GOP Rep. Chip Roy EXPOSES Biden Admin for Helping Cartels Human Traffick

Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy has had ENOUGH of Joe Biden’s border crisis and he completely annihilated the president for continuing to allow it!

“The president and this administration can go straight to hell,” Roy said.

Referencing video of heavily armed cartel soldiers freely crossing the southern border into America with ZERO opposition, Roy said that Biden has handed our border over to the cartels.

“These cartels are emboldened and empowered by a president who does not care about our southern border. He is allowing it to become completely run by the cartels.


Roy added that ultimately, Border is allowing the cartels to use our southern border for their MASSIVE human trafficking operation.

“We’re allowing that to happen on our watch,” he said, “No more, that’s my message!”

But the Biden Regime is not simply “letting” this happen – they’re actively looking to eradicate ANY obstacles the cartels might face at the border.

That’s exactly why Biden’s people are suing Texas Governor Greg Abbott for simply trying to secure his state’s borders against these militant cartel forces!

“Gov. Abbott is being sued — sued — by the Dept. of Homeland Security and by this administration because he dares to try to stop the flow at our border, to stop the death, the fentanyl, to stop the poisonings, to stop armed intruders? You know the president and this administration can go straight to hell!”

Watch the video here to see Roy eviscerate Joe Biden and expose how he is helping the cartels thrive!

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53 thoughts on “GOP Rep. Chip Roy EXPOSES Biden Admin for Helping Cartels Human Traffick”

  1. I’m 100 percent .it seems like either they the Democrats are only looking out for them selfsame and all the presidents lies and Hunters troubles with his bullshit and trying to lock up and destroy Trump and reck the rest of the w country I say put Biden and his crumpt family on a slow boat to China

    1. I would like to ask all Biden supporters: Who is paying your rent, for your food, medical, etc. YOU are paying for ILLEGALS, rent, food, medical, spending money. A vote for Biden is a vote for the total destruction of the America we knew! The America we had is being flushed into the sewer. Armed Cartels running our border at will, sex trafficking, slavery, drugs all happening and SUPPORTED by the BIDEN ADMINISTRATION! Go ahead Democrats, VOTE STUPID! Your lives will be harder and more violent in the near future.

    2. Republicans should have known this,Are they bening blacked mail,Saids johnson was that was why he voted wrong.But i dont know.We need all the crimials kicked out of government. It is hard to believe how wicked the democrats are.If any republicans involved kick them out too.American cant wait too long we are in trouble now.Trump won they need to give him control.

  2. This is the straw that should break the camels back! why do we keep on hearing all the wrongs the bidens are doing and yet no one is going to jail?

    1. Biden will never be charged, the CIA, DOJ and the FBI are protecting the Biden’s and his Corrupted Regime .

  3. When people are trafficking drugs and humans across our borders and you have the task to stop it, know about it and don’t stop it, you are an accessory to the crime. Its the security guard helping the bank robbers rob the bank.

    1. The President of the United States and his staff in charge of immigration; Mayorca, took an oath to protect the borders. Period. That’s how we know the DOJ and the whole administration is corrupt. The exact opposite is happening.

      1. Yes ditto that….on those that voted for Biden; you’re all complicit!
        I hope you’re all happy with the economy, illegal immigration, etc. have y’ all opened up a room in your house for non-vetted immigrants? How’s your gas tanks? Always filling up and having less money? Happy? Ya, you’d vote the same way again, that’s what libtards do.

  4. These cartel people entering the United States Via the southern border should be shot on sight. No question asked. Biden is a disgrace; he is a coward, a traitor and needs to face treason charges and if found guilty should face execution along with his son Hunter Biden. The whole family are scum bags along with the Democrat’s. What are we going to do if the Democrats’ happen to win in 2024.
    People are stupid and vote for these pigs all because they hate trump.

    1. I agree with Mindy. Biden will go down in history as the worst President EVER in the USA. WE NEED A THIRD POLITICAL PARTY IN THIS COUNTRY TO BE ABLE TO VOTE FOR GOOD LEADERSHIP. Biden is no leader and he should be impeached. For his lack of leadership and trying to do thing without Congress and the Senate VOTING TO APROVE HIS ACTIONS FIRST.

    2. I hope everyone who voted for this traitor are happy,love all the pictures of Bidens homes that he got by selling the US out.!!!! Hang the treasonous pos moron obiden!!!

    3. I They are criminals, incompetent, and stupid. People have no respect for these criminals involved in ruining our country. It does not matter how much money they make. I agree with your total assessment.

