Bill Gates Embraces the Idea of Punishing the Unvaccinated

During an August 2021 appearance with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, mega-billionaire Bill Gates was asked whether he agreed with the proposal that Americans who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID should not receive their Social Security checks. His response was telling, to say the least.

Instead of being concerned with those making the least in our nation, Gates chuckled at the idea, seemingly delighted at further punishing his fellow Americans.

Gates approval at the idea didn’t stop there. Cooper also suggested that the government enforce a vaccine mandate on Americans in order to be able to work or to fly domestically on a plane.

Gates creepy response was telling. Gates may talk a good game about helping people around the world in need, but his reaction to Anderson Cooper’s question shows he doesn’t care too much about the fate of those who don’t comply with his wishes.


Restricting people from jobs or Social Security income is about as low as you can go in punishing Americans who stand for their own medical freedom. You may not like someone’s vaccine choice, but that’s far different from mocking and punishing those who hold a different viewpoint and laughing at someone potentially having their livelihood taken from them.

Jimmy Dore includes his own unique commentary that’s worth your time as we look at where some of today’s top money people stand on mandates as we enter our nearly third year of pandemic regulations.

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80 thoughts on “Bill Gates Embraces the Idea of Punishing the Unvaccinated”

  1. Gates and Biden both are about as unpatriotic as they come. They both stink as Americans. I bet all that money won’t do him much good when judgement time comes.

      1. Check it out these people are not super smart there evil garbage humans fuck each and everyone that wants to push this jab shit complete garbage

        1. They don’t care about anyone else unless they are filthy rich, guess they think they can take the money ? with them to hell who knows they are definitely headed straight there

      2. It is pathetic that some people with money think that makes them special and above everyone else. That they should be listened to as if they are gods… takes intelligence, education, truth and faith as well as
        real heart to be truly special and worth listening to and these days none of them are! They want to take
        this nation to One World Order communism with them as the rules and us as the surfs… that not a story that has already been told and done long ago? Have the humans on this planet not grown in intelligence, strength and heart more than this? It is pathetic all the way around that such evil is made to be something great, when all it takes to truly be great is to be real, honest and love your neighbor as yourself! Sadly, that is next to impossible today in the world of lost empty shells who have turned their backs on the very thing that would save them and bring peace to all: RETURN TO FAITH IN GOD AND TRUTH, INSTEAD OF SATAN’S EVIL WORLDLINESS! AMERICA IS BECOMING SODOM AND GOMORRAH! LOOK what happened to them for their evil and debauchery…………

        1. So what is gates doing , he and others want to decrease the population? How do you decrease the population? Seems like that may need to be investigated to make sure I harm is done to all citizens.

      3. Maybe not overly smart. He was in a privileged position to recognize the potential value of Dos, which he obtained thru dubious ethics. He exploited his wealth to illegally and unethical buy out or freeze out competition and he paid off political class for protection. I see him as a mobster as well as a monster.

    1. Astra Zeneca is owned by Bill Gates! He has an arrest warrant on him in 3 European Countries for killing people with his vaccines! From Jan. 6th 2021 to Dec. 6th 2021 50,000 Medicare recipients were killed within 14 days of taking the Jab!!!!! The reason of death was the Jab!!! Bill Gates the low life moron he is embraces the idea his father gave him the world would be a much better place if everyone else was killed off! That’s why the censorship all of a sudden!

      1. Yes your right both his mom and dad are garbage so the garbage doesn’t fall far from the pile. Also they his parents used to dress him like a little girl when he was young. There is at least one picture of him dressed like a girl. I say let them all hang if you were to do your do diligence and research old Billy boy it would make you shudder and your skin to crawl hang em fuck bill gates

      2. What about sicko Fauci fixing those poor beagle dos so they couldn’t be heard crying out in pain,these people are evil, sadistic and if everyone would do their research they would see they get pleasure just like Hitler did in torture whether it’s animas humans man woman child they are twisted,Soros is at the top of the chain,and it spirals down Gates,Fauci, Biden, Obama, Clinton’s,And it just continues no one will stand up to them and they know it they think they are God’s that’s when American people need to Retaliate and never let them know what the HELL HAPPEN AMERICAN PEOPLE NEED TO PUT GOD BK IN AMERICA

      3. You said it he keeps this shit up Gates might find himself with a bullet in his head there are a lot of crazy’s out there that would have no trouble in doing that what an ass Gates is take social security away from older people because they are not backed when science’s shows that it isn’t any better then one’s immune system

    2. We earned our Social Security payments! I worked 40 years and paid into this social Security program!

    3. Your right because Gates is all in for “Depopulation” and he has a patent Covid vaccine 060606. Does that make you feel warm and fuzzy?

    4. Maybe gates should be put in the same situation as half the people his age . Not every person can be stupid rich.

  2. Maybe if he wasn’t so rich they would be investigating him to see if he is a pedophile who was a good friend of Jeffrey Epstein’s. Let’s look at how many times he flew to pervert island. Here’s another billionaire who thinks he’s king. His wife divorced he because of his association with Epstein. Yet some people continue to listen to his stupidity. People like Anderson Cooper another who’s family was very wealth. Karma is all I can hope for.

