CNN Panics After Learning Conservatives Leaving Facebook, Twitter in Droves

Boy, the elites sure are worried about Parler! What is it about a social media app that allows conservatives to engage in free speech and the free exchange of ideas that has the elites so worried? Oh… right…

Parler, which is a project of Dan Bongino’s, has been seeing pretty impressive growth over the past few months as Facebook and Twitter users ditch the old dinosaur platforms for this new site. This is a fairly natural turn of events, considering how massive the censorship projects of Twitter and Facebook have been.

Conservatives need to do what Alex Jones and others have done: Decouple from the Big Tech and Big Media companies that hate us and want us to die, and create our own platforms. That’s why Twitter alternatives like Gab and SocialGalactic have seen steady growth since they launched.


Now that Parler has joined the mix, there’s yet another place where people on the right will be able to speak their minds without worrying about offending the delicate sensibilities of Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg. Brian Stelter of CNN is very concerned that conservatives are leaving Facebook and Twitter for Parler, naturally.

That’s because CNN and Facebook consider Brian’s network to be covering “news” instead of issuing propaganda. If you’re not on Facebook or Twitter, how will you know what CNN wants you to think about Donald Trump?

It’s pretty hilarious. Check out this clip in which Brian makes an impassioned argument about why freedom of speech is a “threat to democracy.”

73 thoughts on “CNN Panics After Learning Conservatives Leaving Facebook, Twitter in Droves”

  1. Thinking and discerning public like us do not like fake news or reporters or journalists who lack the backbone to write what is called the truth or real news..which explains MASS EXODUS from FB n Twit…

    1. It seems to me that Parler is the best place for us to wander into! I look forward to removing from Facebook and Twitter, who saw themselves as the arbiters of all!

      1. I love hearing that people are leaving those propaganda rags Facebook and Twitter. Now maybe conservatives will finally consider ALL the marxist left news sites as irrelevant.

    2. Totally Dishonest CNN even LIES about WHY people are leaving CNN, Facebook, Twitter, etc. !!! CNN claims we want a ‘safe space ‘echo chamber’ ‘ when what we want is an HONEST NON-COMMUNIST NEWS SITE !!! Someplace where we can TELL THE TRUTH without running afoul of the Dim’s 1,000+ CENSORED words, phrases, ideas, and thoughts that would get us fined, fired, jailed, beaten, killed, etc. !!!

      1. They aren’t reporters they are propagandists. People made a decision not to use these media platforms cause they like to censor. That’s our choice our right. We are a free country with constitutional rights last I heard. Schumer said win Georgia and next we take America (paraphrased). Power and greed is what this is all about. All of them hate our country and us, and what I mean by us is all American citizens regardless of our color. Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler don’t care to acknowledge the riots, burning of businesses, cars, homes, killing of up to 11 children because none of it was theirs (a figment of our imagination says Nadler paraphrased). They will never get to miss their children because they have been able to protect theirs, though they took an oath to protect our children as well but they chose not to.. They let things go awry then cried wolf when it got too close to their home. The racists are the Dems. They are pretenders, fakes, power hungry, takers of our natural resources and money for their gain among other….. too terrible to say. GOD help us. LORD JESUS COME, HOLY SPIRIT RAIN ON US. GOD BLESS US with wisdom. Have a blessed Thanksgiving to all and a Merry Christ birthday.

        1. May God bless USA. President Trump did more for all Americans and brought peace and not war to the whole world in 4 years despite harassment from the leftists; promises made , promises kept . Joe Biden enriched his family in 47 years at the expense of the American taxpayers. I understand, using your government title to do personal business with foreign governments, is treason. Mr former Vice President Biden can you tell us what is involved when one gets accused of treason?

          1. If you are a democrat it gets you cheating your way into the whitehouse. Democrats are so dirty that treason is no big deal to them, and the dirtier you are, the better they like you. They care nothing for laws and right or wrong, only for a way to steal their way into power.

      2. Finally, we have a voice for the truth. If the journalists would only do their own investigations, they would know the truth without pressure from their bosses and corporations that run these stations.

