Higher Percent of COVID Deaths Now Among Vaccinated

Aren’t you glad for the vaccines that have saved the lives of so many Americans from getting COVID or dying from the virus?

Not so fast, according to a new report. Since the advent of the omicron variant, an ever-increasing percentage of the deaths from COVID in the United States have been among the vaccinated.

This according to a recent article in the Washington Post, which also included emerging data suggesting that even more so today than previously, the demographic most at risk of death from COVID are the elderly. Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the meaning behind the most recent data about COVID deaths in the U.S.


We’re now talking about 60% of COVID deaths in the U.S. among those who were vaccinated. Does that sound like a life-saving shot that should be expected by all Americans?

Seems like the evidence is not fitting the mainstream narrative. Maybe that’s why we’re just now hearing about it from mainstream sources as the problem is so big it can no longer be hidden.

This is a massive change from just months ago when the CDC and others claimed we would face a winter of death and despair without being vaccinated.

Sounds like the vaccine didn’t make as much of a difference after all, unless you’re a Big Pharma company making a profit from the government’s overreach. Check out the full video for more details on this startling story.

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33 thoughts on “Higher Percent of COVID Deaths Now Among Vaccinated”

  1. I’m a senior and I’m glad I didn’t take the vaccine. I had a feeling it was not the miracle they were claiming. When I
    I get a gut feeling about something like that, I just leave it alone. Getting rid of a large percentage of the population is their goal anyway.

    1. When science changes the chemistry of what God has created. It’s of the Devil. And our government is corrupt and will kill for communistic control. Bottom Line. The Love of money is the root of all evil

      1. You are so right! Medicines which have knowingly been claimed to cure and don’t are considered Sorcery.

    2. TOTALLY ?.Same. I haven’t been sick with anything in years. Apparently my immune system works just fine.

    3. Senior also…75 and I had the first two shots,no booster…I have taken certain products for years that have given me great blood work results according to my VA P/C Dr….What bugs me about this whole covid thing is what happened to the flu ??? Did it just disappear??? How many have died because of flu ??? Pretty much the same symptoms as Covid…If you went to the hospital or emergency they sent you home as having covid…Or they wouldn’t even check you and tell you to stay home you can’t come in because you have covid…What about the flu…The government has pretty much pushed covid numbers and scared most of the elderly people in particular…How many that died might have been ok if they had a flu shot, or maybe a pneumonia shot ???

      1. That’s a question that has been bothering from the git go. Thousands die every year from the flu but suddenly there are no deaths from the flu…all classified as Covid. How many more have questioned this? When will the steeples wake up???

        1. In October of 2021, I made my annual doctor visit. I complained about having to wear a mask in the doctor’s office because we never had to do any of the things Covid was demanding when all we had to worry about was the seasonal flu, which could be deadly to seniors with comorbidities and to young children. I mentioned that you never heard anything about the flu that winter and the doctor said that she believed that all the mask-wearing had cut down drastically on the occurrence of the seasonal flu. Sorry, not sorry, not believing it. Then she offered to vaccinate me with one of the “vaccines” that she believed were effective. I said “no thanks, I prefer not to have the cells of aborted babies floating around in my system and had she heard about the high rate of deaths and other serious illnesses and conditions that were being reported on VAERS by people who had been vaccinated? ” No response.

          1. Good for you if more people thought like that we would have no problems well not as many lol!!!!!!

    4. I and my son that lives with me got the J&J he works full time and I’m retired I have multiple health issues but didn’t like the sound of a NEW kind of vaccine and what they published left me suspicious so J&J it was as it was made like a vaccine we have all had. Neither one of us has contracted the virus and unless required to wear masks with COPD they make me feel like I’m smothering. Have never been one to get sick but some of my drs want me to get fully vaxed and boosted but I have refused and so have my friends. Now we are all glad. I looked up in the Information about getting checked to see if the J&J was doing anything by getting a titer done but CDC has put out a memo to all drs NOT to do titers on these vaccines unless absolutely necessary which is suspicious by itself

    5. You are so right.I kept telling my family & friends that there was something wrong with the china vax but no one would listen.Now death is everywhere.

