Early Voting in Battleground States Show Shockingly High Republican Turnout

Despite the mainstream media’s relentless narrative that former Vice President Joe Biden leads President Trump by “double digits,” the real numbers reveal another story. Early voting in battleground states shows a shockingly high Republican turnout.

Washington Examiner White House Correspondent Katherine Doyle reports the vote in key swing states like North Carolina is going to be “a dogfight to the end.”

Part of the problem with getting a clear picture of early mail-in voters and their choice for President is Trump voter’s reluctance to verbalize their choice to the media or pollsters.

A longtime Republican political organizer in North Carolina said, “I’d say probably a solid 20 to 30% … don’t want to say it too loud. There’s nothing necessarily in their yards, one way or the other [indicating their support].”

North Carolina, which has 15 electoral college votes, may prove critical to the President’s reelection chances. RealClearPolitics shows Biden holding a 3.3 percent advantage over Trump. That falls within the margin of error, making it “too close to call.”

President Trump told FOX News, “These polls are much better than I had last time. Last time I was down in nine states, I ended up winning all nine of them.”

The real numbers are no different in any of the swing states.

Watch the video as Conservative Resurgence shows why there is so much confusion about the “real numbers” in early voting.

79 thoughts on “Early Voting in Battleground States Show Shockingly High Republican Turnout”

  1. I truly believe that. I live in a over 55 gated community in Florida. In surveying signs in yards and flags on flag poles, it is 70-30 for Trump. I see the President winning Florida like the last time.

    1. I agree. Here in North Carolina, the seniors I talked with and saw signs for, are voting for Trump or Have voted for him like I did—.early.

    2. The Polls are rigged the democrat’s do this discourage republican’s voters not to waste time trying to vote, and there trying to scare people by the virus will get you , and people with guns will be out at the voting stations I think the only people that try to scare you not to vote by discouraging thru fear is the leftwing nuts and there worried that gun toting republicans will be watching the voting stations is what there trying to push. The leftwingnut keeps saying lies by saying its the republican not us? Now Hidin Biden is in the basement protecting him self, some men use a rubber for protection but Joe uses a rubber room, Cumala scared Joe by saying 2 members of her staff has came down with the Coronavirus, and Joe locked him self in his rubber room in the basement. Joe is looking into his flashlight saying “I am So Scared” Like The Witch Project.

    3. I certainly hope so. Otherwise, this is going to be hell on earth for the next 4 years. It will take decades to fix the problems that a Biden Administration will do to kill this country. God help us. This I actually pray for. We need it.

    4. I hope and pray Trump gets in. 1st term shouldn’t count, since him and administration had to fight the damn dem/communists.

  2. I am going to deliver my absentee votes for myself and my family directly to the ballot box at the local supervision of elections. We are doing our best to avoid the postal service and make sure our votes are counted. This election is too important to take any chances.

    1. I voted early in person. Did not trust Postal Service with my absentee ballot. Not even one vote against senile Biden and horrible Harris can be not counted.

      1. Cum’allya Harryass will ruin this country if her whoring ass makes it across the thresholds if the White House. Did anyone catch the clip of her and Rachel madcow laughing like the complete reprobate buffoons that they are regarding the fly on Mike Pences’ head!! Our slut-puppy VP hopeful and the MSNBC “journalist” (lol) laughed like they were high on drugs. Don’t know about sexy Rachel, but Cum’allya I know has no problem ingesting substances…. she’s admitted to it. What a classless pair of C..ts these two looked like with their respective smirks muddying up the TV screen. A real “ presidential moment” for Cum
        Allya. DISGUSTING!!!! I respect and will vote for you Donald Trump as your are with out a doubt the finest commander in chief that this country has ever seen. In 2024 , after his second successful term I’m thinking that we as Americans should put another person that is NOT a politician in the White House because this non- politician did a better job than 44 people before him that were politicians.

    2. You are very smart to hand deliver your ballot, the deep state of crooked liberal is deep and wide. They have sham, no morals, no honor. Hook or by crook is their mantra and they have been brain washed into believing the ends justify the means,,,,,no matter what they have to do to accomplish their dubious marching orders. Despicable.

      1. I go to City Hall to drop my ballot; cannot trust some USPS’s mail personsi.e. in NJ, Pa., other states.
        USA vote is sacrosanct, cannot-shouldn’t be fixed as in past bit not presently..

