enough votes to get all the states onboard. They extended the bill a short while, but there still weren’t enough votes for it to pass. Those in Congress didn’t seem to want to pursue the matter any further. This is a reasonable timetable for terms: Make Senator quit after 2 terms=12 yrs. House terms 6 equaling 12 yrs. Also, needed is a test for senility, as Biden is clearly not 100% mentally. Judges should be tested for senility also, if they are erratic acting. Voter ID is needed. Those in power never want to lose it!

    4. Minimum standards for cognitive testing. Term limits, NO pension, NO healthcare for life, NO allowance for insider trading, NO lobbying after term, NO speaker fee, NO book deals, NO television deals, and all personal assets put in a blind trust.
      Our representatives, senators, and presidents should go to office to serve their constituents, their country, AND THE CONSTITUTION. What we see now is power-hungry people who are interested in self-enrichment.

  2. My thoughts are that anyone running for President should have a mentality test before running if it is even suspected that there is a problem before the run for office. Especially someone past 70 yrs.

    1. Also require any one running for office take a course on our Constitution and history of our founding fathers. Also a class in economics and budgeting.

    2. Also require any one running for office take a course on our Constitution and history of our founding fathers. Also a class in economics and budgeting. Too many people elected with little to no knowledge about our country and budgets.

  3. An age limit is not needed – perhaps several lie detector tests spaced several months apart on any candidate running for a Federal office and include proposed Federal appointees being tested several times weeks apart. Each party chooses a valid person to administer the tests openly and with video and witnesses. If the candidate squirms at this, there is a good chance he/she has something to hide. There is no violation of rights here – the candidate(s) choose to run. Don’t want to be tested, don’t run and we are rid of one more liar.

    1. Yes and term limits on corrupt con-gress. And if you have a criminal record shouldn’t be in government.

  4. No, I can hear the screams of “Discrimination” already.
    Instead, I would enforce a mandatory, public and yearly Cognitive Assessment, beginning at age 65, for all branches of the government (Executive, Legislative and Judicial).
    All Candidates, for any office, whether incumbents or challengers, should also be required to pass a Cognitive Assessment, before they can run for office.
    This is our Nation, and it is our demand that the Government act upon our requirements for office holders.
    Former President Reagan’s cognitive decline became noticeable in the last 1 year of his 2nd term, if you knew what to look for. Now, El Presidente Dumbnuts, hasn’t even served 100 days, and his cognitive decline is so obvious and pronounced, that anyone who says otherwise, is lying through their teeth.
    Biden isn’t at the beginning stages of Dementia, he’s in the early moderate stage of the disease.
    All of the S/S are there, for anyone paying attention.

  5. I myself am nearly 81 years old, and so far, thank God, I do not appear to be suffering from any cognitive decline. Of course, that is my own perhaps highly-biased opinion. Others might not be quite so charitable in their assessment of my mental abilities. I do think, however, that Joe Biden has doubtless seen better days in terms of mental functioning than he is now exhibiting. The idea that he would seriously entertain the notion of running for a second term in 2024 seems unlikely. He has stated that he will, but I have to doubt that he really intends to do so. Stating that he will run again would at least spare him being regarded as a lame-duck president in his first and very likely only term as president. I did not vote for either Trump or Biden. I prefer Biden’s manners to Trump’s total lack thereof. I have to doubt, however, that Trump during his presidency was ever in full possession of his marbles. He impressed me as being as unhinged an individual as I have ever had the misfortune of being acquainted with. No one is perfect, and all American presidents have had their personal quirks and shortcomings. Some have been a blessing to the nation, and some have been total disasters. The only age requirement that we should have for being president is the one that is mandated in the constitution, namely, that to be president a person must have attained the minimum age of 35 years. In terms of physical and mental functioning, we are all quite different. Some are old in these regards by the time they hit the half-century mark, and others are still going strong when they attain to the full century point. To arbitrarily limit the presidency to persons, say, not older than 70 or so, would be to seriously risk depriving our nation of a person of potentially superior wisdom and ability gained by the honing process of a long life. Should I choose to run for president in 2024, when I will be 84 years old, I hope that the enlightened citizenry of this country will be able to look beyond my advanced age and judge me fairly on my abilities to respond with vigor of both mind and body to the serious challenges that the presidency imposes on a person.