    6. I am 72, and did not get the covid-19 injection. I agree with you something is wrong with the entire mess. I have been a nurse 40 plus years.. my body may not work so good. But my brain is in great shape. ?
      Be blessed, God always watches over his Children.

    7. Hey! Both of us are Seniors and REFUSED getting any of the Covid crap shots! You are smart to always listen to your “gut feelings”! It will never tell you wrong and protect your life!
      Any vaccine containing mRNA elements (that has NOT been clinically tested on humans) is not going to help anyone but going to “change” people’s biological make up — that includes heart, lungs, blood, etc. Strong hearts, lungs, etc seem to survive until the mRNA gets stuck in an organ, etc. Then the organ malfunctions while the body is trying to kick the intruder out, but the mRNA sticks like glue and the organ dies, then the person dies. This is a simplistic description of what is happening to VAXXERS and the scary part is that this process can happen at any time — now — or in a couple years!
      If you got any of those shots (can’t call them “vaccines” because vaccines PREVENT the disease and those shots do NOT prevent Covid/Omnicron, but ATTRACT IT), go to your doctor and get your organs checked for discrepancies in their functionality. Doing this may show something soon enough that the medical field can control or stop the destruction of any organ asap! ?The VAXXES HAVE BECOME THE DEADLY SIDE AFFECT OF COVID!?


    8. I had the same feeling. I told my neighbors that this is another Chinese transmitted virus or bug control population. Last few years we have had Swine flu about 1976, bird flu, pine bug, citrus bug, contaminated trailers with lead,
      People are still getting flu vaccines. Babies get about 50 vaccines before they are a year old.
      With Covid, everything was experimental. We were guinea pigs to an intentionally transmitted virus. PLUS a vaccine that was experimental that didn’t work. That’s why the drug companies had every country sign a document that they couldn’t sue for damages before they would get any vaccines. CHINA AND FAUCI, HIS WIFE INVOLVED, PAID OFF

  2. I’m a senior that did not get the “vaccine” even though I was on the first responders list. My gut feeling which has never been wrong saved my life even though I lost my job of 15 years because I would not be a guinea pig. My former organization lost 14 people I knew who died of the virus or the shot, all took the “vaccine”. Some of their relatives too, I don’t know how many.

      1. You are so right! Think about the millions, no, make that billions, saved by all the deaths of those collecting social security! They even saved the entire month on the victim’s very last social security check. All veterans who died stopped getting their DOD pensions as well!

    1. Pharmicital companies don’t want this news about Covid or vaccines. My one grandson was training for a jumper when the 13 people were killed in a back fire in AZ, then back to school for EMT, then Biden’s mandatory vaccines, He is a tow truck driver for NOW.
      Several people died, and spikes in organs, destroyed the iron, red blood cells, and platelet. several with strokes. the polyp that was cancer in the colon.
      I refused the vaccine, no more masks, and made my own jell, Use hydrogen provide and food-grade vinegar for cleaning and vegetables and fruit.

  3. I’m a very compromised senior, a heart attack & stroke survivor, I didn’t get the shot either, thank goodness. But I never stayed home & isolated. Then the info began coming out about the shots. Everyone I know who got sick were vaccinated

    1. Yup. And many I know got tremors, weakness, sudden collapse, blindness, clots, dangerously high spikes in BP, miscarriages, strokes, brain hemorrhages, a the list is endless. And the morons that barred me from playing Bridge with them becuz I didn’t get the jab all got dementia, bad falls & the Rona. Karma’s a ß-hatch, yah??

  4. My mom took the shot at her doctor’s approval. 8 days later she died with covid. No covid or possibility of getting it prior to the shot.

  5. I also did not get the vac. My gut instinct said No and so glad I didn’t !! When hospitals get funds for Covid deaths , this is ALL ABOUT MONEY!! Thank You God for being my Pilot. A lot of deaths had pre-existing conditions. Shame on our corrupt government!!

