BLM Leftists FURIOUS at Latinos Who Rejected Socialism and Voted for Trump

Tim Pool observed on his most recent podcast that BLM leftists are FURIOUS at Latino voters who voted for Donald Trump over Joe Biden.

Abraham Enriquez, a 25-year-old Latino from Lubbock, TX reveals what progressives can’t comprehend. In the collective mind of the left, Latinos want to be freed from Trump. But Enriquez says what they really want is to be free from socialism.

Enriquez told The Atlantic’s Christian Paz, “It all boils down to understanding that you are in charge of your own kind of predicament. America, we’re really at the crossroads of either self-governance or being dependent on the government—and Hispanics know very well which decision they need to be making.”

The Los Angeles Times reports that nearly half of Latinos in South Florida voted to reelect President Trump. The majority of Latinos in South Florida are of Cuban descent, they are typically Republican and conservative. Cubans in Florida fled socialism under Fidel Castro and they knew the horrors it can do to America.


Biden also got significantly fewer votes than Hillary Clinton did in 2016 in the heavily Latino precincts of the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Much of the reason the voting gap has narrowed in south Texas is jobs. Lupita Cruz Rios, who lives in Roma, a small city in western Starr County, voted for Trump this year and in 2016. She said, “a lot of people here, [Trump’s] been helping us: Border Patrol jobs, the oilfield.”

Watch the video to learn more data about how Latinos voted in this election from host Tim Pool.

107 thoughts on “BLM Leftists FURIOUS at Latinos Who Rejected Socialism and Voted for Trump”

  1. It’s entirely possible that the Dems will win the election BUT it’s also possible that the Reps will win! More and more people seem to have taken a pro-Trump stance and that might well change the balance! Whether or not the Reps end up winning, I’m planning to continue hoping for them to do so! If for no other reason, I strongly believe that they will be better for the country in every possible way!

    1. the leftist must understand many latinos come from communism type countries, the president offer programs that were not available, the democratic party, had programs in the 1960, but it was government run paying people on the government run groups and it went no where. here you minority sponsored to private economy much different. it gives them family ownership and pride.

      1. I agree the Latinos want a fair break and many have had their share of socialism, communism , now they want something totally different and if President Trump can offer that So Be It!


          1. They need to be removed from the country by any and all means possible. No fascist/communist groups, which these groups are, have any place in this country. They do not even merit citizenship in this country.


          3. I hate to generalize but it seems that the immigrants that came from oppression are more gracious.
            Like this president.
            The ones that didn’t seem to be more demanding.
            Like the challenger



      2. Agree with that observation…lot to say about personal pride being a real motivator. Heard a black describe his relationship with the Dems over the years. He said the Dems believed (obsessed with the notion) that blacks wanted free stuff. He said that was silly as human nature sees stuff worth what it costs. Free is OK, but doesn’t add to anyone’s dignity. If that’s true the Dems of today are looking at a very short period of time of being relevant.


    3. After reading most of your opinions, I see most of you are christians. This election was tainted with fraud. The enemy cheated to ensure a biden victory. It is time that we pick up the spritual sword and fight in the heavenlies for the lies to be exposed. Have God make a way where there is no way. If this election was lawful there would be no dissent. The legal votes should and will be counted. I pray that the people involved in corruption are not only exposed but jailed as well.

      1. We can see that every socialist/communist party cannot win a fair and legal election. They can only win by fraud. Every country that has this type of government, got stuck with it by fraud and they continue in power the same way.
        Is there any doubt how the demo-communist party ever gets elected?

      2. We asked God to get out of business and He has stood back. We need to invite Him back in. How can we stand next to the Latino’s who truly know what Socialism is all about? Start with prayer for their safety and to soften the hearts of those who would threaten them.

    4. We were spoiled by Trump. Would not consider anybody else. And never would vote for any recommendation given by Robert De Niro. We follow Clint Eastwood and John Voyt.

    5. Socialism is where the lazy people want others to do the labor so they don’t have to, but get the fruits of those who are hard workers.
      Socialist don’t want to work but want American taxpayers to support them.

    6. That just shows how much they understand the best way to get things done. Antifa and BLM just want to burn, loot, kill and not try to do this right way. Have you tried to sit down and talk to agree is disagree, come to a way to compromise. You can not expect to have it all your way, no matter which race we are.