    4. They should all be hung on the white house lawn.
      But it gets me that everybody sits at home doing NOTHING BUT RUN YOUR MOUTHS WHILE THESE PROVEN TRAITORS DESTROY THE COUNTRY.

    5. Wholeheartedly agreed and I’ve already placed requests, backed with substantial sum of MY money, to get the Congress to have done that — so far I’ve seen nothing happen! Disgusted beyond measure!! There’s no question the danger Biden has done to this country……He signed & swore a pledge to our United States to protect our Border——–then ignored that in its entirety!!!….at great cost to our entire United States of America!

  5. I would like to see armed citizens at the border confronting the cartel crime teams. Prior military would be my first line of defense if we can’t use the military due to current federal law. It is an all-out war against the US by the cartels and it needs to be treated as a war. Forget arresting them. You don’t arrest members of an opposing military. You fight them or die.

    1. No. Everybody just runs their mouths. Armed citizens should be on the border protecting this country. Abbott can’t do it himself. What do we have the 2nd for ? This is the reason we have it. This is the EXACT reason it is in the constitution. This commie government needs to be stopped. Biden needs to be stopped. His whole family are traitors. HE IS DELIBERATELY DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY FOR CHINA.

  6. An Invasion is an act of war by definition. The illegal Invasion at the U.S. borders can be dealt with by the Military as an act of war. It takes a leader with a pair to do it. Unfortunately the USA does NOT have one.

    1. He ISNT TRYING TO BE A LEADER. He has sold out the country. We will lose this country if we haven’t already. He can’t get out of it. He sold so many favors he can’t keep up. Meanwhile they smirk in our faces. He eats ice cream while Rome burns. Rome burns because of traitors biden and obummer. Let’s not forget the creep that dreams of s…ING off white men. Why do you think the hung a rainbow flag at the white house ? Why you think the administration are all drag queens , trannies and outright fa..ots ? The ex homo in chief ! He’ll take a virile white man any day over that baboon he’s married to. It’s your call patriots. Are we going to be taken down by pansies ?

  7. You are so right J.J the USA does not have a leader so now armed cartels are coming right on in we are being taken over and the Biden regime does not care !!! It looks like Texas is the only place with balls, maybe Gov.Abbott neets to take over as president at least he has good since.

  8. Arizona is also trying to fight the border crisis like Texas they to are getting hit from Home land security !! What tne hell is going on ? The Dept. Of Home land security is supposed to protect the american people right ?. The DOJ is supposed to protect the people. The FBI is suppose to protect the people that is protect the american people first right ?. Well i guess no more, now there all puppy dogs that only do what there master tells them to do !!. And that is not to protect the american people. The borders are wide open with armed cartels coming in without any of are justice people stopping them !! So my question is “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON NOW ?” Are we suppose to just roll over and be a good little dog and let these ruthless people take over ? Guess so cause when some one trys to step up and stop them they get ” our” home land security on them !! So again what in hell is going on !! Now more than ever the Biden regime needs put out And why so many American people don’t see that is beyond me ; we need this administration out of the White House now; we the people can’t take any more of the Biden stupidly, at least the people that can see whats going on , i don’t understand the people that still rides biden coatells, they need to wake the hell up and stop riding the Democrats ass. This USA is in bad shape and getting worse by the second our econmic is experiencing a critical mass.,and small jobs are being crushed, and just so much corruption going on in are cities we the people don’t stand a chance. We need someone in the White House that well fight for the people.

    1. I agree with you 100%! Everyone of your comments are exactly what I’ve been expressing in somewhat the same manner but with more feminine phrasing! Same feelings about why hasn’t everyone been letting the Congress know they feel about this —- and THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE TO BE TOLD IT’S UP TO THEM TO DO WHAT IS NECESSARY FOR THE PROTECTION OF OUR COUNTRY to begin with, but apparently even Knowing it is not getting it done! I’m just so thankful I’m nearly at the end of my lifetime…….I’m just terribly concerned about my kids and their kids and their kids———who will still have to live in an America that I’ve enjoyed but that they’ll never have the reason to enjoy such as I did in our past era.

  9. Keep up with your good fight against the CRIMINAL that occupies the WH.

    You and the rest of the Republicans HAVE TO STAND TOGETHER!!! THAT IS WHY YOU WERE ELECTED!!!

