Dan Crenshaw Ends Nancy Pelosi’s Whole Career in SAVAGE Speech

Savage is the only word worthy to describe Representative Crenshaw’s verbal takedown of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s political hijinks. Crenshaw begins his argument by calling out Pelosi’s change of mind on a Covid stimulus bill. What changed? In her words, the president.

While Pelosi blamed Trump for the deaths of 200,000+ Americans, she blatantly refused to cooperate with Republicans to fund a stimulus bill to help those who had lost their jobs due to the pandemic.  Worse, she acknowledged the need for the bill’s approval without acting.

This was no accident. Pelosi intentionally withheld help from American citizens because of her hatred of the president.

In Crenshaw’s words, Pelosi “held Americans hostage for political gain.” This includes foolish lockdowns and politically-charged restrictions rather than working to stop the pandemic.

Pelosi continued to proclaim, “Nothing was better than something.” In response, Crenshaw highlighted the unconstitutional lockdowns in her own state of California, imposing extreme costs on citizens and American businesses. Her actions have destroyed the personal lives, education, and numerous businesses across the state.


Despite pleas for safety and to stop the spread, Pelosi couldn’t stop herself from ordering up an appointment at a hair salon during lockdown. California Governor Newsom likewise enjoyed a swanky luncheon while quarantining his own people.

Crenshaw’s hardcore speech says it all—it’s time for Pelosi to pay for her heartlessness and go. At the very least Democrats in the House should not reelect her to the Speaker position for this unforgivable action.

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252 thoughts on “Dan Crenshaw Ends Nancy Pelosi’s Whole Career in SAVAGE Speech”

        1. It is honor to have such people representing us in the House! His speech well said and articulate to the listeners.
          Thank you Sir for your service.

          1. Well said is right she is a Witch and should go, it is time for her to pay for what she has started

          2. I agree. He was very well versed in his speech. If they do re-elect her it’s because they are chickens and are afraid her so call people will take them out

          1. Newsome is pelosis nephew. Has learned from the witch well. Selfish bitch, they should confiscaye her paychecks ALSO.

          1. It’s time to retire Pelosi. She sits on millions and is a Scrooge to American citizens. She has feasted off the tax payers with no remorse. People of California please never send this heartless woman back to Washington.

          2. I agree. Everything he said was true. Pelosi’s hatred has cost Americans everything. She needs to be replaced NOW!!!

      1. He bailed, now nail Her and her cronies for the fixed election sf vote they stole n from the american people who did not vote for this crazy outcome

        1. Pelosi must go. I think there may be
          Enough democrats who are sick of her to. However, some dems maybe afraid of what dirt she has on Them.

        2. Exactly!!! California hasn’t voted her in, she has stolen her position for the last 15 years !!! California hated her and her nephew, Newsome.

        3. Pelosi will get like this with any and every election cycle that “gets too close to her”. She will continue like this for every election in the immediate future unto the people of San Franbathroom have had enough of her. Or she passes away from an ice cream overdose.

        1. I think Pelosi’s a raving maniac. Has she ever had a physiological test. She , like Dorky Biden can horsey work without wobbling. Their both jerks!

      2. Them Democrats blame trump and if they care about the fact and the people that pay her and the swamp should been helping instead of destroying all the Americans

    1. You are one in a million. Straight shooter who tells it like it is. We are Blessed to have Republicans like you fighting for us, even thou my State unfortunately is Demoncratic (New York), I live in a Republican County, thank God.
      Keep up the good work. God Bless you and yours.

        1. Here in Lassen county (northeastern California) the results were 76% for Trump. This end of California has no interest in the fools that populate the rest of the state.

    2. I think EVERYONE should hear how Pelosi is destroying America. Democrats follow her like sheep. Shame on all Democrats.

      1. I agree with everything Crenshaw said!!! piglosi is a disgraceful POS. The republicans need to help The American People with additional $1200 stimulus checks, if not Mr. Crenshaw then you & they are no better!!! You politicians haven’t missed a single check while The American People are suffering. All I keep getting from McConnell is requests for money to help a multi-millionaire in GA. to save his position in the senate. If we don’t see these checks then this whole thing is nothing but a ‘Dog & Pony Show’ & who cares!!!

        1. Well said!!!
          Nancy Pelosi must be removed from office. She is a poor example of an elected official!
          The people of California should be ashamed for electing her to office!

          1. She enjoys her ice cream and the rest of us wonder if we can buy lettuce. She is a pure demorat, hatefilled and disgusting. Take their paychecks away and see how long it takes to open America back up. Crenshaw is a true patriot.

          2. Why do the people of California keep reelecting her. For the past 4 years she has been so busy trying to get rid of Trump that she has not done anything good for the people that elected her. I don’t care what she says (that she prays for Trump) she hates him and she probably prays that something horrible will happen to Trump.

          3. Destroy pelosi jail her or firing squad is better if your going to get rid of someone do it permanently

          4. Agreed so less get on with taking her pos ass out of government . Talk, talk, talk is what she does so less fix the problem and put her corrupt ass on the street, or in hell where she will eventually be.
            Enough is enough people

          5. Beautifully said! Now who’s going to strong arm this cold, unfeeling woman that California saw fit to vote into office? I’d like to know how many families & how many children lost their income, home & are wondering where the next meal will be because of her selfish power high!!!


          1. God Bless You!!!!! At least we know President Trump will always Protect & Serve , We the People, people like Nancy Pelosi are only interested in protecting and serving themselves!!!!!!!At OUR EXPENSE!!!!!!!! They sold their own country and law abiding,hard working citizens out!!!!!!! God knows exactly who each one of them is!!!!!! God Bless Us All and the United States of America!!!!!!!!

          2. Fantastic speech, pelosi should be made into a piñata and hanging from a tree . She just like the rest of the swamp creatures including Biden .
            Don’t you wonder how a person that makes $170 thousand a year become extremely rich?
            They are all paid under the table from China . That is why they are always protecting them .

