Cop Who Mocked LeBron James SUSPENDED Without Pay, Supporters Raise $80,000 for Him

Have you seen the viral TikTok video of the Idaho police officer mocking LeBron James? Deputy Nate Silvester poked fun at the NBA star following his now-deleted Twitter post that said, “You’re next #accountability.”

The video shows the officer pretending to call LeBron to ask for his advice on handling criminal activities.

Instead of supporting their fellow officer, his department suspended Silvester without pay. Unbelievable! Even Idaho’s law enforcement hierarchy seems to be embracing the “woke” cancel culture.

Thankfully, Americans cared enough to respond. An online fundraiser was set up. More than $80,000 has been raised for him already. Maybe Silvester can retire from the force and speak out against the ridiculous mocking of police officers if his department won’t take him back.

He won’t make quite as much as LeBron, but at least he’s willing to put his life on the life to protect American lives.


If you’ve missed out on the LeBron spoof action and the aftermath, you have to check it out. And even if you’ve seen the video, you won’t believe the way his department has handled it.

Of course, you can also help out. The online fundraiser is still live. See the video for details.

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These content links are provided by Both and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

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86 thoughts on “Cop Who Mocked LeBron James SUSPENDED Without Pay, Supporters Raise $80,000 for Him”

  1. Nate Sylvester is a True American Patriot. He obviously owns his sanity and has an abundance of common sense.

      1. Lebrom James is an idiot. He deserves to be ridiculed as his mouth is working overtime speaking of things his brain can’t handle. Could you imagine if LeBrom had a brain as big as his mouth?!

        To be perfectly honest, it’s actually refreshing to see that the man actually knows more words in the English language other than………. I or Me.

        Hats off to Officer Sylvester for bringing in a little humor at such a sad time in American history.

        Shut the hell up LeBrom

        1. I LOVE THIS VIDEO! Let’s see he gets suspended without pay for a humorous video and a person resisting arrest with nothing else happening, gets awarded $20,000 in stupid Dumo Virginia.

        2. I’ve said as much also and I’d be proud to know this Deputy who’s a man of honor. The dipstick who suspended him is the one who needs to be gone. Far too many blacks are saying he’s right but this clown is playing politics and needs sent on his/her way.

        3. AOC in my humble opinion is one of the most unintelligent creatures I’ve ever had the displeasure to have to listen to. Her brazen stupidity knows no parallels, she got to be the dumbest congresswoman ever elected.

          What’s more creepy than her lack of brains is……… LeBron ( where was he when they were handing out the gray matter?! ) James. Can anyone reading this imagine being more stupid than AOC. Well, LeBron can walk proudly knowing that when his mouth opens and says something……. it’s more than likely going to be dumber than something, anything, that comes out of the Little Jewish/Puerto Ricans princess’ mouth. Think about it. He’s got LESS brains than the Bronx Babe. Ouch!! How’d he EVER get through college?! He’s Soooo tired of white cops killing blacks. Amazing that black cops shoot black bad guys and it’s acceptable, but a white cop shoots the same black man and it’s time to call the race card and BLM the shit out of some undeserving town. White cop shoots armed black man these days, he just a racist, never mind he’s acting in self defense!!! He wants “accountability” when a white cop shoots a black man. Go f——- yourself mush head!

          How about the cop he called out for shooting the girl getting ready to stab another girl. This dumbass told the cop that he “ was next”. For God’s sake LeBron, where in the name of things sacred, does this man who SAVED the other girls life need to be held to account?!!

          Thank God LeBron that you have basketball going for you….. you haven’t got the intelligence of an ice cube. Shut up Stupid, and just play the game your good at.

          I heard that this “one man show” petitioned the Lakers to change their name to just Laker…….. no S at the end. He’s THAT good. Not gonna happen there brainiac …… and by the way LeBron ……………. you don’t hold a candle to Michael Jordan.
          Michael played with Class.. you don’t.
          Michael played with the other 4 guys on the court with him…. you don’t.
          Michael has a way of having people look up to him (as a role model)…. you don’t
          When Michael speaks, you know he’s intelligent…. when you speak, well, just shut up LeBron. Just shut up, OK? Please. We know you think that when you voice your opinion, we want to hear it. We don’t.

          Nate Sylvester, it was a funny video, not with animosity or hate… just poking fun. You didn’t deserve to be suspended for this humor. Thanks for the laugh sir!!

        4. ….. Lebron James is an idiot and deserves to be ridiculed as the mouth that works overtime speaking of matters far beyond his level of competency ….

          LeB’ron’s pissed off and I might also be.

          Had my oldies named me after a crappy Chrysler.

      2. So, just confirm that I have it right….
        Only “some” people have freedom of speech.
        Boy am I tired of liberals.
        I vote for the policeman…..EVERY TIME!

