Antifa and BLM Protest Torment Diners, Residents of D.C. Even with Thousands of Troops Guarding City

If you had any doubts as to why there are an unknown number of National Guard troops, somewhere in the tens of thousands, stationed in Washington DC right now, we can put those doubts to rest. The troops aren’t there to protect ordinary people and civilians. Oh, no. They’re just there to protect the important politicians and their servants at the Capitol.

The Democrats’ stand-down order to their shock troops in Antifa and BLM must be over now. That’s because the two branches of the Democrats’ terror brigade were able to successfully take over a big chunk of Washington, DC the other night. The cops in DC were basically outnumbered as the “protesters” terrorized diners, destroyed property and made general nuisances of themselves while having no fear of arrest.

And what did the tens of thousands of armed federal troops, who are expected to cost the taxpayers half a billion dollars for their deployment (just through mid-March), do to help? Oh, nothing. BLM and Antifa stayed far enough away from the US Capitol that the troops and their commanders couldn’t be bothered to step in and help the overwhelmed police forces.


Interesting thought: Every single time Trump supporters held a rally in 2020, Antifa and BLM counter-protesters showed up to start fights. But none of them showed up on January 6 to counter-protest that Trump rally in DC. It’s almost as if someone gave them a stand-down order on that day.

Check out the basic helplessness of the cops in DC the other night in this video, as thousands of troops close by did not intervene…

83 thoughts on “Antifa and BLM Protest Torment Diners, Residents of D.C. Even with Thousands of Troops Guarding City”

  1. Democrats are the most discussing political party in America . They ALL need to be voted out & we need to take our country back . It has went to hell since Biden was elected & even months before when BLM & Antifa took over democratic cities

          1. Love the idea of air force one converting to solar. I am sure president xiden would approve.

    1. Democrats are very ugly, self loving, deep state criminals, full of HATE for American citizens and America, play dirty, liars, loathing anti Christian destruct our economy. Satan worshippers.

      1. You are correct. The Marxist Democrats don’t care about the citizens of this Republic. They have been brainwashing our children for years. They have been attacking our Freedom of speech and Religion. Also our 2nd AMENDMENT rights. The founding fathers new that some day we would have a tyrannical government and would have to be armed to protect ourselves from them. We now have that government, the Marxist Democrats! They use ANTIFA and BLM like Hitler used the Brown Shirts, to loot, burn, assault citizens and destroy our history (destroy our statues). They don’t enforce our laws in fact they aide and abet law breakers they provide illegal immigrants with free food. Education and health care. Also legal services and other social benefits. Harris and Biden are the ones that should be impeached, along with Schumer and Pelosi. One only needs to look at the Democratic controlled States to see what they are doing! They turned them into third world s- —holes.

          1. Judy,
            Spot on! We need to get active and run for every political office we can. School board, town council, etc. Within our Constitution we must run for office in order to defend it.

      2. I agree. Wish I knew what motivates one to become a hateful Democrat. Probably has a lot to do with their brainwashing by the schools and the media. I even had one of these youngsters tell me I did not get a tax cut by the Trump tax cuts law. This is probably because this individual was not working and earning any money, but was living off the government.

      3. This article is totally FALSE. It States Antifa and BLM were nowhere to be seen at the Republicans protest. In actuality, they were holding their own protests a short distance from the Republicans protest, and around noon, both Antifa and BLM protesters entered the peaceful protest of the Republicans, entered the Capitol, and as is their usual mode of operation, started their usual destruction. It wad NOT the Republicans that started the damage, it was the Marxist Democrat backed Antifa and BLM and the Democrats know this. Trump’s impeachment is a total sham. The Marxist Democrats KNOW this, and just want to create a situation that prevents Trump from running in the next election. Their efforts are totally transparent and despicable.