        3. So agree with Mr. Crenshaw’s statements Pelosi is a disgrace to American people. She and her buddies only want to gain from all the pork items added to this COVID relief bill! To line their pockets as they have been doing for years! Money never needs to go to Kennedy Center or other Countries when our own citizens are hurting so badly. The Congress and Senate have not missed one single pay check during this time of this pandemic, and they make far more than most of our American families. Stop this madness of Pelosi’s rein!! Please

        4. Crenshaw is correct but the biggest problem in Washington is that Soros and Gates and the likes pumped millions of dollars into the 2018 election and put the Dems in control of Congress. We have a lot of spinless Dems and Republicans in Congress and the Senate who either needs to stand up or get out of gov. People keep putting the very same idots back in office. In order to change them is to remove them.

          1. I agree so less get-er done or quit bitching about what these criminals are doing to us and put their ass on the street or in hell where they belong. Enough of this Bull shit is enough.

        5. Unlike Pelosi Mr. Crenshaw doesn’t enjoy a position of influence over his fellow members. The American people are in need of more $ in the form of the stimulus checks, but are we willing to send 100’s of millions of $ to the Middle East to get it? It would appear, if the answer is yes, that we all DO have a price! I pray that’s not the truth, but I believe in these times, it is! I would never compare Dan Crenshaw to N. Pelosi it should piss him off!

      2. Right on. The saddest part of all is her blind followers. It’s like the story of the swine blindly following her right into the sea, and drowning. All because they were blind and did not have minds of their own. Thank God we have some people out there who have minds of their own, and are decent people. She should be brought up on charges.

      3. Thet should also look at her beloved new president, and his family. I think this is the one of the worst family that is crooked as hell. He just want to destroy the United States and the people.

          1. So true.
            So greedy for money and power.
            Yet, they are all still walking FREE.
            When will they be held responsible for there actions.
            That weasel, Comey got a good job with Columbia University. Instead of being in jail he is free to go on with his life. I’m so sick of all of them. They all need to go. Republicans get a backbone and help Trump clean the swamp.

          2. Pelosi is discusting. She is the worst person in our country The United States of America. The woman (not lady) is destroying our beloved country.

      4. Speaking of pelosi M. Kolgar, has anyone heard from Kamala ? When are we going to get all the dirt of her illegal doings and Husband stealing and cheating. If they can call Mr. Trump out for womanizing has anyone not seen what Kamala has been up to all these years ? She called our President Trump the worst president in the history of the world.

        1. We won’t see justice done to these Democrats. Even the faker from West Virginia voted to impeach Trump. All that has gone on in the last four years is out of the Communist playbooks. Lenin wrote and used tactics gleaned throughout the 1800s. He wrote his stuff in1904. Obama was thoroughly familiar with it. If you read their playbooks it is a good education. There are books that tell us how to counter their actions.
          Also, a lot of their actions came about in the late 1700s. The French Revolution is a good example- may well be the first Communist revolution.
          “They” want you to be fearful and anxious-that is a big part of their game. I know how to counter them and if you read and research by printed material or by say You Tube you can learn tactics and counter them- even embarrass them, but don’t use logic. You can even just walk away by stating out loud “it stinks in here. Someone farted!.” Drag this out and then leave.. I have learned to not get anxious or any of that stuff. These animals have it good now but some day they will be old and shriveled and will get payback .Don’t ever try to use logic when talking to radical leftists.


          1. I understand she will do 13 for a dozen. Hard to a believe and accept the stupidity of even a idiot like Biden the sniffer. Why in the name of God has common sense left so many people?

      5. Ii hope people wakes up and you will see what them Democrats have been doing to all the Americans.she and all the Democrats have destroyed the u.s. wake up and think about what I have just told you

    3. I seen this on Perry Mason : See the Villon frames the victim in a certain light , and uses the news headlines to pressure on the courts and public option. See the democrat’s have been framing Donald Trump , even tried to have him impeached and failed , they continue by attacking his business’s and taxes right-off that are legal. And as there doing it there saying Donald Trump needed to win the election of the president of the USA to keep him out of jail. When all along it has been the democrat’s that needs to steal the election to keep them from being exposed as treason and criminals at the extent that they came to be, at the expense of all Americans Black, White, or any race of humans of this nation. And end the end the Villon’s are exposed and are arrested.

    4. Pelosis no longer stands for anything but her own PERSONAL AGENDA! She countinues to profit from her role in politics, lining her own pockets with money and DOES NOTHING TO HELP the legal American residents that depend on HONEST, RELIABLE OFFICIALS to do WHAT THEY WERE ELECTED TO DO! She will be doing the United States of American a favor by removing herself from ALL FUTURE POLITICS, quietly retire and then she can enjoy her ill gotten gains that she obtained while holding office as an elected official….

      1. I couldn’t have written it any better. She is a spiteful vindictive woman who is dangerous to all American citizens. She needs to be removed from all politics.

      1. Speaking of smart people…. Those of us that were too smart to get into politics, will be governed by those who weren’t.

    5. Except it is BS. Pelosi wanted more money for the stimulus bill originally. It is Mich McConnell who is playing games then blaming her. Why do the Republicans always slander strong women….oh, I know, they are afraid of them.

      1. Pato The problem was what she wanted all the extra money for! You should do a little research before you make foolish statements! That being said, McConnell is no better than Pelosi!
        BOTH MUST GO!!!

        1. McCONNELL, Well that is another rotten story, He received 30 million dollars from china. Trump saved him from losing his job, and what does he do turn around and stab him in the back. Just like a lot of these scumbags he helped get their jobs, they used him for their lying cheating ways. Trump 2020-2021 and forever the best President this country has ever known. Appreciate him, and give him the respect he so deserves. democrats deserve the needle in the arm or firing squad for what they have done to him and the American people.