      3. Sadly the Democrat Party no longer exsists. I remember real Democrats like John & Bobby Kennedy, before LBJ had John assassinated. Anoyone who reads a JFK speech today would assume he were an ultra-conservative. As a Conservative (not necessarily a Republican) myself, I’ve always considred CNN to have a floating name. In about 2006 it went from being Cable News Network to Communist News Network. Then in 2015, it went from Communist News Network, to Clinton News Network. And in 2017, the Commucrat News Network. Also, I’ve used Rush Limbaugh’s PMSNBC to identify that other Commie news network. If the Georgia Senate seats get stolen like the Presidential election was. This country is done. I also believe Biden will be lucky to survive his 1st year before his own Party throws him out as incompetent to get his Commucrat running mate Harris installed as President.

    3. Also need to find an alternative for Google, YouTube, AOL, all controlled now by socialists and censoring anything they don’t agree with, truth or not.

    4. It is called the “1st amendment”, and NOT “Pravda”; and NO, YOU can’t join if you are associated with CNN, twitter, Face Crap, MSNBC, NYT, WAPO, Foxlet, Bollywood News, Biden Basement Narratve, or anything associated with AOCs “campaign-nude-videos”. Oh well,

    5. Anyone who doesn’t understand should watch AOC’s Porn “campaign video”; bet she stays in office with kick backs from the “sniffer’s” campground.

    6. satan worshipers cannot possibly come to the correct conclusion, on any issue, BECAUSE THEIR FOUNDATION IS WRONG! Unless one is founded in TRUTH, Jesus Christ, they have NO HOPE of reaching a proper conclusion! WHEN THE FOUNDATION IS CORRUPT. THE ENTIRE CONSTRUCTION IS FAULTY! “Except the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it!” These are the very words spoken by Ben Franklin at the Constitutional Convention, words that actually saved that Convention, words quoted from the Holy Bible. Ya gotta get the foundation right! Brian Stelter CANNOT possibly get it right. He HAS NO foundation! Certainly no foundation in Jesus Christ!

    7. They don’t report news they push bull shit down you throat cnn I haven’t watched since the IRAQ WAR I WENT TO FOX NEWS HOME SWEET HOME UNTIL ELECTION NIGHT I TURNED FOX NEWS OFF I WAS PISSED AT THEM I WENT TO ONE AMERICAN NEWS AND NEWS MAX IM HOME AGAIN ADIOS FOX YOU WENT TO LIBERAL 20 years I wasted watching there bull shil???????

    1. Yeah they’re very shallow and easily bought. But I disagree. Not a threat to Democracy, but a threat to Communist to save Democracy in the US. God Bless the United States of American ?

    2. Nailed it right there. Left Facebook a long time ago, with a lot of friends and a group i ran, told people for months in advance I was leaving for MeWe and GAB, and tried my best to get as many people as I could to go with me, and told them why. there were tons of people there that always complained about the censorship then, always whining about going to FB jail, freedom of speech being ever so important….and not a single one of them left with me. guess staying there because of the games was more important to them then their freedom of speech.

      These places make their money off of the sheer volume of people that have on their sites, that dictates the amount of money advertisers are willing to spend to advertise there, and the fewer people they have listed as being in their site, the less advertisers are willing to pay to advertise. and in the case of Facebook, you also have the $$ from the games, the less people there, the fewer people playing them there, so there is less money coming in from that, so Zuck makes less off of that as well.

      Fewer people, less income for these places, that’s the bottom line right there, hit them where it counts!

      1. MeWe or GAB? How come I never heard of these Freedom of speech platforms. They should advertise their businesses/websites. I will go for Parler later.

  2. Never been on twit or Facebook. They are the socialist sites just like msm. Stelter is a total waste of breath. The fredo brothers are as non-intelligent as it goes.

  3. To assume that these liberal lefties would or could see any flaws or fault in their behavior or beliefs… makes us the crazy ones! No they just can’t get it, because they are great and wonderful… just ask them…hopeless cause. Needless to say, I’m very excited that we now have platforms of which we have the opportunity to voice our concerns and receive constructive, ethical feedback!

