Democrats Call for Prosecution of President Trump and his Administration, Reject Unity and Want Retribution

Despite Joe Biden’s claim to be a unifier, Democrats are calling for retribution against those who support President Trump.

Far-left Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–NY) tweeted, “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future?”

Former CIA ops officer Evan McMullin agreed, writing, “We should keep and publish a list of everyone who assists Trump’s frivolous and dangerous attacks on the election. Name and shame forever.”

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin took matters further saying,  “Any R now promoting rejection of an election or calling to not to follow the will of voters or making baseless allegations of fraud should never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position or be accepted into ‘polite’ society. We have a list.”


Thankfully, a number of liberals have joined conservatives in their warnings that making lists of political enemies leads down a perilous path.

Considering how tenuous Democrats hold on the House is, former Fox News personality Megyn Kelly is correct when she said, “What an awesome tweet … to plaster everywhere in their effort to ensure Republicans keep the Senate.”

It’s hard not to notice that AOC and others are what they falsely label President Trump as: Fascists.

Watch the video to learn what Tim Pool believes Trump supporters hold in common and how President Trump represents that to them.

26 thoughts on “Democrats Call for Prosecution of President Trump and his Administration, Reject Unity and Want Retribution”

    1. Agree!!! The Dems have completely lost their minds…what is going on here and why are any of these sick twisted people in office and much worse getting reelected…something is rotten here and the odor is getting worse!

        1. That’s totally TRUE…And George Soros is behind them all…he contributed over 40 million dollars to the Demonrats to beat Trump and he also openly admitted he was behind the Voting system fraud along with some Mafia leaders!!
          What more proof do we need? Let’s treat Biden/Harris the same way they’ve treated Trump by using all their criminal acts against them and calling for IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT!!!
          Payback are a bitch, Biden! And you better watch your back with those Chinese Leaders!

          1. Soros is evil to the core and always has been. He is also paying Antifa to destroy America. He and his sons need to be incarcerated, lose citizenship and be evicted from America. The demonrats need to get the same treatment.

    2. Screw Biden and his anti American group!! His team needs to be investigated for stealing this presidential election and be in prisioned at GITMO!! We need to fight for our country against them!!

      1. The whole bunch should have been tried for Treason during Obama and Kerry as well as Biden and Clinton and all those who served during that time period . The only trouble is that the bullets are to expensive for an execution. It would better to remove their citizenship and send them where they can do no more harm.

      1. I never bought a gun before but now I’m thinking about it. If these criminals come after me…I will shoot first and ask questions later!! Tired of all the crap the Demonrats have done to us!

  1. Thank You Sergio …You are exactly right we as conservatives must stay strong because that is the words of Satan and his time is running short…..there is EVIL AND THERE IS GOOD AND LOVE. You are fighting for your country and so is over 74 Million people..

  2. These squad are NOT TRUSTWORTHY! NONE OF THEM ARE TRULY A AMERICANS CITIZEN! They still hang on to the LIES from their parents! They can try to have Trump try for a CRIME. But WHAT CRIME? If they look at their own PARTY they will find hundred if not more CRIMINAL IN THE HOUSE AND SENATE THAT ARE DEMOCRAT. Even those who claims they are REPUBLICAN but truly NOT! AOC was the stupid person to post a video of her NOT KNOWING WHAT A TRASH COMBINE WAS! Her education is the same as the other. Dirty kneecap!

  3. Ya the Socialist Communist Democratic Scum don’t realize they all are on the True Americans list for Elimination.
    Where are you going to Hide AOC, Hillbilly, obamanation, biden all ready half dead when the American worker bees come to re take their Hive, Yup their Hive not yours AOC, towel head communist traitor scum of the earth.

  4. A rope is what was used in earlier days and worked just fine. When they tried to get rid of Lincoln the traitors were hung in front of Whitehouse for treason.


      It’s time for We the People to take to the streets and throw these actors out on their asses

      REPROBATES: You work for ME
      You work for the American people………you scum, feeding off of us as we do your dirty work. You used the FAKE PLANDEMIC to change voting laws to steal the election
      …………,.,,, NOTHING BUT A FREAKIN COLD!!
      And now you want to put CORRUPTION ….. BACK into the White House. Miles of documented evidence against the crime family known as Biden… yet there he is, his mushy brain trying to figure out most of the time where he is….. and you scum want us to lay down for this nonsense …. and put me on a list. Put me at the top please, and come after me…… PLEASE!! If you send four people for me that’d be fine, that’ll be four people the world didn’t need anyway.

      Mr President….. have the military raid these people’s homes and put them away until they can be brought to justice , someone on another site today said you should go ahead and be the dictator that the left has been saying you are. I like it. These fascists calling you a dictator. Jesus Christ almighty!! They want you brought to justice???!!!!! What for, MAKING AMERICA GREAT FOR FOUR YEARS?!
      They’re only pissed because you quelled their free money from China etc for four years…. finally Mr. President, something you ARE guilty of
      God bless you President Trump, I’m so sorry to see this happened to you and this once proud nation.
      Kudos to you and your fine family !

  5. Evidently EVERY American soldier and serviceman who gave up their LIVE’s for my FREEDOM and LIBERTY did so in vain. This is America’s darkest moment. I’m sitting here…. by myself….. embarrassed and confused by the morality of my fellow Americans…. co-workers, and friends. Of course, not talking about those of you who voted for the criminal Trump! Saddest and most gut wrenching year of our lives people. Hold on folks…… what’s coming isn’t going to be pretty

    1. The past 4 years Rocked with our bad ass president, he doesn’t know how to loose even when the odds are against him. Sleepy Joe will not have my respect or that of my family and friends!! i feel sorry for him it seemed like he must had a kick stand just to stand up during the election! But now i’m worried about our country, it’s about to go to hell in hand basket. TRUMP 2024!!

  6. 4 years ago we had just come out of a administration that quite possibily will go done as the most corrupt in history. The head of that administration is still trying to secure a legacy. To the people of Georgia, your vote is going to determine whether or not our country remains a free country. You have 2 strong candidates that will provide balance against oppression of the conservatives, by the liberals. VOTE for your 2 current senators, so we have a fighting chance in this country. Right now Soros is pouring millions into your state to overturn the election to a democrat run senate. Everything your forefathers fought for would be gone, goodbye Stone Mountain, and other national treasures. You watched last summer and saw what they would do. Now they want our guns,control our speech, want more of your earnings, kinda sounds like the same thing that mustached fellow did back in the late 30 and early forties, before he took over and tried to control the world. Be smart since it is your hands the rest of us oue setting back hoping that you will save our country.

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