          1. Well said Donna. Trump is a great president. The best in my book. He needs to drain the white house and start over. Theres so many that stabbed him in the back.

    6. Wow, that was a fantastic speech. Nancy Pelosi, has used her office for the ultimate power struggle, benefiting only she. She needs to be voted out…it’s time for Nancy Pelosi to retire…

    7. Well said, I say take her down. Get her out of the White House she needed to come out of the White House a long time ago. She is only for her self. And why should the American people suffer just because she didn’t like President Trump. Trump had done a lot for the American people. And has stopped a lot of Immigrants from coming into this country. And some of them are murderers, drug lords and bringing diseases into our country. God Bless us all with Biden going in as President. It will be Obama all over again.

      1. It won’t be biden who will be coming in as President, Obama has it all worked out, biden will be dumped and Obama will step in and take his place. We have to keep that from happening.

      2. Pelosi has never been living in the Whie House so she can’t be removed from there. The White House? The president.

    8. We need to cut the salaries of these greedy pigs to help pay for their ugly shenanigans with this pandemic. They have cost us billions with their hatred toward Trump to make things right.

    9. Crenshaw is awesome. He said everything I have been thinking! President Trump did the same thing when he campaigned in 2016! That’s why over half of America voted for him then and in 2020! When the time comes, I would vote for Crenshaw !!

    10. I completely agree Pelosi could care less about the American people just showing her hate for President Trump!!

    11. 0ld Nancy needs to go! She has rubbed the American peoples faces the fact that she can afford expensive, fancy ice cream while many cannot even buy milk and bread for their families. She went above the law by having her hair done. Most importantly, she is more concerned with keeping museums, theaters, places where most Americans never go, open rather than help American keep their homes, buy groceries, buy prescription meds, keep their utilities on, etc. No money from America should go to any country while Americans are struggling to live! Keep our money here at home and give people enough of a stimulus check that is enough to get them back on their feet.

    12. EXACTLY, pelosi is a NARCISSISTIC HYPOCRITE that is TIRELESSLY working for EVERY other country except her own!!!!!!!

    13. Yes, I am sick and tired of this old, warn out woman, taking liberties at our expense, on top of tearing up
      the speech right in front of the whole USA!! That tells us she wants her way, she is spoiled rotten woman. Remove her NOW!!! Her time is UP!! YOU need to go Pelosi!!!

    14. finally a real man and politician. had the balls to tell it like it really is. dan the man well done sir merry xmas to u and yours.

    15. Maybe we’ll said but that’s all congress does is talk , time to get rid of bloated government . Government is dysfunctional at best.

    16. Wonderful speech our youth should pay attention to this young man. We need people like him running our government, not the aoc’s and rashit talibs.

    17. She is treasonous do not fire her. Hang her in public so that the rest of the Democratic Party as well as rever trumpers get the idea. !!!!!!

    18. Cheers to Dan Crenshaw’s Speech…I pray that her “Cold, Cold” thumping gizzard melts in hell, unless she “sees the Light” of her wrongs and Repents. God Help us all!

    19. He’s right on. She’s been a babbling fool the whole time, regarding the people who needed her help w the Covid stimulus. She made it so complicated, INTENTIONALLY, ON PURPOSE! It was so OBVIOUS that she was STALLING! She sounded ridiculous. So sad.

    20. Yes, Catholics also have pharisaic believers … & the Dems have a very large flock of unexposed people … scarier by the day to me as an immigrant after WII (my late husband’s country’s turn-over to the commies by the Dems by the way.) Sadly even some well positioned Republicans as well have lost sight of the too rapidly growing ungrateful attitude in the good ol’USA. America needs to stop insulting ‘The Soul of America’ with those ‘lefty’ ideas … and start hailing it instead with the hardworking, caring Americans counting their blessings and defending their flag of freedom in all honesty &
      valor… which is and has always been, by the grace of God, “The Soul of America.” (Will you delete “me” too .. as ‘tweeter’ does quickly)

    21. Pelosi has always been a joke. How that joke ever got elevated to “speaker” will always remain beyong me understanding.

    22. Nancy Pelosi is incompetent, past her prime and too senile to do a good job for America. She needs to go to a home and I’ll help her pack.

    23. When politicians use the power people gave them to circumvent the peoples rights you have a political system at war with their electors at which time the masses are not obliged to live within that tyranny.

    24. It’s great to hear someone speak the truth.
      Pelosi is an embarrassment. Time for her to be voted OUT !
      She doesn’t care about anything but power.
      She doesn’t care about America or we the people.

    25. She should have been booted out as speaker of the house year’s ago. She’s interested only in herself and wealth. She’s obviously not a religious person as she has so much hatred for our President Trump. She’s also very immature as she showed the world on National TV as President Trump finished his big speech she stood up behind him and like a spoiled brat tore up the papers, really how childish!!!!! Time she stepped down and went home to sit in her kitchen and eat decadent ice cream!!

    26. Thank-you sir!!! I pray your sense of patriotism is more contagious than the virus being used to demoralize this great nation!

  1. Crenshaw is right get rid of pelosi,shumer and shifty shift. Is this the type of politicians we want to represent us. They are destroying this country.

  2. Crenshaw is spot on! We have all witness the evil and power hungry that Pelosi is along with her buddy! They don’t think they SUPPOSED TO WORK FOR AMERICANS PEOPLE! BUT ARE ENTITLED TO DO WHATEVER THEY PLEASE! Guess they even broken the CONSTITUTION LAWS AND the oath they agree to once they were sworn in under. Time for a marching on their home or in Washington DC to drag these POLITICAN out of office!