  2. The Dems need to believing all the lies it is all what I can get for free. It ain’t going to be that way
    They will control you. Check how good things are in Cuba, Venzwalea

  3. If you are stupid enough to support anti American trash like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and AOC, your utterly clueless anyway. The people need to put a bounty on them. God bless each of you that were strong enough to support President Trump, unfortunately our country is being controlled by corrupt Judges and socialist trash. Any American that watched and supported the violence and hate coming from Antifa and BLM needs shot, and your Democratic party was neck deep in it.

      1. The sad part of it is that most of them arent worth what a box of ammo costs today. With Obiden in charge you would probably have to pay taxes on any bounty collected and end up paying more than you could collect.


      1. Correct Wait and see tax on everything and everything will to go up to pay for all the illegals/ undocumented ones they’re going to live better than the American citizen because that is what Joe’s is about the Democrats taking down America so sad so sad

        1. I do agree with you. Dark days ahead if k Harris is the president ,Biden is really bad for Americans but Harris even worse. Biden will serve for a year or so, resign and Harris will be the president. I really feel that’s always been their plan.

          1. I don’t think he will ever serve as President! Kamala will get that job from the beginning. Biden is only their pawn! Sad. Sad.

          2. JOE WILL BE GONE SOON Hello Kamala AOC Omar Rashi and Presley Good luck everyone Should be interesting

          3. Biden will not even make it past the 100 days. He will be either assassinated or Harris will invoke the 25th amendment and have him removed. Either way we will all suffer under a communist.

          4. The Dems were right, voter certification will prevent some voters from voting, there is no doubt about it. It will prevent ILLEgALS from VOTING, but no one legal will be prevented from voting. The Dems have to cheat in the election because of there hadn’t President Trump would surely have beating that brain damaged third grade dropout Biden in such a land slide it would have made Reagan’s vote look like he was within 20 votes of loosing both of his elections. And the rino republications don’t seem to be as smart as a third grade BRAIN DEAD DROPOUT. They don’t seem to be able to deipher the fact that more then 70,000,000 people voted for Donald Trump’s reflection. Is that about 40 percent of registered voters, compared to brain damaged sleepy joe’s percentage of what the Marine Corps calls the 10 percenters?

      2. Biden will be President for the 74 million people – legal and illegal – but not for the 70 million who voted against communism. Unity is a pipe dream and always has been.

        1. He will not be my President. Just like Obama, he will be the LIAR in CHIEF, unless the rightful TRUMP SUCCEEDS!
          Maybe the people will win and all these crooked dogs will go to jail forever!

    2. Joe Owens, as a proud Black man, I so completely share your sentiments and like most of the average Black people I speak with, we clearly see through and flatout condemn the luciferian, satanic ideologies of that George Soros sponsored and controlled group. BLM is a fraud that does NOT represent the views or agenda of the VAST majority of Black people and nobody is mad at Hispanics exercising pragmatism and smarts by choosing to vote for what they saw as being in their best interests – quite the contrary. The only thing I would add is that should you decide to follow through on your inclinations that there probably should be a list of names of the elites who should be the 1st group that get called on. People like Soros, Gates, Fauci, both Clintons and others who some consider to be traitors are candidates to make the list.

        1. Make sure to start locally on to any election a Republican vote to the next election for President. That should rid a few of the socialist leaning swamp.

      1. How do we support those people of color or all people who really want freedom before the left truly has a stronghold on our children? Pray that America returns to God.

        1. One way to fight back is to learn about the convention of states movement and what they are trying to do under the 5th ammendment to the constitution. President Madison got this included in the bill of rights because he knew that what is happening today would eventually happen and he gave us this amendment as a way to give the power back to the people. Research it and then give it your full support and spread the word. Fifteen states have already signed on and we only need 32 to have a convention of states. Madison was a truly brilliant man and wish we had men like him today.

    3. Totally agree donate to blm web site you will see money goes to the blue act the Democratic Party so who is really behind all the destruction in this country? Now the mail in ballots what a joke Democratic lay n steal to make from the America people we need to start cleaning the swamp god bless us for the next 4 years higher taxes on everything you will see some one has to paid for all the illegals

      1. Google and it takes you right to Obidens campaign site or it did unless they have changed it recently. That should tell everybody something.

