AOC’s Fiancé Gives Tips to White People on How to Not be Racist

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the left’s favorite socialist had yet another incident that makes you question how the heck she’s actually in Congress.

The painfully awkward video saw AOC’s Fiancé, Riley Roberts, dishing out some tips specifically for white people on how to not be racist.

Roberts, who looked as though he was being forced into saying these things, proceeded with his tips on “combating racism as a white person.”

“I think it’s helpful and important to talk to other white people about racism, and I think a lot of people, they don’t want to be racist,” Roberts said as AOC alternated between staring at him and the camera.

“They don’t think that they’re racist, but they also don’t know some of the things they believe or say are and can be racist.”


Roberts goes on to suggest that one effective method of fighting racism is to tell a friend that they’re not necessarily a full-blown racist, they’re just wrong.

“One of the effective ways is just to talk and kind of help teach them about why some of the things they believe or say or think are wrong — not necessarily racist — but that they’re wrong and that will sort of chip away and contribute to some development in this area but not necessarily take somebody from being a racist to not being a racist in one conversation,” he said.

To see this disturbing video for yourself, along with a number of other embarrassing moments for AOC, watch the video here.

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71 thoughts on “AOC’s Fiancé Gives Tips to White People on How to Not be Racist”

  1. Kotex Cortez, the two bit gutter tramp has found a cowardly POS that jumps & asks how high when she barks at him. The scumbag doesn’t have a pair. A real man would be himself instead of a Kotex puppet.

        1. I equate it to……her mouth is high speed internet and her brain is dial up. Her brain has no clue as to what her mouth just said because she’s still waiting to connect.

      1. She’s untrainable. She’d have better luck getting breast implants or an ass implant…..her stupidity is forever and no surgery can help.

    1. Good for you for calling out both AOC & her BF! Her entire indoctrination comes from her association with a socialist/marxist professor at B.U. She has no brain power of her own.

    2. The only crisis i recognize is that you (AOC) have a voice in Congress altogether. You need to stop indicating
      there are which don’t exist. I do not need a lecture on racism either.

    3. AOC your mouth is just like your vagina disgusting just like a junk yard dog! Stinky Bronx was always your beer sanctuary! Separate yourself from Washington, D.C. and return to the pit from which you should never have LEFT!

    4. who does this moron think he is…he is a moron for being angaged to a bigger moron !!! dont need your advice moron !!!

  2. Stupid is that supid does she is ignorant we know how to treat each other skin dont make the person we are all born with the same blood dont know how she ever got into the white house but that shows what the dem are like they play with politics not the people and a few years ago biden hated black people i love everybody dont need her to try to make her look smart because we all know better.

  3. Someone tell that mindless and spineless piece of trash to glue his pie hole shut because no rationally thinking person has any concern for what it thinks.

      1. Yep………can you just imagine the STINK of this “woman”…… FFS she’s insufferable like nothing before her. How in the name of all things sacred did this reprobate dumbass garner 70% of the vote in her district?!!
        There had to be cheating going on there…..I mean, even New Yorkers just CAN’T be that dumb……yes, they can be dumb, but, THAT DUMB?’!!! Not buying it.
        And on a side note, yes folks, he’s as big of an idiot as she is…obviously. I wonder what in the hell she’s done with this poor fools testicles?! (It can’t be good). You’re a little kid, mousy voice, it’s about as ingratiating as fingernails on a chalkboard. Just listening to her makes my hair stand on end. Like someone above said, go back to the pit from whence you came. PLEASE

  4. She does not represent people living in New York State at all. She has the support of the insane, communists, and just the plan stupid. They better get rid of this person, election time for her and all this WOKE crap!. Thank goodness that the Republicans got the house back, and it can not be soon enough. The Rhinos better go with the party and logic to save our country from the hands of Communism. Our military is in very short supply of ammunition and more. (Hmm, Biden has left us almost defenseless and sending all we have to Ukraine. Plus, let 5 million people INVADE! Our country) This is very serious. China is on the move closer to us with every minute. This piece of trash should NOT be given the light of day on any media platform. She is everything wrong in this country. Don’t report her trash!

