Billionaire George Soros Gives $131 Million to Far Left Media Organizations

Far-left radical George Soros has been spending boatloads of cash to influence more than 250 media groups – using them to spread his extreme left-wing stances on abortion, Marxism, climate change, and anti-Americanism.

Between 2016 and 2020, the globalist billionaire spent more than $131 million – far more than any other individual or foundation.

Soros has been open about his disdain for America and his desire to “transform” it fundamentally, but it seems he’s accelerating his plans to usher in that transformation.

The $131 million spent in 4 years is a significant increase from the $103 million he poured into media groups during a 14-year period spanning from 2000 – 2014.

He has ties to organizations like NPR, Free Press, and even the Biden administration’s supposedly dismantled Disinformation Governance Board.


The outlets on Soros’ payroll have published absurd left-wing pieces including calls for abolishing the nuclear family, arguing why a global climate lockdown is essential, and justifying certain terrorist attacks.

Soros was also the Democrats’ largest donor during the 2022 midterms and has dumping money into left-wing political candidates and district attorneys for years.

The goals of this far-leftist are blatantly clear and if the Democrats get their way, Soros will easily succeed in bringing radical change to America – converting this once-great nation into a full-blown communist dystopia.

Watch the video here to understand how widespread Soros’ influence is and why he must be stopped.

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40 thoughts on “Billionaire George Soros Gives $131 Million to Far Left Media Organizations”

  1. NAZI Soros is banned from his home country of Hungary. ” This week, Hungary passed what the government dubbed the “Stop Soros” law, named after Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros. The new law, drafted by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, creates a new category of crime, called “promoting and supporting illegal migration” — essentially, banning individuals and organizations from providing any kind of assistance to undocumented immigrants. This is so broadly worded that, in theory, the government could arrest someone who provides food to an undocumented migrant on the street or attends a political rally in favor of their rights. He is an Un-American Communist P.O.S. .

    1. In my humble, sincere opinion, We need to send a couple of our bestSeal Teams to influence this evil, out of control maniac, permanently!
      He has spent his whole sowing discord, hate and evil throughout the world.
      He, his ill-gotten billions and evil influence need to go!
      Too bad that our phony, illegal president and our military leaders are too corrupt and gutless to take any decisive action regarding this world damaging Pariah!

    2. There are, I believe 3 countries with legal warrants for sorass to appear before their courts. Indonesia, Hungary, and Russia. I’ll never understand why Trump didn’t extradite him to one of them.

      1. Soros should be prosecuted under the Rico (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act). Also President Trump never prosectuted Hillary nor did he ever prosecute any of the collaberators that instigated the attempted coup against him. Allowed both Barr and Wray to continue although they both worked against him behind his back. The deep state is very deep and vicious. They have massive mob influence.

    3. I agree with this statement about this cancerous anti American that has done nothing more than attempted to destroy America’s existence from this world. Our border wall should be completed as President Trump intended. The invasion of Illegal Immigrants along with the flow of illegal drugs that killed thousands of young and old is nothing more than the irresponsible actions of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party backed by the Chinese that have paid the Biden Family to destroy America as it once was when President Trump was in office.

  2. Soros, should be banned from America just like he was banned from his own country. Corrupt un American criminal.

    1. 1000th percent agreed with this comment. SorryAss Soros created so much havoc in this country & humanity, Should be prosecuted for crimes against America by death. Those who are following him are just $$ hungry & believe in Satan. Soros is the Illuminati with many political leaders including Clinton’s, Obama, Biden’s, FBI, Ellen Degenerate, THE list is longer than you yourself could ever imagine. Involved in every country . Doing satanic agendas to fulfill his dreams to remove GOD from the world. Many videos were blocked by Twitter when Hillary was running for President. Hope Musk can find them and expose 2the world.

      1. I agree. Soros is scum. I want him tried and executed along with his son and nephew who I hear are just as bad as George Soros. I want him to no longer hurt people.

  3. With that money, he is paying off all the Communist Dems in Congress, in the WH and still people like the Clinton’s. Every single one of them. Their taxes should be exposed as well all their Campaign contributions. You will see Soros giving them all money, but under what Company and Name? To pay off any news media, he should be jailed. Twitter should be banned from business. There seems to be NO consequences for all these corrupt people. NONE! They keep their millionsssss and just move on. We banned and kicked out Communists from this country before, and it needs to be done again. Starting with Soros. This is the BIGGEST foreign influence in our elections and government. The wealth he has, no one will touch him. I am disgusted in this Government and things will get worse. The government is angering millions of people, that includes his military. They won’t back him like he thinks they will if WE DO NOT FALL IN LINE!

  4. This Criminal needs to have his citizenship revoked and returned to France where he us wanted for his crimes there,

    1. I agree, I’ve been Screaming this from the roof. He doesn’t belong here that communist b*****.
      He came here to cause chaos. His real name is greorgy schwartz, that’s what I call him. Go back to Poland, now. He is an evil, traitor, came him here under false under deceitful pretenses. He should be deported.