  3. The “polls” in 2016 were intended to dispirit Trump supporters and depress Trump turnout. These “polls”, still massively skewed toward democrats and intentionally sampling felons, illegal aliens and children (not that the democrats won’t vote them, along with the dead), are intended to provide the pretext for the already-planned and -paid for communist and black supremacist revolution when Joe and the Hoe go down. To display support for the President is at least to invite vandalism and attack, and Trump supporters are being hunted down and killed in the streets by Antifa and Burn Loot Murder. Any American who is not a fool or a traitor will keep silent now, vote on November 3 and be armed and prepared for what the satanists, socialists and sodomites have planned thereafter.

    1. What the anti-American Communist Democrat Party has done to America is so heinous, they should be disbanded as an American Political Party. Everything that is destructive to this nation’s soul can be traced back directly to the Marxist Democrat Party. Scandals, illegalities, riots, looting, small business arson, illegal voting..you name it, they are involved directly, or indirectly.

        1. 3 things…. I’ll be hand delivering my ballot in CA…….I don’t trust these ruthless sons o’ bitches for a moment in time, they are cheaters here and that s fact!

          Andy P, you’re correct. The greatest threat to America literally…. is the Democratic Party.

          Thomas, I’m retiring real soon and I will fill sandbags too. I’ll be glad to travel to do that

  4. I actually have Trump signs in my yard & Trump stickers on my truck!
    Trump by a landslide in 20/20! Who wants to vote for a senile lying crook like Biden? Do you really want the ho taking his place? She is evil through & through! I do not want to live in their version of a socialist country. Wake up people! Do you want everything you worked hard for taken away & controlled by them? If you let them win, you will loose big time.
    I love that we live in a free country & are not puppets for a radical government!

  5. This isn’t a vote for Trump. It’s a vote for keeping our Constitutional Republic over Marxist Socialism! Our Founders gave us a Republic… and it’s up to us to KEEP It!

    1. Very good. Same message I have been declaring for months. The media is trying to make it about Trump so you won’t see the big picture. Age old strategy. Keep them fighting amongst themselves and they won’t pay attention to what you’re doing.

  6. Lord… please give us four more with Trump and then four more with young Trump and so on! Don’t let the Democrats further destroy our Republic. PLEASE.

  7. I am sure that intelligent American patriots will do the only thing that will keep our great country purring on all cylinders! Vote Trump in for four more years! We’re still the best country on the planet.

  8. People in Gainesville, Florida must try to get the Trump vote. Seems they had a Biden march there in support of him. But then, the nuts that go to U of F are mostly from out of the City and support Biden. Really, kids with not a clue as to what’s going on in the real world. Kind of like the Pied Piper effect or Monkey see,… monkey do. They see something for nothing. Not going to happen! No such thing as a free lunch. At some point they must pay.

    1. I live in Avon Park Florida, near Sebring. We witness LONG TRUMP PARADES, complete with flags and banners all over our county. In fact yesterday, my wife and we’re on our way home from Lake Wales, in Polk County, on a secondary road, and we’re stopped by a TRUMP PARADE entering our highway, and sat watching car after car, truck after truck, all bearing TRUMP-PENSE FLAGS and banners, horns blowing, for a solid 10 minutes!!!
      Talk about PATRIOTISM!!! And all along a road through the orange groves.
      We were not upset in the least by the delay, we just sat there in amazement, being thankful for proof that that many AMERICAN PATRIOTS surround us, usually invisible, each and every day. And we thank GOD for them.

    2. actually, for THEM it IS a free lunch …. THEY do not pay for anything, the tax payers do … !!!! they THINK everything is free, because their shallow minds only think about surface things !! they don’t know HOW to think deeper & get to the truth of everything !!! I am 74 and I used to feel bad about not having as many years ahead of me as I do behind me …. NOW I think GOD that I won’t be here when the fertilizer really does hit the ventilation system !!!!! I pity those just starting their lives !!! it will be hell for them IF something isn’t done NOW to stop the total takeover !!!

  9. Where people have signs in their yards, it seems to be evenly split here in small town NC. But its according to what part of town you go to. I have voted and it looks like a lot of Conservatives are turning out to vote. We need to…This whole deep state, socialist, liberal elite lying media cartel needs to be broken up and exposed for the criminals they are.