    1. I have my gun and I’m ready! Everyone talks about we’re doomed if Biden becomes president but no one is doing nothing about it. Like I said I have my gun and I’m ready for the revolution!!!! Enough talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. blm, like all Marxist organizations, only care for poor, oppressed people…who agree with them…..all others must be crushed.

  5. B L M. A joke onto themselves , a nice slogan but far from any truths ! If you observe their immoral unethical way you see just how racist they are . It’s coming home to bite them . Their path of destruction should charged back to their party .

      1. I agree these folks should rebuild the cities they destroyed. Besides it will give them a trade & the folks who paid these rioting mobs should pay for the cost of rebuilding

      2. I want to know how violence and destroying property is acceptable why were the rioters not charged and put in jail?? How is this ok?? What has happened to us as Americans tolerating evil???

  6. I am a Latina and have always been a conservative never belonging to any party (independent on my own), not belonging to the independent party. I am American born with parents who immigrated legally. We did not receive government help, my dad worked and we made due with what we had. As a matter of fact I don’t think my parents knew help was available until my mother got ss from my dad post their divorce. The point is the Democrat party have lured people from other countries under the premise of free food, housing and money when they come to the US. One stipulation is they vote for Democrats even though they are illegal and don’t have that right to vote per US law.
    Never has it been so clear to me, as these last 4 years of where that democrat party allegiance has been. It has not been a representative party for the people of the entire US, but representative of only those who vote or voted for them. They represent illegals to the point of dismissing any and all crimes done against our citizens for the sake of keeping them here. Why? I don’t know or understand. You’d think a crime especially when taking someone’s life merits quick & swift due process and if found guilty, punishment. It seems the law does not apply to those who show Democrat party favor. Contrast that with President Trump who truly worked for all the people, law and order, opportunity, working to bring our troops home and peace in the world, plus so much more, even when many were against him. Those whom support Trump are law abiding citizens trying to live this life working to provide for our families a home, food, clothing, education and faith and living peaceably with all people.
    I’ve had the privilege of having lived through several administrations and can compare. Both parties had people who held promise but either their life was cut short, too egotistic, self indulgent, immature, ideology not in sync with American values, not patriotic-> all noted post election and serving a little time. Frankly I don’t think I truly “got” what some of these candidates were saying or to whom the conversation was being directed to, until way later. The promise America has for us is the freedom and the right to life, liberty and happiness and property. We want to achieve success in our endeavors within the law without limit to increase wealth to whatever height we can and want within the law. We should not be taking from someone’s wealth because we think we deserve it. We are not entitled to anything. We’ve established that hard work and integrity can & will provide us with the tools to be successful. Democrats-> don’t take our incentive to work, work ethics, integrity as we are intelligent people that have a vision. We don’t need enabling but do need the freedom to thrive. No Tyranny, No Socialism or any other ism. We are a self governing people. Don’t need big government. Those in government must adhere to these same principles of working for what you get. You are not entitled to anything just like the rest of us. Your success must be done lawfully and not entitlement. Our country’s assets are ours, not personally yours to sell or do with for personal enrichment. You are not to betray this country for favor from another country. We all elected our officials to represent us all in this constitutional republic. Please learn your job descriptions.

    1. I Love your article & I do like the different party system. I’m registered in one but if I see a person that I like what their saying I’ll vote for them. But I suppose l didn’t face the immigration situation of “I own you” But President Trump and VP Pence are what I would say are doer’s .Good luck to all of you .

    2. Thank you for being a true American Citizen and much more for understanding what the Dems have been doing for years. Vote republican in local and all elections for the next 5 years at least to keep the socialist at bay.

    3. Excellent comment! I would like to add one question that every Congressman and Senator needs to answer. That is, under what law or Constitutional article have these Washington elites been given immunity from being prosecuted for the crimes they commit? This is a question that we all need to ask our representatives.

