Illegals Allegedly Voted in Georgia Election

Despite Georgia’s recount and certified vote, affidavits claim illegals voted in the presidential election. Glenn Beck interviewed Georgia Representative Barry Loudermilk for details.

According to Loudermilk, the affidavits report large numbers of illegal absentee ballots, including some that were allegedly run through a printer. How can Georgia certify its vote without fully investigating such allegations?

Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed paperwork Friday, telling CNN, “The Governor has formalized the certification delivered to our office by the Secretary of State—as is required by state law.” The question is whether Trump’s legal team will pursue additional investigation as it is in other battleground states, such as Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.


Attorney Lin Wood claims to have irrefutable evidence Georgia local officials were told to report original vote totals and not differing recount totals. At least three counties discovered missing votes that favored President Trump during the state’s hand recount.

Despite filing an emergency motion for injunctive relief against the Georgia Secretary of State, certification moved forward to meet the state’s Friday certification deadline.

Trump’s Twitter was not happy about the matter, stating, “The Georgia recount is a joke and is being done UNDER PROTEST. Even though thousands of fraudulent votes have been found, the real number is in matching signatures. Governor must open up the unconstitutional Consent Decree and call in the Legislature!”

Watch the video below to see Glenn Beck explain all of the voter fraud allegations in Georgia.

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36 thoughts on “Illegals Allegedly Voted in Georgia Election”

  1. This entire election , not only in Georgia was a sham! So tired of reading about the lawbreaking, double standard and rejection of lawsuits throughout the battleground states. News outlets covered up truths that could sway people and big tech censored free speech ! We know this yet so many are corrupt or paid off by Soros , or cleverly aligned to cover up — expensive , slow and disheartening . We shall rise ! The truth will prevail and one day there will be appropriate consequences for those who ruin people’s lives, cheat, steal and hate ! I want a redo of this sham of an election ! Unprecedented — yes but that’s my vote . Now — not in 2026! Accountability now !!!! Get on it NOW!!!!

    1. Perhaps it should end up in the Supreme Court who will declare the past election null and void and state a new election should be held with recount-able paper ballots no hackable voting machines to be used. Vote counting of ballots under the supervision of ethical, honest consortium of both party members.
      There is no way in this Gods world will I ever truly believe information from anything that is government certified again. We ,as a country have been lied to by every faction of our government, including DC, state, county, city! Presidents, Senators, congressional, governors, mayors, selectmen, council members. Important and lay people alike! Truth is rare and precious, and needs to cherished. The anger of the Almighty will rain down on the dishonest, disassemblers, disgusting pedagogical individuals who now try to run the world. Have no pity on them for they have committed vile crimes and must pay the price!


    2. You and probably millions feel the same. Time to clean up the democrat party and swamp. We all know that Biden did not legitimately win. I have trouble understanding how a man who is corrupt and has the early stages of dementia could get a single vote much less win the presidential election. It wouldn’t happen with only legal votes.

      1. Biteone is merely a puppet. If this election stands biteone will not be president for more than a few months, before the demonrats declare him incompetent and they will insert kammy harris. That IMO has been the plan all along. It’s the deep State takeover. Mastermind obarry soetoro, ” Obammy” is his stage name, has orchestrated this along with the clinton’s Soros, Sanders and many others ever since obarrys first illegitimate first term. Once they figured out that they could insert an illegal, non American born muslim into the Whitehouse with the ease that they did, they just ran with it then. obarry inserted many more illegals into the government like ilhan, and the one from NY and others to be guvnuhs and senators. It’s a very complex crime that they have been orchestrating for the past dozen years or so. Mostly bought and paid for by soros. soros reminds me of the cartoon from the 90’s pinky and the brain, I SHALL RULE THE WORLD., I believe that they are gearing the USA towards the one world order which soros plans to be the king of.

    3. We the people at this point it isn’t who won the election, but who can we trust. There has been so mush $ Thrown around to have to worry who is tryin to buy our country and why. Why is the wealthiest people in the world working and spending so much on this election.
      I see dominos falling, the world money deal to devalue the US money supply. Moving in their tracking money so they know where we spend our money. Where we travel to , give to our charities and etc. We won’t enable to put a couple of dollars in a card for grandchild without them knowing. This virus was a trial as to how easy we will all fall in line getting us ready for the new money to walk in and take over. Not just here but world over.
      Look at this election and how much the wealthy has thrown at it. Why do they care so much? My opinion is Biden is an easier mark to allow them to influence him to follow their lead he will put key people they choose in place to allow them to take us over. We will all answer to the set of wealthy kings as they play Monopoly with our lives. Is Biden such a bad choice probably not on a good day, but we all know he is compromised. This is not the time fir him unless you want to live like peasant while Bill Gates gets his dream of world order.
      I know I sound like a crazy old lady. I hope I am. Please people demand we get an accurate count on this election. We want a fair election! Our grandchildren and great grandchildren depend on it!