  10. To tell you the truth,what’s happen to this country is so very sad.
    I grew up in the late 50’s and 60s and I never would have believed we would be fighting for our freedoms.
    But,people that’s exactly what this election is.
    It’s a fight for our free country,we must win. If we lose we’ll be just like China. When you VOTE keep that in mind as well as the fact that everything you worked so hard being taken away.
    People it’s so sad that the Democrats want total control over our lives as well as,as all the money they can get at our expense. They care about no one absolutely no one except themselves.
    Please people go vote and vote Republicans all the way across the board. Our very lives depends on the election. And how we all vote. It’s A must to vote Republicans. God help us..

    1. I get annoyed at those that keep screaming “landslide!” Or “Trump has this in the bag!” Or “Democrats have already lost!” Or ” it’s over for the democrat party.”
      Folks, we do NOT have this in the bag. Not by a longshot. If this was to be an honestly conducted election, i think we’d be in fine shape. But it ISN’T going to be an honest endeavor. The cheating, especially with these bogus mail in ballots, is ALREADY off the chain.
      Stop being cocky and over-confident. I want Trump over the finish line just as badly as everyone else…. But remember this SAME attitude displayed by HILLARY voters who bet the farm that they had her election in the bag…. THAT’S WHAT WE SOUND LIKE NOW….
      Take your cue from the president himself! Does he look like he’s in cruise control? Does he look like he’s slacking, or taking it easy? No! He’s busting his ass right now to create the outcome. He KNOWS…..
      Follow HIS lead please, and start shaking the political tree with everything you’re worth.

      1. Couldn’t say it better Johnny AK1, no time to be complacent. This election is about nothing but FREEDOM.. LIBERTY… keeping what our framers, and 100’s of thousands off brave patriots who spilled their blood and gave their precious lives so WE…. WE could live freely. God bless each and every one of those men and women for their service to this great nation!! God Bless Donald Trump for the fight this man has been fighting. What a great CIC!! Vote people…. take someone with you. Our very existence depends on this election!! The thought of that “woman” presiding over us and our great country is too much to wrap my head around. She’s more than just dangerous friends. She’s a means to an end. Trump 2020 and anyone related to him in ‘24

  11. I am with you Emma. I grew up in the 60s also. I have never seen the Democrats more for taking our freedoms
    away as they are now.

  12. Voted on the first day of early voting, in person! No matter who wins expect violence, if the communists loose they will try to destroy the country, if the communists win it will be the last chance to save the republic and the constitution and patriots WILL go to war!

    1. I am choosing to vote on Election Day even if it means
      standing in line. In reading the comments here today, I
      have a feeling of pride. For those who chose to vote and delivered their ballots – good for you. The Postal
      Worker’s union voted to support Biden. Biden and his
      family are corrupt. His choice of Vice President is the
      most liberal senator. Yet who are these people that
      plan to choose him to vote for? In the community i
      live even the Mayor supports Biden. I stuck a bumper
      sticker in a rear car window and have received beeping
      horns, thumps up and waves so I know that people
      who live here and hope we can continue living in a free
      country that honors the flag, our national anthem
      and oppose abortion. Let’s pray that Trump wins.

  13. To all the “Karens” is this country, I know you hate Trump. You can’t stand his personality. You deliberately overlook at what he has accomplished and the promises he has kept – and he has had to fight and claw his way there through the hateful Dems and the media. After all, he blew up the swamp’s plans under Hilary. How dare he drain the swamp. And now we have a true swamp monster – the Biden family. They have taken millions from the Chicoms and the Soviets by selling access to our government. The Bidens are owned by them. There is proof of this and many other disgusting things on Hunter’s computer. So, you want to vote for Biden? You want to end up with a totalitarian government, with a packed Supreme Court, with a Chicom official sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom? Then vote for the sleaze bag, don’t bother to think about what you are leaving for your kids. Your two options should be Don’t Vote or better still, hold your nose and pull the Republican lever. It may be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do but it will be the smartest. We can’t have a President who is owned by our enemies.

    1. McM Please don’t base your comments on a stupid meme. I’m 100% for President Trump!! He has accomplished more in just under 4 years than any President in my lifetime, and I’m a senior, and named Karen. I have already voted, and voted for President Trump!

      1. I don’t think he meant it personally for you. he was speaking to the people who dont check out facts, and just assume what the abc channels, and demon rat run news stations put out. it is unfortunate that the name Karen was used to be demeaning. it could just as easily been Dawn. Keep. your chin up and know that you are not in the dark concerning the political climate today.

    2. Hurray!! I’m s dem registered but willingly support President Trump. Dems haven’t trotted out acceptable candidate in YEARS.