    1. These progressive leftists think that they are morally and intellectually superior to the rest of us. That is a total lie. With Facebook I just use it to follow my favorite TV shows and sports teams. Katie Pavlich also has a fan page that I joined. I wonder if she is on Parler, too. With Twitter I use it to gain access to my LinkedIn account. As for all other tweets I delete them

  4. I have never been a true fan of Facebook and I will not touch Twitter. They are both backstabbers to truth and justice and they embrace the lying and deceitful left. I will investigate Parlor and the other conservative social media networks and if they tickle my fancy, I will join at least one of them. I wouldn’t shed one tear if Facebook and Twitter file for bankruptcy because of lack of viewership and participation.

  5. I have always avoided fb and Twitter. Maybe between the Senate’s investigation of the Big Tech and the response of the people who are fed up with manipulation we will see change occur.

  6. So far I like Magabook as the best replacement for Facebook. I’m also on parler and almost all of the other new ones testing to see what works the best.

  7. Consider the fact that the Soviet Union had already calculated that there was no helluva difference between Communism, and The “United Soviet Socialist Republic!” That was long ago, by now.
    But, the “Socialist” word in that Soviet title took root anyway! If the former USSR could so easily make the word “Socialist” stick, in “USSR” which must be admitted was Marx-Lenin Communism just as nasty as that “softer” word “Socialist” meant to hide.
    WTH is the difference! I never bother with substitutions meant for public appeal. I never allow the viciously Leftist swine the “soft” title of “Socialist” for their ignorant play of confusing what they are.

    They are another generation of the same old threat to our representative republic, and I never let them “off the hook”, they are Communists of the first order and they must be addressed by the title they seek to conceal They are Communists, or Commies if you please. They are far from honest, WE need to be honest, it’s part of our profile for which to be proud. Forget the “Socialist” thing, they are not British nor Swedish.

    They are Communists and must be addressed as such. Don’t look to the detested Commie media that feeds sugar to them by serial lying for them. They are Communists and nothing else but Communists..They must be referred to as Communists because that is what they really are, even as they adapted to “Socialist”to deny their true identity. They don’t live in “truth”, but why should we accommodate to more of their lies and deceptions?

    1. Yes, I do. I created a profile there years ago. I haven’t been to it in a long time. However, I still have my login information. I need to see if it still works.

  8. Yes, Communist USSR quickly FAILED FINANCIALLY and that’s how they would destroy the USA, by having USA FAIL FINANCIALLY via too many handouts/Lifetime Welfare/S.S.I. Disability for refuse-to-work Junkies, nobody working for years via SHUTDOWNS !!! Nobody working to pay for their unsustainable schemes! Nonworkers demanding free services/products produced by the few remaining workers…

    1. As far as I’m concerned when President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law in 1913, that’s when the United States got screwed. The stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression that followed. I have a book called the “Creature from Jekyll Island” by economic historian G. Edward Griffin. This book opened my eyes to what it really is…a centralized banking system…a last-resort lender/bailout provider. Take a look at everything that has happened since. Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed into law the New Deal, which implemented our current welfare state. Lyndon Baines Johnson, JFK’S VP, singed the Great Society bill into law, which just added to the welfare state. Take a listen to the song by Bruce Hornsby and the Range called “That’s Just the Way it is.” A line from that song: a law was passed in ’64 to give those who haven’t got a little more but it only goes so far. Also, listen to Billy Joel’s song “Allentown.” it’s a town in the state of Pennsylvania which once had a thriving steel manufacturing economy along with Pittsburgh. Where do you think their NFL team got their name?

  9. I trust Dan Bongino and anything he is involved in is top-notch and HONEST! Cannot say that about CNN, Facebook, Twitter, and frankly most of their ilk. So Parler it is!

  10. I will weep no tears should Facebook and Twitter lose their contacts! Their behaviour has been nothing less than disgusting and they certainly deserve to be shut out! Parler and others of the same ilk will give us all we need WITHOUT removing anything that we say that Facebook and Twitter, etc. are insistent on doing!