    1. Anderson Cooper would have flown with Epstein too – if Epstein had had some little boys in his stable. These two are a case in point that “Money Can be the root of all evil.”

      1. You would think Gates would be more concerned about all his dirty secrets coming out, probably why he wants to keep babbling about this bs.

    2. Since when does anyone have a say in ones Medical decisions. Hes a private citizen who telling people they have to get vaccinated or they wont get their social security benefits. Hes the cause of this pandemic, he needs to be in Gitmo for germ warfare.

  3. THEY ARE SPAWN OF THE DEVIL!!!!! My dad was a member of “The Greatest Generation”. He fought to keep our Country safe from the Japanese and the Koreans…..Biden, Fauci, Gates and countless others are “THE DEPRAVED GENERATION” THEY HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL!!!

    1. Amen! Yes the greatest generation. If it was not for that generation making a STAND against tyranny we would al be speaking German or Japanese.

  4. let bill gates come to this state and start that population shit !he wont be leaving on his feet !!!who the hell does he think he is ,hes another pervert that needs prison time !!

    1. Fauci donated 3.5 million of his own to the wuhan lab in 2015. This covid was a planned-dimic that was in the work for years that was released in 2019.
      How else would Fauci predict a pandimic in 2017 for the Trump administration. He knew it was coming…

  5. Bill Gates need to go straight to Hell, who needs this As-hole. Life would be alot better if we don’t have these As-holes around , send them to another planet like Mercury so they can be burn .

  6. Bill gates is as low as a person can go, my family and I lived in Wellington fl. For 18- years, beautiful town , when he and some other leftist a-holes moved in we moved out! He believes he and his billionaire, globalist scumbags like soros, bozos, Dorsey, the list goes on and on , they think they are the ruling kings of the world and the middle class should be done away with! Go to Hell bill gates!

    1. There is an even better place on earth for Bill Gates, George Soros, The Clinton’s, Pelosi and all those connected to the Democrats and it is called PRISON with no parole! TREASON has a punishment these billionaires have participated in and are still pushing… Edward Snowden is exiled for exposing this kind of lawless citizen…
      These people don’t make mistakes, they are deliberate…TREASONISTS!

  7. Bill Gates needs to be shot in the face with a 12 Gauge shotgun loaded with a 3” 00 BUCK SHOT! Then you turn his body into ash to rid this world of his cancer…

  8. Another snake creeping in the weeds thinking that his opinion counts , well surprise it doesn’t. Everything he says is probably opposite of what he does. Take your humanity and stick it up your @$* cause that’s what it is. FY

  9. Gates refused ANY vaccines for his own children but I guess that doesn’t count when you consider yourself ruler of the World! Make no mistake, Gates wants the bulk of the world population DEAD, how dare we contaminate his planet!

  10. I love these comments, my exact sentiments and mine are worse. I don’t know how he thinks he is all that! He is a
    prune covered in age spots, sickening to look, and that is nothing compared to his rotten soul. Gates or (Bates, Hates, etc.) has done more damage under the fake banner of a “do-gooder” across the World that killed and damaged people everywhere! Gates is as phony as a glass eye.
    He couldn’t even get that good of an anti-virus for Microsoft much less mess with the lives of people, animals, etc. These evils and the NWO, CCP are the ones that need removed. Then the World would really improve drastically

  11. All of those Low Life Liberal Ass holes can drop dead. I wouldn’t miss a single one of them. If they don’t like the fact that I won’t take the jab it’s important to know that I BOW to NO SOB and the day they come to my home and try to make me will be the Day I leave a lot of dead folks in the street.

  12. And, I am sure Bill has had all shots, boosters, implants and incantations possible to ward off any of U.S. common folk who have the audacity to live within his “radiance”…has anyone checks his “vaxx passport”?

  13. Who careers what you think, Bill Gates- you are a murderer just like doctor death, instead of killing you just throw money at it. Scum of the earth, period!!

  14. Bill Gates may be rich,but no comon scence, I would like to kick the shit out of Him,you take all of the shots you want,but you come to give it to me you will be shot dead.Screw you bill gates,

  15. That lowlife pig along with Fauci and their families haven’t taken that poison!! And if they try this, people will rise up and this will be the end of these lowlife scum!! Ask that idiot Cooper if he will vaccinate his adopted little boy, I bet he would never do this! He’s ok with killing our children and alot of adults, but all those illegal criminals are all exempt as well as congress from any covid restrictions! We are americans and we do not have to be threatened and those damn illkegals need to be deported!!

  16. So, Biden has pushed for people to be fired if don’t vaccinate, is hoping to prevent domestic flights, even thinking about withholding medical care, dishonorable discharge and loss of benefits and pensions for military.

    The next on their monster goals list is withholding Social Security income. Likely these criminals will do that as soon as they think they can. Legality means nothing to them. Like the Federal Judge that knocked down a Biden mandate for businesses; he told them to IGNORE THE RULING AND ABIDE TO THE ILLEGAL MANDATE.
    This is a criminal Administration, from the beginning through everything to present. Biden even ignores CDC and FDA findings. He is learning more about autocracy rule from Xi during each chat they have. Dictatorship appeals to him, apparently.