    2. Yes, you notice the states with Democrats as governors and mayors of these cities affected. I live in Minneapolis and the riots took down a police station and most of the businesses b/t First Ave. south to where George Floyd was killed and into St. Paul. By that Friday, when I thought they were finished, but the First Ave. So, Post Office was torched, a Wells Fargo Bank, and a little mall at that corner. A young lady, who is among the crowd iterated that the businesses have insurance and can rebuild. In the Minneapolis Paper, it reported that, one of the businesses wanted to hire a company to remove the debri, which cost $14o,000 the insurance paid, $25,000. It will be a year in three months and there are places where the burned businesses are not removed.

      1. Daphne, I like what you wrote, but there is another version of what really killed George Floyd. I know the Democrats and and media told us for weeks that George Floyd was killed by Derek Chauvin kneeling on his neck; this fit their narrative. However, that is not what killed him. He died from an overdose of fentanyl and other drugs. This will come out at the trial of the officers charged with Floyd’s death in March 2021. The Democrats are such hypocrites and are using Antifa and BLM as brown shirts to enforce whatever Pelosi and Schumer want to happen in our country. John Sullivan was an Antifa person, with a MAGA hat on, telling the rioters to tear down the door and enter the Capitol building to destroy it on Jan 6th 2021 riots in D.C. Where is John Sullivan now? The FBI and justice department released him and that tells me he was a huge part in the impeachment farce against President Trump.

    3. When are the police going to get permission to use violence against these punks who hide behind black masks similar to the KKK did with white hoods it’s time to start busting heads and then maybe they will get the message.How can these elected officials stand by and let their cites be destroyed,these radicals are funded people who want to see America be destroyed Nic

    4. You will never have a legit voting process from here on in. Just hang it up unless the ppl get fed up and do something about it. Your vote doesn’t count unless things are changed and as long as we are using soreasses voting machines it will never be fair ever again.

      1. Mac, I hear you but I would suggest you channel your efforts into running for office. Even on the most small local level. Town board, city council, school board, etc. That is how the left did it 50 years ago. We are better than that and can do it in a much shorter time frame. Even though the game is rigged we at least have to get out on the field and compete. I wish you the best!

    5. Antifa and BLM are terrorist organizations and of course Joe Biden is not stopping the violence that they INCITE! Hmmmm…Can we impeach him….If he was a Real President…hes a FRAUD! George Soros funds these two Terrorist Groups! FACT!

    6. Charmaine, I totally agree. I think our Government should turn the Military on Antifa and BLM. Enough is enough!!they want to fight, I’d give it to them!

    7. Obiden, may i coin that phrase? It is spot on! Health is your only real wealth. Choices are your freedom. I fled the county i was living in that had the obama care so i could have a procedure paid for. DISGUSTING is correct.

    8. We are getting to the point of not waiting for another election to be stolen. 3 boxes guarantee our freedom: the ballot box which has been stolen, the jury box which is populated with partisan jurists, and the cartridge box which Biden is actively trying to take away from us. In 1776 the English tried that and the outcome was the Revolutionary war.
      I can see a Revolution 2.0 on the near horizon.

    9. The dem leaders can’t even control their own created antifa, blm terrorist thugs ! Any doubt the capitol riot created by these terrorists dem leader was far left deceit to destroy the best POTUS Trump ? SOS U.S.A. !!!!

    10. Civil war is the only solution. The communist government in charge is not there for the American Patriots. They only support the seditious thugs that control the streets. It’s time for all patriots of sound mind and body to squash these criminals. We are at least 75 million strong and we could end this travesty in a day. Unite and overcome…God bless America and (still my President) Donald J Trump.

    1. Because Antifa are Biden Supports and raised money for his campaign. I proved it before the election by going to and that was a Biden supported campaign to raise money for our dictator. Why didn’t anyone listen is a better question?

    2. wake up? Wake up!!! Read John Adams 25 most famous quotes. These quotes are by the 2nd President, behind George Washington. Look them up and you can see that he predicted every thing that is occuring in the present day life of our country. The Constitution was barely alive when he was telling us of the possible outcome of actions and inaction! Wake up people, John Adams say what could and would happen if the “THE AMERICAN CITIZENS” did not remain true to the cause of “LIBERTY”. GOD’s LAWS have always been fair for all concerned. When MANKIND began writing his laws, is when the unfairness began. To quote John Adams. “One useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three is a Congress”. A second “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”. GOD THE FATHER knows BEST!!

