Delusional Biden Economic Adviser Claims Middle Class Families Are Doing Great

President Joe Biden’s economic team continues to prove how completely out of touch they are with the reality most Americans are facing with his Deputy Director for the National Economic Council claiming that American families are “proof” that Biden’s economic plan is working – seriously.

Bharat Ramamruti appeared on CNBC and attempted to defend Biden’s economic record and the administration’s continued calls for higher taxes.

Ramamruti says, “the proof is in the pudding when it comes to the president’s approach,” before the delusional leftist claims that we’ve had two strong years of economic growth under the senile old man in the White House.


While Americans are certainly not feeling the impact of that imaginary growth the administration is always talking about, Ramamruti goes on to say that Joe accomplished this by “providing relief directly to lower and middle income families.”

In reality, it’s the opposite! Biden’s economy has impacted low and middle income families the most negatively as prices continue to soar out of control and families are unable to put food on the table even while working second and third jobs.

“He believes that when middle class families are doing well, our economy is doing well,” Ramamruti states.

News Flash buddy – the middle class is getting CRUSHED under Joe Biden and it’s only getting WORSE!

Watch the video here to see how insane this Biden economic adviser is!

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25 thoughts on “Delusional Biden Economic Adviser Claims Middle Class Families Are Doing Great”

  1. I’m middle class ona fixed income I got two hundred dollars worth of groceries yesterday and I have nothing to eat. This was just your staples like coffee, tea, sugar, flour, cornmeal etc. Bidenomics suxs. Gas is through the roof I bought 25.00 worth of gas and got 3 gallons. I don’t know what planet his economic advisor is living on, but I live on earth. I don’t get 25,000 to start off on in this country Plus free Medicare, Medicaid, housing etc I’m not illegal, Black, etc. I’m an American tax payer who is getting screwed by this administration. Tell them they are fired! Let’s get Trump in there he’ll have us going again.

    1. You are correct about everything. We are all sitting here letting an illegal President take down our country…that is his plan…this isn’t by accident ! He is the worst enemy this country has ever faced ! He is Treasonist every day !

  2. What world are these dimwitsOBiden Adm. from. Take a 100 go to the actual grocery store and buy your groceries for once then make sure you buy your gas with it. Oh set aside 20 for your utilities and 5 dollars for cell phone. Now what can you eat for a day?

  3. No “clue” what Biden’s government considers low income, but I see more and more people using little mini carts buying groceries with maybe 10 items in a cart and the bill is usually $50. His “green new deal” is KILLING everybody working low paying jobs since they spend MORE than they are taking in! The ONLY people reaping his economic policies are those who have no debt or those who have money socked away to draw from. Other than the millionaires most people on SS are finding life really hard. Does this man live under a rock? WHEN is the last time that he actually spoke to a person in a supermarket or at a gas station? The guy IS CLUELESS!

    1. I can’t wait to see how old Joe will back out of the debate against Trump or DeSantis. He must be removed by the right!

      1. Biden’s already said “NO DEBATES” I guess that means he’ll hole up in his basement again and let the rest of his crooked administration set the scenes for another stolen election. I’m not one to wish ill will upon anyone, but I pray Joe Biden dies a slow painful death ? after what he’s put the American People through the last two and a half years. Enery word from his mouth is a lie, his open border policies are straining the system beyond repair, and now he’s trying to say that the middle class are doing well. FJB ? JB ?. GET THIS DEMENTIA ADDLED OLD MAN OUTTA THE WH.


  5. We’ve seen the results of the Biden Administration’s actions for 2 years now and to say the least, they have been catastrophic and are only the beginning… this moron spews the falsehoods that accompany the Biden and the NWO’s agenda. I say let these morons believe that the people are stupid and can’t think for themselves! If we can stop or at least minimize Biden’s agenda now we can weaken the long term effects of their policies and actions. Hopefully we will still be a nation, capable of standing up to our enemies and the next president can undo all the harm and damage this joke of a presidency has inflicted on us. If not say good bye to our great nation, because we will be carved up by our enemies, and Biden and his allies are holding the knife to our throats….