      1. she showed her cards. when she ripped up the pres . state of the union address. she is a sick power hungry hateful women. who says she prays. regulary? 80 yrs old its time 4 her to hit the door

  3. Crenshaw speaks for the majority of Americans.
    Fancy Nancy is completely compromised by her Hatred toward President Trump. She shows no empathy toward the needs of american citizens.
    She is selfish to a fault and most possibly compromised by Enemies of the very United States.
    Our nations only hope is to reelect President Trump to try and clean up the DC swamp.
    Big Tech and biased news media have all worked to suppress information from the People in order to gave their candidate win a presidential election.
    China is desperately trying to take-over our Republic.
    Let’s not let that happen.

    1. I agree with you 100%. I for one don’t think it’s right for us to pay salaries to communist government senators and congressmen. THEY are supposed to be working for us. I don’t want to support their beliefs because they go against our constitution. This is supposed to be a free country. And now, I just read that time magazine named sleazy Joe and camel toe ho people of the year. After all that President Trump has done for us and the slime from the sewer get awarded. I wonder which demonrat owns the magazine. So much for the integrity of our wonderful DEMONRAT party. I hope karma finds every one of you and takes care of you slithering,immoral and pathetic low lives.

    2. All your accusations against her are no different than the ones you accuse others of having against Trump. The Republicans have been slandering her for years, making her into some kind of evil person, yet she is still working for the people. You will all benefit from her relentless fight to Get more money for the working poor and the unemployed. She is not running away and hiding.

      1. She NEVER fought to get money for the poor. You are not understanding what you have read. See she knew if the amount that the US citizens were supposed to get -$600.- was not increased to $2000. that President Trump would not sign it. So that is why she lied so much to make everyone believe it. It did not work. Mr
        Trump submitted the papers for the democrats to sign agreeing to a figure for the Americans to get, but nancy and the democrats refused to sign it more than 25 TIMES.NO ONE IS SLANDERING HER. they are just telling the truth. don’t sound like she is too worried about the American people or she would have let them have money for food and bills. she wants to get her paycheck thats why she goes in to work.we will benefit from President Trump’s relentless fight. she was not fighting for unemployed or poor people, some people are too old and unable to run. So please Mr. Pato, just read over these things again so maybe you will see how blessed we are to have such a great President who is on our side. We really need him for our country.


      2. I would like to know what world you are living in. She wants to give illegals 1,800 dollars and we the American people get 600. Suppose you can’t tell me what is wrong with that pictures. Do you not realize the money they are throwing out to other counties is money we paid in taxes, It is our money to begin with so why shouldn’t we get it back. No she is not running away and hiding, she is standing tall and lying with every word from her mouth. Maybe if you ask her she will share her 12 dollars a pint of ice cream with you. most people because of her are losing their homes and their kids are starving, and you want to give her a pat on the back. slandering her she deserves more then slandering. she needs to face the firing squad or a needle in the arm for all the hate she has in her heart for America. there is one person she cares about and that one person is herself.

        1. Actually, a firing squad is quick and painless (well, maybe a couple micro-seconds of pain).
          Death by injection is ‘supposed to be painless’ (though that has been debated ).

          What we need is a method that matches her crime… long, unavoidable, and extremely painful (at least thru the the fear of being killed).

          The only methods I know that match that is strangulation and drowning.
          Not hanging (unless you string them up slowly and DO NOT break their neck as their breath gets blocked by the compression from the rope).

          If drowning is used; put them in a room (with a grate for a ceiling) and fill the room slowly with liquid.
          maybe you can even anchor them to the floor; but get them time to struggle against their inevitable demise.

  4. Country First they all need to go. Stop their paychecks until they get something pass bet it wouldn’t take long.

    1. That is very true. They should have to do without a paycheck until they agree on the stimulus and get it out to the AMERICAN PEOPLE! Citizens of this country deserve better.

  5. She has so much hate in her but will say Trump does. She has done wrong to the American people. People wake up before she finishes our America

  6. They don’t care unless it’s there pockets being filled. Why should we be surprised at her actions. The only thing she cares about…. Is her 13$a pint ice cream.. and power at the cost of the american people. Who she really does not care about… Look at what the Dems did to one man… That they hated so much all the millions that they wasted.. trying to get rid of him.
    It’s time the american people held the Dems accountable.. people have died from what she has done. Where is her accountability, and it’s not just her.. it’s a lot of dems…. We give them there jobs it’s time we fired there asses.

  7. Good job, she is a one of worse political joke of her times, she out dated, useless and worthless , she belong in the old forks hole with Shummer and Joe Biden this is a sad day for the American people who find out just how Greedy our useless politician are, their is no way they should be in public office!

  8. With representatives like Dan Crenshaw, I feel that the future has a bright and shining star in our midst. I agree with everything he said and applaud him for his courage to speak the truth. Keep fighting for the American people Mr. Crenshaw. says:

    With representatives like Dan Crenshaw, I feel that the future has a bright and shining star in our midst. I agree with everything he said and applaud him for his courage to speak the truth. Keep fighting for the American people Mr. Crenshaw.

  9. She needs to go. She is a nasty uncaring person that doesn’t represent the people and only represents Pelosi. She is demented

  10. Very well said, Sir.
    That is exactly what we Americans are thinking.
    What we don’t understand is how our ELECTED OFFICIALS can allow one demented, psychotic, senile, angry, despicable old hag, to hold our country hostage.
    Unfortunately, we hear our representatives utter the (WORDS) as Mr. Crenshaw did, but they never follow up with any ACTION.
    Thank you, Mr. Crenshaw, for the bark, now show us the bite.


  12. Pelosi why don’t you leave Congress and go eat your ice cream because that us all you good for! You don’t care about your constituents or any other American! You are a disgrace and so is the Schiff, Shummer, and the rest of the corrupt Demicrats!