  2. ?? ERROR-Needs Correction:
    BLM & ANTIFA was there Jan 6th!!!
    Don’t give me any Passive Aggressive, Hidden, liberalistic journalism rhetoric.
    That info has already been proven.
    Yet, I do agree with the remaining part of this article though. Dems only look our for themselves, so this is not shocking that they would not use their current Capitol troops to help the DC community there.
    Silly Democrat everyday voters.
    Democrat Politicians and their personal bodyguards (our military) are only for themselves, not the people who voted for them. Silly sheep.
    When are the Democrat voters going to realize that the ruling Democrats, despise them and only looks at them as fodder and sheep. Your smaller elected Democrats will never step out of line either…or Pelosi will have their head.
    Ohhhh excuse me…
    I mean their elected position, reputation, sitting committees, financial future, children’s future & or any political future.
    Don’t they realize that:
    Pelosi is the Dem Führer &
    “SS”chuemer is her Geheime Staatspolizei (Secret State Police) otherwise known as her GESTAPO!!

      1. Well if we all feel that way about Pelosi and Scheumer. Why are they still in office. Why don’t we impeach them. They are against our Constitution. They proved that. It’s time they go.

        1. It’s simple to see why they still in office . They too had been stealing elections for decades . Pelosi and all others who kept getting elected again and again have proved that they are there because they too have been dishonest and it’s a big probability that their constituents did not voted for them at all. Just like all others who been there for decades whether republicans or democrats . We have too many corrupt decade long politicians in our entire country from the highest level to the low cities counties .

      1. It’s only going to get much worse and we the people will be the ones to suffer. And Soros created Antifa for the Democrats while funneling billions of dollars into every state to buy the elections for the Dems. The government is secretly working on paperless digital currency to replace money and every transaction we make will be monitored by the government. Brace yourself for total caos.

      2. “stupid is as stupid does” & dem voters proved the fact of totally stupid idiots destroying U.S. Freedom & Rights !

  3. look, we’re staring this in the eye and yet we are not doing anything….each day’s headlines worse than the day before; if it’s not terrorists over there, then it’s homegrown domestic terrorists here….the very thought that trump WHO LOVES HIS COUNTRY, could even fathom such a thing is utterly ridiculous….so if it’s not biden /harris themselves , it’s each and ecvery one of the disastrous decisions he/they have made, the appointments we the people will suffer through….really, now what people, now what?

    1. now what. We tolerate this marxist regime for a long time. they are fixing the states so their vote will be in. I hope this can be reversed but I would be surprised if it is. they will continue to cheat in elections (*oh thats right it was a FAIR election) Like the Blue states all states will soon be blue. they are planning on Texas next and they have working hard on Fl. for years. So we shall see.

    2. I agree! as angry as we are….we really can do nothing but vote! I’m at a loss of what we can do. I’m sure
      we will vote for our party. Democrats have damaged themselves so badly that a lot of democrats will end
      up voting against a party who has destroyed jobs, murder babies, take away gun rights, right to speak and try to
      take away our rights to go to church!

  4. Has there ever been a more divided government? Nancy and Chuck, the chief haters, just like one year ago, are wasting the the time and money of the congress on this petty vindictive sham impeachment, totally disrespecting the Constitution. Just like a year ago when they should have been dealing with the coming pandemic they were embroiled in the first hateful impeachment shirking their real duties. They are emboldened by their co-conspirators, the reality tv shows masquerading as the news, twisting every fact to create an enemy, the boogieman, so they can have their daylong soap opera. Isn’t it amazing that for four or five years, in their eyes, the Trump administration never did one single good thing. Maybe not so amazing since nothing was ever bi-partisan.