  6. The only smart people in the biden administration got out while the getting was good. Democrats lie to the people, number one rule in dem playbook. People who believe the lies can’t think for themselves and are blind also. This has been the worst and most inept administration in this country. The biden administration makes Carter’s look like a top ten one.

  7. We are now a banana republic thanks to Joe and his friends. The playbook is socialism vs communism. Degrade our culture, power in the form of edicts without congressional approval, power over everything possible, racial Division, allowing crime in the streets, keeping the people in fear, taking our guns and making our money worthless.


  8. He’s not clueless or is he making mistakes. He and whoever he is working with him is destroying this country possibly the world. He and his democrat- communist cohorts need to be placed on trial for treason. biden is the worst pile of trash to have ever occupied the White House EVER. He needs to be placed in prison!!!

  9. The Rights and Freedoms of the People (The citizens) are the Blessings of God and enumerated in our Judeo-Christian Holy Bibles and Guaranteed in our U.S. Constitution. The founders of Our Country experienced First Hand the Tyranny and the Controls and Atrocities’ that naturally and always occur whenever and wherever Political Elites Hold a Strangle-Hold on free American Citizens (or Other People). These would-be elites believe they know everything and have exclusive right to rule Our Country; to Set up and Cause Problems; and can push their way through every issue, and that Citizens will blindly accept it all taking these Elites Word as Fact and Law; paying the price in hardship; lives; conflicts; evil; destruction; and in generations of abuses and bad decisions and that everything is still OK, because some criminal elite said so. After all, they have the media to sway opinion and to repeat the lies of the elites; a growing monopoly on weapons and ammunition to force us in line and demand we obey; the FBI, CIA, DOJ, Law Enforcement, the False Jailing and Prosecuting of the January 6th lLawful Protesters and Innocent Former President Donald J. Trump, to monitor each of us and ensure we do not rise up because of these wrongs and the evil from which they spewed. These manipulations, evil, and many crimes have existed for as long as humanity has existed; there is nothing new here.

    The only thing new was when our Nation’s Founders accurately demonstrated how to put an end to this evil, and they broke the chains of this kind of slavery by rising up against England’s Elites and King George /(a sick and evil monarch, much like our own petty little (in my opinion) Criminal Sleepy Joe Biden.

    I am sure there are many uneducated anti-Freedom, Anti- U. S. Constitution, And Anti-American stupid people who will read my words, get fired up with their enabling WOKE and criminal agendas, demanding my words be taken down; but as a former History Teacher; a U. S. Military veteran and a Descendant of Charles “Champaign” Townshend and his son, Johnathan Townsend who Joined the Sons of Liberty to fight his own Father and his and King George’s policies to throw the British Tea into Boston Harbor, I can and will attest that in my opinion, the ONLY way that all this Evil and Foolishness will ever stop is if and when the Government’s Law Enforcement Agencies are Stopped and De-Weaponized; Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, the Biden Crime Family, the Clinton Crime Family, the Barack Obama Crime Family, the Tyson Crime Family (as Long-Time Backers and Enablers of these crime families (as I truly believe an indepth investigation over the past 60 years or so will likely prove), and the prosecution and jailing of all of the people involved in their crimes, fining George Soros, the democrat party and all backers and profiteers of their many crimes, the Fraud Prosecutions of the innocent and the Many War Crimes ??(including Covid-19) and Crimes Against Humanity currently taking place along American borders and throughout these United States — to fully compensate and recover all tax money and criminally obtained money from influence peddling and / or Acts of Treason committed by any of these individuals. The only mistake our Nation’s Founders Made was in permitting elites to continue their involvement within Our Government when the U. S. A. was firs formed. In my opinion, every last one of these elites and every one of their family and business partners should have been executed; hunted down and executed; and totally barred legally from ever entering; having anything to do with any business and / or the governance of this Country ever again. Only through these methods can every door be slammed and sealed against further control and meddling from these supposed elites.
    “When ever and where ever lawful Governance is exchanged for Tyranny; Criminality; and the Subjugation of the Citizens of a Country, the Freedom, Liberty, and Justice are taken away. The Governance of the Citizens of this Nation is agreed upon between the form of Government lawfully selected and elected to do this Governing and the actual Citizens of this Country. Whenever and wherever the terms of this agreement are ever unlawfully changed by either party (which has already been done with regard to the Gun Rights Issue, with regard to the forming of militias and the lawful right to defend ourselves and our Country) by moving a punctuation mark surreptitiously to change the meaning of the text) this agreement is rendered void and moot. At such a point and under such conditions, the Actual Citizens of this Country has the Moral and the Ethical Obligation under the terms of Our U. S. Constitution, (which in my opinion, covers those wrongfully arrested for the January 6th Rioting) to rise up and throw off the yokes of tyranny; to dissolve our Government; and to re-establish a better government (one that actually works and will continue to do so for the actual Citizens of Our Nation and their Posterity. This government does not work. Crime, violence, espionage (especially by Russia, China. Venezuela, Iraq, Syria, Iran, and others), Terrorism, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, and Treason runs rampant throughout our Country and within the Halls of Our Government. The Bright Shining Light on the Hill has become a thing of jokes and scorn under the present criminal regime and their woke military and Injustice Weaponized and Selective Justice System; and we are rapidly sliding off the cliff. The sad part is, unless we do something about this and quick, history has already shown through France; Hitler’s SS and Nazi Party; and elsewhere that the other countries of this World will descend “Like Vultures” upon the dying carcass of our once great nation, and pick the bones of our Nation for any wealth, intellectual property, and developments leaving behind all productivity; only later, wandering whet happened to the productivity of their own countries.