    1. Trump was not unhinged. He was in love with his country and its people in a way that’s hard to find today. He used all that he’d learned in business and in life to do his best to bring us back from the brink of ruin that Obama’s 8 years had brought us to. Whatever you may think of our President, everything he did made our country better, stronger, safer, and richer. Obama almost destroyed us. Hillary was expected to finish the job. Now, with the theft of Trump’s 2nd term, Biden has been given the chance to sub for Hillary. And he is tearing us apart mercilessly in case you haven’t been paying attention. It won’t be long till everything that made the United States special will be gone. Dead. Caput. So who cares if you don’t like Trump’s manner? Would it matter if your doctor was pleasant every minute of the day as long as he could cure your ills? Promises made. Promises kept. That’s what he was about. And that’s why we all love him. So think what you like but don’t ever refer to our President Trump as “unhinged”. It’s an insult to not only him but to the almost 75,000,000 American patriots who voted for him. Twice. In fact, that’s a fighting word. Trump 2024

      1. Dear Fed Up 2 — I am 100% in agreement. The only “UNHINGED PRESIDENT IS BIDEN” !!! President Trump was the Best President Ever — no President has ever had so many accomplishments in such a short time period.

        As to term limits – Absolutely – for every politician !!!
        As to age limits – Absolutely No Age Limit — each person ages differently !!!

      2. Well said, “Fed up 2”. There’s a huge difference between the incompetent Biden and the extremely competent and proficient Trump. Things like age and skin color don’t matter. Intelligence, competence, integrity and honesty matter…Trump has those traits…Biden DOES NOT.

    2. Sorry to hear that you prefer a slick, spineless professional politician that has does nothing but collect a big paycheck from our taxpayer money for more than 40 years. I’ll take a business man that may not know the social graces but is a hard working, reasonably honest person who has the best interests of the American citizen at heart. Can you tell me just one good thing Biden has done in his “career”? Can you tell me one good thing Biden has done in the last 100 days to improve our country? Now look back at Trump’s accomplishments in the 4 years he was in office, over and above having to fight the demoncrats all the way. I am 80 but at least I am not living in a dream world that Biden and company intends to do anything but destroy this Christian-Judeo nation. God Bless America.

      1. I like the way you think and agree completely!! My motto is:

        In the wise words of Tiny Tim of “The Christmas Carol”: GOD BLESS US EVERYONE!


  6. Absolutely age limit and serving limit. It is supposed to be a job; however it has been made to be a lifetime of high wages, many vacations, special medical insurance, free travel, AND a great pension, etc. etc. It is an abomination of what our “lawmakers” receive for years. Someone should have the batzim to start to pass this change. Of course, they will also lose out themselves, so I guess there would be no one to try.

  7. I thought that impeachment of a President could handle what we are now seeing with Biden’s dementia. Putting an age limit is a poorer choice. Biden should be impeached due to his inability to handle the job due to a condition that obviously to everyone shows he has dementia. The same should have happened with President Wilson whose wife was then handling the Presidential duties unknown to the voters, ditto with Reagan, etc.

    1. Even if Biden wasn’t suffering from obvious dementia he should’ve been disqualified because of his 47+ years of public “service” with nothing to show for it besides massive profits for him and his drug-addled family.

  8. We have a term limit for the president, Yes, term limits for congress ( both parties ) being in congress should not be a life time position. Two terms is enough , then get a job and stop living off the tax paying people of America,

  9. Another tactic to prevent Trump being re elected. All America and the democratic party knew Joe had progressive Alzheimers. Theu are using him as a puppet. He neither knows what he signs or says without be instructed. The democratic party should be charged with obstruction and treason. They are pushing for a Total Government control. They all need a term limit of no more than 8 years. President has 8. They need to go

  10. I guess only for a person that seem to have Dementia like Joe Biden. Doesn’t make sense what he is saying.

  11. In America one has to be at least 35 to run for president. If a person needs to be a certain age to even run, then yes, we need to put a cap on the age too. I know everyone is mentally different as they get older, but let’s face it, being president takes a lot of energy and mental ability. I’d say 70 should be a cap for presidency. Once they have served 4 years then it is time to retire and pass the torch to someone else.