  5. Can anyone say “coup”. This is the way other “dictators” took over their countries. If you look back on history , why do you think its being removed, it started with rigged elections and the use of military to protect the ” fair” electors and consequently the making of their country. Eventually they will be overthrown , like the Berlin wall, and it will be years before we can recover.

  6. When are the American people going to get tired of all this bull s–t. Lets form our own malitia and clean out the swamp . why are we letting 1 to 2 dozen people tell us what we can do or cant do. PUT THEM ALL IN PRISON FOR TREASON

    1. The penalty for TREASON is NOT prison, it is a Firing Squad!

      EXECUTE 50k Democrat Leaders and charge America’s destiny!

    2. Isn’t there a way that the american people can Impeach Biden vice president Harrise. out of office for there out rageous acts. therir things they are doing. We will not have a America left . It will be socialist and communist..

      God help the american people.

  7. Antifa & blm were at the capital on Jan 6 !
    Videos show the dc police letting 12 van loads of antifa & blm in the back door of the capital and also shows Mr. Trump’s supporters fighting the antifa & blm trying to keep them out of the capital .
    The wrong people are being impeached .
    Obama’s puppets , the Demon Crat Communist Party are the ones who instigated the attack !
    So when are the Real Criminals going to be arrested and tried and all of obama’s puppets going to be impeached ? ! ? ! ?

    1. If President Trump is being impeached based on the Constitution then even though President Trump is now out of office, then it’s only fair that Obama be impeached as well for his “crimes” even though he is out of office! Fair is fair!!

  8. Why is antifa being allowed to cause constant destruction of property, disrupting diners who went out to support restaurants by going to them for lunch and dinner and then be accosted upon while they are trying to enjoy themselves. And yet the Police are not allowed to do anything because our chicken congress people let them get away with everything.? And do not forget that IDIOT nadler who says antifa is only a myth. And of course you have Poopsie and Chuckie Schummer who agree with that IDIOT nadler.

  9. I got an idea! Let block these ANTIFA and BLM in the middle. Lock and load and see their reaction when they have no place to run! Bring those Sharp razor wire you see on top of prison gate! Once they start heading towards the police lines put it behind them! On ever street to keep them in a tight spot! Stand behind the wire with baseball bat or rifles! If they over run the police we just keep moving forward til they ATTACK the NATIONAL GUARD! Give them hell to pay! Then maybe they will try to get into the White House! Show time!!!

  10. Why aren’t they being shot like the unfortunate woman on January 6th? They dared to call the protesters on that day terrorists. BLM and Antifa are real terrorists and the Demoncrats are allowing them to destroy our country. It only took one day for feeble minded Biden to get into office to start spreading Communism because the puppet has other people pulling his senile strings. Notice all the social media silencing Conservatives? This is like Tokyo Rose during World War II spewing only propaganda. Maybe the weak minded will fall in with it but people like my family whose husband actually served in Vietnam to keep Communists from our door will not sit idly by while Biden destroys us from within. The double standard is sickening. January 6th is nothing compared to what we’ve witnessed for a year from home grown terrorists BLM and Antifa. Why aren’t they hunted down like dogs the way the D. C. Protesters are? And I don’t want to hear it’s because they invaded the “People’s’’ House. Democrats don’t care about the people any given day if the week. If they did, they wouldn’t be closing down jobs, condoning murdering innocent babies, ignoring homeless veterans and others or recklessly opening up our borders to anybody at all no matter if they bring us COVID or crime. take our jobs or live off of welfare on our taxes. Why are so many cities in lockdown if we are going to allow God knows what in with no regard for the well being or prosperity of legal citizens? I’ll tell you why. Democrats want as many migrants as possible in the hopes that they will thank them at election time by buying their vote. We’ve already gone through one stolen election for a dimwit Communist to be in office. God help us for the next one. We will truly be a third world country in no time so the migrants should feel right at home because we will resemble everything they were trying to escape—loss of basic freedoms with armed terrorists ruling the land.