  14. Reasons to vote TRUMP: NATO, China, Troops coming home, fund Police, economy, Supreme Court, Swamp draining, jobs, taxes, wall, immigration, military, regulation reform, middle east, ISIS.

    Reasons to Vote Biden: uh…..uh……you know the thing.

  15. I have had a Trump flag flying since January and I live in a very blue state. In fact I see more Trump/Pence signs in the neighborhood than Biden/Harris signs. I believe the Trump fans are out there just staying silent until they go to the ballot box. 4 more years is what we need but we need to be prepared for the outcome because when we win, we will be defending our right to a Free Nation.

  16. People who live in the states that have been spiraling into decay have 2 chooices. Vote for more of the same or vote for a REAL change. As Einsten said “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.” I don’t understand how the people who have been in D.C. for 20 – 30 -40 years loke Pelosi – Biden – Clinton – Schumer Fartstain – uh Diane not Jerry – but Jerry too et.al, can sit there and blame Trump for all the problems they have been creating for decades……and what is even worse are the people who align with them. Are these people even capable of thought?

  17. I love the United States of America. Served twenty years in the army and then twenty years in law enforcement, lived in four foreign countries and am convinced we have the greatest country in the world. I will once again be voting for the Trump/Pence in an effort to save our Republic.

    1. thank you for your service, both military and public. so grateful you survived both. be safe. my grandson is in police work and I am scared to death for him. we must take this country in the right direction. there is no room for the Joe and Kamala’s in our free society….. go Trump, MAGA>. KAG

  18. I’m so happy to see so many fellow Americans waking up to the DNC/communist party! Yeah, that’s what the democRATS have become! “Operatives” for the CCP/UN plans for world domination! CHINA JOE BIDEN sold us out to the CCP for BILLIONS OF DOLLARS! The sick POS gave China our tech and our military secrets!
    And it’s ALL coming out. Traitors in the highest levels of government and in Big Tech, who even now still censor America!
    So happy people have stopped calling me crazy! TRUMP2020!

  19. Folks if you haven’t woke up yet, Real Clear Politices is nothing but a Democrat operation owned by some communist nut. He called 25 demowrits and that is his pole.

  20. I live in Tennessee & we’ve already record breaking numbers in every county in early voting! ? I voted the second day. Record breaking of elderly & disabled voting. They are scared there will be rioters trying to stop people from voting on election day. And do not trust the post office. I voted RED all the way!??

  21. The same sampling strategy and formulas they used for their polls in 2016, is still the sampling they’re using in 2020. One has to wonder if it’s based on Obummer’s Common Core math. If that’s the case, no wonder the polls aren’t close to being accurate.
    Either that, or Pollsters need to quit calling the Shady Acres Home for Retired Democrats for their data.

  22. This should surprise no one. Why would you climb aboard a train with no engineer or conductor just to have it derail. Democrats have no message and cannot be trusted to keep their promises on anything but raising taxes. Yeah, climb aboard for the ride over the cliff if that’s where the rails lead. Most the time it sits in the switchyard spinning at the roundhouse.

  23. My wife and I attended the Trump Peaceful Protest yesterday in Carson City. The size of the crowd and the electric energy produced by cheering and appreciative American citizens was better than any Rock concert – or any other entertainment venue – I’ve ever been to. The media won’t tell anyone that the audience had black Americans, latino Americans, white Americans, native Americans (including us), Moms For Trump, Veterans For Trump, Seniors For Trump…in other words the audience had what the left pretend to support – a broad swath of Americans who enjoy liberty and not socialist suppression.

  24. In 1933 Adolph Hitler took over Germany with less than 10% of the population voting for him! He immediately formed the Black Shirts who rooted, burned buildings, and burned small Jewish business. Sound familiar?? The Democratic Nazis should be imprisoned or shot as the true criminals they are!! Make no mistake!! These are Communist rebels!! They should be tried as traitors, including Grifter Biden and Pathetic Pelosi!! VOTE RED!! GO TRUMP!!