  11. The Right need to come together to fight what the left is doing to true Patriots bc we are right. Everything happening now is Trumps fault and their fake news media is convincing a lot of people who fall for the lies. We can not let Biden/Harris in the White House. The media had a lot of balls announcing the pair as President elect while votes were still being counted. I watched some of the Senate hearibgs with Dorsey and Fuckenberg they were lying and shaking in their boots. Loved how Ted Cruz told them what we all know to be true. Can’t wait to see all of the left and media go to hell.

  12. I really hope we can make a difference in the media and the sports arena. I avoid mainstream media and have no interest in pro sports any longer. I do watch college sports but if that becomes a platform for corruption I will stop spending my time watching.
    I will be looking into Parler.

  13. Come on people! You are suppose to bow down to the Demorats and take what they tell you as gospel! The ONLY things you can believe out of the Dems mouths is the FACTS that they are going to FU this country! The idiotic thing is, they are telling you how they intend to do it! I can’t believe that a vast number of people in this country consider most of what’s coming out of the Dems “pie holes” as good things! We have to keep control of the Senate so the vast number of idiotic things the Dems are planning will be squashed! If the Dems get control, everything that is being done that is blatantly illegal WILL be “swept under the carpet”. It is staggering the amount of corruption that exists in EVERY part of the Government from the politicians to the FBI and CIA. The biggest and controlling things that are happening propaganda lies and the media and social platform censorship! This is EXACTLY what all dictatorship & communist controlled countries practice. The fact that some of the radical politicians (AOC for instance) want to make lists of the 74 Million people that voted Republican is a precursor to actions similar (or exactly like) the Holocaust (that some in the Dem party say really didn’t happen)!

  14. It’s time to move on when big tech starts to censor everything. This election has been very in lightening that face book, Twitter, Amazon now thinks they can stop free thinking in this country .I will now check out Parler I completely support free speech.

  15. Well those of the two most ignorant people I have ever heard. All CNN is about is lies. Facebook and Twitter are ridiculous. Always has been. I don’t have an account on either and never have. I feel fully informed. We are not as stupid as CNN and all the liberals believe we are. So sick of these IDIOTS!!! All these liberals think anything other than what their stupid asses believe is wrong. It is them that do not believe in free speech and that use the media like lap dogs to further their agendas. F’ them. Especially the two that just showed how incredibly ignorant they are. Brian who?!!!!! Never seen the chick before but that is because I wouldn’t watch CNN if God sat beside me and wanted to check it out. I would just have to say Sorry God. We don’t allow BS in this house. Stay strong people. PLEASE!!!

  16. I never trusted the security of Facebook, Twitter was too phone connected and limited. However, I did just join Parler, love freedom! When you cannot even discuss science, wh you studied sciece in college, it is time to go where real science and facst can be shared and debated. I am sick of these undereducated media types and tunnel vision tech companies telling me what I may consider as truth. Freedom means discussing thing topics with smart people who do their homework, not being censored by morons on Twitter, Facebook or Google censored sites. I have always believed in verifying what is told to me, and everyhing on CNN has been faulty in my estimation. Let them talk to themselves, thier egos love that. We will be elsewhere, always vigilent of getting our country back. Remember, no one reported what Obama said they day he left office, standing outside, asuuring a group of supporters, “Don’t wory, I will be back. I have my shadow govrnment.” As in sedition? Well some of us hear when threats are made, and they will not be shaed on the old platforms!

