Oddsmakers STILL Refuse to Call the 2020 Election for Joe Biden

An article at The Conversation shows that since betting on US presidential elections began in 1868, only two clear favorites failed to gain the Whitehouse: Thomas Dewey in 1948 and Hillary Clinton in 2016.

This election, Sporting Election announced it saw Biden winning between 305 and 311 electoral votes, much in line with the way things have ended up–so far.

History shows that the betting odds have been a far better source for predictions than polls. But the oddsmakers still don’t completely believe Biden will assume office on January 20, 2021.

According to Betfair markets: The current president still has a 7.8% chance, according to the exchange trading, of retaining office at the end of all legal challenges.

One America News reports that the odds of Biden winning by the margin he did, in the words of a major oddsmaker, “easily the largest bet event in wagering history.”

In fact, the odds of Biden winning by the margin he appears to have are greater than the last Super Bowl and easily beat the 2008 election of Barack Obama.

Oddsmakers are withholding payouts until official certification of the election on Dec 13. This shows that even oddsmakers aren’t 100% certain Biden will pull this win off.

Watch the video as Richard Pollock of One American News interviews a top oddsmaker.

Oddsmakers STILL Refuse to Call the 2020 Election for Joe Biden.

10 thoughts on “Oddsmakers STILL Refuse to Call the 2020 Election for Joe Biden”

  1. I hope & pray the odds makers are correct! Fraud is fraud and if ANY fraud is found it can & should put the whole election in question! This crap about “there’s only a “small percentage of fraud” reasoning is a bunch of shit! If that asshole , demented, incompetent, treasonous, lying son of a bitch Biden gets into office, life as we know it in “the land of the free” will no longer exist! This country cannot survive the deplorable anti Constitution agenda of a totally dishonest and corrupt Dem party! Control of the Senate MUST be maintained because that will squash the vast majority of the Dem plans to “take this country down” with their idiotic, stupid and radical plans! I thought most of the insane asylums had been shuttered, but it seems they were just spread out into the homes of the Dem party!

    1. AMEN Michael…..I totally Concur I foresee blood in the gutters of the streets and violence the like of which e have never experienced
      I do not think the Real America will stand for the Crap that Biden and Harris along with Bernie the BATBBRAIN and the whole Democratic Party.
      Maybe the second coming of Jesus as laid out in the book of Revelation is written.
      WAKE UP AMERICA….The End is NEAR!


    2. Actually most of the Asylums did close and set the inmates loose. Guess the Democratic Party really did attract all the crazies!

  2. Biden will not be president! Donald J Trump will be re-elected! Biden will not get away with his voter fraud and will be exposed!

  3. Only Rats come in , in the early hours of the morning they switch votes from Trump to Biden. They over did it and went to far and now they get caught. I hope they all pay the price. If we went into a store and stole a pack of gum we would be arrested. They the Demonicrats, have gotten away with murder and are free to do what ever. ENOUGH IS ENOGH!!!

  4. Biden has Not won, and there is No President Elect Office.

    We have one President at a time, and it Ain’t Communist supporting Biden!

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