Georgia Just Elected a Far Left, Radical Senator. Here’s What He Really Believes

The two Georgia runoffs were both essential to win for the Republican party, with the far left winning it, the entire United States Senate just swung to the Democrats. There are now 50 Democrats and 50 Republican Senators. If a bill gets a 50/50 vote down party lines the tie breaking vote goes to the Vice President—Kamala Harris.

This puts all Republican agenda items in danger as the Democrats now control both houses of Congress and the Presidency. Checks and balances many have fewer and fewer checks (unless you’re counting the checks passed over to the Democrats by Big Tech).

However, what’s lost in some of this is the fact that Georgia didn’t just elect a Democrat into office, but it elected someone from the far left.

Just how far left is newly elected Senator Warnock? Well, if you voted for Donald Trump he’s calling you a sinner. A sinner in the eyes of God because you voted for someone you believed would better the country.


He said this from the very pulpit Martin Luther King Jr. once preached from. A man who preached about peace and equality has been replaced by a man who now preaches condemnation for following your heart.

And if that wasn’t enough, he went on to say, “America needs to repent for its worship of whiteness.”

That’s an exact quote from a speech he gave during a church service. Again, instead of preaching peace, the man preached about needing to repent for being white. In other words, the need to repent and ask God for forgiveness because of the pigment you were born with. To find out more about just how far left Georgia’s new Senator Raphael Warnock is watch the video below.

102 thoughts on “Georgia Just Elected a Far Left, Radical Senator. Here’s What He Really Believes”

    1. He is a racist black man you dont no god you hypocrite my people are white and we wear slaves to the romans and it was black chiefs that soled their Owen people as slaves So am white and dam proud of it you black tar turd

        1. I’m sure many of us have the same sentiment. But…. they are here and are American citizens so we must fight against racism and hatred coming from anyone.

    2. I read that he was horrible to children. Nothing sexual but violent.. Beating them. 1 urinated in his pants and he made him sleep on the driveway, on a very cold night. He should be in jail, not the senate. Stole that election also..

      1. Brought and paid for by, outsiders, from California, New York, and “high tech” companies, like Facebook, Twitter. Their are in with the far left, and China.

      1. I am from Georgia & everyone I know there did not vote for these two democratic senators. The majority of Ga is still conservative republican & smart enough to spot a commie or socialist a mile away. This election was stolen in the first run & again in the Jan re election. Stacy Abrams is still angry she lost to Kemp so she colluded with Soros & democratic elites to all the same illegal voting tricks they did on Trump.

    3. Look at his eyes — dead eyes which means there is nothing he will not do to accomplish his goals. He is NOT A RELIGIOUS MAN BUT A DISCIPLE OF THE DEVIL. He only knows evil (it shows in his eyes — no light because he has no Spirit — the devil owns his Spirit!).
      So do not listen to his words nor obey his demands. What he wants is nothing good for you nor your loved ones. Be very aware of this “FALSE FACE” and his actions.

      Who voted in that False Face? Probably more demonic followers who want nothing good for America nor her people.

      Isn’t it pathetic when individuals listen and accept the whining of their leaders as truth instead of researching themselves about the REAL TRUTHS! Such lazy people with very little intelligence nor conscience. Sad for America, sad for the American people, and Sadder yet for the people of Georgia! Watch out for ALL THE FALSE FACES IN GEORGIA, they seem to be breeding everywhere!

    4. Warnock is a racist in reverse. Certainly with his far left, radical, unbiblical positions on human beings, whatever the race, is in direct violation of the Creator’s view of all mankind and womankind ! He does not deserve the title of reverend and is a blasphemous traitor to the cause and identity of God’s creation and Christianity!

      1. 100% Right . I am with you.
        BTW: A product of demoratcy, CR, HR, and other BS like.
        The disaster begun when Americans voted Obundunga for president.


      1. He also liked to beat children and makr them sleep on the driveway in very cold weather, if they urinate in their pants. He belongs in jail, not the senate

          1. Your M L King comment is a totally unwarranted remark. Read up on Martin Luther King before you spout such nonsense. They may both be black, but their conscience, actions and goals are light years apart. Please do it, you owe it to yourself. I am a white 72 year old Marine from ground forces Vietnam in 1968. I do remember the news coverage when he was killed. The reality is M L King is an American Hero forever.

        1. AMEN.. The MOTHER FUCKER RACIST should be in jail. I’m a RETIRED CORRECTIONAL OFFICER from the Arizona Maximum security Prison in Florence, Arizona. This MOTHER FUCKER would have an UNFORTUNATE ACCIDENT and would be carried out of the prison in a body bag. Other inmates have NO USE for Rapist, Wife Beaters, Child Molesters and more !!! SATAN has a place in HELL for this ASSHOLE !!!

      1. Name calling shows lack of thinking. We need to expose these Senators elected under a huge presidential election fraud. If there is a way to recall these people while in office, that is what we need. Use our brains not our mouths.