  7. This election fraud should be investigated and corrected immediately. The American voice should be respected. Biden’s collusion with the Chinese and the Russians to include Iran should be fully investigated promptly as iw was falsely done against President Trump. This collusion should not be swept under the rug. Wake up America because Socialism will rear its ugly head if good people DO Nothing about it to bring it down. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

  8. BLM is another Dem/Communist org. All the $$$$$$$$$$$$$ goes to these communist Dems.. Geo Soros heading up the group. These Dems want minorities to be dumb, jobless, no English… all so they can “CONTROL” them. BLM is just like the Dems’ KKK… thugs all created by these people of hate. Minorities are not any good to these Dems if they use their God given gifts of working, building, creating for themselves. When these Dems announce another “incentive” for minorities.. 99% goes into their pocket. REMEMBER ACORN???? How about the Obumo/BIden Infrastructure… How about Obumocare… all into Obumo/BIdens pocktets. How about the $$$$$$$$$$$$ to go to small businesses to help start up, build their businesses. And Who got these $$$$$$$$$$$….. Bidens’ and Kerry” s sons. Got the $$$$$$$$$$ loans. Then defaulted and the American tax payer pays off these loans.

    1. Goals of Lie-beral DEMONocrats: Kontinue corruption, Koddle illegals, and Kill babies = KKK.
      Skills of Liberal DEMONocrats: Slinging bullshit, raising taxes, and slinging MORE bullshit !
      People who are impressed by bullshit, vote for Lie-beral DEMONocrats.

  9. Add the names Zucker,Dorsey, and Pichai ,Soros and all the slimy Dems and you got the crimminal eliment of the USA . Along with the grade 2 educated actors and female actresses,the idiots on the View,and CNN plus all newspapers and you have the biggest group of gangsters on the planet. Elite greedy selfserving war mongers.

  10. I didn’t realize we have so many “useful idiots” in the USA! We must start teaching people the true history of this country. This election is a full-swing attempt of a COUP!! We can’t let them get away with it! I don’t always agree with Trump’s tweets, but I do agree with his policies!

    1. Are you going into the teaching profession ? It starts there and maybe the kids will teach the parents Starting with manners.

  11. I’m a Latino and a retired NYC police officer this new social Democratic politician are nothing but communist this is no what a democrat should be as a child I would browse through the news paper after an election to see results every one would run under their party republicans dems social liberal I remember seeing that the socialist or liberals or communist would never get a lot of votes less then one percent this garbage is now running under the Democratic banner but they are not Democratic they are socialist or communist garbage the Democratic Party has to clean house but the are not they gerrymandered the state of New York that they don’t care what you’re view are the tell you shut up and comply this country need to have a civil war so we can clean house and rid of this cancer by what ever means possible restore our republic hold citizens and politicians who comity treason against our great nation

  12. Time to roust the anti Americans out of our country and government,send their asses packing !
    I back all Americans who love and will defend this country, I will not recognize or obey anything from this treasonous criminal party trying to usurp our Constitution!

  13. The left hates the constitution especially the 2nd Amendment. And it’s blatantly obvious that they’re trying to steal this election. I hope justice prevails and Trump gets 4 more years.

  14. These treasonous hypocrite libs(lying sack of Schiff) don’t know the meaning of the truth! They are at it again and just as mentally deranged as the rest of the Globalists NAZI Muslim Commie Liberal Demoncrats! Deep State, BLM, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Fauci, Hollywood, Academia, MSM Fox and the rest of Fake News, Swamp News and you know the rest!! ?Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying Fake News deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs! Mutt Romney, Mitch McConnell, Sessions , AG Barr, Richard Burr, Ron Johnson,Susan Collins, Murkowski, Kasich, Gowdy, Justice Roberts, Bolton and you know the rest of the traitors. All the useless republicans that talk a lot of BS and do nothing! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump! Yours truly, the patriots of America! Watch your back, President Trump! I for one, support you 1000%!

    1. Talk about fraud. How about the people who voted using their dead relative’s name and ss# or how about those that weren’t even registered but got to vote and how about those who voted by mail in and in the process then walked into the voting polls and voted again? No one had to show id. So how do you know who is who? Perfect Fraud.

  15. God bless the Latinos who have the good sense to reject socialism. May their good fortunes in the United States of America be multiplied a thousand fold.

  16. Talking needs to stop and action taken. It is way past time for the tree of liberty to be refreshed with the blood of tyrants and Patriots. We have sit back and let them go to far. The left needs but one thing, eradication. As we can see voting no longer gets it when the left is willing to lie, cheat, and steal to hold or gain power. It is time for war.

  17. This Country ?? fought Communism and Socialism for years To remain FREE?? And many brave souls died for that freedom. This Country is Not Destined to be ruled by communist or socialists dictators. American thru and through?? We Stand for Our ?? We Kneel for God ?? We Stand & Fight for Our Country ????????????????????????????????????????????

