Former Mobster Reveals How the Bidens Are “100%” a Crime Family

As a former Capo for a prominent New York Mob family, Michael Franzese knows a thing or two about criminal enterprises and he says that the Biden’s are “100%” a bunch of criminals.

Franzese says that he struggles to understand how the Bidens have NOT been exposed. The former Italian mobster notes that when he was indicted for defrauding the government he did so through the use of 18 shell companies opened up SOLELY to manage illegal money.

Franzese notes that’s EXACTLY what the Bidens have been doing with their 20+ shell companies which do nothing except allow them to receive shady foreign funds.

“To have a president in office that’s doing these kinds of things…. Basically is treasonous in my view,” Franzese added.


The longtime mobster further pointed out that Hunter Biden’s well documented history of drug abuse means that its even EASIER for people to get to Joe Biden.

“My brother was a drug addict for 25 years… many people got to me through him because he was selling my ability to help somebody out for money,” Franzese said sharing his own experience as proof.

He went on to reveal that Joe Biden has been clearly calling the shots for this criminal enterprise all along.

“It’s so obvious that [Hunter] was just a conduit for his father,” he said.

Watch the video here to see this New York mobster expose how the Biden crime family is the most dangerous one in America!

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40 thoughts on “Former Mobster Reveals How the Bidens Are “100%” a Crime Family”

  1. Well, well, well. No surprise here. Mobster would know crime when he sees it. The fact Biden and his keepers are criminals is no surprise. The fact they think they are smarter than the average American is preposterous. Do have those that still believe Biden is a good President. His family, friends, and the brainwashed. The news is so corrupt. NEWSMAX and The First are the only two news stations that show and tell the facts. Had story on the Biden corruption. He lied like 13 times in less than a minute. Is this someone that should be President? He is a pedophile. His whole career is a disaster. How has he continued to get paid for his nonsense? Bribes. The people under him are no better. I see no Integrity, personal courage, responsibility, honor, loyalty, discipline, selfless service. respect. All of these traits a good leader has. Biden has 0. Plenty of military leaders that have more experience and character. Hire them. Impeach this disaster. Policies reflect his America last agenda.

    1. I agree completely, he is a crooked joke and so is his cabinet, the AG and the leaders of the FBI and DOJ and the leaders of out military.

  2. These crimes occurred before he ran for President of the USA. Had they been exposed before the election, Biden would have been ineligible to run for president. Does that not make the election Null and Void!

    1. The election should be null and void anyhow. Biden did not win legitimately, there is plenty of evidence of voter fraud. The MSM just refuses to look, and the justice system in America is non existent. We are totally screwed in America. Just look at what is being done to our legitimate President by Biden’s Department of injustice.

      1. I totally agree!!
        Should have been impeached long ago. He, no doubt, has been involved in numerous scandals but somehow wiggles out. Kinda like the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

  3. The Biden family are corrupt and should be prosecuted and put in jail. They are trying to destroy this country. It will be worse than Russia.

  4. They should all be tried for treason. Joe needs to impeached and thrown out of office before we have to pay for the rest of his sorry life. The American tax payer deserves better that this.

  5. Do you think anyone is going to o the right thing where this is concerned? I don’t understand why he is still in office, all the Republicans do is make lot of noise and let them keep after Trump. How can anone that works and pays bills think he is doing a good job, I am baffeled. I am 87 yrs. old and this is the worst I have ever seen here or abroad. Come on people get rid of them, ALL.

      1. Can an old Army man join in the fray///????
        An 86-year-old who volunteered for the draft in ’57. If any of us had done what they have we would be under the brig. America deserves better than this fraud. Was always to proud of this country. Maybe we old vets should get up the old ways for the new generations to follow.

    1. To old marine, Hi I am only 84 and female, I agree with you. There have been so many clues and/ or happenings, you just have to know something is
      wrong. You are younger, respecter of age and position what does a person
      do? Look the other way? continue accepting gifts of some sort? raises? vac?
      unexpected trips? Then you take a deep breath and have a conversation with yourself while sitting at your dressing table, looking into the mirror. You stare into your eyes long enough to see the tears building up, OH WHAT
      HAVE I DONE. Report these wrongs to the correct Individual. If there is clergy that you respect. Make an appointment with them immediately if not sooner. Not available, contact someone you respect in the opposite Dem or Rep work force and spill your guts. Let somebody know before BAD things start happening. A loving Grandmother.

  6. And yet, here we are. Still having to put up with all of them and Biden doesn’t have to answer any question he doesn’t like. And if reporters try to get the facts, they are called out and then banned from the so-called press conferences. We are being fed the facts and the man acts like nothing is going on. They are so focused on putting Donald Trump in prison, I think they’ve lost all contact with the American people. Of course, if we don’t agree with their nutty plans, then we are all labeled as “ultra MAGA’s” and persecuted. What is so wrong with “Making America Great Again”? Of course, seeing as how everything that is done causes harm to us, I guess I answered my own question. This is so pathetic. We need action!

  7. One of the MOB BOSS IN DC! We all know who the other is as well. SHE, KEPT GETTING PICK AS HOUSE SPEAKER!—- NANCY PELOSI! Oh, yes she a Mob Boss just checked out HER LATE FATHER! The way she ran the House every Democrat was so AFRAID OF HER! Now we got a MOB BOSS you was a SENATE! You can only imagine WHY DELAWARE KEPT PUTTING HIM BACK INTO THE SENATE! Did his men threatened those people at the polls? Had too be the only way he was kept in DC all these years!