    1. I find the ones who are telling us about racism, are the biggest racist ever! The democrats blame white people and Republicans for racism, when the democrats are the ones who brought over blacks from Africa, sold them as slaves! They started the KKK and even had the big honcho voted into Congress! Time to give a history lesson to the people of this country! If you watch Fox, they send a person out into the streets of New York and ask these people questions about our American history, they are clueless! They just listen to the TV and what other people like AOC tells them but are really clueless about our govt and whose running it! And what gets me, is that these people are allowed to vote!

  5. Instead of addressing racism, it might be a better idea to address stupidity, OMG no wonder our country is a mess..

    1. BINGO!!!!! IF STUPIDITY WAS A RACE, I’D BE THE BIGGEST RACIST ON THE PLANET. I CAN’T STAND STUPIDITY…….PERIOD! That’s why I can’t fathom why anyone would elect a lawyer………they’re worthless!!!!!

  6. AOC is also a part of the problem in this country. She “thinks” her comments are worth their weight in salt. She’s the racist, not the other way around. This “guy” better run from her, if he has a brain (which he apparently doesn’t!)

  7. Tips on how to stop being a white racist democrat…….Democrat……..
    1) stop acting like you still own black people.
    2) stop fanning the flames if racism by constantly talking about it while saying voter id laws are racist because blacks dont have access to a drivers license.
    3) stop calling everyone else racist and then belittle the black man as stupid.
    4) stop talking about what you’ve created and still hold dear to your black hearts…..racism.
    It’s not so much the white man……it’s evil…..but hey, the white man will do.

  8. So a major Racist/Bigot wants to tell honest Conservative folks who are not racist or bigoted how to “think” and to discuss their “issues”??? How about you look in the mirror and realize YOU are the problem.

  9. This video is laughable at best. AOG and her little ginger soyboy……..well, it’s safe to say who wears the pants in that relationship. Generation “D”OOMED!

  10. I would ask both of these racists why they cover up their racism for they have underlying views which come out in their politics reflecting heavy racism against whites and Jews!!!!

  11. Reading comments most agree that AOC is Stupid with a capital S. Definitely IQ-challenged. The part I don’t understand is why do her constituents keep voting her back in. What does that say about them?!

  12. Kotex Cortez, now that is great I like it, and it is just a little pearsite that is useless and good for nothing. I don’t think that there is a vaccine for that kind of virus. But there should be. O it is abortion and they both should have been aborted.

  13. I’m not racist but I sure do hate AOC with every fiber of my being. That loud, horse mother POS should never be allowed to speak because every time she does she spews crap all over everyone. Her “fiance” should run as fast as possible from that terrible b*tch. He’s going to regret knowing her let alone marrying her, GROSS!!!!! HE’S AS STUPID AS SHE IS.

    1. Thank you most in the Democrat party are
      I don’t believe it there are people with that problem but most all are not racist but that’s how the demo crates run
      Remember they killed pres Lincoln and stole the repetition package fro the men that fought side by side other Americans in the civil yes the democrates stole the reparations that where given yet look at what else they have done to hide this fact from our brothers and sisters in America

  14. She’s a useful idiot for the communist party whose purpose is to continually divide our country among races. She’s using her “white”(?) boyfriend, another useful idiot, who can’t think for himself. As most of the males have pointed out. His father and mother should be embarrassed. They should change their names. Our country has stooped to new lows having elected her. She represents communism and is being paid well and getting attention because of our leftist media. It’s a whole Pandora’s box open to keep chipping away at our constitution. Americans need to stand up and fight these low life hypocrites!

    1. @Anna, How? I’m open to suggestions. Her ilk have outright stolen the last two elections. You do know they’re trying to work everyone up to the point where they can be in control and just stop having any elections, right? So What Do we Do to Stop them? I don’t know anybody who’s willing to risk going to prison, or worse, to move against them. Do you? (That’s rhetorical.)

  15. Well I was feeling a litttle blue today. It’s cloudy and cold outside. But this video cheered me up. I can’t believe the stupid thinks that come out of AOC’s mouth.
    I just has to smile and shake my head as I watched this video,

  16. Hey Roberts!!! What size Strap On does AOC use to Ream Your Rump?

    Enquiring Minds really want to know?