  18. i get tired of hearing about this blm movement,,its aterrorist organization, it syands for black lies matter,and thats all they fight for,lies and corruption

  19. BLM…..PROVING THEY DO NOT MATTER! They are a self-righteous CRIMINAL MOB…..rioting, destroying businesses AND cities. They have no viable dialog to convince or encourage support from the masses of US POPULATION!
    They ARE CROOKS….plain and simple WITH NO REDEEMING VALUE TO ANYONE other than themselves…..of which they are not deserving.
    AG BARR….needs investigation, prosecution, and sentencing to prison FOR MANY OF THEIR CRIMINAL MOB!

  20. Agree with both John and Bill. Too many American soldiers have died fighting the same crap these Democrats are pushing now. I say we don’t let their deaths be in vain. Time for true Americans to stand true. I was a soldier. I swore an oath to protect and defend against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.

  21. Willard I’m with you and Nrr I also agree with you our great nation is being infiltrated by Muslim like Omar who don’t belong in our country they don’t respect our constitution the only constitution they believe in is their religion
    That comes first pretty soon this country will have areas that the police will not be able to go into like France and the Democrats want to disarm us like the citizens of France and England so that could behead Americans at their will and as far ass OMAR How is it possible for someone like her able to become a senator I strongly believe that they should never serve in any form of our government. NYC hospital are breeding grown for muslin Chinese and illegal immigrants all on tax payer dime

  22. BLM needs to be put on the Domestic Terrorism list!! That’s it. Plain and simple!! And you can put ANTIFA right below them!!!!

    1. BLM and antifa are all part of the Lie-beral DEMONocrat Syndicate, which includes many likeminded people in media and even the postal service. They have exposed their true colors…all domestic enemies of our country. Fake, hate, negate, denigrate, ingrate, degenerate, instigate, agitate, segregate, separate, isolate, desecrate (Bible burning), depopulate (abortions), and DOMINATE is their modus operandi and forte’. Satan is their Pied Piper !

      1. They are the secret police ( SS ) of the Demonic Nazi Cult ( DNC ). They are not nice nor peaceful, and should be taken out when ever they stick up their ugly heads. They are a curse un mankind and need to be eliminated before they can spread. This is one evil cult that does not care who or what they hurt as long as they get their way. They need to be punished for their evil deeds. They are a sinful curse on the people that they say they are helping. They only use people who are down to hurt them more. When you see them in you communities you should attack them and drive them out before they can Burn Loot and Murder little children. The same goes for AntifUkA.

  23. I may not know a lot, but I know this, the Latinos do not play soft ball, and if BLM wants to play with them they had better bring their steel bats. The Latinos don’t like to lose, and they don’t quit ever. They will hunt these BLM thugs down.

  24. I am an American born Latina with a mind of my own. I owe NO ONE allegiance except to my country and my family with conservative views. My vote belongs to NO ONE but ME. I vote for whom I know will run the government as it should be run, to benefit the people of this country and not for bureaucrats who take payola for favors from other countries. NO organization owns my vote. Blacks, Latinos, and other minorities don’t need to be given direction as to who we vote for. We have decided even if the crooks take it. It will never e legitimate.

  25. Apparently, Latinos think for themselves and aren’t willing to join BLM on the liberal plantation just because they are brown-skinned. Identity politics may not be for everyone.

  26. Thank you to all Americans who reject socialism regardless of your nationality or skin color . Patriots are all colors and we will fight for freedom and reject socialism. The cheating left has bit off more than they can chew and will reap what they have sewn . Time for Patriots to clean house accross the country and eliminate the evil from American soil . Joe Biden will never be accepted as our president because he is not legitimate due to election fraud .

  27. Not only were Biden and Harris placed in reach of the Presidency through fraud, Joe is a paid agent of the Chinese Communist Party and has been since he was Obama’s partner in crime. The Democrat Communists are trying to put a traitor in the White House because they want to sell our country to the CCP. They are all traitors and enemies of the People.

  28. That just shows how much they understand the best way to get things done. Antifa and BLM just want to burn, loot, kill and not try to do this right way. Have you tried to sit down and talk to agree is disagree, come to a way to compromise. You can not expect to have it all your way, no matter which race we are.

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