      1. Mary, You are not only crazy, you are probably one of the smartest people to post here. Most Americans are not smart enough to think anymore. Oh they can plot and scheme, but they have neither wisdom nor curiosity. How many of our fellow Americans have thought it very fishy that the Corona virus jus happened upon us in an election year???? Answer, Very few if even that many. Biden’s son, Hunter, after receiving millions from the Ukrainians because his father was Vice President of this country, has lately been involved with the Chinese making millions of dollars more. Now with his dad running for president, The lab in Wuhan China which has been working on Germ Warfare Viruses for some time leaks a Germ Warfare Virus they have created into the world at the start of an election year in the U.S. where Hunter’s father is running for president. The Democrat party was quick to blame this on Trump and with the Media being predominately democrat it has been a windfall for the democrat party. If you doubt what I have said about the virus, remember a Chinese woman working at this laboratory defected to the United states this year and verified what I am saying here. 2+2=4, it does here as it always has….There are no such things as coincidences in politics!!!!

  2. All of us of ate very concerned about the outcome of the elections real results. I am learning a lot about this process and think Donald J. Trump won this election. I pray that the lawsuits will overturn the results in Trumps favor. Criminals should be held accountable for fraud for a very long time. Biden and Obama sounds criminal in the dirty swamp. Pray the truth is revealed comes soon on court. The world is watching.

    1. Very well said.people should not do anything Biden says.protest just like black matters did.we all have our opinion about the outcome. Trump has proven fraud. All the boxes of votes not counted in alot of states. Oh well it was human error.bull sh–

  3. The election was a sham, rigged by the democrats, quickly hushed up, records destroyed to cover the fraud, and left wing democrats, mostly old Obama appointee’s rushing into key positions. It wasn’t us. We didn’t do it. Our corrupt government and media allies did it to us.

  4. If the dirty politicians are working to start a civil war, they are on the right track for once.
    We the American People are no longer going to stand idly by and watch the rest of Our country go the way of Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, or the entire west coast.
    These cheeting liberal communists are trying to sell us our to the ccp, and the Trump Republicans are not going to buy in, or be bought off.
    This entire plandemic is a cover for their shenanigans, and needs to be shut down. these draconian measures and totalitarian mandates are unconstitutional and the people perpetrating this fraud need to be jailed.
    I still believe that corrupt john kerry is involved in the release of this unwanted chinese import, along with nasty pelosi, hrc, pedo joe, and the feckless barak houssein obuma.
    These people are as corrupt as the year is long, and everybody knows it, yet no one will do anything about it.
    These animals need to be vacationing at the luxurious inn and suites/ day spa on at beautiful Guantanimo Bay CUBA!!
    only untill their tribunals and subsequent executions

    1. Robert, you are on point and I Love it. Gitmo is where the swamp’s new address will be. Keep up the fight. We are constitutional patriots.

    2. I agree with everything you have said.
      !!! The bad thing about it lots of republicans are not true Americans. They are RHINOS!! We need them out also. Let the American people rise!!

    3. You sound as angry as I am. Well said and you got my blood boiling this morning. Thank god everyone at Thanksgiving dinner are Trumpsters so no arguments today.
      I never thought in my lifetime that we would be in this situation.
      Guantanamo Bay is too good for them!!!!

  5. Why is the attorney general and the FBI silent are they asleep at the wheel? And where is the tax payer Duran report we were suppose to have had by now? If he wasn’t going to put out the report he had no business taking the tax dollars from hard working Americans to pay for his pretend investigation he should be jailed for the fraud on the American people for misleading us into believing he was actually investigating when he is clearly not. Shameful I am furious to say the least.

    1. Rachel, the truth of the matter is John Durham is not going to be releasing his report out of fear of reprisals from the illegitimate Biden administration. Just as the Federal Bureau of Idiots is not going to do anything with the Biden corruption case with the laptops. Everything will be swept under the rug and as usual the corruption will continue. The United States will go back to the Obama era way of doing things and by this time next year, we will be at war with different nations, that is how the War Complex works. Everyone needs to see the bigger picture, if the U.S is at war all the big corporations make money. Everything revolves around big tech, big corporations and the deep state government also known as the shadow government.

