20,000 Absentee Ballots in Pennsylvania Have “Impossible” Return Dates

The Epoch Times reports that Pennsylvania had Tens of Thousands of Pennsylvania Ballots Returned Earlier Than Sent Date. Now it is being reported that 20,000 absentee ballots in Pennsylvania have “impossible” return dates.

One researcher told The Epoch Times he consulted with several USPS field engineers who said opendataPA showed return dates that were “impossible.”

The researchers said that voters in Pennsylvania must request a ballot, which is then sent to them via USPS. Voters are then required to fill out the documents are to return them in person or via the mail. That process normally takes days and even weeks.

This year, however, Pennsylvania allowed voters to “request, receive, mark and cast your mail-in or absentee ballot all in one visit to your county election office or other designated location.” That, said the researcher, might explain ballots with the same sent and returned date.


That does not explain registered voters who would have to be older than the oldest known person in the state. Nor those who supposedly registered before the required age of 18.

Watch the video as Ben Shaw explains more about Pennsylvania’s “Impossible” return dates. Shaw also reveals details of numerous other cases of voter fraud in the state.

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These content links are provided by Content.ad. Both Content.ad and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

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44 thoughts on “20,000 Absentee Ballots in Pennsylvania Have “Impossible” Return Dates”

  1. After BIDEN said to America . That know one deserves to know his plan. I do not doubt for one minute that in his campaign there was cheating. That’s all they have been doing from the start. Damocrap’s are hoping to cover Not only Biden’s ass along with Hillary ,Obama’s for the human trafficking a investigative reporter Oscar El Blue a d BIDEN receiving money from China and Ukraine. I want to know why OUR government has not got off their asses and arrest them all we all know these damocraps has done is lie . our government is supposed to keep America’s freedom from communist . or all the americans that fought and died for this country you might as well shit on their graves. Because our government must be paid off as well. AND I did not give my consent to be experimented on at the cost of losing our freedom and KAMALA AOC if they want communism send them and their follower to China . I will not live under dictator ship in America ?? they would have to kill me I will anyway I could just like are VETS of our country. AND any one ever wants communism in OUR DREE COUNTRY DESERVES NOTHING LESS THAN HAVING A BULLET HOLE RIGHT BETWEEN THEIR EYES. FUCK THERE 1619 PROJECT. AND ALL THIS LYING TO ARE CHILDREN IN SCHOOLS ABOUT SOCIALISM ANS A SOCIALIST LIFE STYLE. HILLSDALE COLLAGE SITE SAYS PLAINLY SLAVERY NO FREEDOM. LIKE HELL AND FUCK ALL THE IGNORANT DAMOCRAPS.

    1. Fuck Joe and the Ho. Fuck Democrats. Fuck China. The Constitution states for Patriots to Stand Up and Fightwhen the Constitution is under attack from Domestic terrorists as the likes of the orders of the Demorat Party. Fuck the DEMORAT Agenda and the NWIO.

      1. I’m right there with you Dave, if this election doesn’t turn around and declare the Rightful winner I believe we will be at war, and it will suck for the BLUE team because they will NOT with the war

        1. With you on that one. True American Patriots – not socialists are NOT going to stand for this and will not allow the disgrace of these corrupt democrats to rule our lives or this country. A civil war is on the horizon. They better get ready for that. The Patriots have already prepared – that’s why we’ve bought up all the guns & ammo from the beginning. Almost show time get ready to hunker down.

      2. Language could be better. Other than that I agree. We – the silent majority need to join together and stand up for our rights.

        1. Sorry Sharon. I have done more cursing since 2007 than the previous 50 years combined. The countries future is at stake. There is no middle ground or compromise with these deviates and yes cursing comes with being as furious as anytime in history…….. and the language emphasizes that fury.