        1. Pete,
          Let’s admit that name calling is childish yes, but in these times of being lied to and our very thoughts and statements bulldozed into oblivion. Name calling is more appropriate than violence! Better to be calling him a turd than to do something that will put you on death row. Feelings are raw. Expressing them in a little name calling is not the worst thing. Oh and as far as conservative people getting together to get these newly elected liberals out of office? We would need a majority vote. How in the world do you propose that vote being counted? Correctly and honestly? Please.

        2. What have we done? I guess the censorship from the big tech companies is an example of what is to come. Maybe we should cancel Facebook, tweeter, google, and amazon for cancelling how we get our news and communicate with others to give them a taste of their own medicine. Remember, a loss of 74 million people is a serious hit to their bottom line. We need to be smart. We do not need to be violent but we do need to be smart. Also, maybe Pelosi need to have the 25th admendment against her. Why is she so vindictive to Trump and 74 million Republicans. I also feel Pelosi is acting like Pontius Pilate. What kind of example of a catholic is she. Not one I would follow. I can only pray for her soul as she roits in hell because I cannot see how she could possibly be forgiven for her acts of hatred to over 74 million people and the President she could never control or corrupt like her.

          1. I agree ? The election was fraud and us Americans know it was! All of the Democrats need to be accountable for their corruption in America!! And we Americans are better than violence in our Country! We all need to stand together like God would want us to do

        3. Amen! We do not need to fall to their level to know that the IQ of most of these brainwashed individuals are the bottom
          Of the barrel of humanity! Posible fraud at the election made it possible to obtain the majority of votes! Or the ballot harvesting done by a previous governmental candidate. Approved by sister judge!

      2. Donna Marie Kelley,
        Stop sugar coating how you feel, no more beating around the bush or walking on eggshells. Tell us how you really feel ! . LOL . Your statement was actually spot on. I can’t believe Georgia voted for a polished turd. Not for some local office but for the Senate, the damn U.S. Senate. Wth ? Good job you country bumpkins!

        1. If the vote was on the up and up, dums from the following metro areas: Atlanta, Augusta, Savannah and Columbus. The Republicans carried more counties. Georgia is not occupied by country bumpkins just a bunch of city dwelling dums!

      3. Reminds me of one of those black porch monkey’s, like I had for a pet back in VIETNAM when I was over there fighting COMMIES like we have in our Government.

        1. Yeah I remember them blue gum porch monkeys always stealin yer food an Through in excrement around .i would take ball bearings from local machineerings and popem in the head with my slingshot . They the Patriots need to try their hand at it in this modern day jungle.

  1. Again, he was not elected by the voters . He stole the election through the Democrat party using Dominion machines, fake ballots , harvesting ballots. All the same tricks they used against President Trump. So if any one is a sinner, this man and his party are #1, the winner of deceit . May they all enjoy hell together.

      1. We fight many people got lulled into letting others decide for them. By not paying close enough attention to what was slowly happening…,,this has been in the works a long time. We are Americans..we don’t give in and we don’t give up..and I hope people are opening there eyes to what’s going on.

        1. You are one hundred percent ‘on the ball’ and I think it’s a great pity your fellow Americans don’t see the truth as YOU see it….I can see it from here in England……I wish you good luck and God speed…….keep up the intelligent comment you are clearly capable of.
          God Bless America……..! Today…..and Tomorrow!

        2. The real story is that we’ve been robbed by China and the communists here. This worthless pile that got “elected” was using the same system that has been proven to have been programmed to change votes to the communists traitors. Our elections have been destroyed by them and the only way to reclaim our country and the confidence of our system of voting, is to never use machines to count any. All votes need to be done in person and signed for with valid ID and valid address. All ballots counted by hand by both parties at the same time, or just by republicans who have never had to cheat, lie, or steal an election.

          1. I agree with you. But with democrats who are now in charge, it will never be the same. They’ll still insist mail in ballot as we will never have a voice again from now on. They have the full power, not the people. They’ll start banning us one by one from social media so we’ll be silent. Sad what’s happening in our country

  2. This entity is unfit to be an AMERICAN,china,iran,north korea,somalia and a few others would just love to have this thing in their countries if for nothing else to show the world a fake AMERICAN.

  3. Warnick and osoff were not elected they were selected the same as Beijing Biden and plagiarism Harris. Never my President never my VP.

  4. Sad that our country is no better than China (in a lab where this Democratic virus was born), Cuba, Venezuela or any Marxist country. The media is so biased and they failed the American people for failing to follow up on the Hunter Biden mess! Ending with this stupid remark Amen & Awoman. Good luck Americans

  5. All the poll watchers could not have seen the dominion machines switch votes. If the socialists knew there had been no fraud they should have welcomed a complete investigation of all votes. But they did not which proves their guilt of outrageous fraud. Our wonderful America is now going to suffer.

  6. The rep. party let this happen! They need their a– kicked for not getting out and vote. Look at the numbers when the pres. ran the number of rep. votes and at the runoff rep. votes. The republican party got what they asked for! You people in GA are stupid. Nobody to blame but yourselves!!!!!!!!

  7. These 2 demócratas were elected because the people That voted wanted their $2000 stimulus Obiden told them if they voted republican he promiseed them they would not get the $2000 so as you can see the voters were bribed by Obiden.

