Instant Karma: 3 Women Arrested After Harassing Trump Supporters

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris say it’s time for healing and unity in our nation. Finally! After four years of calling us racist homophobic xenophobic Nazis, they’re now ready to reach across the aisle for unity and healing and more unity. It feels SO sincere!

As proof of their sincerity, just look at how Biden-Harris supporters treated the Million MAGA March in Washington, DC the other day. It wasn’t actually a “million” people marching in support of President Trump, but the final count was still an impressive 300,000-ish. Other than President Trump’s inauguration in 2017, it was probably one of the largest gatherings of Trump supporters to date.

As part of Joe and Kamala’s healing and unity plan, their shock troops in BLM-ANTIFA showed up and started attacking Trump supporters. There was some spitting, punching and lots of racist name-calling directed at the happy, well-adjusted Trump supporters. So much unity!


You’ve probably already seen the video of BLM-ANTIFA surrounding a family with children and terrorizing them at the march. Stay classy, BLM-ANTIFA!

But this video is of another incident. A group of Trump supporters were surrounded by Biden voters and then viciously harassed. A group of three women was especially nasty, threatening people with a taser and yanking their MAGA hats off their head.

These people are sick. The good news is that the DC police rolled in very quickly and shut ’em down. Instant karma! Check it out!

54 thoughts on “Instant Karma: 3 Women Arrested After Harassing Trump Supporters”

  1. I’d be willing too bet, that these three women , will not be prosecuted at all , or if they are , it will be for parking illegally, and the fine would be $2.00 or less.

      1. Which for a VP candidate, is VERY distressing that she is using her money and influence to aid and abeit such acrimonious behavior. The three women were attacking people physically all the while shouting, “don’t touch me!” The mentally enfeebled are at it again! lol

      2. Kamala Harris is a JOKE! A waisted piece of S***!
        Just like Biden. Terrible agenda for our children’s & grandchildren’s future. Pure Communism!! Democrats you deserve what you voted fair & who! I have NO Empathy for ya’ll!!

      3. What I’d like to know is why every liberal criminal who gets charged with a crime the receivers a “get out of jail free” card and a 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse gets put in jail on 2 million dollar cash bail? He has no means to leave the country and no need because he clearly acted in self-defense! But ANTIFA and BLM rioters and miscreants attacking police and innocent bystanders get charged and released with the charges dismissed! If that’s how libs intend to do things then we’re have surely reached the point of being a socialist police state.

        1. Yep YOU’RE right. Gotta start policing our own selves I guess. Might as well be judge also since we don’t seem to HAVE those anymore either.

      1. You needn’t attach a color to this. I’m Black and they’ve so befouled the legacy of the people who struggled before them that I’d have choked them until my arms went gangrenous from lack of circulation. Forget what you think you know. Only a fool lets someone else tell them who their enemies are.

    1. Most interesting is these fools are the least competent thinkers in society.
      Dumbell hoodlums tend to flourish in the Democrat ranks… don’t give me?
      Watch the TV. News of street attacks against Trump supporters!!!

      1. People like that should be in prison. They should not be in society. Like rabid dogs, because they show no sense of decency. I don’t care what color they are! We have to quit making excuses for them. You let animals like that have the upper hand it will NEVER stop period.

    2. If President Donald Trump got more votes (73,000,000) than any U.S. President in history got. How could he “not win” the election? One word say’s it all, “CORRUPTION”. Remember how Obama had the Black Panthers at polling places in Philadelphia beating voters up? And Eric Holder wouldn’t do anything about it!

    3. SPOT ON! And THAT, is exactly why those pieces of … keep doing what they are doing. Because, NOTHING HAPPENS to these pieces of t r a s h!

  2. Why bother to arrest the leftist demorats. They just let them out no matter if they burn, loot or murder. Conservatives are arrested for trivial, like protecting their property. Maybe the solution will be a civil war.

    1. Are you nuts?! A civil war is the last thing we need.
      I’m thinking you must not have a family because no one would ever be safe. Is that really what you want, Greta? That sounds very leftist. Get a grip girl!
      We’re all in enough trouble as it is with all the hoodlums running rampant in the world.



    1. This attack by the 3 ignorant low life criminal instigating women is the prime example of the dems plan for their dictator regime in the U.S.A. ! All far left instigating dems, antifa, blm, islamic stench has to be totally eliminated !

  4. Well, about the “arrest”, I’ll not be lookin’ for egg in my beer. This was in DC, barely any haven for Republicans even if we were able to assemble notable numbers of marchers. The three “nasties” were subdued by police after a scuffle to “pacify” them. Unless their records are full of prior arrests, they won’t be sentenced to Sing-Sing for their idiotic derangements. The malady is common to the breed. Even at that, the Police could have suffered eye injuries via aggressive scratching by the violators of peace.. Yet, the Socialist swine still continually demonstrate against Police also.

    1. Haha where have you been the party’s already started. They only understand one thing unfortunately it’s violence so violence begets more violence. And no turning the cheek is not the answer it has to be met with the like violence that they’re perpetrating it’s the only thing that will stop it.

      1. To Glenn: The DEMONocrats fired the first shot; when Steve Scalise was shot while playing ball. My wife says the first shot was when Reagan got shot. I’m not going to quibble…the DEMONocrats are the trouble makers.

  5. Why does the good people put up with these nuts. Shoot a couple of them the next time they get in your face and spit and scream vulgar stuff. I bet the next group will change their tune. The only thing these nuts understand is unlawful acts, so its time to return their actions to them.