  13. Its time to clean house in Congress and get rid of theses crooks. The Democratic Party has continued to move to the Socialist left. Remove these trators NOW

  14. If we cannot get a paycheck they , Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Nadler and the rest of the swamp should not get a pay check. They should not be allowed to work from home. If they are afraid because of their age , step down and let some one else do the job.

  15. The only thing that would have been better would have been at the end of his speach he would have took out his SEAL survival knife and stuck it in Piglosis forhead.

  16. He make the foolish old bat look like an even bigger fool than most people thought! She is the most worthless and disgusting speaker ever and we have had some really bad ones!

  17. Thank you mr. Crenshaw. it’s people like you that we elected to save our country. God bless you and your family and God bless President Trump, the greatest American president we have ever seen !!!

  18. Her skin is as thick as her head, and her buddies, the democrats, have no intention of dumping her. She’s heartless, but doesn’t give a damn. Crenshaw, although right, didn’t make a dent in her ego. Hatred really hardens the heart, mind and soul. A prayer for Nancy!

  19. US Government is “for the people by the people.” The politicians work for us. REALLY? Dan Crenshaw, Ted Cruz, are the prime examples of honesty in politics. They want what is good for the country and the American people. Clinton is responsible for Americans being killed in Bengazi yet she walks around free as a bird living in her mansion. Pelosi is responsible for millions of Americans going hungry, losing homes, losing jobs, losing all they own because she hates a president duly elected by the people. People in her district are living on the street while she lives in her mansion. She brazenly admits that she did hold the american people hostage and is proud of that fact. She is currently taking up valuable space on the planet. Move on you hateful, spiteful, person.

  20. Praise God for Dan speaking up against Nazi Pelosi. It is time for EVERYONE to find out how America has been sold out to Communist China by the Democrats. Watch January 2021 for what will be a great thing for our country.

  21. We all need the steps to get her out of office.im in how about the rest of you. I’m tired of this bat.. let’s get her out. Let’s stop talking about it and do something about it now. If we just sit around nothing gets done. Let’s stop talking and take action. Who’s with me I’m on board.

  22. She should pay for the harm she has caused to the American families. She is so hateful. 2 more years of this is horrific to even think what she’s capable of in that time .
    Dan I’m happy to see you have what it takes to get her out for the sake of the American people. Now to get other Republicans to get our country back from Biden who he knows cheated across this nation.

  23. Thank you God we finally have people speaking the truth, Ted Crenshaw. You are very brave and I will keep you in my Prayers. Thank you for your service and God bless AMERICA. nancy go to hell thats where you belong.

  24. Her list of disgusting affronts to the American people should also include her unwillingness to address the vile nature of the AOC + 3 gagle of loons. All 4 of those should have their committee assignments withdrawn and be pushed out of the House! As Speaker, she has the ability to do that. GOP leader McCarthy did that with King, didn’t he!

  25. Her list of disgusting affronts to the American people should also include her unwillingness to address the vile nature of the AOC + 3 gagle of loons. All 4 of those should have their committee assignments withdrawn and be pushed out of the House! As Speaker, she has the ability to do that. GOP leader McCarthy did that with King, didn’t he!

  26. Thank you Dan Crenshaw you were too kind to Nancy Pelosi. She is so mean spirited, not god-fearing, miserable old BITCH. Once my PRESIDENT prevails for four more years and he starts The military tribunals she will be sentenced to treason as will hundreds of others. She will be dressed in an orange jumpsuit awaiting her execution at GITMO either by hanging or a firing squad. Maybe then she will try to repent her sins. Too little too late…Oh by the way no more expensive ice cream for you.

  27. Instead of of the GOP begging for money for all the other candidates. they should be collecting money to run ads opposing Pelosi in her home state and to possibly recall her. There is plenty of cause to recall her. Instead of bitching, form a PAC to unseat her. When the recall election is authorized use democrat game plan to unseat her. Election fixing etc,. Anything to get her gone. Stuff the ballot boxes, get names from dead people to vote. If it worked for them it should work to get rid of her. Good Luck people in California.

  28. Good show, Dan.
    The real reason we are experiencing lockdowns: Mind-Programming—getting Americans into a state of obedience.
    The real reason for this obedience: To “line up” the U.S. population for MANDATORY VACCINCATION.
    The real reason for mandatory vaccination: To control every individual through genetic manipulation.
    Once achieved, the introduction of New World Order and One World Government will commence.
    Trump and Putin, God bless them, stand in the way.

    1. Trump is indeed the monkey wrench. Communist Rakovsky said in 1938 when Stalin put him on trial “Power is Money” (one can read about this in the short book Red Symphony).
      How dare Trump want to give jobs back to Americans, to reopen the Rust Belt, and try to get these whites (and blacks) off meth and other stuff! These Democrats and the Paul Ryan-Mitt Romney type Republicans want no end to cheap Chinese labor. Too many of these Democrats became fabulously wealthy from cheap Chinese labor. Portfolios come before people.
      Bill Clinton was prominent in letting our technology go to China. He also gave us the job killer NAFTA.
      Obama ridiculed us and Hillary Clinton called us deplorables but despite what the narcissist Obama said , hang on to your guns and religion.
      Read about how to counter what the Communists playbacks say.

  29. You certainly got it right. Would you also speak to the DIMS calling for respect for their CANDIDATE Biden while they have shown nothing but contempt and disrespect for SITTING PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP.

  30. Pelosi is one vile human being thanks Dan for calling her out what a mess our country is in now we have who knows how many democrats beholden to China and an incoming president who we all know was not legally elected to the office. I hope all Republicans continue to fight for the good of all the American people.

  31. You have to love Mr. Crenshaw. He is always right on with him comments. Too bad Congress doesn’t have more like Mr. Crenshaw.