  17. Scare tactics have been used for decades/centuries as a means of controlling the masses. Everyone in power uses them.
    Remember the Mafia? It was used for years with them. Then the Kennedy’s came along to do battle with the Mafia. We should note…. The Kennedy’s were the elite Democrats at that time. I believe the Democrat party has taken over the Mafia & now it’s in a new refined more profitable form. However… they have the power of our government to control us in subtle ways described to appease the masses, to look like, sound like etc. that they’re actually doing us a favor.
    So why does our national debt continue to get larger? I suggest they want control of as much of our money as possible. They’ll keep spending it faster than we’re earning it if possible.
    I often wonder how many politicians/democrats have offshore accounts we’re likely to never know about.
    I began thinking about this since Trump began focusing on the differences between what we’re paying in import taxes to other countries, especially China. Seems very odd to me that Democrats want to stop Trump from tackling this problem. If Democrats are against this I have to believe they’re benefiting from it.
    Just think about the possibility of China rewarding certain politicians by depositing money in these offshore accounts. It would certainly explain why some of our politicians would refuse to try equalizing import taxes between us and other countries. It is legal to deposit money into another persons bank account here in America.
    Not many seem to have noticed how much credit card debt we have as citizens. I see it as an excuse to control us even more. Debt can actually be used to control us even more. Just pay attention to commercials on TV as examples. They sucker us into living far beyond our means and often many of us will never be completely out of debt for this reason alone. Those who declare bankruptcy screw us also. Financially responsible people will pay higher prices on the goods peddled to make up for their lost profit.
    We are brainwashed daily into believing we can have nearly anything we want using by a credit card, but they don’t and never will mention how extreme the consequences can be.
    Back in the 1800s during mining days, they had company stores where it was mandatory for employees to buy from these company stores or they lost their jobs. The same was true for their living quarters because employees also had to live in company owned quarters which they had to pay for at the company price. Government and rich people have been screwing us for many years.
    Banks use to put a limit on what we can borrow based on our income and what we owe. Credit cards have given banks a new way around this.
    Rest assured, over the long term these banks will not lose money. It has become an addiction the way we spend money as though there are no consequences. When the masses kick this addiction for spending money excessively, prices over the long term should also drop.

  18. Please recommend a replacement for—I no longer use google as my browser but need a good replacement for gmail that doesn’t censor conservative viewpoints. Thanks!


  20. When the far left are done defunding all our brave men in blue, do we believe it’s time to redo the original movement that made America Who We Are in the very beginning? I believe our forefathers wouldn’t object. Revolutionists?


  22. The Lie-beral DEMONocrats (like communists and muslims) believe that the whole world should be like them. They don’t understand that we are tired of their lies and bullshit. They are FUGITIVES FROM TRUTH. If that shocks them, it shows how much out-of-contact-with-reality they have become. The demons have become psychopaths.

  23. When the Brits are asked to support a worthy cause, they will sometimes say “I’ve got mine Charlie”. Translation: I I’m not affected so I’m not interested… This side of the pond we have folks
    With similar attitudes: Many in the media have revealed themselves, not as journalist, but as paid actors. This confirmed by 2 months of tapes of Zuckers zoom calls to “solons” (staff). The product
    is well paid actors repeating the same lines every news cycle. The quid pro quo …directed performance for money … there are other names to describe that behavior,
    Then there’s the Tech. Oligarchs who fancy themselves an indispensable part of the “New World Order”. They are political agnostics that favor the politics that comports with their long term ambitions, hoping, at the end of the day, the monster won’t turn on them.
    Then there’s US. We waited too long to respond effectively to the “socialists “ incremental push
    Towards the New World Order.
    We have been hoisted on our own petard.

  24. The Great Awakening! Wow! Been posting stuff since Sept. 2020 and took a two week vacation and come back to greatly angered Americans! The comments here are GREAT! So many Americans are waking up to the DNC/communist attempt at taking over our country! So many Americans are mad at the main stream media and going to free platforms! And here’s another reason this POS says that free platforms are a ‘threat to democracy’!
    ALL these MSM actors are in trouble for promoting the lies and suppression! It’s NOT democracy threatened by the mass exodus from FB and Twitter…this THEM that are threatened! They have ALL committed a crime called SEDITION and they will receive their just deserts by Military Tribunal instead of a court of law and high paid lawyers! If the MSM loses it’s American viewers…and therefore CHINA JOE loses the last propaganda machine…they ALL go to GITMO!
    And y’all need to know POTUS and his team have ALL the evidence, so shut off the MSM and fight back! Go to the free platforms and share that info to everyone! #THISISTREASON

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