    2. Providing our current POTUS remains.
      The last of the blocks will get removed then the Arrest come. If the old guard (ie) DA’s Judges getting removed, aren’t, there wouldn’t be any follow through.
      Pray for YAHUAH God’s will for He will not impose His will on any without Request. The year 2020 (prefict vision) all gets exposed. Crimes Against Humanity will be settled.

    3. Very well said, truth is like a shining light on corruption, what baffles me is what is wrong with the people who voted for Biden ,they r certainly troubled, how can they not understand they have been brain washed into giving up freedom&liberty& they r right elections have consequence’s! May God have mercy on all of us!

    4. Could Not Say It Better My Self, God Bless America An Pres. Trump , An If They Don’t Like AMERICA Then GET THE FUCK OUT…..The Demacraps Ain’t Nothing But Sheep Can’t Think For Them Self…

    5. They should all be shot as Traitors, to America and it’s people.
      Starting with Biden , Kamala and all the elected officials in states that have shown election fraud.

    6. Right on brother Navy vet Southeast Asia. All I know for sure is I didn’t put my ass on the line for this country to handed over to a bunch of Communist fascist socialists wanna be jackasses and I don’t care if you’re a civilian or a politician. The bottom line is I will not comply and when you jackbooted nazi idiots come for me do yourself a favour Get a magic marker and leave your name and who we call so they can come get the body the next thing you should do is bring your own body bag in your little boy backpack yogana Need it. And for all the little by the out there that are reading this post remember this I’m an old man And At 12:00 yd I could turn you off like a light switch At 1200 Yards I can turn you off like a light switch. The ya brother there 18 million that and we all need to Laith are buta to fight the domestic enemy in our country today because me and you both have already taken care of the foreign enemy. Stay strong out there

      1. As one old navy vet from the south east Asia area, to another, I agree with you completely. We put our life on the line to keep this country safe in the world and from communism and we are prepared to do it again. I will not allow the democrats to do to this country what they want as long as I am alive, as while I may be afraid of a lot of things, dying is not one of them. I have the means, motive, material, opportunity, determination and desire to answer the call one more time..

    7. There is no way The President lost!!!! This type of corruption will be what our government will be if this stands.
      The uninformed morons that voted for Biden have no clue what they voted for. Our voting public has been dumb down by the Education system and the fake news.

      WE have to fight if we want our Republic back!!!!

    8. Do we understand now why the Biden team only needed to perform token campaigning during the weeks leading to the election? They had already made the arrangements to have sufficient numbers of votes to overcome however many Trump had received. Ah, shades of a communist style election.

      1. THAT IS WHY…Speaker Pelosi said….it does NOT matter who you vote for Joe Biden will be the next President…the FIX WAS IN from the beginning….GOD
        HELP US….GOD please BLESS AMERICA!

        1. Yeah may God bless and save America cos nothing will save Biden & co, l’m Australian and watching this closely, God will triumph in the end but he wants the people to turn to him and repent, the forefathers built the country with God’s word they followed him but you have all turned away from him to follow your own way, Get back to him then he will help you, it’s written in the Bible have a look, bless y’all

  2. What can you say to that? I wish the grammar was better but this patriot is obviously pissed off and for good reason. He is completely justified in his reasoning and I too agree with his sediments.

    1. I think the word is sentiments. I too, am a Republican-but also a Veteran-and I remember draft-dodging little wiseacre assholes spitting on guys coming home from a war no one asked for. You aren’t by chance, one of those little draft-dodging pussies, now are you?

      1. Every democrat that I speak to, will not talk about why they want biden, all they say is ” I don’t want to talk about it” sheep being lied to.

  3. That pretty much sums it up!!
    So much evil and deception going on these days. May God help us and give us the strength to protect and stand up for our Constitutional rights that this Country was found on.