  12. Age isn’t a problem IF they are mentally competent and in good health… Beijing Biden is OBVIOUSLY dealing with dementia and it will get worse… he NEVER should have been set up as a candidate… that was totally INSANE!!! ALL of congress and senate should have term limits… President cannot be in office more than 8 years.. should be the same for congress and senate… get these idiots out who care NOTHING about America and the American people!!! AND NEED TO STOP BIG TECH FROM CENSORING ONE SIDE AGAINST THE OTHER… ALL information MUST be given to ALL Americans … The candidates should be FORCED to reveal their policies to the American people instead of the hate and lies against the other party… SO MANY idiots voted for this demented Beijing Biden simply because they hated Trump.. they Never considered the nightmare policies that are destroying the country… Like Trump or NOT, his policies were good for the country and for the American people… NOW we have a nightmare in the white house who is stabbing the American people in the back while he caters to and coddles illegal aliens who do NOT belong here… He is holding them above our laws and above our citizens… ANYONE who runs for our government should be AMERICA AND AMERICANS FIRST… I have NO issues with someone coming here to live and work, BUT DO IT LEGALLY AND NOT ON OUR BACKS.. WE ARE TRYING TO LIVE TOO

  13. 35 – 75 years of age to become president or senator, or congressperson, or supreme court judge.

    2 4-year terms only as president or senator. 3 2-year terms as congressperson. 12 years as supreme court judge.

  14. It’s not an upper age limit we need. It is a good honest medical exam prior to election not a secret report after the election. Oops sorry you liars but honesty is needed.

  15. Age is not the problem corruption is and we have a real corruption problem right now. Things are not going to get any better regardless who from this administration holds the reigns. We are on borrowed time. The judicial system has failed the people, the Republican Party has failed it’s constituents and the constitution and the Democrats are the most corrupt organization to ever sit in the White House and Congress. It is on the people of this country to solve this problem.

    1. They need to be voted out of office. People need to pay attention to who they are putting in office.

  16. I keep waiting to watch a press conference where Biden starts saying “Wapner at 4” and Harris busts out laughing – no matter what is said.

  17. No! Age is not the problem…… Allowing the presidency to be stolen by thieves is what needs to be addressed. Hang the thieves! SCOTUS had a hand in this and also warrants looking into.

  18. Keep the cardboard cut out. King biden is still way better than nutjob kasmella. Why do democrats try to solve everything by throwing more money at the problem first. Maybe next time we will get a better outcome.

    1. no she can be impeached if we regain control of the house. she is guilty as hell for paying the bail for the negroes who rioted last summer and just found a new martyr to steal for. she made a commercial for MFF, and encouraged people to donate money to free these scums so they could be back on the street before the ink dried on their paperwork… she has to go along with demented joey.