        1. I agree – very tired of the liberals one sided statements. I stand behind the Police Officer – he did nothing wrong and that department should be proud to have such an honorable man working for them and working with the community.

  2. I thought about moving to that shitty state but I see they don’t like free speech and cater to blacks, well I won’t move there. When a state doesn’t stick up for their officers, I don’t belong there. What a sad world, the captain should be ashamed of himself and the department should be embarrassed to take the side of an over paid cry baby who thinks he is better than whites. But it’s ok to burn the blacks out of their city and businesses. Right? He doesn’t say anything when it comes to his people acting like animals in the streets and selling drugs and running around illegally with guns. I guess he thinks that’s ok. The police shoot more whites every year then blacks but they democratic media doesn’t cover that, whites are no better when it comes to trash, it has no color. I hope people keep giving to the officers who departments keep acting like they care in the first place when they don’t. It must be election year for the idiots in Idaho ?, stay away if you are white, don’t speak English either because they took in a bunch of wetbacks and are using your tax dollars to feed the criminals.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve had it with brainless, gutless white politicians who cater to hateful black racists like that african savage basketball player. And hats off to the officer who was completely right about mocking that maggot Lebron James.

    2. Animals don’t sell drugs or run around with guns, or knives for that matter, in the streets. Animals kill to survive, people don’t they kill for pleasure! Animals don’t loot, riot or pander to each other! The thugs who do all of that are pathetic excuses for human beings?

  3. Hate to break the news to the Socialists and Communists of America, but the rest of us that DON’T believe in Karl Marx and Mao also have our own personal and diverse opinions, and we are allowed to voice them, via the 1st Amendment, which I know you Commies hate with a passion, but it is still our Constitution.

    1. you have the right to voice them, up until that is, your employer, some judge if ever brought up, some complaining neighbor hag, etc, etc start focusing on your so-called ‘free speech’.

      When that happens, get back to me and let me know how that all worked out for ‘ya, huh?

  4. Maybe Lebron can go to Idaho and fill the officers position – NAH the officers job takes guts and dedication to the rule of law and Lebron wouldnt know where to begin. Best Lebron stays in the NBA since that organizations full of thugs and law breakers who know nothing about anything outside of their million dollar salary. Maybe Lebrons time would be better spent helping the black community by spreading his wealth and maybe some advice like do what the police tell you.
    A word to the Idaho Police dept. Keep that up and you will not have any officers left – look at NY city

      1. Maybe you’re thinking Buick “LeBron”. Whatever, it was a pretty crappy car but still better than Boneheaded LeBron. James has probably more air in his head than all 4 tires and the spare though!

        1. The Chrysler LeBaron, also known as the Imperial LeBaron, was a line of automobiles built by Chrysler from 1931-1941 and from 1955-1995. The model was introduced in 1931, with a body manufactured by LeBaron, and competed with other luxury cars of the era such as Lincoln and Packard.

      2. A Labron is a name for a China supporter of slave labor and haters of America. AND a Idaho gutless police department!

  5. We drove across Idaho about a decade ago and it looked nice. How times change! Now I remember it for Ruby Ridge.

    1. …. I remember (Idaho) for Ruby Ridge ….

      And I remember Ruby Ridge and the cold-blooded murders of Mrs Vicky Weaver and of her little boy, Sammy, as yet another (in a line continuous-since-its-unconstitutional-creation) example of the sovereign-criminal nature of the fearfully-feckless federal “bureau of investigation.”

  6. if i were an idaho resident i’d be calling for the removal of all those who elected to layoff this good cop nothing worse then a woke top cop

  7. hhhmmmm…I guess the next home invasion we can send Lebron…oooppsss…sorry Lebron is busy chasing a pig skin..

  8. Every time they “cancel” someone, their chosen victim ends up makin out!! They’re just too stupid to learn I guess.

  9. Good to see there are true Americans ready to support this officer. A message to all the woke morons, and anti police trash. Next time you need a cop, call a crack head, or a member of BLM, see where that gets you. As for the police department, you are seeing good cops quitting their jobs, suspending a good cop without pay just to appease radical thugs, shows how weak the leadership is. Doing that to any honest member of the force will lead to more resignations. Who wants to work for bosses who do not support them, and the truth?

  10. Deputy Nate Silvester has his First Amendment rights and as long as we maintain our Second Amendment, he and we will retain our right to speak our peace! He should be promoted to head the department to replace the Woke bureaucrats!

  11. Let’s guess–could Officer Sylvester’s boss, his boss, or the mayor be black or a Democrat? That would explain the discrimination against a white cop with a sense of humor.