  32. Let’s all remember that this isn’t high school where you only help the popular person in the real world you do what’s best for all trump may not have said correctly but he stood the America to make it better not to sell us out like the liberals want to do

  33. great truth and dan is 100%but will pelosi and the rest of the trouble pay for thier injustus i seriously doubt it because like all other issues it will be sweot under the rur and never get cleaned out and it will be talk thank side tracked from we the people as always it was/because money talks and the bull shit walks and so will pelosi and her side kicks

  34. Well said sir. In my working career if a employee failed to do the job they were hired to do it was grounds of dismissal.
    This person had no respect for our president or our country in the past four years. Since when was this okay to tolerate poor behavior , lack of respect and not doing what we the american people pay her to do . Good riddens to her and her crooked ways.

  35. Bravo Dan, My husband and I salute you! You are a true American Patriot!! God bless you and your efforts, and God bless AMERICA!!!

  36. I heard her say months ago, that she was going to because it would give the Trump Administration another win! She is a Evil Human Being. Her hate for Trump is so strong. That she made the entire nation suffer because of it. Unforgivable & Unforgettable!

  37. She could be a poster girl for term limits! What a shame nobody on her side of the aisle is brave enough to echo what Ben said, you gotta believe there are still a few dems with scruples!

  38. Nancy Pelosi is the leader of the swamp. She is a key person trying to destroy this country. She should leave Congress and this country.

  39. It is about time!!! Things are looking better already, god is answering my prayers. This disrespectful woman caused more deaths in this country with her selfish behavior. She is so negative to the president, and that sends a wrong message to the country. Maxine Waters look out, this is another horrible woman to the president. We are Americans not democrats or republicans, either serve the people, or resign your position. With all the perks these people get they should be working for free, instead the cheat and steal everything they can get their hands on. Pelosi’s salary is over a quarter of a million dollars a year, and yet she offered $600 to the American people, but wanted money to go to other countries that are not are allies, she is actually a traitor. How does that sit with the senator from N Hampshire that wanted traitors, and maybe we should be looking at her too.

  40. Amen Dan. But where is the law to punish these Idots. They say Trump is above the law. Wow that’s the stove calling the kittle black. Seems they get away with anything they want. Thank God for good people like you.

  41. There are those who call for Nasty Nancy to be impeached , don’t know how that could be done . She would preside over it . That said , I think we should simply EMBALM HER , while she is still alive ! Sort of like they did to the guy in the Mummy movie . Insert the needle for the formaldehyde in one ankle and the blood drain in the other . Short of that , a Hot Lead Enema ala “Lenny Bruce” would sure clear her mind .

  42. I would love to be there to see the look on her face after the President wins on the Constitution. No cheating there. The the criminal investigation will begin. Merry Christmas to all.

  43. Well said, the problem is nothing will ever happen to correct it. Politicians on both sides have led us to a complete and utter embarrassment of our freedom and constitutional rights. Instead have led us to turmoil and to hate. Trump maybe out spoken and sometimes totally ridiculous, but Biden an company is outright dangerous to our nation on all fronts. So sit back America and watch the clown show for the next 4 years, that’s of course if a complete 100% rebellion of our government doesn’t happen first. Ohhhh p.s. MERRY CHRISTMAS ? which is now in this great country of ours deemed racist, derogatory, and unpatriotic.

  44. I think Grinch Pelosi is and has been on the TAKE!!
    Most likely a special friend of Soros and the Chinese!! I include her in the same grouping as the Clintons, Weinstein and the Obamas!! Taking up more space than they are worth! Trying to take down and ruin this Great Country with their half wit ideas. They have no sense of right and wrong! I think their brains have been damaged beyond repair!! Send her out to live among the filth she had created in the own town and see how long she lasts without her freezer full of expensive ice cream ?!! She is the most despised person in this country in my opinion! That’s my rant and I am sticking to it!!

  45. It’s time America to get serious and take care of our own backyard first and foremost. Then maybe we can help others. But America must be first so let’s get it done. American Patriots whatever it takes. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  46. Wish this would end Piglosi’s career. This old bag needs to retire! Can’t believe she is the best of 300 Democrats in Congress. Says allot about the quality of Democrats. She is a truly evil person that highlights the the definition of why we absolute need for Congressional and Senate Term Limits! What an absolute worthless individual.

  47. America has lost its courage to fight for what is right and lawful because we have lost our Biblical worldview of all matters, i.e. we have forgotten our Lord God Almighty. These Marxist/Socialist/Communist far left wing Democrats controlled by the global elites think they are cute and will get away with all their evil plans, but i have news for them. They will be standing someday before the Lord God, the righteous judge, and they will have to give an account for every single evil deed and will spend an eternity in hell for not repenting of their sins. As for Dan I am so glad to see at least one American with a “spine” to uphold law and order and come against these dumbed-down ignorant Democrats,. We don’t even have a Supreme Court anymore with Justice John Roberts drinking the cool-aid of the global elites. We need a miracle for God like right now to save this nation. If Trump does not get in on Jan 6th America will be no longer and we will be slaves to China sold out by the Bidens.

  48. How all of this can happen in the United States of America is far beyond my comprehension. I am literally unable to understand the thinking of the Democratic party. Everything they say and do is AGAINST the values and heartfelt love of country every single American citizen should have for this country. The Democrats want to lock us up, throw away the keys and take all our money. At some point we, the grounded and sane American people, will have nothing left but the air to breathe. And that won’t sustain life.

  49. It’s as simple as this…..all of you Democrats (as well as the mealy, soft-spoken Republicans) were elected to serve THE PEOPLE (of the United States of America). This you have NOT DONE…..EVER! This means by the very first act, all of you have defied your oath of office. WHAT IS THE PENALTY FOR THAT??? EXPULSION. None of you should pretend to serve our great nation another minute of your life. Get the F— OUT! NOW!