      1. Jesus was sold for 30 pieces of silver. He was the son of God and he knew what would happen before it took place. Thank God they loved us enough ;one to die for us the other who loved us enough to give up his son.. Now that’s love.

  8. Georgians must be very stupid,electing such a thing.They know who he is and what he is.Likewise Ossof another CCP affiliate.Congratulations.

    1. REPLY TO Babsan;
      Have you ever been to Georgia??….it is a “pit hole” of White Racism” for the most part. The people who listen to WARNOCK…have never gotten over how they WERE treated (possibly still are in GA.)…which is playing on THE PEOPLE in GA.’s feelings …THE REV. Martin Luther King must be turning over in his grave. ALL HIS GOOD WORK now falling on deaf ears by WARNOCK’s blubbering. NOT UNITY but segregation and shame to the dirty Whites’.

  9. 10Jan2021
    There isn’t much ppl can do as far as D.C. goes….one party system = to whatever they want to do w/o any interruptions or nay sayers to intercede on behalf of THE PEOPLE. So what do WE THE PEOPLE do………the choice is become a robot and follow their SOCIALISM WAY OF LIFE…..OR JUST DO WHAT EVERY “FREE AMERICAN” would do against tyranny….
    People have spoken against our POTUS in a negative manner and name called him to save their own ASSES or what they believe to be their CAREERS. I feel sorry for them as they were FREE AMERICANS at one time; now they are harnessed to someone who TELLS THEM WHAT TO SAY……HOW PATHETIC.

  10. Don’t blame all Black people just because a New Black asshole was elected to the Senate. There are many White Assholes in our Gov’t. Black, White or what ever color doesn’t matter. It’s the position they hold. We see there are all color Assholes in Our Gov’t. We Need a Change best for the Citizens of the USA not it’s officials.

    1. Robert,
      Listen, when you start talking like that you sound like someone who believes in “ white privilege “ , if you do then you must suffer from “ white guilt “ . That needs to stop! Everyone already knows that there are people of each race in politics. This has to do with this asshole Raphael Warnock in his new position in the Senate. He is clearly not suited. Regardless of what shade of shit he is! Stop your guilt ridden rhetoric ! Please and thank you.

      1. You need to read his statement again. The part where he says, “There are many White Assholes in our Gov’t…
        He is definitely correct about Warnock. He is a waste of human flesh and it isn’t the color of his skin… it is his lack of a working brain.

  11. GOP Georgian voters were already discouraged from voting a month BEFORE the runoff election thanks to this p.o.s. impersonating as a pro-Trumper, Lin Wood. In a rally last month he said, “Loeffler & Perdue don’t deserve your vote, don’t give it to them!” Lin Wood has been a donor to the Dem Party for years. He was in that rally to make sure the Dems get control of the Senate.

  12. Blame Georgia’s Governor and Secretary of State for bowing down to Stacie Adams and the DNC. They changed the way you voted and your election laws in the middle of the night as money exchanged hands in a dimly lighted smoke filled room. Warnock is just a product of that deal. Good luck Georgia and all your small business owners. The machines just turned you into the Deep South version of California.

  13. To you fool! Yes I’m calling you a fool! Even God call you a FOOL! Why do you play the RACE CARD DURING THE ELECTION SEASON? Why do you LIE to Black people? Or dumb white people? Should I say you are a SATAN FOLLOWER? BECAUSE YOU HAVE USE GOD WORDS FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT. BUT REFUSE TO FOLLOW GOD WORDS IN YOUR OWN LIFE! This is the BIGGEST PROBLEM WITH PEOPLE WHO CLAIM THEY ARE CHRISTIAN! BUT DEEP INSIDE ARE RACIST AND HATER! You can think all you want to that you are STANDING UP FOR THE PEOPLE! But you are NOT! Better get back to reading the BIBLE more offered! Because judgement day is not going to look good for you! You have FAIL to see or understand that these POLITICAN ARE USING YOU AGANIST GOD OTHER PEOPLE! Remember in the beginning GOD CREATED MAN AND WOMAN! NOWHERE DID IT SAY BLACK OR WHITE PEOPLE! BUT YOU DON’T GET THE TRUTH FROM ANY POLITICAN WHO TRYING TO GAIN WEALTHY OFF OF YOU!

  14. There is no color with God just believers and followers put on the armor of GOD and his son will protect you.we take up arms only against evil. Protect the faith God will prevail.

  15. Absolutely true. Also, they should never breed. They have abortions and always scream that everyone is prejudiced. More crime. It is always someone else’s fault but theirs. They are so jealous that they were not born white. So sad when satan will kill them.

  16. The hate for the norms is upon us load everything you have gas food armory items load it all up THEY ARE COMING! We laugh and joke but we the people don’t play. And remember your faith don’t let evil sway you help your fellow man if they are of the same faith and can be trusted.

  17. He was not elected by the people of Georgia and the other demonrat wasn’t either. There were videos of poll workers in Georgia entering ballots early on, multiple times and poll watchers not allowed in… just like it was for the presidential election.

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