  11. Democrats are Evil and manipulate the government into being Evil and compromising itself. Americans are becoming more and more weak minded and to easy to manipulate and that comes from laziness and being misinformed.

    1. Whoever it was that that told the National Guard not to intervene needs to exposed abd prosecuted!! I wonder what part Traitor Pelosi had in this disgrace?

  12. After watching this so-called impeachment witch hunt and looking at some of the videos the Democrats showed, there is a tag on some of these videos “InsurgenceUSA” which was started by this John Sullivan. Sullivan was in the Capitol building with Trump hat and garb, inciting those in the Capitol building to press on toward the chambers. He was arrested but interestingly was release WITHOUT BAIL!! He did appear on CNN for an interview explaining he was in the Capitol building as an observer and taking video!!!! He was the one who taped the shooting of that woman. In a previous interview with Fox News, Sullivan said he followed a pro-Trump mob into the Capitol in order to “document” the siege. He claimed in a separate interview with Rolling Stone that he was putting on an act to build rapport with the protesters. Sullivan gets a pass but everyone else must post bond to avoid being in prison??? You can read between the lines on this

  13. Someone should invite those six morally exceptional Republican Senators for dinner to one of those restaurants in DC and see what their conscience tell’s them then. Make sure McConnell brings his wife.

  14. BLM and Antifa were at the rally. They started the insurrection and provoked it. 99.99% of the Trump supporters didn’t buy into it and left. The Democrats didn’t get their desired insurrection and so had to make the worst out of what they did get. AOC nearly got killed sitting in her 0ffice far away from the action. But don’t believe me. Don’t believe her either. LOL

    1. by the way, can ANYONE explain why aoc gets all the coverage she does? she represents the 15000 people who voted her into office, yet for years the media coverage of her brainless comments and “ideas” has been non-stop and presented as though she is a leading voice of the 350000000 give or take people in these once great united States. I may be wrong, but for the 349985000 people in the US who did not vote for her, who gives a crap what she has to say?

  15. Oh that’s acceptable as long as they’re not Trump supporters they’re allowed to do whatever they like to do I can burn the city to the ground like they have Milwaukee in Portland as long as they’re not Trump supporters you’re welcome to do whatever they would like the Democrats and Joe Biden say so

  16. The dems ARE guilty. Period. That being said, you can’t hold the individual National Guard troops guilty for standing down. They HAVE TO OBEY ORDERS otherwise insubordination. Peace.

  17. These people sound like a bunch of robotic brainless twits. The police should have called Nancy Pelosi down their to see if she could get her goons to leave. Maybe she could have thrown them a ice cream party to bribe them. Oh that’s right there not real according to Nadler they are a myth.

  18. Hey it’s funny that twitter and facebook decided to ban president Donald Trump from there sites, I also banned twitter and facebook ten years ago but now I will make it for life and I won’t miss the lunatics on their sites.

  19. Troops are there at Military orders, not Biden or Schumer or Pelosi. They are there to keep Corrupt Politicians in and rescue children and women from underground tunnels President Trump was not aware that under the White house they had trafficked human beings. hence the buses with blackened windows at 3am in the morning. He was never allowed in that section! No wonder President trump never wants to operate from Washington . Apart from teh fact that Washington is part of the bankrupted Corporation, its full of witchcraft and Freemason effigy’s all over the place Even the positioning of the streets. He will run America from somewhere else

  20. Biden the dems DONT CARE antifa and blm.are let do what they destroyed cities etc all.dem controlled Biden , Hartis ,PELSOI The Squad ,Watets are not intrested in the citizens of this country thete hate of TRUMP OUT WAYS ANYTHING. They hate him for one reason he wont pkay thete games and runs things like a business the Government is a business . The dems are interested only in kickbacks etv JOEY BOY AND HIS SON TWO BIGGEZT LYING CHEATS THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER SEEN Then you have Kickback nancy 100 million in tbebank from a Government salary of 174000.? Tbats a great return on investment at that rate anyone making 30000 a year could become wealthy. They all neef to be stopped . Save the USA GET THEM OUT OF OFFICE FOREVER. GO TRUMP AND HIS SUPPORTERS

  21. You all have viable gripes but even the bible says” faith without deeds is useless”. We the right the conservative the constitutionist God fearing Americans want America back under the control of ,by ,for the people, not a socialist regime.Get to the phones , paperwork ,signatures demanding legal representation from our legislation to get off their highpayed butts and do their jobs. If their deeds are not seen how can we as Americans have faith in them . They know the consequences.