  17. Gates is a smug sob. If he and all others like him from Biden to the main stream media really want to start a civil war………just keep spouting crap like this.

  18. How about the tens of millions of unvaccinated find Gates and show world what we do to useless megalomaniac psychopath pieces of shit? MAKE BILL GATES PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE WITH SOROS. PUT BILLION DOLLAR BOUNTY ON THEM.

  19. Bring it….Your welcome to come to my door anyday ah…you’ll put none of that genocidal sh— in megfys!!

  20. gates and fauci and the rest of big Pharma have got their tails in a ringer. multiple lawsuits have been filed with The Hague. charges are violation of the Nuremberg Code of 1947. the suits were filed in December 2021, but of course, not reported by mainstream media. India has also filed suit against gates for his covid vaccines. they have killed many in that country. Englands Boris is also accused of this violation. they are going to be in deep crap. the penalty for being found guilty is hanging. wouldn’t it be nice to see Fauci and gates and bribem swing??? they knowingly killed millions around the world for the pursuit of money and power. I hope they all rot in hell. go to google and look for the ICC suit.

  21. Both Gates and Cooper are total nut cases. I say, let’s put them both on an uninhabited island surrounded by deadly predators with no one knowing where they are and let them fend for themselves. Or, better yet … put them on an island that is fully COVID-19 infected.


  23. gates,soros, biden and all the rest of the leftist can go to hell, hopefully we can send them there soon, I got covid from people that were vaccinated, because of their jobs, am still fighting it, live in socialist republic of MD, with hoyer and rest of liberal assholes that run this state, hopefully they will all be gone after next election, and if they think they are going to steal another election they best arm up, that will not happen again without serious pushback.

  24. Dear Bill Gates: Just because you have made millions doesn’t give you the right to tell people what to do with their own health issues. You may be rich, but you are not God. Nor are you a Dr. So keep your opinions to yourself.

  25. I’ll bet Bill Gates doesn’t want to hear what most people who DON’T agree with vaccine mandates would like to do to him!

  26. Bullets go through money pretty easily so when the 2nd revolution starts their shields will be down and so will they…I will die a free man before I comply to live on my knees…

  27. Have you ever seen the clip of him talking about JABBIBG Little kids. He starts acting like he is jabbing his arm like he had an AX in his hand chopping on his forearm fiendish laughing like an insane person as he acts out his fiendish desires. He looks like a mad fiendish crazy evil scientist

  28. Pretty sure Gates is on the list of those who will also be tried for complicity in stealing a Federal Election, and be subject to asset forfeiture in addition to his ties to Epstein.

  29. If it was up to some of us in America or other country. There would be a BOUNTY on Bill Gates head. You can run but you can’t hide! All these laws are ILLEGAL that getting pass by BIDEN! Supreme Court refused to stop mask mandatory on airplane was a low blow by the Supreme Court. They even forgot the CONSTITUTION DOES NOT ALLOWED BIDEN TO PASS LAWS! GUESS we can say they are pushing the wrong side! CIVIL WAR IS BREWING MORE AND MORE! The first ones shall be in Washington DC .

  30. AND the unvaccinated would like to put him in an isolation cell next to Fauci for his criminal activities concerning this COVID hoax and the killings and maimings done by the fake vaccines.

  31. HOW about getting PUNCHED in the FACE, BILL GATES? . . . DO you like THAT? WELL, I don’t like your VACCINE mandates, EITHER. GET a LIFE – WE in AMERICA have CHOICES, ESPECIALLY whether to receive that vaccine “POISON PILL” or NOT. Not only does it NOT work, but it is DANGEROUS as well. It KILLS people at a FRIGHTENING rate. I DON’T like your depopulation SCHEME! One Enlightened And WARY Patriot.

  32. The unvaccinated reveal,what we’d do to Gates: SLIT HIS THROAT AND BURN THE FOUL REMAINS. LETS NAME GATES PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE. WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE. REWARD. $5 alive, $50mil tax free DEAD. There is no logical reason to allow lunatics like him to breathe. 70% of population are UNVAXED. Lead vax for vax pushers. The VAXED are infecting everyone. The DEPOP plot needs to be turned on them. DEPOP ever pos like Gates.

  33. All of you sound very knowledgable but there are some exceedingly important names missing here, like:
    Ralph Baric…the man who developed the vaccine for the so called corona virus, that Fauci funded. Actually, I’m just going to send the link to this information. If I were you though, I would download it somewher safe. Or print it out immediately.

  34. There would be a political explosion if any “dirt” bag in Washington tried to stop S.S. payments to seniors or disabled individuals. that would be the very last straw. All hell would break loose and I mean break loose.

  35. Bill Gates is a Nobody who thinks his money makes him somebody. Maybe for the Dems. He’s another George Soros . What an asshole’ I don’t think he’s worthy of putting him on the news. Why does he even get a voice or opinion . Why don’t you get opinion from normal people. He’s got a pea for a brain. God forgive him ,if you can cause he does know what he’s doing.

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