  25. reading the above posts, I just want to say that if you have not read theCOUP, which is on the computer, READ IT NOW!!! it is a how-to manual for anarchists. it describes what to do before, during and after the election to disrupt the voting process. it tells its members to volunteer at the polls to further mishandle ballots. it says to volunteer at the election counting sites also. do not be afraid to vote In person. I guarantee you that someone, an American patriot, will have your back. the demon rats are so desperate that they will do and say anything to get you not to vote. you will not catch covid. be diligent, wear a mask, social distance, and you will be fine. the demon rats are pulling out all the stops, including have an ex potus campaign for them. remember how this same person made the remark ” Joe is good a offing things up”? that is why he waited to the last minute to endorse him, and two weeks out, campaign for him. more and more emails are being disclosed about Joes corruption. can’t believe they are all false. also, Joe just said he plans to pack his cabinet with Muslims. look out, here comes Sharia laws. vote republican to save America. our very lives and livelihood depends on it. how much money can you afford to lose in Trumps tax cuts if Joe is elected??? he is not a friend of the middle class. Wall Street has contributed almost all his campaign monies, along with Hollywood types. neither of those care how we the middle class will suffer, I guarantee you. Biden will have us in a depression that will make 1929 look like a picnic in the park. vote for your children, grandchildren, and your families for generations to come… PLEASE.

  26. Glad to read all the comments. Our freedom is at stake this election. President Trump is the best President America has ever had. He is a true patriot! He did this for our country as he didn’t like the way our country was turning out by communist myslim obama. Not a day goes by when he isn’t raked over the coals for something, it’s always his fault! Biden doesn’t even know who he is and his home breaker wife Jill probably has to wipe his ass. Kamala is an anchor baby and neither of her parents were US citizens at the time of her birth. I don’t think they ever became one. This is one good reason for our government has to change our laws on anchor babies. Why should an anchor baby who is way to the left that wants to change our country into a communist one have the ability to be VP/President. The democrats better open their eyes this election because their party is the new communist party in America. Kamala Harris couldn’t light a candle to Supreme Court nominee Amy Barrett as she got there with her brains where Kamala used her ass to get where she is! It seems that all democrat politicians are just plain liars and corrupt people. After all that is coming out on the Biden Family lately they have been corrupt for 47 years! All democrats are on the wrong side of America. Trump 2020 ??????????

  27. My parents had two saying they drilled into us while we were growing up and had serious decisions to make. 1) Better the devil you know than the one you don’t and 2) Sometimes you have to choose the lesser of two evils. Now, I’m not saying Trump is a devil or that he is evil but 4 years has shown me what he is capable of doing and what he can still accomplish. The previous 8 years under Obama/Biden was enough to make me never want to hear the word Democrat again and I have been known to vote for them occasionally. My vote has already been for Trump/Pence and for the safety and prosperity of my fellow Americans whether they appreciate it or not!

  28. Any One, who can GO to the POOL’s, do so, take your neighbor, family, boss, teacher !! Make YOUR V O T E
    Court .. sadly, by mail is a TOO ify , to count on that it will NOT be dumped !! In Mass. a judge say’s the DEAD can
    VOTE !! he need’s to be de-throwned, and kicked ALL the way down the Steps .
    there are some WHO are unable to do this, i have for several year’s .. Voted By Absentee… NOT this TIME, I’m
    going to the POLL..
    i live in California ( ALL my Life !! ) the democrat’s have Ruined this State, for DECADES !! now WE have sanctuary
    Cities, illegals ( free everything !! ) Citizen’s, get the Middle Finger, and this Idiot governor gavin newsome, what
    A piece of work he is….. going to court for the way he make’s laws, etc. well this charmer, is the Speaker Of The
    House – nancy peloci’s NEPHEW !! …. maybe you don’t know, or care …… There are 3 Families, WHO OWN California …….. Brown’s ( as In Past gov, jerry brown ) Dianne Feinstein ( Senator still walking the hallowed halls )
    Nancy Pelosi ( this 80 year old geriatric ) Speaker Of The House ( House Of Representatives, 3rd in line for the Presidency ! ) and Lastly , newsome , YES The Governor Of California , Gavin Newsome !! but, hopefully, it will
    turn BLUE and do away with the Terminal RED !! 4 more Year’s for President Trump !! and there after Severa; more Trump’s will sit in the White House … nay sayer’s ……… you will see………..Every thing better, than you can imagine under THE NAME TRUMP !!
    if you are a democrat, then try and find another Candidate, because the ONE’s Who Keep Getting RE-Elected
    H A V E done Exactally………. WHAT For YOU ?? …….. They’ve DONE Plenty To YOU …. YOU want more of the SAME . well vote YOUR Conscience, and see EVERYTHING being TAKEN away … It’s TOO Late Then ..
    Happiness TO ALL …….. remember O N E Thing … If YOUR Party………LOVE’s YOU SOOOO MUCH W H Y Naven’t
    SIGNED the STIMULUS Package Y E T ?? President has offered many time’s to JUST sign a BILL for this ..
    He want’s more than $ 1,200 …. it’s NOT UP TO HIM !! C O N G R E S S HOLD’S The P U R S E STRING’s
    !! this is YOUR Democtat Party, doing this ….. NOT THE PRESIDENT ! Don’t Believe it ? Look In Your