  50. The sad thing is…..although Dan Crenshaw, a hero to this country by any means, is absolutely righteous in calling for the resignation of Nancy Pelosi, our Speaker of the House of Traitors…..nothing will happen to her, or to any of the other true American traitors that not only allowed this travisty to occur, but actually encouraged it and borne it to happen. THAT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT AMERICAN JUSTICE. All of them should spend physical time incarcerated, based on the seriousness of their envolvement. COME ON SUPREME COURT…..YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE WE CAN COUNT ON AND YET YOU ARE FLAWED AS WELL. What a pickle we all are in.

  51. Pelosi belongs in a mental institution, that said, we have forced lockdowns, forced masks, and talk of forced vaccination with an “experimental drug”, force was outlawed in mental institutions but it’s being used on the public. Forced vaccination, having a needle shoved into you without consent is an assault, no different than rape. If you want info. on vaccines, watch highwire, online, bitchute.


    1. I have lived in a socialist/communist country and the stupid Americans do not know what’s in store for them. Wait till they find out you go to school for 12 months out f the year for 6 days a week, no spring breaks, no football, n o baseball, no outside activities JUST brain washing to think how great you have it. You also are registered in your district and have to get permission from the government to move to any other location. No more U-Hauls, Penske Trucks and just wait till the socialist/communist you Dems just cheated into office take over ALL SOCIAL MEDIA and it will be owned by the government!!!

  53. I’ve been reading all of the comments in response to Crenshaw’s speech. It’s heartwarming to read so many common sense, right thinking comments about what is happening in our country. Like many of you, I was born in this country, worked for a living all of my life (never had to take unemployment), spent 3 years in the military, married and raised a family, went to school at night (earned a Bachelor’s degree), helped put my children through college, never spent a day in jail, and retired in my late sixties. I’m not bragging, just stating what anyone can do in this country when using the opportunities provided to all of us.

    When we have two opposing ideologies in virtually all aspects of our government and culture, we run out of compromise and agreement on most everything. So, what is left? We can continue the struggle, like Crenshaw and others (although not enough) to right the ship or look for another alternative. We no longer have confidence in the one mechanism for change we have left, the vote. Like many of you, I’m still looking for the answers to our problems. Time is running short, I pray we will find the solutions we need.

  54. If more of congress would call her out she might start listening or hiding. I’ll bet she will hide like biden did during dark days in his basement.

  55. I really like Mr. Crenshaw , I got that old BITCH for a change. Now I hope he goes after KAMALA HAIRYASS communist China JOEY biden and horrible HILLARY that bad girl was sleeping well not sleeping but with epstiens mistress. Or what ever that one is. Bust’m Mr. Crenshaw.

  56. I agree with Crenshaw. So far she has been allowed to commit all of these selfish acts AND nothing less than Treason! Pelosi needs to be held for her crimes against America and Our President the same as any American who breaks the law! Thank you Mr. Crenshaw!!!

  57. Mr. Crenshaw is a remarkable, patriotic man. I wish more legislators were like him. That would go a long way to bringing trust back to us patriotic folk.

  58. Crenshaw’s speech, as true as it might be, along with a dollar will get you a cup of coffee at the local cafe. Otherwise, NOTHING will come of it except the caterwauling of Democrats shrieking at the world about how mean and cruel Crenshaw is and how sensitive Nancy is to the plight of the people she is supposed to represent. She is a Democrat… there is almost never a penalty for anything done by Democrats no matter how despicable it might be. Disgusting.

  59. How stupid does one have to be to vote for fools like obma,pullowsky,shumer, etc, who gave a hundred billion dollars to our worst enemy Iran??? Pretty effin STUPID.

  60. couldn’t have said it better my self. about time for her to go and get some middle age person in that position, some that will fight for the people and not just line there own pockets.

  61. Obviously Pelosi suffers the scorned woman syndrome and it has driven her insane. She just can’t handle massive rejection, rejection she has earned from all true Americans.

  62. Well said sir. Every word, the truth. Surely there is a charge that can be levied against Pelosi. She has contributed to the misery and hardship of the American people, in an attempt to make the President look bad. If there isn’t a law against her despicable behaviour, there bloody well should be.

  63. She will stay in there as long as she is the conduit for the money. It is only when the suppliers of the money see that she has lost her subtilty that they will replace her with somebody else.

  64. Nancy Pelosi is simply an Evil Anti-American! Worse yet are the people who voted this insane woman into office! She could care less about the American people she is Supposed to represent. She is just one of many Evil Democrats (Biden, Harris, Hilary, Obama, Schumer, and others) who simply want to destroy America. As a Veteran I am truly sad to see these people hold the positions they hold because they will NEVER do what is best for America. Too many Democrats drank the Kool Aid and helped steal the election.

  65. THE PERKS, THE PERKS, THE PERKS…..They are only what she cares about! That big expensive, liquor-ice-cream loaded govt aircraft she uses to jet around the world and to and from Calif. as often as she wishes.

  66. About time the truth be told about Pelosi! Next on his hit list should be her partner in crime chuck Schumer. Can’t remember when either one did anything to help the American people! Illegal immigrants and law breaking criminals yes law abiding citizens no!

  67. Pelosi has been nothing but a power-hungry idiot ever since she has been in Congress. Her constituents have received nothing and her state is now a garbage dump. Congrats, Madam Speaker, for creating the largest dump in modern America. Now go home and stay there. Your kind is not needed in this America.

  68. You people don’t understand she really never got re-elected.just like trump never really lost the election.when your part owner in the crooked voting machine’s.you get away with everything.and you put into office who you want. I’ll bet if you go back and check all the leftist voting machine’s you’ll find Nancy pelosi piece of cow dung behind those machines.you can bet that’s how that snake in the grass enslee got re-elected.don’t take no rocket scientist to figure this out .and if you’re in office and don’t think you should have to check the signatures on those ballots.you should get the hell out of office to.I’ve seen bull shit in the past but this takes the cake.you are all a disgrace and should tried for treason.we’re tired of you cowards taking the money and Turing your heads.it’s a dame disgrace.especially you Nancy pelosi hang all them people out for your entitlements and kickbacks that’s bullshit

  69. Well what the hell do you expect when the IDIOTS in CA keep electing her and the Dummies from NY do the same for Schumer ! She is a Witch in BITCH clothing! She should beheaded and her boobs put in a needy COW!

