Ilhan Omar Caught Slipping Over 70% of her Campaign Funds to her Husband

In a major election year, the presidency gets most of the attention, and for good reason. We shouldn’t let that distract us from the fact that we have a severe corruption problem in Congress. Some of the most popular members of the House of Representatives have been caught breaking the law multiple times. If they manage to get re-elected this year, it will only drive our country closer to ruin.

At the very top of the list of these corrupt legislators is Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar. Her list of crimes and wrongdoing is insane. She committed immigration fraud. She had a sham marriage to her own brother. She aided and abetted literal terrorists in our own country. She instigated violence and riots in Minnesota.


In addition to all of that, she has committed massive campaign finance violations. She’s already under investigation for multiple infractions, and a new batch of information shows that she hasn’t stopped doing it. In her latest campaign, Ilhan Omar embezzled millions of dollars of campaign contributions into her husband’s “consulting” firm.

This woman is the queen of corruption, and it’s all documented. Why hasn’t she been tried for any of it? Why are we letting her get away with all of this? It’s one of the most frustrating problems in America right now, and this video will tackle the issue. You’ll see how she stole money from her campaign to line her pockets and you’ll get a quick idea of what can be done about it.

141 thoughts on “Ilhan Omar Caught Slipping Over 70% of her Campaign Funds to her Husband”

        1. And it will only get a Hell of a lot worse if the Child Molester Hair sniffing PREVERT joe Biden wins the election. He plans on putting all MUSLIMES in his cabinet. yep our Forefathers were right . AMERICA will be destroyed from within by CORRUPT Politicians… WHO is the CORRUPT POLITICIANS ?????? Yep, THE DEMONRAT DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST COMMIE NAZI BABY KILLERS…

          1. Boden will appoint Obama to Supreme court, It won’t be Muslims takeover, it is already China takeover. Obama Biden presidency allowed China to buy our packing plants, we have china owned ranches, farms, plants that package our drugs. They tired to take Bundy ranch out so China could buy Byndy ramch for md BLM property that Bundy used for grazing. Obama, Biden and Himter became very rich from dealings with Ukranian and China .
            God Bless Our Country

        2. LACEY JOHNSON is her GOP opponent. Unfortunately the majority of voters in her district are Democrat Somalians like herself. Not prosecuted? The MN AG is Keith Ellison whose seat she took when he became the MN AG and was waiting prosecution of his own.
          That area of MPLS and ST Louis Park is deep seated Democrats and Somalians and Muslims. Why the Jews in that area continue to vote them in is a mystery.

        1. We are going to see every one of these crooks burn if Trump is re-elected! When the Dem’s took control of the House a lot of the proof of this got delayed and pushed back because of the “Sham impeachment” Trump had to concentrate on, but he’s been going at all of them full throttle since! Many of the RINO’S in both the House & Senate helped “stall” the DOJ from obtaining the proof, but once the indictments start happening they’ll be turning on each other like crazy trying to save their own asses! Trump might have had problems getting re-elected if the bleeding hearts saw folks like Hillary, Pelosi, Shumer, Waters, Joe Biden, and even Obama himself found guilty for Treason & High Mutiny and possibly put to death for these crimes. After re-election He’ll have absolutely nothing to loose and will have no problem finishing what he started!

          1. WHEN he is re-elected, not if …. and then we can say buh-bye to nasty pee, because she will no longer be speaker of the house !!!!! probably Kevin McCarthy, and it will be a wonderful wonderful day !!!!! and from your heart to God’s !!!!! HE knows we need Him more than ever now, and He won’t let us down !!!!

          2. Where did Obama get 13 million to buy a home on Martha’s Vinyard? A little money laundering also

      1. Exactly what all republicans in PA are asking. When is she going to be stopped? How many real Americans are in jail for so much less? Someone in authority,” Do Your Job”. If nothing less, throw her out if Congress!!!

        1. We in outstate MN re trying to help her opponent LACEY JOHNSON, a black former policeman.
          That Somalian Democrat stronghold is hard to crack….. BUT the riots and the arson was in her district and she has done nothin for them…. the POTUS did show up. MPLS is one big corrupt Democrat stronghold and has been since Hubert Humphrey was mayor.

      2. She stays in Congress because she was nominated, elected, controlled and supported by people that are just as corrupt and anti-American as she is. Her current recognized husband of the moment has found his meal ticket and will get his ticket punched one day.

      3. That’s a great question and should be answered along with how to prosecute her for all of the violations she has committed! ??

      4. President Trumps AG isn’t pushing hard enough. I think our President, after he wins the election, will personally hand burr-lad His pink slip in person.

      5. Why does she continue to get away with this corruption ? She is a poor example of a grateful immigrant. She hates our country and brakes laws like crazy. She belongs in jail.