    2. His “repatriation plane” to France should be Aeroflot via Moscow. I believe Vladimir has an interest in “interviewing” him 😉
      The basic assumption must be “Nothing is too extreme for this evil creature”. Sadly there are NO Americans capable or willing to stand up to this POS – plenty of Demonrat persuasion who are greedy to accept his tainted money though ! ( look up all the “AG’s” he has “floated” and you will begin to see his evil fingers everywhere. )
      I understand there is a competition to write and give his “Eulogy” in an appropriate setting ! Can’t be long now, but unfortunately for the World this creature has bred and leaves “family” of the same mindset !

  5. Soros is one of the most Evil men in America. this man should be Arrested for Treason and when found guilty Presented to a Military firing party and Executed for that Capital Crime.

    1. His sons and daughter are right in line with continuing his plans. They all need to be taken down and face firing squads.

  6. Soros is very old and he will find that he will be in HELL, and his money won’t help. Hoping that he goes in HELL soon!

    1. I would not want to be handcuffed to Geo Soros on judgment day.
      He must be trying to ease his guilty conscience for what he did to his fellow Jews in WW II. He takes it all out on us. If people hate America so much, why do they stay here. No one has every answered my question.

  7. If you want to know what true “scum of the earth” looks like, look no further than America Enemy #1 George Soros.

  8. Take away his money and you take away his power. He is very evil! People need to wake up and pay attention to who they vote for and pray!

  9. Why has he not been arrested& put in prison for life, for Treason!!!! He is doing all things to ruin our country, paying people off , to play his games to ruin our country. Paying Obama , Clinton, Polosi, Newsom, so many judges, prosecutors, congress people like Shifty Schiff, Schumer ( all real buddies that have sold out our country to him. Should all be behind bars. All for treason!!!!

  10. George Soros gets money from our own government, through grants, by his people planted in government, for his made up non prophets , supposedly for our good. Gets hundred of thousands, to work against us, destroy us & our country! This evil man thinks he is a god. He needs to be quickly arrested , and put in prison for life

  11. Soros isn’t the only traitor here. Biden, Harris, Garland and the rest of the Communist Democrats all should be arrested for treason as they clearly are out to destroy America. They have attacked our freedom of speech, freedom of religion and especially our 2nd Amendment rights. They have done nothing to Marxist groups BLM and ANTIFA who operate with impunity. All they want is Power and money. They care nothing for the citizens of this country and all fail to honor their oath of office. They don’t enforce our laws. They use any crises or Race card to further the destruction of America. They brainwash our children and military with CRT Marxist ideology. They are all scum and as such should be treated that way.

  12. Yes, Soros is evil and should be thrown out of the USA. And he does own that insurance company. This info should be broadcasted to the public as much as possible. Extradite him ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just check his history!

  13. Who has not wondered, “Why and HOW is this guy still alive!?” The most heavily guarded men on Earth (Think: Bin Laden, Anwar Sadat, JFK, etc.) are vulnerable to even the least powerful nut jobs, (Think: Sirhan, Sirhan, John Hinckley, etc.).

    This creature is loathed by entire nations, religions, and maybe even whole continents. And he’s still breathing and destroying lives. What is his secret? Vince Foster wants to know.

    Here is a wild idea. Why not reveal–somehow–the fact that Soros has Epstein-related and incriminating evidence against the Clintons? Do that. Then I will see you in Vegas and giving Soros maybe three weeks.

  14. To the best of my knowledge Soros contributions to the hundreds of far left media and governing organizations he has spawned is much larger than mentioned in this article. Around 2016 -2018, he contributed 17 BILLION to such organizations. A hundred million would never subsidize and spread his toxic ideology like 17 BILLION. Sharyl Attkisson, former CBS reporter that broke the whole Fast and Furious scandal (which all networks quickly squashed), stated in one of her earlier books ?Stonewalled? that there were 90 such organizations. By now they could have grown to several hundred dedicated to bombarding the media with misinformation about Conservatives, Republicans, gun owners, Christians and in general loyal Americans. They are serious about fundamental change of this country and it is happening right now, time to put woke aside and become AWAKE

  15. The articles continue to report George Soros as a “billionaire” WRONG! FALSE! He has been stealing USA taxpayers’ grant money for all these years! He has 10+ nonprofits receiving our grant money and wasting it on politics!

    File complaints against him at the grants HHS government. I have already and nothing is happening to suspend all of his nonprofits and stop him from opening up anymore!

    Deport the devil before he passes; I don’t want him buried in our country!


    1. How far back does Soros and Obama go? Did Soros support Obama’s education, community organizer and his campaign? Is he support Obama now?

  17. I suspect the reason this man has not died a gruesome death already is that he is possessed. Satan protects him at every turn. It will take a saint to take out this sinner. When these kind upset you, remember, their heavens they must build here on Earth because they know when they go, they go into either oblivion or hell fire, so they have to get their best life here on Earth! That is incredibly sad, disgusting, short-sighted, but sad.

  18. This bastard looks like death warmed over! Soon he won’t have to worry about warmth, since he will be in a VERY warm place! Can’t happen soon enough! Godspeed Soros!!

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