  22. Remember 79 % of USA is white, biggest portion of blacks ,latino’s and other natives,voted for the constitution of the USA. Why are you being pushed around by these small minded ,never done a days work in their life,paid for by rich assholes, like Soros and other no good brain dead know nothings. Inventing a computor (which has ruined the world) dose not make these inept people wise. Sick and tired of Gates and the sulky brats who were bully in school and now its pay back time.,. They only know the elite as Democrates ,and the rest of you are peons to do their bidding and pay for their 10 houses,sixteen massive boats, jets, all the fossel fuel they want to use. When you stop paying federal taxes,stop supplying them with food , water etc. they might wake up. If 85% of you did this (cause they will only help illegals) it would be a wake up call. Let the IRS try to get to you. Biden and his bride are totally classless,along with Pelosi,Schummer,Schifft and all the other swamp people. Phony too.

  23. There is strength in numbers. People need to form groups and start protesting. Everyday that passes, more liberties are taken. How long will we wait for a leader who is strong enough and capable to lead people? I believe people are ready to fight back but need a leader.

  24. We at the precipice of a civil war compliments of the DNC, through the actions of their brown shirts BLM and ANTIFA. Democrat mayors and governors refuse to hold them accountable for rioting, arson, looting physical attacks on defenseless citizens and murder. So the only protection we have is from us, the U.S. citizens. The tyranny of the Democrats in power is attempting to force us by their actions into become a European socialist nation. We will not submit!

  25. The government has become totally dysfunctional and the swamp has increased. I blame most of this on SCOTUS for not stepping up regarding the 2020 election. Now they will be hearing the cases on Friday, February 19th. A lot of damage has been done in one month’s time. The senate is also to blame for confirming Biden appointees that were Obama’s corrupt gang. Only the good Republicans stood their ground in voting NO. I’m not sure how we come out of this mess, but even another couple months of this we will all be in dire straits. May God intervene and grant this country mercy, and Bless us with President Trump. He is our only hope at this point in time.

  26. The media is also at fault for not reporting what is taking place during these riots! Stop calling them peaceful when property is damaged. Reporters! Report the news; don’t try to make it!

    1. they are told by their bosses to make little of the riots. they are being good little soldiers by protecting blm and antifags. you notice how they went after Rittenhouse for defending himself? that charge won’t fly in a real court. he proved his life was in danger, so what did they do? arrest him, not the antagonist. I hope he gets a fair trial, but I realize that is as common as hens teeth in this bassackwards world. when righteous anger finally overflows, this country will revert to the Wild West., everyone armed and not afraid to use them. bury them where you drop em. forget funerals. one big mass grave for all the rioters and rabble rousers. none are made martyrs for breaking the laws. oops, there goes another antifa, blm maggot.

  27. I surely wish these chicken s–t spoiled little children would come to my city and start that stuff. I guarantee you they wouldn’t last five minutes here. we don’t put up with childish tantrums. we will spank them like mommy and daddy should have done. and I dont mean with a paddle. they tried that in a city north of here. they were lucky, tho, the old people there put up with it. I would have introduced them to my friend that I legally take with me everywhere. you would have seen ass and elbows, and a lot of white teeth leaving fast. they only go after those who look like targets. some of us look like one, but I can tell you, you will bite off more than you can chew. my state has a stand your ground law that has some teeth, and our cops stand behind us all the way. my governor is strong also. so, if you come here, be prepared for some hurt. if you behave, I promise we will too.

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