  19. At least have them do a medical check every 6 months. These space cadets in the office now are lost as hail.

  20. Age limits are universal, capability at any age is individual. If in doubt then administer a mandatory mental competency test before allowing a candidate to run for office, not after the fact when it is complicated, lengthy and ugly.
    Christ has risen and sits at the right hand of his Father God and will again be seen by all, believer or not!
    Again and again and again I say, wake up people. There is a way to stop all this and it is legal, peaceful, productive and now mandated by the perverse actions of those that are evil, self-serving career politicians who control their destinies and “OUR” Congress. Yes, believe it or not, Congress was designed by our “Founding Fathers” to be the people’s Congress, not the member’s Congress. Careers were never meant to be built as part of serving in “OUR” Congress.
    It is a bit hypocritical, don’t you think, that Congress has imposed a two term limit on the presidency yet have purposely ignored the same limitation placed on their tenure? Also, is it not embarrassing and rather self-destructive that the voting public (their constituents) has not realized their role in allowing such a travesty to occur and continue, allowing “THEIR/MEMBERS” Congress to thrive and OUR” Congress to become non-existent?
    In order to have the necessary effect and to permanently stop members of Congress from all the shenanigans they currently get away with and impose upon their constituents those “Term Limits” have to be more in-line with the presidential term limits.
    Anything longer is counterproductive and allows too much time for a political career to be built accompanied by all the perks that brings with it.
    TERM LIMITS: Senate (8 years, 2 x 4 year terms, maximum)
    House (6 years, 2 x 3 year terms, maximum)
    AND, the Supreme Court Justice appointments have to be placed under term limits as well. The reason is obvious. Lifetime appointments has led to politicizing the appointments as has been extremely evident during the last several confirmation hearings.
    Supreme Court Justices (1 x 10 year appointment, maximum)
    AND, to insure the displaced members cannot yield undue pressure and influence on others in the political and financial arena, they may never serve as “LOBBYISTS” and the existence of the “LOBBY” should be denied by law.
    Our “Founding Fathers” had it right but did not foresee they needed to take it one step further with the legislation/charter for a US Congress by including “TERM LIMITS”. They had no concept of a “career politician” based on their personal experiences and the utter turmoil politics caused each and every one of them while attempting to construct a government for the USA., They did, however, know that “GOD” was an integral part of that construct and that without “In God We Trust” and “Christianity” as our baseline the construct they established would fail. Heritage America will cease to exist if we ever let those succeed that would abandon that corner stone.

    In addition, with the removal of political position careers lifetime benefits must be removed as well. Members of Congress must be placed with OPM and into the Social Security System instead of the extravagant retirement system/package they have designed and voted into law for themselves. That would stop Congress from the daily thievery they commit by taking of SS funds. Citizen Congressman Congresswomen would not be privy to a lifetime retirement package if they only served the term limit that would be in place and would pay into SS as any other employee of the government. There are some federal agencies that do not pay into SS but they have a retirement system of their own which outlines reasonable benefits for reasonable employment periods.
    It is a long needed solution to an overwhelming, catastrophic, colossal travesty named (Congress) we as voters have allowed to ruin our Nation for far too long. Of course election reform (real, positive and meaningful reform will have to accompany “TERM LIMITS”)! Reform and reduction in the cost to conduct and run an election the common man and woman to run for office and not just those of wealth.
    President Donald Trump was the exception to that caveat because he is a “Patriot” and he came into office as a “NON-POLITCIAN” and that is why the rich and infamous of Congress hated him so. A non-politician cannot be allowed to succeed as a President, no way, however, he did and put them to shame! Their relentless onslaught of disdain and attempts to stop and discredit him failed until the 2020 debacle called a “National Election”. AND, therein is the reason “SCOTUS” must have ‘Term Limits” as well. The Supreme Court Justices failed this Nation when they denied to hear the many valid complaints of tampering with mail-in balloting, voting machines and the many other ballot collecting discrepancies pointed out in those lawsuit complaints. Shame on you “SCOTUS”!

    1. scotus is compromised by Roberts. he screamed at the other judges when they talked about hearing the facts. he said he didn’t want bloodshed in the streets. what did he think was going to happen? blm and Antifa were already rioting over a useless criminal death. he is owned lock stock and barrel by the cabal known as the deep state. he saw what happened to the other conservative Supreme Court judge. he is ruled by fear. the deep state is owned by soros, Clinton , Gates, sucker berg and the guy who owns twatter. just follow the money during the campaign of 2020. it was bought and paid for by the above. why is clintons lawyer sticking his nose into the Arizona recount? he certainly has no “STANDING’. Clinton is afraid the truth will come out.