      6. Same as Hillary destroying phones under subpoena. Or Pelosi’s husband making a billion from post office contracts. The Democrats are above the law.

      1. I gather you don’t like her very much! (lol) Don’t make her into a Jihadi martyr. That would be too good Islamic propaganda.

    1. Edward Angell , and to all that read this , ”All those like Ilana Omar , to all the others like her kind of doings , by getting their evil crooked butts in power , and do as they do , all need to face death , either by the rope or a firing squad , and get rid of their evil ways once and for all , as for getting them out of our country or putting them jails , only lets those types of scum bags to live , only gives them time to find ways of getting out of jails or find ways of getting back into our country , but with death , no one hears of them again .

    2. Make her pay every dollar with interest back in 3 months, then deport her , her husband and all her family members. The money does not o into the campaign fund either, it should go back into the Social Security fund, also building of the great wall along Texas, Mexico and California board/ She is evil remove all Islamic from our government as there are others in office doing the same thing, deport them, or since it is a treason act shot them that is what teh law on the book says.

      1. It appears that there are numerous politicians, of all races and nationalities, who are known to commit serious offenses against our government. If this is known or suspected, prosecute all of them and Install honest capable American citizens who can do the job. ??

      1. vote STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET from city council and school board to POTUS.

    3. After a few years in Congress most Congress men seem to have multi million dollar net worth to the tune of $50 million or so. That can’t be done on their salary it has to include bribes. Why haven’t we prosecuted them well because Hillary Clinton gets away with stealing hundreds of millions of dollars and nothing happens to her either. The ultimate answer is term limits for Congress… That’ll never happen either!

      1. send her to North Korea Kim will do her in real fast the dogs are hungry he won’t put up with her b.s like the courts are doing here time for her and the squad to be gone FOE EVER

    4. Exactly!! Omar should’ve already been sent to prison. Or deported. Omar has NO business being in our government or living in our great country!! Get rid of her butt!!

    5. That would be, but she should be tried for treason. If guilty, and we know she is, that would end it for her. Even if deported, she would go back to her country, and still work against the USA. Death is so final, and she and her terror groups would lack the support she has given them. I see nothing wrong with the death penalty. For one who has died 5 times, I know all about it, and my friend, we are in the Matrix, created by Our Lord. This is Purgatory, the place you go to to learn morals, to love each other, and help each other in times of need. I am a best friend of Jesus! No, I’m not crazy, because I have proof of my death’s. Even science is starting to believe in a Matrix. This is all a dream, but feels real. Take it seriously, because it determines your next life, of sends you yo Hell for eternity. I’m no Bible thump-er, and am His messenger. I am in constant contact with Him! I assure you this bitch will get her due, along with the rest of the socialist. Have a blessed day.

    6. I’ll go with deportation along with her entire tribe dumped on this country by Obama, not one Christian among them. I would guess there are many of them who hate this country as much as Omar does. What a travesty.

  1. In her own Religions book of rules she should lose a hand.
    In her case both of them up to her shoulders will suffice.
    Well almost.
    Then give her a free ticket home on a -130 with a very used parachute that has a hand pull release.

  2. Why not she has been getting by with it — when you are just using the system as she has — what does she have to lose — nothing — she hates this Country and it Citizens — she is there supporting her agenda and ripping us off. And BECAUSE SHE IS A LOW LIFE DEMOCRAT — SHE GETS BY WITH IT.

  3. I feel the entire squad are Soros plants to undermine the Country. She is a real snake and trojan horse. Somalia was rated teh most ungovernable Country in the World. Pirating of Oil Tankers and other ships and yachts . Throw her over the sea back to her homeland

  4. It seems nobody on the left is held accountable for anything they do. This is just one example. What about Hillary being given a free ride by Comey when he was the FBI Director. Where did he get that authority? What about Pelosi using military private jet to go to and from home in San Francisco (to the tune of millions of taxpayer dollars not to mention her alcohol bill while onboard)?

    So, when is it that justice is going to be served? Never! Nobody has any balls to call a dog a dog let alone a mooching one stealing from the American people!

    1. They should all be executed like Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were for espionage. All these treasonous politicians, too many to name, should be tried and punished accordingly. Not in some fancy, minimum security, country club type, prison either. Throw the key away. Let them n the population with hardened criminals. They deserve that.

    2. Pelosi voted herself a 40,000 dollar pay raise in the last coronavirus relief money. We only got 1200. She always makes sure she comes out on top at our expense. She is part of the deep state swamp, and has delusions of grandeur. It runs in the family as her nephew, Gavin Newsom runs California like his own dictatorship. The people who live in these Democratic states are going to have to wake up and vote these tyrants out if they want their American FREEDOMS back.

  5. Just deport the lying, cheating and rebel rouser. She a true democrap. Her and others should be behind bars and not in high society prison put her and others in low life prison!