  17. WOW! I’m impressed! She actually said something true! That it’s ‘hatred…cruelty…racist’ to inject little children based on ? ‘where they’re from’?
    So how did she know Bill Gates was watching her little rant?

    Everybody pray for that poor, insipid, ginger-haired boy she’s roped that he’ll WAKE UP and ditch her before they “tie the knot”. Oh, and, anyone seeing shades of Meagan and Harry here?

  18. Why is that only White race seems to be only race being labeled as RACISTS, when a majority of RACISTS comments come from minority races.

  19. So why is the word Black capitalized but not the word White? Oh I get it, it’s good to marginalize one group over another. You turds in the media are as racist as they come.

  20. how did she get elected
    the people who voted for her are just as stupid if not dumber then her
    and the pussy whipped boy just hanging on like a tick
    aoc needs to stop thinking she knows it all
    she’s a little girl with no clue of life who got a job paying big bucks
    people will always be racist but this administration is the biggest racist dividing country ever

  21. “Racism/Racist” A word MADE UP by an avowed “black” Marxist , to use as a devise to DIVIDE people. If a “WHITE person called theirselves White American, you are a racist, however ,Afro-American or Black-American shows “PRIDE” of skin color or heritage. So one is AUTOMATICALLY a racist because of “SKIN COLOR” that happens to be WHITE because mom/dad were “WHITE”. Funny , isn’t this what the NAACP were calling for , to not judge a person by the color of their skin? Yet , a “WHITE” is judged by their skin color and convicted as defacto racists.
    If AOC had a brain. She LIED about her “mother” being a maid. She LIED about where she grew up , she lied about her college degree. She LIED about her “ECONOMICS ” background . She got NYC a “LIVING WAGE” , then complained about the cost of her bagel and coffee doubling in price over night. She couldn’t figure out the cost of “that living wage” and the amount of money that would cost a businessman to run his business . LMAO. DILTZ, DUMBKOPF , ASININE , Acopopgia twit . A real Marxist with brains of three week old roadkill. Apologies to roadkill of the world

  22. well, I have to ask what makes him or her such experts on this subject? They both spout socialist propaganda like is is some kind of truth that no one has ever heard before. It is the same crap that has been spewed all over people by every dictator that has ever run a country and failed because it never works the way they promise it will because its only purpose is to control every part of life for all of the poor people or working class people to the point that they end up with nothing and have no rights to claim . Telling people about racism and calling them racist is usually the first step in the process. To assume that every white person is a racist is the most stupid thing these idiots have ever said and that is saying a lot because everything that I have heard come out of their mouths is stupid to one degree or another, my only call is against stupid people being in front of a mic and the ass hats that keep putting one in front of them

  23. DAMN. She is just like Canada’s Justin Trudeau in that just when you think they could not possible stoop any lower, they get out a shovel and dig themselves into a brand new low!

  24. Unfortunately she is the beginning of generations of idiots that have been brainwashed in liberal stupidity!!!!! Everything that comes out of her mouth, and that means what she has forced her fiancé to blather about, shows just how remarkably dumb she actually is. A college education should be about learning, no indoctrination!!!! Liberals have taken education and used it to dumb down the people to follow asinine policies!!!! Democrats as a whole haven’t got the sense God gave a goose!

  25. Words simply cannot covey the repellent disgust, contempt, and dislike I feel for this little Marxist, Racist, American hating, stupid twerp. She is single-handedly destroying the Dems (the only good thing about her). She reminds me of the buffoon sketch character on SNL: “The girl you don’t want to start a conversation with”

  26. She’s a racist cunt she should be back with her Muslim friends maybe one day she gets her nasty ass raped by a Muslim and a white man save the dumb cunt

  27. What an ignorant white boy, yeah that’s right…boy.
    These are the degenerates that keep racism alive and killing innocent people.
    Factual researching shows & proves that 86% of the black race is extremely racist towards all other races than their own. But these two are to stupid, ignorant & racist to even look it up.

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