  10. California is also failing miserably by allowing
    our politicians to enact stupid policies . Crime is
    rampant; criminals are neither caught nor
    punished. The homelessness and drug use are huge problems. How anyone could think Gavin
    our governor could be presidential material is
    beyond rational thought. He is a phony.
    It seems finally some of us citizens have had enough. Although the media protects this corrupt
    Biden administration, they are being exposed for
    what they are.
    citizens have had it, and are going to

  11. The Biden administration is all criminal. The Democrats are chronic liars and cheats and are not worthy of being in government

  12. IMPEACH Joe Biden! Yes I say IMPEACH Joe Biden! REMOVE him from the White House! It’s All About Power. He and the Democrap Party view the illegal immigrants as a means to stay in power as future voters.Shir

      1. He wanted and needed somebody stupid. Same thing obummer ( the ex f.g in chief that dreams of all day ) did. Obummer needed somebody stupid also.

  13. Why doesnt the media tell stories of what the cartels are doing, surely crime and deaths have risen. Its a problem that has always plagued the southern border, it is criminal what is being allowed to happen to tax paying Americans.

    1. That is a good question. Somebody has to stop this horrific abuse of children. People involved in this crime should go to jail!

  14. Chip Roy has got this nailed, however its about time the mass influx of illegels is stopped.
    The Dems plan is to open up voting in the coming months to allow them to vote for our next president, congress & senators. THAT IS THE ONLY REASON FOR OPEN BORDERS and NONE of the Fake news or even Fox has aproached this theory. Time to wake up America and do not allow this travestry of injustice prevail>>>>

  15. First day into office was the beginning of Biden and Mayorkas breaking the LAWS! It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out! FBI knew it was in violation of the CONSTITUTION LAWS! DID NOTHING! DOJ also know it was in violation of the CONSTITUTION LAWS! Did NOTHING! All those FOOLS WHO CLAIM THEY WERE WORKING TO HELP THE CHILDREN IN CHICAGO AND NEW YORK, LA, ARE BREAKING THE LAWS! But not one was arrested! Why? CHILD TRAFFICKING AND HUMAN TRAFFICKING IS AGAINST THE LAW!

  16. Congress has the right to a military enforcement of policy by edict. They are not doing it due to a Democrat refusal vote and cover up by paid off newspaper exploitation. Congress needs an impeachment process asap to clean this dishonesty out of government and begin to defund the people that get out of ethical bound guidelines.
    The government is the cash cow allowing all this to happen, the GAO needs to be held accountable and responsible for misappropriation of funds for the border and internal affairs. Vote the Democrats out and don’t do business with them, also refuse to buy from their sponsors, then sic the military on them and their families.

  17. Here’s a way to stop it:
    1. Insititute a belt defense along the border. Hard line of a fence at the border to create a funnel to ports of entry (Hadrian Wall like fortifications every KM or two).
    2. Second defense belt is a roving patrol with LP/OP sites that are constantly manned. Turnover is RIP, with no lapse like now along the CA border.
    3. Third defense belt is cameras. sensors, drones, A/C.
    4. Enforce the laws already on the books! You do not need to change ROE, if you get fired on, fire back with overwhelming firepower.



  19. ! am tired of listening to the evil things JOE and his son, Hunter have done and are doing. When is someone going to get rid of them?

  20. Biden sure well go downstairs when time comes.Heaven doesn’t accept fake Catholics.St.Peter says NO

  21. We need to impeach every single democratic that has received laundried money from Joe biden and his administration. They don’t care about our country. Since Joe biden got into office he sure doesn’t look like himself lately I think it’s Obama running our government and that’s against the law
    So Rep. Chip Roy is the person who will stop all this. He has the Balls to straighten out our southern borders. Build this WALL NOW.

  22. Today is April 1st. Normally, that’s considered April Fools Day! But I insist that it be called “Stupid Biden DemocRATS Day”! Even 10 or 25 years from now! By then, he shouldn’t even be still alive anymore!
    I live in Texas, and if the DemocRAT Party manages to get him elected to a second term, I’ll be the first to advocate that Texas declare independence from the U.S., and assert sovereignty to declare that we have the RIGHT to protect our border from invasion from a foreign nation! We should have the right to send troops to the border, and fire machine guns into the Rio Grande, and fill the river with people who tried to cross it, as they’re doing right now! Even send jets across the border to bomb places in Mexico! And the cartels!
    I am damned tired of foreigners just walking here into Texas, as if they own the place! I am preparing to make war with “ Joe Bite Me”, and Mexico!

  23. What this fake regime in our presidency is doing is called treason. The general population is just plain stupid obviously

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