    2. I am as disappointed as you are with Barr and and the other guy. They are scared they will be called racist because some in the deep state have a different color of skin . I mean Obama, Rice and the others. Although that does matter right now because the Obama tried to divide the races but the people of America wouldn’t except that.

  6. Throw these DEEP STATE types in FEDERAL PRISON for SEDITION and TREASON as per the U.S. Constitution . . . PERMANENTLY. THIS voter FRAUD must STOP and BE REVERSED making POTUS Trump the RIGHTFUL President Elect. GITMO or LEAVENWORTH will do FINE. One THOROUGHLY Enlightened And Hopeful Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  7. Keep Slandering Socialism Glenn, best way to convince the people they don’t deserve a good return for their tax dollars.

    Truth told, if you or a relative will collect Social Security Soon Or use Medicare?
    You’re a Socialist.
    Using community money from everyone’s taxes.
    Let the fake Christians adopt all the unwanted pregnancies they’re trying to force women to have.
    P.S. The Orange Cheat O Lost… A loser, Lame Duck, Fake, Fired president from his rigged by foreign interests election.

    1. So you agree with third trimester killing of unborn humans?. That makes you supporting pre-meditated murder. In todays world there are people who would love to adopt. You spit the word Christian out as thought it is a bad thing, but religious conviction is not usually a bad thing. Somebody, religion aside, who supports third trimester pre-meditated murder and expects the government to fund the payments thereby putting all tax payers, whatever their beliefs, under the same yoke is a disgusting person of totally selfish motive. Do not try and pretend
      ‘unwanted pregnancies they’re trying to force women to have’ -because you could not care less. You need to go back to school and learn about socialism and what it is, because your supreme ignorance is showing through.

    2. Social Security and Medicare are benefits that are paid for by the workers of this great nation. It was President Johnson that signed Social Security into the general fund and it has been used as a open account for the government to use however they want, but make no mistake about it the workers already paid for it. So by all means take your communist views and kick rocks.

  8. I want the election run again. With a fresh again the true leader of this country. Last night I listen to Tucker Carlson and stated that all media must give the question to Biden and then he picks on the people who wrote the question and then he knows the answer to the question. He cannot take a question without having a note from the person who is asking the question. So I go and ask Biden where did the money come from. The 2 million that you got. He can’t answer the question because he does not know how to answer it. What he does not have a brain. If I was walking by and said good morning he could not answer the question because he did not receive a note on how to answer the question. The people of the United States must have a new election and we start all over again to see who wins and no voting after the election date and no one can walk a person to the voting booth.

  9. Glenn beck. Remember when you called a group of people to met you. Well how about meeting you in Georgia. To watch the polls. On a new election for the president at the same time the senators I would come. Do would millions that believe this election is corrupt.

  10. The election needs to be redone! Hand counts not valid since they are still including invalid votes along with good votes…’s all a scam trying to appease us. Not working!! Redo election by person voting ….no absentee ballots at All!


  12. One would have to be in a coma to not realize this election was full of fraudulent activity. The decisions in advance of the election for voting by mail and removing the need for photo identification to vote set the stage for ineligible activities. Also, the voting equipment software was so easily corrupted it boggles the mind that anyone would certify the results.

  13. The party with the donkey as its symbol should not be called the Democratic Party. It does not want honest elections or care for the welfare of the people of the United States of America. It thinks that government is god and does not respect the Ten Commandments. We must not make government our god. To do so is idolatry. We are to worship God-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit only. “If we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us, but if we confess our sins He(God) is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us of all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:8 & 9 It is necessary that we repent of our sins and trust in God to forgive us for the sake of His son Jesus whose birth we will celebrate again next month.

  14. I’ve said it after the 2012, 2016 elections that our incompetent lawmakers (Congress) must pass real election reform laws. Laws that would require voter ID at a minimum. But no, our leadership went in the complete opposite direction and sent out mail-in ballets to anyone who could get their hands on them. This is our election of our President and we still can’t get it right. AND why are the states running the election process for a federal position (President/VP), this election should be controlled by the Federal government and not the individual states and maybe we would have a shot at a fair and honest election of our highest office of government. VOTER ID IS THE KEY!!! WITHOUT VOTER ID, WE CAN NEVER HAVE AN HONEST ELECTION!!!

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