  4. And another thing all these damocraps just because they don’t like MR. PRESIDENT TRUMP because he is not a politician tiff shit at least he gets things done. All this pissing whining and moaning. AND acting like a bunch of of kindergarten kids fighting over the last piece of candy . is nothing more than a show of their ignorance. Politician’s making amendments to the constitution to fit their wants is bullshit. AND should have never happened. Anyone wanting to change the constitution and Bill of rights should meet the same fate as communist one hole right between the eyes. This is peer IGNORANCE . AND they should never be able to hold a public office of any kind. Obama was not worth a FUCK as President. No consideration for the poor at all. We are people too. All these politicians want is to waste OUR DAMN MONEY HELLwe have to pay NOT AT OUR CHOICE for their parties , transportation . them giving millions of tax payers money to those who contributed to their campaign is bullshit. AND then want raised taxes because they want more money GUESS WHAT MOTHER FUCKERS WE NEED MORE MONEY. See we need they just want want want. AND they just take take and take. Needs are more important than WANTS and American’s need. Politician-s are all crooks and everyone knows that and they know we know that. So why the FUCK do think no one trusts them. I thank GOD TRUMP IS NOT A POLITICIAN. He has been the most honest President we have ever had. So that makes politicians ass hurt. AND the crooks in our political system should be stripped of all their finances just like a bank robber get all the money they stolen and put it back where it came from. We the people. We NEED OUR MONEY. I would bet 90% or more of these politicians never busted their asses on manual labor we built this country their asses sitting at a desk yelling and bitching did not do the building. WE DID !!! Do nothing politicians should end get off their asses come out in public not just in your pampered ass places come down to our working end and see what the FUCK it’s like . all politicians should have to work manual labor for no less than 10 years to really get the feel what it’s like out here in the real world. He’ll with this shit no dirt under their finger nails . THAT ONLY SHOWS HOW FUCKING LAZY POLITICIANS truly are. AND should never be in any public office . PUT THAT IN THE CONSTITUTION instead of the bullshit they want.

    1. you are right on and these losers need to be voted out of office, we need to have TERM limits on Every political office Never should there be more than 2 terms, just like the President is only allowed 2 terms and no they shouldn’t be able to move to a different state and go back into politics just because they are in a Different district if you are a senator/congressman/VP/President what ever it is 2 terms is ALL you can serve all the way to City and state levels Mayor 2 terms, city counsel 2 terms these Career Politicians need to go find a JOB and Quit sucking off the Tax Payer.

    2. be careful for what you wish; there is a fine line between the definitions of anarchy, communism, fascism, and-yep, you might have guessed it: socialism. I don’t like what is going on either, but going after someone with a gun is only going to meet someone with a bigger gun. Do be careful for that which you wish…

  5. I Agree 100% This is the sloppiest crime and most obvious! And our Government just kicks back and does nothing! President Trump is the only one trying to expose the lies and corruption for the American people. He is genuine. All they want is fair and honest! Biden is extremely criminal. Look back from 1994 and up. Biden is a pathological liar and he truly believes his lies! Senate history is what you can view and American Government. I checked into a few things at library. There is nothing honest about Biden. And check into KKK history. Biden is also linked with the KKK.

    1. True and Biden is part of the swamp. There are also Repulicains who are powerful in the swamp you will recognise them as they also hate Trump and do not want anything to get in the way of them building their wealth off the backs of tax payers. Biden has a “cure caner fund”
      Took in almost 5mil. Spent 3 mil on his staff,2mil on his travel and homes and parties etc. Not 1 cent went to cancer cure. Their probably still collecting money for themselves ,as the Clintons and Obamas are.Obama is now scambling to cover his tracts of coruption,by blaming everyone else. One honest person can sure stir-up the swamp creatures.

  6. Trump has to win. Biden and Harris can’t and won’t serve this country. They are criminal’s. It will become a socialist country. All theses illegal immigrants want to come here and get free stuff. Our country will become just like the country then left. It is a tragedy. Our poor kids and grandkids will suffer much more than us (70’s). We all have to keep fighting. They can’t get into office. Trump, is the best.