  21. It Time We Stop Putting Communist Democrats In Presidency and Congress.
    American Needs True American In Congress Who Believe In The Constitution, The Law, And The Rights Of It True Citizens And Stands Up For Them

  22. Theses assholes want to do nothing an make a lot of money that’s all ! For a long time! anyway they can !

  23. “Nice guys” don’t put the “ok” on murdering UNBORN Children or puts the NATION at MAJOR risk from the BORDER crisis. He should AT LEAST be able to walk UP a flight of stairs and KNOW what you are SAYING without AIMLESSLY going off on some WIERD, NONSENSICAL tangent! It’s QUITE obvious that Joe was “elected” (?!?) by the DEEP STATE (run by global ELITES) and NOT We The People. One Enlightened And WARY Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  24. A mental acuity test should be required with the results delivered to We The People.
    No one like Biden shoul ever occupy the Oval Office even if outside forces want that person in there and do whatever they can to rig the vote
    There had to have been a better candidate that could have run on the liberal’s ticket who actually had their brains together rather than the one placed in the Oval Office
    Surely this country will survive the horror currently sitting there but will we soon see the current one wheeled out with a sheet over his head?

    1. like the joke…. KA MA LA calls faucci and says I have bad news about Joe. he died last nite of covid. faucci says, come on KA MA LA, I saw you push him out the window. sorry, I’m not a good joke teller, but when I heard it I thought it was apropos.

  25. OMG, these people came right off the funny farm. What a moronic statement from that ass kissing reporter. Did the Biden administration give her the question? It sounds more like a setup than a true honest question. Anyone who ever met Biden knows he’s not a decent, moron man, oops (Freudian slip) moral man. Just ask every child and woman he touched and smelled their hair, or the 18 women who he sexually assaulted, including Tara Reade. Every Philly reporter he hit on while in a drunken stupor when he was a Senator for 47 years. A man and his entire family, who has robbed us blind when he sold his last name and political influence to the highest bidder during those 55 plus years in politics. So, gimme a f’ing break. A man proven to be a pathetic, pathological liar who will lie at the drop of a hat, over the dumbest things. A so called “MORAL MAN” who plagiarized other people’s works to tried to claim were his own. That he has lied for decades about his college grades, law school and taking the bar exam. (Delaware has one of the hardest tests to pass in this country. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon, that takes three days to take. It’s in the top 5, requires you pass a score of 145 or higher and 63% of the people who take it fail the first time, so can you see that imbecile passing his bar exam?). He took the bar exam three times and was caught cheating during the third time and was barred from ever taking it again for the rest of his life. This is a “privileged” career politician who threatened a country to fire the man who was investigating his son’s activities in the Ukraine or he would withhold $1 billion in taxpayer’s funds. Shall I go on? A man who wants to make the middle class pay more in taxes, who wants to reduce the taxes on the wealthy and hides behind the “wealthy must pay more in taxes” bull. (If you read Obama’s tax bill, you would know that). While the Biden’s hide their wealth in S-Corporation and other tax loopholes. A man who is a well-known racist, bigot, xenophobe, sexist and misogynist. I could go on and on about the man who had lacked integrity and transparency for his entire political career. These are not the things of an honest, decent moral man would do or you have a strange definition of what “moral” means.

    1. Love all your arguments except for that person who thinks President Trump is unhinged…. the perfect arguments

      of a “DEMOC_RATS”

      Please everyone, how shall we solve this problems you did so well put into words? We should do something as a people of this wonderful country. Someone should lead !….. I wish I am younger and healthier but I will contribute to the cause because I am on my 80’s and not so strong and healthy as the others. I agree, WE THE PEOPLE should do something!

    2. well said. but you left out the fact that he is a member of the “black eye club”, whose members use adrenochrome, taken from blood of young children. why do you think he wants all those kids here so badly? never ending supply. check it out. there is a list of all who belong. the names are very familiar, and you will understand why they act like they do. Roberts of scotus fame is one. Clintons, Gates, et al….. good reading.

  26. no, but there should be a mandatory mental health battery of tests for each party’s candidate who wins their nomination. that would have eliminated this turd we have in the Whitehouse now. he is a disgrace and is causing terrible problems for the American people. he needs to be removed, by impeachment or for medical reasons. KA MA LA should also be impeached for her part in bailing out all the negroes who tore this country apart last summer. pelosi should be impeached for failure to do her job. she should have removed swalwell and waters for their criminal behaviors. but she condones both of these losers. she is a total ass wipe.

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