    Sad part is when Our NEW asshole gets in OFFICE all hell will break loose,….We the People have had it with these Socialist Bastards!

  70. Well that was apretty good flipflop. Pelosi gets pretty much whatever she wants and the things she has objected to have all been things the President or Mitch wanted to pad the pockets of the already wealthy while ignoring the states and the people.. Pelosi got it passed the house and Mitch after some serious whining got it passed the Senate and KINGSNAKE DON refused to sign it.

    While I can most certainly appreciate Congressman Crenshaw’s military service to his country, I have to differ with his appreciation of his Republican brethren which ignoring the failures. Who refused to sign when knowing quite well the suffering of the individual people, small business and the states and local governments.

    Dan Crenshaw is wrong. Trump, not Pelosi is screwing the people.

  71. POLLOCK aka PELOSKI doesn’t care what he Says she’s goona be Sworn In again on January 4, 2021 as Speaker Of The House again for 2 or 4 Years . She’s not going anywhere.

  72. The farmers feed us all. Maybe the 80+% of farmers supporting Trump and his America First agenda should march on Washington DC and round up the anti-American criminals. After summary judgment, executions by pitchfork squads might be in order. Judgment of the people, by the people, and for the people. Simultaneous events in New York, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and the other Demonrat nerve centers should also occur. If leftists want a revolution- let them bring it on. They will lose.

  73. Look at the three “top” democrats of the House, all three are old and haven’t worked an honest of work in years. All three are kiss-ups of the first degree and each has their hands out for some form of payment. All three are paid well, by the voters, and again by whom ever will donate to their various causes, which usually end up in their wallets. It’s past time for them to go. Now is the time for term limitations in both the House and in the Senate. Here’s a great idea, if you work in either House and are 75 years old, forced retirement within 10 days of their 75th Birthday, or lose their government retirement(s), In the House, the Representatives can served a total of three 2 year terms, or a total of 6 years. In the Senate, they can serve only two 6 years terms or a total of 12 years. Both Houses are forced to retire, regardless of when during their term they turn 75, upon reaching that magic age they are gone to their home and their rockers, Instead of using the rockers in their Washington offices.

  74. I would like to see this article and comments on the front page of every newspaper in the country…………..I am so sick of Trump getting the blame because of her. And I know that no matter what truths are put out there about her, you will still have those that won’t believe she is that evil………..

  75. I truly believe that if Pelosi died today That the American people would rejoice with the thought that the wicked which is gone forever out of our lives.

  76. Every word he said is totally true if we never had to look, hear, or see her again it would be too soon. She and her sidekicks have all but destroyed this country she has blamed Trump for all of her problems since day one when she tore up the papers at his speech, unfortunately, it is people like her who may try to run this country. I pray Trump pulls something off to stay as president.

  77. Since some of us can’t physically go to Washington due to health or funds how about every community unites and we pay very frequent visits to remind the local “leaders” that we do not like or support what they are doing or are not doing in many cases! Bullies must be called out or they will only get worse..if that is even possible these days! Write, call, text, visit, peacefully protest, inform every media outlet and if they will not cover it call them out so their citizens will know who is working against them. Perhaps Newsmax, OAN, other actual news outlets, etc will send their fine reporters to air everything nationally. Enough is enough and I have had more than enough!!

  78. Why doesn’t everyone in this country know about this? The people on the left keep saying Trump is a dictator, although he follows our Constitution. The Left’s propaganda arm, the Media, needs to go out of biz. How can we do that?

    1. The dumbing down of America is riding full herd. socialists, communists, left-wingers and radicals teach in educational institutions with virtually no overriding authority. Ms. Pelosi gets away with it, as do most politicians, because of what people have been taught. The real world to them exists “ONLY FOR THEMSELVES”! They care about no one, least of all the people who voted for them. The only really sad thing about this is -the people DO NOT believe when This is brought up, because they are “SHEEP” to the politicians. Doing what they are told, “NOT WHAT THEY SHOULD”. It is so easy to follow the flock to destruction. They also never question (hard enough).

  79. Thank you, Dan Crenshaw! Beautifully articulated! Such comments are well over due.
    And … thank you for your service, Sir!

  80. I agree with him. I just do not understand how the Democrats get away with their unethical practices. If Republicans did 1/2 of what they have done the past four years they would be behind bars! Mr. Crenshaw please run for President in the future.

  81. I agree that Nancy Pelosi is about as low as a member of Congress could ever become, but she has a major ally on the other side , namely Chuck Schumer that seems to encourage her wrongful attitude. The two of them are about the worse thing to happen to USA politics and to the American way.

  82. Great truthful speech by Rep Dan Crenshaw. I wonder if Pelosi listened to it. If so, did she show any shame? Highly doubtful.

  83. All the comments evidently come from American patriots who have seen through this BS for months. The lockdowns by public officials are disgraceful. None of “leaders” (and I use that term loosely) are the same people who want to put a doddering, mentally-reduced old man in the highest position of the United States — that is if you don’t count the CEOs of the social media corporations who think they are “kings.” The only problem thatI see is that mainstream media NEVER touched this show of force and never will show anything that goes against the Democrat line of thought. The people here who are praising Crenshaw got out and voted for President Trump in record numbers and some type of “play” made sure that Biden won in the wee hours of the night. Try fighting that. Dyed-in-the-wool Democrats are too phucking stupid to realize it and think Biden is the answer to their prayers. I only hope they get what they voted for — a real POS.

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