  10. This administration has been the best ever for destroying America. Joe Biden and the Democrats have taken America to the point of no return. This America has just about wiped out any hope for Americans to live what was once considered the Great American dream. If you really what to live the American dream, you just about need to surrender your American citizenship and become a citizen of a foreign country, then sneak back in as a notional citizen from another country, or get on the welfare system. A working American has very little hope on doing anything except barely getting by.

  11. My husband and I are both over 65. We are currently spending almost $800 per month on groceries…more than double what we spent under Trump. Our house is paid off but our state requires we carry homeowners’ insurance which doubled in cost this year. I refuse to see a doctor in spite of numerous health problems because of multiple times of what I consider to be mistreatment at best and malpractice at worst. My husband gets his care at the VA Even though we do not use Medicare , we are REQUIRED to pay for it. Communism and Fascism have taken over this republic. Why did all those Americans die in WWII? For THIS?????

  12. “But when a long train of abuses and ursurpations pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government and establish New Guards for their future security.”

    Had enough of the “Long Train of Abuses and Ursurpations” yet?

    Let me know when you have. Then we’ll talk.

  13. Amen to everything the group has brought forward as the truth about our Government. To the history teacher, our students are not getting any history. About 8 years ago 1 page on WW11, nothing about WW1.
    I wonder how far back Soros and Obama go with Obama as an community organizer? Hitler was a community organizer
    How much money did Soros donate to Obama’s campaign for Senator? How much money has Obama made off Biden and Hunters in all the countries Obama visited right before the election and Trump won? We are experiencing WW1, open borders, drug cartels, human trafficking and Democrats are making money. Especially with Biden bus service with caravan kids. Are the kids used in Chinese owned packing plants in the USA?

  14. We all complain about the current admin but what is even more amazing and mind boggling is the Democrat minions who refuse to acknowledge the economics plight of ‘all’ Americans and the hardships this admin has brought down upon everyone. Biden seems to retain a loyalist support of approximately 30-35% (if not a little more) support from Democrat voters. How can anyone with any sense of logic not see where this admin is taking this country including the Democrat Loyalists? Right down the Socialist drain of ruin and despite experiencing a sinking ship Democrat voters stubbornly stick to their party at the expense of all Americans. They are willing to concede the benefits of the majority and established society and yield to the current corruption and drive for Communistic dictatorship as long as select groups that they associate with get their ‘Freebies’.. Unfortunately, years of American prosperity has birthed a lazy, unpatriotic, thoughtless, disrespectful, Godless and morally absent society large enough to upset the balance of common sense..


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