  7. HEY, AMERICA, STOP WATCHING THE MSM LIE MACHINE! The EVIDENCE of this FRAUD in pouring into the FREE PLATFORMS for YOU to see! Get off the TV and go to gab, parler and other free sites!
    Even this site censors links to this proof! So here is some information you are NOT getting!
    The Dominion software was developed in 2001 TO STEAL ELECTIONS! Not just in America, but in every FREE WESTERN COUNTRY in the WORLD! Election interference and switching of votes in Canada, Germany, France, England…ALL free countries have had there elections stolen by this software by Deep State Operators, to put their “operators” in power to usher in the New World Order!!!
    Democratic Governors and Senators have been busted for INVESTING IN DOMINION! And the US Military successfully raided and seized Dominion servers in GERMANY. This is NOT over! THE TRAITOR CHINA JOE BIDEN WILL NOT SIT IN OUR WHITE HOUSE! #ThisIsTreason

  8. They better get this mess cleared up and get Trump back in office for 4 more years and they better go after the ones who allowed this fraud to go on against the people of this country… GOD HELP US ALL
    Soon as they started pushing this mail-in voting garbage, I had a sinking feeling about what was going to happen…
    democRATS, The MSM and social media are an extreme danger to our country!!! Beijing Biden/Harris will sell out our country and the American people… GOD HELP US ALL

  9. I am in full agreement and statements of all. I would like to see
    all the bad dumbocrats in China and then see how they like life.
    I would like to see Hillary and Bill Clinton suffer for all of the
    murders. Obama who sent billions to Iran belongs to burn
    in hell. There are so many of them it is time something
    happens to all of them and I think it is going to happen soon.

  10. I? Why all these traitors haven’t been arrested also. Why.joe Biden was even allowed to run for president at all.red flags are every where when it come to his family also.

  11. It is amazing how far the Liberals will go to win an election. They know that they can’t win by being honest. They always have to cheat and lie. President Trump would have won in a landslide if it hadn’t been the cheating with the mail in ballets. I believe that good will overcome evil. As it always does. God is in control!

  12. Any one involved in voter fraud should be arrested, have all their wealth taken from them and be deported or spend 10-20 years in federal prison.

  13. In Georgia the recount is also being done wrong as a video shows a woman calling ballots for Biden when some were for Trump. So what good is a recount when the same idiots are doing it. Should have the National Guard doing the counting. So I doubt Ga will go to Trump with same crap happening.

  14. This is all Fake News! Why fake? Not because it didn’t happen but because no one will ever do anything about it. Trump will lose and the voter rolls will still be F’ed up.

  15. “This year, however, Pennsylvania allowed voters to “request, receive, mark and cast your mail-in or absentee ballot all in one visit to your county election office or other designated location.” That, said the researcher, might explain ballots with the same sent and returned date.”

    So, in this era of Covid-19, it’s too dangerous to vote in person on election day, but it isn’t too dangerous to visit the county election office to take the time to receive, fill out, and return a ballot. Uh-huh!

  16. Fake voters. My sister requested a mail in ballot, got 2 , one for her husband who died 17 years ago. and she even had moved to an other city address.. Also 2 cousins who were living in their fathers home for the last 20 years got a ballot for their father who died in 1972 Wondering how many more dead people voted.??
    this is just my family , how many more dead voters do we have??

    I really think we should have another real in person election.

    1. Agreed! Another Presidential Election and the runoff election in Georgia. Only votes accepted will be voters at the polling stations with bonafide identifications.
      Mail-in ballots from military only.

  17. As long as the Investors of the MSM have their way, there is no way a reversal is possible. They have controlled our country and our votes for over 12 years. They kept telling people to elect Obama and protected him, just like they are doing now with Biden. They persecuted Trump since the first day , With Obama no matter what he did, they tried to hide it from the public , With Trump they lied and refused to show anything he did good, This whole 4 years they have made sure that all people heard Trump Bad , and for the last year it has been ” Trump Bad, Biden good “” Vote Biden ” Until people open their eyes , Biden will be the next President,

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