    1. Hey Renee’, your description of the ignorant, non knowing, somewhat less than intelligent democrats is perfect. My question, when these IQless morons check their boxes on the ballot, do they have any idea of what their party is really up to in the big scheme of things. My guess is that over half of these idiots don’t realize they’re voting for communism. Alarming isn’t it?!

  29. I am 80 and have seen many President but never one like President Trump that loves the people and works so hard for us asking nothing for himself . I pray that he wins because without him our country is lost.


    TRUTH: A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS. To authentically evaluate the voter preferences between TRUMP vs. BIDEN, please refer to the RALLIES & PARADES, including, barges, trucks, boats, people. TRUMP’s RALLIES & PARADES were overflowing with miles and bumper-to-bumper traffic. In comparison, BIDEN’s RALLIES & PARADES consisted of more TRUMP supporters than BIDEN’s personnel. Words are easily distorted and manipulated, e.g., polls and fabricated stories. But, a picture …. TRUMP will be re-elected. The contrast between the TRUMP vs. BIDEN public events are distinctly apparent and noticeable. Hence, Trump wins.

    (Note: pictures, not words.)

  31. I voted early, I voted for the United States of America not the United Socialist States of America!!! I will be free or die!!! Will not be a Socialist!!!!!!

  32. I have sat here and read every thing everything everyone has said and I agree President Trump is the best President of my lifetime Im 65 this year. The one thing no one has said in any of the comments is that President Trump has fought tooth and nail with the democraps for us and he has done this for FREE FREE he has not cashed one single pay check in the last four years. So we all need to stand tall and stand PROUD for the true PATRIOTIC PRESIDENT of our lifetime and get out the vote November 3. Put on your mask call a friend call any one who has a Trump bumper sticker on their car I’m sure they would be more then happy to take you but find a way VOTE VOTE VOTE 4 MORE YEARS

  33. As an American student in Spain, it is so heartwarming to read so many positive comments from my fellow Americans who honor patriotism and doing the right thing above all else. The Democraps have created a swamp where the likes of hideous Pelosi and her ilk garner enormous wealth and privilege for themselves without a thought for the citizens they were elected to serve. I have never known the lefties to be so vile, so violent, so utterly unpatriotic, and so hateful. As for Biden the Swamp Creature, can anyone ever remember such an incompetent nincompoop (emphasis on the last syllable) running for the highest office in the land? He is an angry, self-important fool of the worst caliber, his son is a weak drug addict scoundrel of the most horrendous type, and Heels-Up Harris is as worthless as $3 bill.GOD BLESS AMERICA AND HEEP HER SAFE.

  34. Trump is by far the greatest of all time,but please remember folks,it’s not just about the presidency here.We must ensure that the Senate majority is held,and the House is turned RED. There isn’t a damned thing I can do about the Pelosi’s,Shumers,Shiffs,Nadlers,Hironos,or Squad members.But what I,and the rest of us must do,is vote out every Democrat we can in our home states,and put these Democrats so far in the minority,that they are irrelevant.Also never forget that this craziness starts at the state and local level.Reject every Democrat on your states ballot,MAGA

  35. It is so comforting to read everyone’s comments, love of our wonderful president and the USA and everyone’s patriotism. My own personal belief is that God works in mysterious ways and no one without Gods help would have ever been able to withstand all the hatred and BS thrown at President Trump and his family everyday. Thank you Lord for our wonderful President Trump, his family, staff and help. We are proud Trump supporters and thank him every day. As for the rest of the sick, overindulged, delusional, devil/evil psychopathic sinners? Not to be judgemental, but they too will have to meet their maker 1 day too. I feel sorry for them (at xs). Just my view of life. Thank you and God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I have not seen any of the Lie-beral DEMONocrats waving the American flag. Even where I early voted, the DEMONocrat volunteers were giving away Biden badges that only had blue and white colors. None of those Lie-beral volunteers had an American flag either. That tells me alot about their syndicate’s agenda. These Look-At-Me-See-How-Nice-I-Am people are COUNTERFEIT AMERICANS !!!

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