    1. Interesting hypothesis indeed Wyatt. I truly believe that you’re
      on the right trail my friend. Steady the course. Don’t let the Leftists Media steer you off the path.
      We can only hope and pray that sooner than later the Woke will awaken.

  8. Treason is sadly no longer a crime in America. It was and should be punished by death. But here we have Biden running a pay for policy scheme. Impeach him now and stop f..king around. Sad times in USA. No balls or integrity.

  9. The Biden Family Regime has no identifiable profession. It advertises nothing such as provide services, repairs, counsel, the family doesn’t even make pillows or footware, but it rakes in millions of dollars for a name, BIDEN! What does BIDEN do? That has yet to be proven, but it gets foreign investigators fired for looking into affairs/alleged businesses involving his son, Hunter. The “BIDEN” name and Vice-President has used American dollars as leverage for results of decisions made by another country or more. That’s a “personal gain”! The name BIDEN has mishandled and left comprimizing documents, some “Top Secret”, in vulnerable areas for foreign entities to obtain and observe. Monies have been deposited into accounts accessable by family members having the name BIDEN. There’s more proof of these particulars than Russian Collusion by Donald J. Trump of which I’m still waiting to be presented by Adam Schiff!

    1. Oh Nate, what’s it gonna take until we convince the Woke to fully open their Delusional eye’s and finally realize that the B.S. that the Dumocratic run News Media outlet’s ( BOUGHT) and BROUGHT to you by noneother than the Fool on the Hill who continues to Feed the American people nothing but LIES .

  10. Everybody blames Biden ,I do too ,but have to be realistic.Biden is criminal.yes.What is being done to America has Barack Hussein Obama’s name all over it.Remember “Fundamentally change America ” uttered on the Columned stage in Colorado 2017 ?Did any one ask and or follow his Racist reign?Biden was his errand boy and Court Jester to keep people occupied and not just following his destruction and division of America.Obama and Nuland are running the country with pure criminal administration agencies

    1. As of these times, our nation has a new, New? It is a long running series of events under our very nose. The sagga of the Biden crime internationaal family. Embitted by so-called agents of the FBI, justice dept, secret service amd etc. These agents display absolute disloyalty to the oaths they piss on. Deep rooted in treason, is not just the Biden Clan, but the entire mentioned above..

    2. Still haven’t gone up far enough on the chain of puppets. There are far more players in powerful places than Obama. Clubs, societies, etc. it’s not just politics or criminals ruining our world. Not just the USA either. It’s good vs. evil.

  11. I’ve suggested Biden and his spawn are seemingly beholden to organize crime for quite some time. I haven’t voted for bidden, won’t vote for biden and believe he should be arrested and prosecuted via RICO! But, I’m just a simple citizen, not a corrupt politico who’s in bed with the criminal elements that tend to “run” this once mighty fine United States of America! Nah, biden’s a liar, a thief, a money launderer and more IMHO. You have to prove to me that biden’s NOT corrupt as all get out. I don’t think that can be done. Impeach biden, Impeach Harris while we can still save our country.


  12. not only has Biden become a traitor but he has invited the communist chineese welcomed into our country. They are all over the United States and no one cares about it. Soon they will take over us and no one says a word. So does that mean we should start learning their language ??? We need to start a revolution. Get out our guns !!!

  13. Sooner or later a revolution will happen. Best we can do now is to gather and keep out guns and plenty of ammo as we are going to need them. I probably won’t live to see it at 83 but my kids and grandkids will. Be smart and don’t get caught up by their web. Sooner or later it will all come together and each and every one of us will be needed. The vast majority of the Veterans of this country will be our leaders. Be sure you vote the right way this coming election.

  14. Creepy Joe doesn’t want to go to prison, because no young girls that he can fondle & sniff will show up. Poor Joey won’t get his rocks off!

  15. I had and still have no doubt that the Biden crime family is exactly that, a crime family. Joe Biden has always wanted to be the “tough guy” in the group but, he just never seemed to get the attention he’s always desired re: his nefarious, wannabe tough guy ways. It’s pathetic watching the fool trying to intimidate someone. I still don’t know where folks thought biden’s a “tough guy”… yeah right. He’s a pathetic, fried brain old man… an embarrassment, IMHO.


  16. A reminder to all people especially Marxists Socialist Democrats: turning a blind eye to crime and corruption is a crime. Pretending that you do not see it makes you an accomplice.
    A reminder to all truth-honoring people: hold criminals accountable with actions not just words. Criminals laugh at words.
    The Democrat Party (socialist Marxism) is the party of violence. Do not follow in their footsteps.

  17. Remember John Dillinger? FBI killed him outside a movie theater with “The Woman In Red” on his arm.
    Well, You won’t have to worry about The FBI shooting Joe Biden or even apprehending him! They are too busy blowing and messaging his balls!

    1. Lock that sob up him and obarma liers thief’s . Obarma fraud his birth certificate fraud just came out . . Get those sob out of office criminals . Bidin treason now … wake up Americans people. WTF were are the Republicans. We need to see what the hell is going on media is involved. As well . We the people need Rico the government.

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