  12. Hitler conned the people with money and gifts to.
    Hitler owned the media
    Hitler owned the government
    Hitler owned the brown shirts to do his bullying
    Hitler broke every law when he wanted
    Hitler bought, stole his election
    Hitler attacked, blamed race of people for everything
    Hitler, abused, attacked, bullied, hurt, killed women , men and children
    Hitler was a dictator
    Hitler tore his country apart…….
    Now replace Biden with Hitler……..
    Fits perfectly……..

    1. You forgot that (the “modified” fascist-Marxist/Leninist) Hitler had the Krupp complex.

      Just as the fascist-Marxist/Leninist “democratic” potty claque have the every-bit-as-monstrously-traitorous tech industrial complex.

    1. When are the Black leaders and our dumb ass leader going to have the balls, also LeBron, tell the truth? if these people would not try to run, drive, to get away from the Police they would ALL still be ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!

    2. I totally agree with you. This is just so wrong what they have done to this officer. I watched that video and saw the humor in it and thought it was a great message. If these Hollywood idots can speak out on things they are clueless about, the officer should get a raise for getting it right. Officer go find a better place to work your crazy boss doesn’t deserve you.

  13. Get rid of the good officers then they can hire their thugs to break all the rules and laws that protect us. Like Hitler did!!

    1. This is really sad. LeBron should be suspended. Shame on him. What a disgrace! The NBA should take a stance against this behavior. LeBron opinion means nothing. Hope he never has to call on the police. Maybe the police won’t show up. Maybe LeBron should be the voice of black on black crime and make some real change. So disgusting. Man up LeBron and apologize to this cop! Oh thats right, you are no man at all just another overpaid sports player who thinks his opinion is more important than others. The cop showed you how stupid and foolish you are with your comment. Kudos to the cop.


  15. Maybe it might be a good idea to defund the police. Then all the good people can go on a free-for-all and wipe out all the Antifa & BLM retards with no consequences. When the country is eventually cleaned up, put the police back in charge.

    1. The police (Statists) are in charge, now.

      That’s why, all over the country, the evil barstewards are after our mostly local and good-neighborly police. (Who are most definitely not “in charge” but are both our neighbors and our dedicated servants and charged with the awesome responsibility of policing the laws enacted by our (erstwhile) representatives: at the local; state and federal levels.

  16. Wake up America, We The People are all of Governments Employers. We are their Boss. Speak out America. It is Shameful how our Government is trying to lean Socialist. Not going to happen, we have to speak out.

  17. How tiny is Lebron James’s brain? We may never know. No apparatus is made which can measure nothing.

  18. This is the beginning of the abolition of freedom of speech. By the end of The Dotard’s term (or more likely, that of the Round-heeled Mongrel, thoughtcrime will entail dismissal and shunning. After a few years of Klamidya, or more likely one of the Squad, thoughtcrime will entail death as in Orwell’s Oceania. Down with the dictatorship! Biden and wokeness delenda est!

  19. I hope he is ready to fill out the applications from real Police Depts. who will want him joining them.
    If I were an HR for a Dept he would be getting an APP. RIGHT NOW!

  20. This is where the people of Idaho need to speak out against this police department. I imagine the chief is black making this a racist issue.

  21. This is bullshit. The police departments like this one are bowing to tree hugging, Biden supporters. If Lebron can pull his BS, then the police should not be persecuted for mimicking Lebron’s childish antics of putting down the police. As a retired police officer, the country needs to step up and start supporting the police. For every black person shot by the cops, three times that many cops have been shot by blacks. Check the stats. I would like to see every cop in the U.S call in sick for 2 days. Then watch what would happen in Oregon, Minnesota and other states bitchin about law enforcement. I truly believe every police chief should pull white cops out of black areas and replace them with black cops. Then watch the press and demonstrations go away.

  22. James is an overpaid unpatriotic, self-serving entertainer that’s it. He has never done anything for the betterment of society.
    On the other hand, the Deputy Sheriff puts his life on the line daily to protect the citizenry he serves. The Deputy has every right to exercise his 1st amendment rights. The management staff at the agency he works for is an Embarrassment & Disgrace to the citizens of Idaho. The piece of garbage Californians flooding to Idaho are bringing their communist/Marxist ways with them thus destroying Idaho. This is the reason the “woke” B/S is even there. Californians are despised universally, everything they touch & every where they go turns to shit. To bad the San Andres fault doesn’t crack it off the continent, putting it afloat into the pacific before anymore of it’s trash infiltrates conservative states.

  23. What happened to free speech is it only for the rich leBron should have his ass kicked and Idaho should be assamed of it self

  24. James barely made it out of high-school and went directly to the NBA. Now he and half the country think he is smart enough to be taken seriously in all of the CRAP he spouts. Unbelievable!!!!!