    1. I totally agree with you. Strip her citizenship and deport her with the stipulation that she and her whole family is banned from ever entering the United States again!

  6. Does she think she is back were she was born and probably that country is typical to be dishonest! She married her brother and never got divorced from another guy! What a low life! She crawls with rats!!

  7. So where’s the F B I now ? She has committed so many acts of criminal intend , it’s impossible not to convict her . Or is the F B I that corrupt ?

    1. Yes the FBI is definitely that crooked ! This muzzie bitch,along with the others,should be hung on the WH lawn for All Americans and the world to see

  8. I can’t understand how the people of Minnesota could have elected THAT into office! I do believe the system has to be changed because it takes far to long to get garbage like her out of office & others like most of the Dem party! I don’t think I’ve ever felt such contempt for a bunch of people in my life!! There really are no words to describe so many rotten, vile individuals! These fucken immigrants who come here, get sworn in as U.S. citizens and then try to make this country into the garbage country they came from, should be labeled terrorists, have their citizenship revoked and thrown the fuck back to where they came from!! Even though Harris & AOC were born here, the same should be done to them along with the entire Biden & Obama families! Freeze all their “ill begotten assets” and throw them the fuck out!!!

    1. Or a Muslim who was paid to vote for her….There are about 70,000 of them in Minneapolis who will for sure vote for her. Fat chance of the AG of Minnesota going after her. He’s a Muslim too. And AG Barr? I don’t believe he can be bothered.

  9. so why does the Dems get away with treason and all these crimes and never punished????
    GOP would have been hung for less. How did this double standard of law breakers ever get a hold in our government? God is in control and in the end, they will get their justice, but would like to see it happen.

  10. Omar needs to be investigated by the Justice Department and the FBI! Makes sense right, but there is something wrong with this picture! investigations of Omar, Crooked Hillary, “the Russians are coming” fiasco, fake news at 99% of our news sources, the false Pelosi @ Adam Shiff Impeachment hoax! Just to name a few. If you or I were caught up in a phony scandal we would be hit by the tactical federal squad sent by the FBI & The DOJ! What’s up with our justice system!

  11. What REALLY pisses me off is, all these MF’s are on the Gov’t payroll along with all the ridiculous “perks” that go along with their positions. I’m sure included in the perks are private security protecting their asses, all at the expense of the Government that they are trying to totally destroy! I am a veteran and it is really disgusting to see the total disregard of the Constitution that this C**T held up her hand and swore to uphold when she took the oath to become a citizen. Strip her of citizenship, but before deporting her, cut off the hand she held up to take the oath so she can’t swear to another bold-faced lie! “Honor and integrity” are obviously words she doesn’t know the meaning of, aren’t in her limited vocabulary, and 2 things she is totally lacking!

    1. If you’re a Veteran then you took an oath to defend the Constitution also. Against all threats, foreign and domestic. What are you waiting for ? Time to stop bitchin’ & do something to stop the domestic terrorists. Biden says if elected “Muslims will hold positions in all levels of govt.” What ?

  12. How did she get elected? Her district has a large Muslim population. How does she avoid being indicted for all the crimes she has committed in the past few years? The AG of Minnesota is Ellison a devout, corrupt Muslim. Omar can lose her citizenship and be deported just as a result of her immigration crimes as well as her immoral and unlawful behavior by marrying her brother. Her illegal manipulation of campaign funds are worthy of a substantial prison sentence.

  13. If all this is true why is she not being prosecuted for it what’s up with the DOJ are they above the law I’d like to here from the attorney general about this if there is proof of this we know she’s a scumbag but you have to prove she is guilty of a crime

  14. WHY isn’t she in FEDERAL PRISON for her CRIMES and Deported to SOMALIA (PERMANENTLY!)? The time for JUSTICE is NOW! Enough of this TREASONISTIC TRAITOR who HATES this country. One Wary And Hopeful Patriot who is DISGUSTED. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  15. We are finding out our country is one of the most corrupt in the world because of the Democrat Party. This is just one of many many examples. The future for our country is bleak. The corruption is so deep it cannot be reversed. Only those that oppose the left will be held accountable.

  16. Why even tell us about it if nothing will be done about it? ?!?! We keep reading about ALL the things that Lie-beral DEMONocrats have done and etc., etc. Nothing is ever done. This is all an insult to the American people and being RUBBED IN OUR FACE !

  17. They are all so corrupt, it is sickening. There has to be accountability somewhere. I wish Obama would just drop off the face of the earth. He has a lot of nerve bashing President Trump after all the stuff he did even before Trump became President. He needs to be locked up along with Hillary, Brennan, Clapper, and the rest of them. Pelosi is a mess!!! Schumer’s not much better. I am so upset the way the world is going. Republicans and Democrats use to get along. Disgusting the way the democrats are acting. Like SPOILED children who can’t have their way.