    1. Thats what ive been saying for months. All that crap in Seattle and all over the country just go live ammo one time and leave the whole bunch laying in the street for trash pickup and this crap wouldnt last long at all. I carry if i even go in my yard any more. Some Covid 45 be a good deterant.

    2. I agree. Only thing they want is violence. Bring your weapons to the next march or gathering of dems and mow them down. Keep your weapons hidden under over coats and then everyone open up on them . It is what they want so give it to them!

  6. Our country is supposedly a “country of laws;” which law is only executed on those who follow it, not on those who break it–JUSTICE FOR SOME! And, I ask myself, how can our soldiers fight for freedom in other countries when we cannot even maintain civility and peace in our own? Why isn’t the military oath not enforced in the USA?

    1. USA is going down just like Venezuela. You voted for the Democrats Socialist agenda. You have no one to blame but yourself.

  7. I will not back down from them! They might be more than you! But if you stop backing up and kick their knee cap hard. They will get the picture! Backing up show a sign of weakness! Fight back!

  8. I guess if I knew that I could get away with looting whenever I wanted to and not be punished for it, then I would never stop. These dirtbags have no consequences for their actions, they thin out the people into small groups and then they attack. If the people would unite and put these dirtbags down , they would soon understand that if you start it you better finish it. These isn’t about black lives anymore it is about destroying the United States.

    1. Start by packing off the Bidens, Obama’s, Clintons, OAC and her followers and Pilosi’s bunch. Then watch how fast things will come to order.

  9. It’s time for American patriots to take our country back from the loosers who don’t love America,send the radicals to any communist country of their choice and see how happy they are being there! Conservatives stand up and combat violence with strength and will, use any means necessary to defend yourself and your country !!!!!!!

  10. I think they will be prosecuted, as domestic Terrorists if Our President Trump wins, but not at all is bib in mouth biden and his jamaca Bitch gets in office.

  11. If you notice they only attack small isolated groups of Trump supporters, never a large group of supporters where they will get their butts kicked. Big bad bullies.

  12. Most interesting is these idiot fools are the least competent thinkers in society. They ignore all the great work by Pres. Trump. However it is obvious that the
    Dumbell hoodlums tend to flourish in the Democrat ranks… don’t believe me?
    Watch the TV. News of street attacks against Trump supporters!!! Four years of Dems lies and stories…wake up Americans, Dump the Dems!

    1. Exactly! First as a human being and secondly as a Black woman I’m disgusted, angry about this and would wholly support anyone defending themselves to whatever extent necessary! I would without a second thought! These ignorant lil girls feel empowered because of all they and others have gotten away with, and then you have the “backup” aggressive bully Black males further intimidating and threatening those that dare fight back! You have no idea how millions of us are literally praying and believing GOD for President Trump’s victory!!! It’s not over til it’s over!

  13. Just a lot of lazy thugs. Probably live off of Welfare, food stamps, etc. All the things we tax payers pay for, and these are the people they are attacking. I don’t want to pay my taxes for this BS. A whole bunch of wusses since they can only attack women and children. They should be shot.

  14. Good Morning to little too late just like the election I’m apologize for saying this but everyone knew that the dems where going cheat so the Presidents people should have been out in force to make sure everything was on the up ?and up but when you have that billion aries behind your campaign you see ?what money ??can do it’s all about the Money ???just watch if our greatest President of the People is not able too pull this election back to him start getting ready to speak chinese trust me on this one you can take that to the Bank and collect interest

  15. They are not doing anything . They don’t have to work while on welfare and just taking up space where someone of good could be. Put the welfarer’s on a drug test and see the results. how and why they are on it will be clear. If you can get up from your bed you can work. Maybe a welfare work force is what is needed. If you have to get up and work for a living, you won’t have so much time on your hands to do crap like this. No time for selling drugs or robbing people. Having all the kids to get as much welfare as you can has to stop. White ,black no matter what color you are, working for your paycheck is alot more respect for yourself than getting the monthly check. Less praise for young people not working and hanging on corner and more on working for a better you and us. The drug traps get you dead or jailed. Why is there more murders and rapes, bulgaries, robbing decent working or retired people. Idle hands will get you in trouble. Let’s start at the bottom and work your way to a better life. No one will ever put you down for that. The race card is so overplayed now and not an issue anymore. Sure some people both white and black have a problem with someone of a different color but not everyone. Grouping all people of one color as racist for the ones that are is so unfair. Only a true racist would do that. United we stand separate we fall. I know people by their name only, not white guy jim or black guy john or hispanic tim. Let’s look at this problem together as a whole not by some joker yelling at you with the labels.

  16. The Democratic Party is just like the Democratic Party of the 1860s and 1870s………… corrupt and racist. The old party caused the Civil War and the new one is trying to do the same. Neither, the old or new Democratic Party, has changed. Neither could tell the truth, both put down the middle class and blame others for doing so, the old party developed the KKK and the new party has BLM/Antifa (same difference). Corruption makes up a big part of the history of both, the old and new, Democratic Parties.

  17. Of all those Trump supporters, where the hell were the ex military guys and the bikers for Trump, to make mincemeat out of those Nazi pukes? Why is antifa getting away with this shit? They should be fed those masks.

  18. Seriously,there is something mentally wrong with Democrat women today.Did the Kool-Aid they have been served contain a brain destroying germ?

  19. The party of the oppressed harassing, oppressing, threatening others. We will need to keep strong and keep our powder dry to stave off what they have in store for us if Trump loses. The gloves will come off when they are in power and Americans will need stand together to keep from being singled out by the hyenas and killed.

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