  6. I’m sure glad i never took the vaccine. I could tell it just wasn’t what they needed to be giving. Why did Dr. Fauci have to stand and lie about HCQ and Ivermectin when Trump was trying to get it all under control? It was the money for himself [Dr. Fauci}

  7. It is impossible to do a legitimate medical study on the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination because no one is sure whether a patient actually died from that virus. Hospitals stated people who died in a car crash died from COVID-19. The government NEEDS to control the populous led to hospitals CLAIMING a patient died from COVID-19 or its vaccine in order to obtain secret reward money from the government. If people wake up and keep the government out of medicine and allow Doctors ( NOT hospitals) to make the medical decisions . NOT Doctors who WORK for the government (Fauci) but rather Doctors who work for the people.

  8. I am a single Senior and work two pt time jobs. I am not vaxed and don’t get the flu shot either. On both jobs, only the vaxed came down with Covid. I have studied natural remedies, vitamin supplements and eating nutritious foods and they work! The nuubu foot patches also made me feel better getting all the toxins out. Fauci never even gave someone a glass of water. Anyone in the Pharmaceutical industry is all about money and experimenting on helpless voiceless animals. I think all our payments into Medicare are taking care of the immigrants coming over our border and taking care of Ukraine. Did you know that the sons of Biden, Pelosi, Carey, and Schiff all worked for Barisma in Ukraine? The Swamprats are sinking fast. You don’t recover from quicksand….I pray everyday for God to please help us and to remove all the swamprats.

  9. And the vaccines are still being administered and now they want to vax our babies that is a bunch of c ra p from the swamprats and from Maderna do ya know who owns Maderna? Bill Gates that is where one of the vaccines was made he did say that he was producing a vaccine that would change the World Yea it is changing the World that is if you received that vaccine this is terrible and it is not just the elderly it is also the very young kids from ages of 15 on up to Adults in there 40’s. Now there is more fraud in voting scams & some have not even voted yet which will come in November all this is bad new’s and something needs to be done This acting Pres is a lunatic and a puppet on a string..Please everyone get out and vote to change things around God needs to be put back in our schools and our Government. Some of us have opened our eye’s and have been reading but still there are some people that don’t read and don’t watch the honest News channels. WAKE UP AMERICA…

    1. God says the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil…… 1 Timothy 6:10

      Since He created everything He knows what man does and the sin they choose to follow.

  10. That something that is telling the more fortunate of us not to get the vaxx, is not just intuition. It’s the Holy Spirit at work. God does protect us if we are sensitive and in tune with him. So many don’t seem to know or care what is right or wrong, and as long as they remain willfully ignorant, the Adversary is going to take advantage. I am a super senior,( past my life expectancy,) and really feel we are nearing the End of Times. There is a lot of information coming out about how much we have been lied to. Everything around us, it seems, is fake. How much of science, even is fake, or how much of it is just orchestrated to control us, manipulate us, and harm us financially or our health? How much does a government care that wants abortion, that feeds us poison in our food, air, souls and minds? How long could we live without interference from the dark forces? Really. I am nearing 80 and am doing all my own gardening, cooking, cleaning, prepping and lifting 50 pound sacks of grain and fertilizer. No Vaxx, no illness. No alcohol, tobacco or junk food. God loves us, but we are not junkyards or trashcans. Love yourself enough to care.

  11. In January 2020 I visited the CDC website and looked up this Covid thing that was reportedly coming. I found an article there which was a report on the studies the CDC had been making of Covid over the previous 4 years!
    The article told how mild and weak this virus was and that there was no need for alarm at all.
    Then in April 2020 I revisited the CDC website due to all the media alarming reports being issued which conflicted with what I had read on the CDC website, and the article was not to be found any more. I had copied that article and saved to my computer and had sent it out to a number of politicians, friends and posted on social media. Then in 2021 I had a doctor ask me for the article. I discovered that ALL my documents created in 2020 had been deleted from my computer. Everything from January 1, 2020 through December 31, 202 was ALL deleted. All my sending info of that article was deleted. ALL of my postings on social media were ALL deleted!

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