  18. I am in Minnesota. I have heard all the things about Omar and cannot believe she is still out there walking around and being treasonous. What has this terrorist done for Minnesota and its people. NOTHING! She and all her crimes have been an embarrassment to the state and its people. But you watch…the 50,000 to 70,000 Somalis who live in Minneapolis will re-elect her and being the AG of Minnesota is a friend and also a Muslim will do nothing about her crimes….we are so screwed!

  19. You can only look at the dangerous people on Minneapolis want they can thank the Democratic Party for supporting her

  20. Failure to prosecute those who commit crimes will lead to civil unrest and destroy our country. Laws that are broken by those in government and profit from it add greater fuel to civil unrest and the loss of trust in our government. God help President Trump clear the swamp and stop the lies from those who wish to turn this country into a larger Venezuela.

  21. IRS audit HER+family!
    Audits following their money trails!
    Why not– she is a public servant, who made sure she automatically got US citizenship to steal a government seat–has no diplomatic immunity

  22. how can you vote her out when she Is ballot harvesting??? she pays 200.00per vote. she threatens the Somali community with violence if they dont support her scheme. what is your suggestion now??? have you seen the tape made by Veritas??? her own people are on it telling what all she does/has done to get elected. only one way to solve this problem… too bad it is illegal…..

  23. please explain to me how you can vote someone out who is ballot harvesting and paying 200.00 per ballot for herself?? I would like to see how that could be done. she can be removed, but it is not legal.

  24. The only way she got elected was to Buy Ballots. She is a disgrace and I hope she is prosecuted for ALL her crimes (embezzling, ballot harvesting, marrying her brother for citizenship, cheating on her husband, etc. etc. etc.
    She deserves to end up in prison. Or we could ship her to an Al-Qaeda Camp. They have pretty strict rules about sleeping around, stealing and cheating for their women. I doubt she would last long under their justice.
    Maybe her yelling about the ‘”The fire of my religion!” would not impress them.

  25. SO … WHEN are they going to remove this Anti-American lunatic from office and arrest her… Put her in Jail and start deportation to remove her from this country… she is disgrace to our country…. she needs to go back where she came from….

  26. All 4 of of the horsewomen should be eliminated from politics. Put them on a deserted Island, with one knife between them for survival. Winner gets to snack on the losers. Racist B——. Not one of them has an idea of how to govern. Socialist,racist,left pigs.

  27. Why doesn’t the Speaker-of-the House do her job and take action against Representative Omar, and the other Representative from New York? The answer is simple, Pelosi doesn’t give a damn about anyone except herself. She doesn’t care and hasn’t done anything to keep the House in order. If the Representatives know that they can break the laws, that they are shown to up hold, and no one will do anything about it, what is there to stop them? Hate of the duly elected President is more important to Pelosi, Schiff, Waters, and Nadler, than the desires of the American people. Most of the House would be fired if they had to work real jobs.

    1. What ! Pelosi actually do her job ? Heaven forbid , that might cut into her time bashing the President , Stalling pandemic relief so she can support and feed her agendas . Eat designer ice cream , you know all that important leftist stuff .

  28. This is one of the reasons she ran for office in the first place . Yes she fronts for Muslim voters and Sharia Law but she also found that she can make it pay off big time . The voters can support her making her rich as she in turn does nothing for them as she not only gets rich from campaign donations . But she collects her congressional pay check as well .If anyone complains she plays her Muslim Minority persecution card .
    I don’t know how we can stop things like this but there should be some way or law to prevent elected officials from using the campaign donations as a personal wealth cash cow .

  29. Why does OMAR still have her job? She has done more to get removed (fired) from Congress than should ever be allowed. How much can be continually overlooked and ignored. She is anti Semitic and anti America thru her endless barrage of criticism. She now has basically committed money fraud. The evidence is piling on and on. This is unacceptable. What can be done, if anything by the American people? Is VOTING her out the only answer? Has to be other remedies.. disgusting that someone so against our country is representing our country …. WHY?

  30. It is a shame for her to represent anyone at all. But she will be re elected. They will get what they deserve which is corruption and trash.

  31. Not sure how she can remain in country with her anti-Semitic attitude, all the fraud she continues to commit, and how she ever became a representative is beyond belief. Deport her back to Somalia.

  32. Where is the congressional investigation into this sack of s**t. Omar hates the USA and wants to destroy it. She and her husband must be charged with campaign violations and put in prison for live with no pardon or release. If that fails, use a wood chipper on them.

  33. I’m still wondering why their are muslims in this country.IKE in the 50’s said that no muslims should be allowed in this country.The HALFBREED MUSLIM that was voted in brought millions here like her.As long as the democrats love them this country will never be worth a damn.

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