  25. It’s sad freedom of speech for the Democrats silence for the Republicans and oh let’s let’s allow them to say all they want about our police officers but when they need one they’re right there calling shame on them and shame on the Democrats for ruining a wonderful country I wish I had some extra funds to send to help this officer and I want you to understand I am not we’re all officers However we need to have them and I say this with a broken heart because guard killed my blind son’s lawn more for the last seven years and trying to get justice just the truth that’s all I want I only pray did I live long enough to see some kind of justice I want the records to be sent straight I am so sick of all the Fighting and arguing please I pray I pray God gave us the strength to make a stop thank you for listening to me

  26. You mean law enforcement is in favor of some idiot instead of their fellow Officer really. Shows where their loyalty lies

  27. Hello all you concerned people who care enough to post useless words on the abhorrent ignorance of the biden administration. Your words are just words, we all need to become ONE FORCE, THE LEFT DOES SOMETHING, WE DO SOMETHING BIGGER AND BADDER, WE ARE OVER 70 % OF THE POPULATION. ALL YOU TALKERS NEED TO GROW A PAIR AND LET’S PUT THIS IGNORANCE DOWN. THE COPS ALL NEED TO QUIT, JOIN UP WITH THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOU AND HELP US SPANK antifas ass, blm.asses, and the new kkk ( biden administration ), you have to fight fire with fire. The sooner the better. We can have another January 6th all over again except much, much bigger, and much much badder. This time don’t stop till results tilt back to real americans, like police doing what they need to do to arrest criminals, any way they have too. Real families, ( you know the husbands, wives, and children.) Not lgbtq+, not blm, not antifa, or cancel culture, AND ESPECIALLY democrats. They are the leaders of this insurrection. And I hope you super dumb idiots that voted for Democrats understand you are now a target, after all you dummies, along with democrat criminals who harvested ballots, voted 2 times, even the thousands of dead people that voted. In one state, just one, 42,000 people voted twice. What we have now is rigged elections, we’ll we have to do some rigging of our own, anyway we have too!

  28. These police officers are abused and mocked for EVERYTHING they do!!! Good for him for making light of a stupid stupid man who has no clue what officers deal with day to day!!! I personally think he handled it quite nicely. The officers don’t tell him how to play ball, so he has no business telling any officer how to do their job!!! LaBron is a POS that has no business opening his mouth!!!

  29. LeBron James needs to be locked up for threatening law enforcement. If he was white he would be but since he is black then its ok in today’s so-called woke mentality leaders minds.

  30. To the police officer that has been suspended, quit the p.d., run for mayor, fire all the idiots that are not following their constitutional oath, including any city commissioners. And get the little town of Bellevue back to the law abiding citizens of all colors.

  31. OK So how do we contact the police department and tell them they made a huge mistake in removing the officer? This article does not say what town or police department he was fired from. We need to protest and make this protest go viral. Please join me in trying to get this information then protesting against the department


  32. Bellevue Idaho police dept. you suck if you let this suspension stand. You people in Idaho are better than this. Do not stand by and let some woke political hack do this kind of shit to your good police officers. LeBron should have been punished for inciting law breakers to violence against police officers. If this isn’t set aside immediately , I hope this officer leaves Idaho and goes to a state that protects and respects its officers. This shit has to stop or we will be in a shooting Civil War soon!!

  33. Too many Americans are giving advice to people not related to what their are doing. In other words, how could a basketball player have any indepth knowledge of a subject they lack any experience in and are not participating in either? Speaking prompted by only “Feelings and Emotions” always lack any logic and deductive reasoning. The traits of “Feelings and Emotions” are the two traits humans have in common with the animal kingdom.


  35. I am glad I am retired. I am afraid the Administration and I would have a set to about my first amendment rights. I do understand where they are coming from but it is wrong to suspend him. I got into trouble with my Captain via the Sheriff and was told to delete something I said on Facebook. You do not have rights when you are in Law Enforcement.

  36. I wonder, will LeBron be cast in the re-make of “The Wizard of Oz” where the Scarecrow sings “If I Only Had A Brain” to Dorothy?

  37. I just wish this was the case in all instances of cancel culture. We, as citizens of the greatest country in the world, and patriots, have a responsibility to fight back and help anyone who has been canceled by the criminally insane left.

  38. I wish I was a billionaire because I would go broke if I had to, I would offer every Law Enforcement officer 4 weeks paid time off with all benefits, but all would have to take the same weeks. Let these cities and towns walk around with their hands up their butts, and NO Law Enforcement officers to go to any calls
    It would be nice to see what would happen !!!!!!

  39. I wonder how many fans Lebron has turned against himself from his comment. Lebron should stick with the only thing he knows and that’s basket ball. Because if he is for Biden and he can’t see what’s wrong with Biden’s damaged brain then he is a loser like Biden.

  40. I want to know the Police Supervisor that suspended him…. Let the people then have there way with him !

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